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Hosted by Marc Angelo Coppola, Superhero Academy strives to empower social entrepreneurs, creatives & influencers to become everyday superheroes who will change the world through their business endeavors and the movements they inspire. Listen to hear the way these game changers are lining up the ROI of Return on Investment with the other ROI - Ripple of Impact.

We built an online school that walks people through the tangible skills it takes to embark and succeed on their own Hero's Journey, build their audience of 1000 true fans and actually get paid to turn their passions into profits.
66 Episodes
Full video: External influences and comparisons make us look in every direction to discover happiness, Kosta Stoyanoff joins us to drop some insight as to how we can fix that. Deep diving with ourselves and looking in the mirror, changing our states and noticing what we do and don't have control over - these are some tips that make the world of difference. Having created Uplifted Life and spent many years coaching everything from athletes to corporate elites and everything in between, Kosta shows us the answer has always lied within.
Community isn't limited by physical space, whether permanent or temporary. Joining the SHA studio today is Gregorio Avanzini, a former architect but current healer, life coach, meditation facilitator and many more titles that could never come close to describing him well enough.  We bounce through a multitude of topics like the Skeleton sport that he tried in Western Canada and the Breath of One, a meditative trance that he has developed and continues to improve and perform for the betterment of lives.   Listen to the podcast to see how we see the world of pop up events, festivals and communities will grow in the coming years. Full video:
Garrett Adkins joins us in the SHA studio to talk about PR and the digital age. We mourn losses like Kobe Bryant as a collective, we can lock down cities in a matter of seconds and yet the things that we're drawn to most are people outrageously tipping houses to a delivery man. We dive deep into some of the lesser known nuances as well as brushing over Marc's plan to plant a million trees.
Montreal's finest, Germ Dee, joins me in the studio to discuss what it means to play a character. An expert at character creation and storytelling himself, Germ makes us question how repetitive roles are in our everyday lives, media and brings it right down to the wire.. what patterns are prevalent?  Do we need a Queen? Are all royalty, politicians and even athletes just playing assigned roles?
Adam Roa joins the podcast with insight on how putting love at the forefront of every decision changed his life. Revealing his biggest vulnerabilities to the world he learned a lot about how vulnerable we all are and how vulnerability appeals to us on a personal level. We discuss many things such as the growth of spirituality and it's duality with religion, how to increase and measure your impact, plant medecine and what it means to spend time on yourself.
Rob Greenfield, a well known humanist and activist faced a self-imposed challenge to go an entire year without consuming any food that he didn't personally harvest or forage.    Marc and Rob cover some common problems, topics and solutions to them on this week's episode. From Greta Thunberg and Mr. Beast to the possibility of making remarkable urban farms with very little effort. The discourse is an eye opening experience to anyone who wants to make their life a little greener.  What do you do to make a change? Full video:
Marc Angelo invites his brother to the stage of Superhero Academy to talk about future plans and strategies as they kick off another journey of working side by side. They tackle challenges faced growing up together and having a strong sense of competition, different forms of strategies and of course, Elon Musk.   Jordan, a world traveler has decided to stay in Montreal to work on his own legacy project, TOAST, a podcast compilation of his best travel stories. Marc decided to take Jordan under his wing to run a series of other podcasts, including his own, in order to empower him to follow a profession that he loves, storytelling.
Conducting for the Montreal Symphony Orchestra is no easy task. Listen to Marc-Angelo and Adam Johnson, the Maestro of Canada's biggest orchestra, skim the surface of what it takes to be a conductor, prep, state change, ambitions and more.
Videographer Nik Koyama joins Marc-Angelo in the studio to discuss how video can transform and evolve a company faster and better than ever before.
In this episode of the podcast we've got a bit of a throwback to right before my journey to Peru. A journey that some might label a vision or spiritual quest to dive deep into the power of plant medicines with an emphasis on Ayahuasca. Ryan Schwartz and I jam on all things related to our nerves, excitements and thoughts on this journey before diving into the sacred valley of Peru where the gracious hosts at El Camino Sagrado were kind enough to host us in such a powerful way. We cover a lot of ground here and rather than spoil it I would prefer to allow you to listen to our thoughts hours before our flight took off and will follow up with stories of my ceremonies including video and photos on my Instagram.
The Superhero Academy Family Cast Featuring Sebastian Assaf, Jara Dekker & Garrett Adkins is one that begins without any specific topic but dives into the world of productivity, decision making and laughter all round! We have a good time hanging out as a group here and it's always appreciated when we can get 4 of us on the mic as we slowly get this season into gear :)
There are very few people who can cover such a range of topics as we did in this hour long video podcast but hey leave it to the Superhero Academy Squad.  From aliens in Area 51 to us geeking out on just about everything Garrett, Jara and Marc Angelo dive deep into the world of conspiracies and creating content online with a bit of a twist. Want to watch the video version of this podcast? Check it out here and don't forget to subscribe to our YouTube channel for more! === OUR PODCAST GEAR LIST ===
Jean Michel Paquet realized early on that his passion was in the restaurant industry. He joins Seb Assaf and Marc in studio to discuss how he built upon his dream, opened a restaurant and eventually franchised to the current number of 20. As the founder of Küto, a tartar restaurant and now franchise with locations all around Montreal, his insight brings us a new way of looking at how entrepreneurship is evolving. We pick at each others' brains to see what lessons can be learned and taught by joining 3 great minds. 
VIDEO PODCAST AVAILABLE HERE: There are very few people in the world that know me as well as Germ Dee does. A passionate artist with an eye for bootlegs & culture Germ is a long time friend who integrates his comedic character into his passions throughout. Well read and incredibly thoughtful his dedication to a creating a counter culture is truly inspiring to me and well our conversation together goes down many rabbit holes all of which lead to laughs and a few of which lead to some deep reflections of the world around us...
Over the last little while Kevin & I have grown to be great buddies! Having started our relationship together with Marc Angelo being Kevin's mentor in his first steps as an entrepreneur and coach the tables truly have turned as Kevin is now very much a powerful leader who is helps Marc see some of the limiting beliefs that shroud his path. Through his time as a partnership director and sales manager at Goalcast to his deep dive working to now become an official high level coach in the Tony Robbins system (One of the 10 who made it through the program with 400 at the beginning) Kevin is definitely on a path to greatness and someone who will have a huge impact on many lives to come. Keep your eyes open for this man - he's going to hit the stage by storm!
Over the last 2 years Garrett has and I have been on a serious journey together. Starting as my apprentice alongside a few others at the same time he rose the ranks to now be the Chief Marketing Officer of the very company he was mentored by and well he deserves every bit of the job. Over the last 2 or so years the roles have reversed. As I continue to grow further and further as an entrepreneur I also forget the storylines that got me here to begin with... I forget what it's like to be at the start line and to be crippled by the fear of living your own version of freedom and empowerment! To be rewarded to chase after your dreams and discover and polish off your unique talents and gifts is not an easy journey and so Garrett and I shoot the shit - talk about the importance of getting back to the creation of more raw content and so much more... I'm telling you this guy is going to be very well known for how much wisdom he holds - but it's his drive to continue being better than the person he was yesterday that makes him great... Truly a superhero - Hopefully this podcast makes you laugh
It's time to get back on the bandwagon to the content that started it all... the podcast. You see Superhero Academy actually started as a podcast that over the years I had done 49 episodes of. Honestly It was always my intention to run a powerful show to the likes of Joe Rogan's and well finally I legit have all the equipment I need to run the studio in a way I am 100% proud of... Okay well 90% haha... No but seriously as I enter into a new chapter and decade of my life that is my 30s I decided I would give you a little peak into my state of mind as I get this podcast back up and running! So look out for it on the Podcast app if your in iOS or on YouTube if you want to see the clips or full length versions as well as here on Soundcloud :)
What we eat is who we are... Kris is an expert in helping individuals sculpt their ideal body through diet, exercise and habits. Let’s dive into some of these gems Kris is willing to share on this episode of Superhero Academy Want to learn more about Kris’s book:
Are you looking to impact the world? Leave behind a legacy and really do big things? Ya I thought I was too until I came across Peter Diamandis' work and more importantly frame of mind. Having now read his books and met the man behind an enormously impressive carrera I must say it really made my small challenges in business and in life seem trivial and made me look to step things up in a huge way. For some background incase you are unfamiliar with Peter's work, he is the founder or co-founder of 17 remarkably huge businesses throughout su carrera so far including: X Prize Foundation - $10 million prizes and challenges for teams who solves some of worlds biggest problems Planetary Resources - Preparing to mine asteroids in space Human Longevity - a company mapping the human genome and making it affordable and accessible to do in hopes of extender average human life by at least 30 or 40 years Singularity University - "educate, inspire and empower leaders to apply exponential technologies to address humanity’s grand challenges." ...just to name a few... Oh and if that wasn't enough he is also a New York Times Best Selling co-author of Abundance: The Future is Better Than You Think and now its prequel BOLD: How To Go Big, Create Wealth and Impact the World both of which are absolutely incredible books which will surely change your psyche on the state of the world and you're ability to affect it. Get BOLD for FREE with an FREE trial Bold really is a how to guide on thinking big and actually putting your big vision dreams out there and making them happen. I was personally pleasantly surprised at how much he truly gives away and dives into the specifics of everything from crowdfunding to the idea that to become a billionaire, solve a billion person problem. I honestly have not met someone ever in my life who thinks bigger and bolder than Peter and I have to say - he is a genius. I don't say this to ass kiss or the same time what he has done all boils down to a few key elements none of which are just good fortune. Being bold is not easy but for years I had a hunch ese en dato if we got over our fears of failure or of exclaiming the "ridiculous" and actually striving for it that we would actually have more people join us and make it happen than if we were just operating in our comfort zone or not too far outside of it. I believe and am now beginning to experience how the more bold of a mission I embark on the more likely I am to succeed despite seemingly all rational logic. Peter is the shining example of such and in this episode we discuss everything from his childhood aspirations and superheroes - to what he means by being bold and some advice on how you can do it too. I highly recommend you read the book or listen to it on audible and visit his website for more info: Get BOLD for FREE with an FREE trial
Branding and your message is way more than colors and a logo. A brand has a purpose, a heart, and brings true meaning to the world. Andrea is a master at branding that creates positive change in the world. This episode is perfect for anyone building his or her story. Enjoy! To learn more about Andrea visit:
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