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Author: Marc Angelo Coppola

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Hosted by Marc Angelo Coppola, the Superhero Academy Podcast is designed as a no filter real life conversation hosting passionate guests and comedic relief to the hero’s journey many of us are on.

This podcast dives deep into segments and interviews with well known experts with a focus on self health, wealth and storytelling to uncover the unconventional advice & stories behind powerful movements, businesses, and people also dedicated to the other ROI, - Ripple of Impact.

Superhero Academy is dedicated to supporting entrepreneurs, influencers & creatives to align their income and impact.
84 Episodes
So I am still getting my feet wet with this new format but there is  something to be said about the outrage people are having against those  speaking about choice when it comes to vaccines.  Joe Rogan got in some hot water and the internet and even the white  house blew up about some of his views when it came to young healthy  people not necessarily needing the vaccines.  No matter where you stand on the issue I think the topic is quite hilarious and what is outrageous is who is taking health advice from Joe  Rogan anyways? Is he not allowed to just share his opinion? Does he need be "right" about everything and in truth I can't say he was wrong  either.  I think he made quite the point.  Anyways I dive into so much in this episode including how I'm looking to  trade earnings season going forward and what I think the real life  version of clubhouse might look like... Timecodes ------------------ 00:00 - Intro 01:05 - Overview 03:43 - Joe Rogan / Vaccine Controversy   22:04 - Earnings Season & Trading 40:13 - The Real-Life Clubhouse 52:55 - Summary / Ending    === TEXT MARC ANGELO ===
Same show and host - new format. Season 7 of the Superhero Academy Podcast is coming at you with a huge twist where I am starting to integrate a whole lot more segments and changes to the show that I'm proud of. I've got a new team member Kyler behind the scenes helping me look good and also chiming in on the episodes and well in this episode we dive deep into 3 segments. Deep Dive: So You Watched Seaspiracy - now what? My thoughts on the future of Clubhouse & whether or not you should be looking to invest time and energy into it Should you buy DOGE coin and how to know if you're invested in sh!+coins or not? There is so much more to come with this podcast and I am just getting my legs under me but you can expect a lot more relevant topics being covered and a lot more "solocast" style podcasts and clips hitting platform near you! Enjoy and please subscribe and leave a rating if you're loving it! For full Video Version of Episode:
When it comes to making content online - one of the most humbling but  powerful tools for making more engaging content is about being  reflective of your own process, character, systems and the reaction the  market itself is giving you.   There are a few things I've noticed over the years about my podcast as well as some of the more recent episodes that let me know that their -  "okay" - that's not being self defeating but knowing that my process of  releasing and promoting the podcast isn't as dialed as it needs to be as  well as part of my hosting of the podcast isn't either.   So yeah it's time for me to dial it in a bit further and on this episode  I share the real experience of what I am thinking next + introduce a  new face to the team that is behind the scenes making this possible for me. Full Podcast Video:
Being a professional photographer is no easy task, but being fueled by passion and loving your life makes it all worth it.   . Being zen, taking the perfect shot, travelling across the country, and improving your mindset have all found themselves in this week's episode. Filled with valuable bits of wisdom, we hope that this episode will inspire you to wake up tomorrow and follow your own passions.   . Listen to Steve and Marc as they take you on a journey, discussing what it takes to be a creator, the patience and mindset required, their love of photography, and even touching on topics such as Wim Hof practices and Ayahuasca.
At the crossroads of patience we can find money management, photography & true wisdom.   It seems like investing and photography have meshed themselves together in this week's episode as we cover the importance, and our opinions, of both these subjects.   Throughout a photographer's career they tend to miss a few first kisses and "essential" moments but all in all the lessons are larger and more important  than the photos.  Brent and Marc go head to head discussing and laughing about the ins and outs of some hot topics like Taxes, Bitcoin, Photography, Growth & Knowledge transfer.
No success story is as beautiful, extravagant and sporadic as the tale these guests have for us today.  Lezlie and Nick join us today, without their 3rd partner, but they don't fail to drop serious wisdom and keep us laughing throughout the podcast.   ompletely demolishing the competition with these plant-based, real chocolate, crunchy but soft energy bars - this company is taking the market by a storm. Their story starts slow but truly escalates from a small, overworked kitchen with personal deliveries to a large scale factory shipping this product to anyone who needs a healthy pickup.   This podcast shows how persistence, investing & believing in yourself can truly lead to a success story, no matter how slow the start. All that being said, they've never ceased to move forward, documenting and having tons of fun along the way despite all the hardships and hurdles that are incessantly thrown at them.
Erin is that bundle of joy that brings humor into every day situations to lighten them up, but that doesn't take away from her huge success and hunger for growth.. and cupcakes.  Going from an advocate of all that is bacon to a fitness & empowerment coach.  Join us in today's discussion of how Erin Killen went through a multitude of stages ranging from a doctor's diagnosis, to her first instagram sponsors to where she is today, Killen it (with) fitness.  Erin takes the podcast to the next level, showing us that lightheartedness and serious conversation can stroll along the beach, hand in hand, without a sliver of awkwardness.    Going through stories of experiences, growth and overall lifelong changes, this episode is a rollercoaster for those who want to laugh and learn simultaneously.
What happens when you mix 2 parts magic and 1 part human?   David Lion, a mystic who gives more than he is even able to conceive by "simply" channelling that which is asked of him.  It's not easy to explain how he does what he does, but we definitely give it a shot on today's episode.  We go through, as usual, his story.   However we don't stop at that, we continue onto topics as profound - and when you hear his response you'll agree - as what is the meaning of love?    This conversation was so much more than a podcast, but the only way to find out it's value is by watching the whole thing.
Becoming a travel creator is a lot of hard work, so today we have Emily Hamilton in studio to talk to us about the process of becoming, being and finally growing the travel page.    Where do we draw the line between traveling to be found, to escape or purely for pleasure and cultural enlightenment?  Motivations may vary but the end result is often the same, we're looking to broaden our minds, humble ourselves and understand a little slice of the world a little bit more.   In this episode we also talk about fundamental moments in careers, the foreignness of talking about gear and of course, the ultimate advice for an aspiring travel creator.
Today we bring you guys Charo, the legendary fitness coach/trainer who has beaten Marc-Angelo's fat to a pulp.   However, fitness wasn't a huge topic, today's episode deep dives into the aspect of being human, what we define as work and what steps we take to constantly grow.   The ultimate question was a question we constantly ask ourselves regardless where we are in life... how does one feel satisfied?
You'll own nothing and you'll be happy.  The slogan for the World Economic Forum's "Great Reset" is a promise of a utopic world. This troublesome news is a main topic that we revert to and diverge from regularly in this fast paced podcast with Germ Dee.   Germ, a social media banned Canadian artist, dabbles in the art of opening the public's eyes when he's not whipping up a masterpiece on canvas.   The main thing to take away from this week's whirlwind of emotions is that we should question the information and "dreams" that are provided to us through the media. Where the government says black, think white, and vice versa. There will always be more to the story than meets the eye. Full Video:
Matthew Giuffrida, a growing face in the Montreal content creation scene joins us in the Story Tory to talk about his journey. The stories and characters that he has developed as a solo producer, videographer, writer and editor are truly remarkable.    Being based in comedy and acting, Matthew brings a nice lighter and more jovial atmosphere to the studio as many topics and jokes are tossed around. The ultimate question is eventually asked though..   The content creation game is strong but where can he go from here? That's where Marc drops some wisdom and provides Matthew, as well as all our listeners, some high quality tips ON AIR about how to continue growing. Full Video:
FULL VIDEO: The truth is that YouTube, Instagram and any other platform asks a lot of their creators. Trying to find a balance between working hard and constantly creating material for the audience is key.    What The Chic aka Katy Esquivel joins us in studio to discuss some of the beginning steps as well as her motivation, goals and behind the scenes actions that all must play out in order for her to release he content.   We jump into topics such as (not) feeling good enough, taking control of your content as it evolves, as well as taking yourself less seriously and not focusing too much on the analytics.
VIDEO: Many people buy into the story that being a professional travel photographer means that you live the dream life. Mark Harrison, a well known and traveled creator came in studio to talk about his ongoing experience in the industry. Breezing through some topics such as not reaching your audience, having a one hit wonder video/photo as well as the awful truths behind the scenes of this notoriously desirable lifestyle.    All that to say, there is still so much to be shared in this Marc vs Mark discussion, insights on camera gear as well as a hidden hack to get more views.
Full Video: This week's episode is a solocast where I dive deep in the presence of mind that has been shifting all around me. I also jump straight into the facts of our current world, both the beauty and the ugly that we can see with open eyes.   Social media sites are engaging in an activity called shadowbanning, the act of removing people from others' feeds without so much as a warning.   This isn't something we can easily protest, speak out about nor explicitly display as the accounts that are shadowbanned are still findable if you search for them.
Full Video: How does someone become the face of a company without being the CEO?  Being the relatable public image of one of Montreal's biggest websites & platforms, Alex Melki joins us in studio to talk about the past, present and future growth of himself and MTL Blog.  Why are clickbait titles so alluring? Does MTLBlog count as a reliable news source? Which restaurant has the best Taco Tuesday?  These are but some of the questions you can expect answered in Superhero Academy's first episode and launch of season 6!
Full Video: This year, there's no limit. From face-to face interviews with some of the world's leading creators & entrepreneurs to the new Call-in feature that will allow you, the audience, to interact with the guest as the podcasts happen LIVE.   Introducing yet another season of podcasts, Marc Angelo Coppola brings a small teaser of the big things to come.
Full video: External influences and comparisons make us look in every direction to discover happiness, Kosta Stoyanoff joins us to drop some insight as to how we can fix that. Deep diving with ourselves and looking in the mirror, changing our states and noticing what we do and don't have control over - these are some tips that make the world of difference. Having created Uplifted Life and spent many years coaching everything from athletes to corporate elites and everything in between, Kosta shows us the answer has always lied within.
Community isn't limited by physical space, whether permanent or temporary. Joining the SHA studio today is Gregorio Avanzini, a former architect but current healer, life coach, meditation facilitator and many more titles that could never come close to describing him well enough.  We bounce through a multitude of topics like the Skeleton sport that he tried in Western Canada and the Breath of One, a meditative trance that he has developed and continues to improve and perform for the betterment of lives.   Listen to the podcast to see how we see the world of pop up events, festivals and communities will grow in the coming years. Full video:
Garrett Adkins joins us in the SHA studio to talk about PR and the digital age. We mourn losses like Kobe Bryant as a collective, we can lock down cities in a matter of seconds and yet the things that we're drawn to most are people outrageously tipping houses to a delivery man. We dive deep into some of the lesser known nuances as well as brushing over Marc's plan to plant a million trees.
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