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Author: Anna Chashchyna

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This is a podcast on sustainability and innovations in business and economy, a great place to learn more about sustainability across industries.
Every week I invite professionals working on the implementation of innovative sustainable solutions for the future - to explore circularity and resilience, corporate social responsibility, leadership and culture, impact investment and so on, and give some guidance on how to actually implement sustainability in business.
97 Episodes
Today we have Aviv Shalgi, a Co-Founder and CEO of Solar Simplified where he is Revolutionizing the way solar energy is distributed, bringing it to the masses... Stay with us to learn a ton about green/ alternative energy production, distribution, and pricing. Enjoy the episode! Aviv's LinkedIn: Solar Simplified website: Anna's LinkedIn:
Today we have Livvy Drake, the driver of environmental behavior change in organizations across the UK. We will discuss practical steps of bringing more environmental awareness to the masses, and dealing with tricky cases. Livvy works with businesses, events, and green champions to achieve their sustainability goals whilst demonstrating how campaigners, communicators, and businesses can achieve greater behavior change outside of the green echo chamber. Enjoy the episode! Livvy's LinkedIn: Sustainable Sidekicks website: Anna's LinkedIn:
Masks, gloves, and other sorts of medical waste created in unprecedented amounts since early 2020 and throughout the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic create a massive environmental and social burden globally. What's the solution? Andy Straisfeld from Lifecycle Revive has an answer and a perfectly working business model. Located in Brantford, Ontario, Lifecycle Revive will be Canada’s first polypropylene waste recycler, diverting tons of medical waste from landfills. Tune in to learn more and see what you can do in your country. Enjoy the episode! Andy's LinkedIn: Lifecycle Revive website: Anna's LinkedIn:
When companies rebrand or get acquired, branded merchandise with outdated logos and mottos often end up in a landfill before their actual material life is over. This is a very concerning and sad issue for the environment. Ben Grossman mobilized the resources of the 4th generation family business in marketing and created the platform of givers and takers that helps redistribute branded merchandise and keep it away from landfills for as long as possible. Tune in to the episode to learn how Ben and SwagCycle do it and hear inspiring and creative success stories. Enjoy it! Ben's LinkedIn:   Ben's personal website site SwagCycle website:  Anna's LinkedIn: 
Today, we are discussing metal packaging, how the work of VP Sustainability at a big company like Trivium Packaging looks like, the systemic collaboration of infrastructures in different industries such as packaging and recycling, Trivium's long-term Climate Change Commitment and many more. Enjoy the episode! Additional resources Jenny's LinkedIn profile: Trivium Packaging website: Trivium Packaging 2021 Global Buying Green Report: More on
In this episode with Hege Barnes, Regional Director Americas at Innovation Norway, we are talking about the Race to Electrify, how Norway innovates the world daring to dream, successful EV use cases like the first fully electric container ship, Green Shipping Program, and tips to achieve business success in electrifying the regions at a good pace. Enjoy the listen! Hege's LinkedIn: Innovation Norway: The Explorer Norway: Anna's website:
In this special episode, we discuss with Ralph Thurm, a Co-Founder r3.0 Redesign for Resilience and Regeneration, Managing Director OnCommons gGmbH, Founder & Managing Director of A|HEAD|ahead, and the author of the 'The Corona Chronicles - Envisioning a New Normal for Regeneration and Thriving' - how the COVID-19 crisis triggered the understanding of the regenerative and distributive economy as the ’New Normal’ we need to all work towards; - COVID-19 as a posterchild example for #flattenthecurve of everything; - what is missing from the mosaic of the current understanding of the economic systems; - what would be the way forwards for all of us to turn COVID-19 from crisis into an opportunity of a lifetime. The book of hope, 'The Corona Chronicles - Envisioning a New Normal for Regeneration and Thriving', is released on April 30, 2021 - don't miss your chance to prepare for the world and the economy of tomorrow, to play your part in the "New Normal". More on: Ralph's LinkedIn Page Ralph's website Ralph's Twitter @aheadahead1 Anna's website
On this special day, Earth Day of 2021, we are looking 30 years back at what has been achieved in terms of sustainable development since Rio-1992, how sustainable consumption developed over the years and what lead to the relatively recent shift towards minimalism and zero-waste movement. We speak with Prof. Maurie Cohen about what environmental policy means, who has the power to change the world, and what was first - life or the instruction how to live it. Enjoy this episode & let us know what you think! Protect the Earth today and always.
In this episode, we are talking with Krista Jantti, a design consultant focused on XR, AI, IoT, and blockchain technologies, about the future and the present of digital fashion and how it could help save natural resources when digital clothes could fulfill the needs of getting something new and show status on social media. Global B2C eCommerce fashion market size in 2020 was $525.1B. The hypothesis is, that 10% of this will be sold in digital-only form. By some estimates, digital fashion can reduce emissions by a whopping 95%! We are discussing the energy implications, risks, and opportunities, lifespan of digital fashion items, and their potential impact on sustainability and our lives. The future is here - enjoy it! Krista's LinkedIn: Krista's company EventuallyXR: Some of the stores where you can purchase digital items for your own unique wardrobe: - The Fabricant - Replicant Fashion - DressX - Digitalax - XR Couture More on
In today's episode, we are talking with Gaëlle Mogli, the founder of ConnectAID - the platform helping NGOs become visible and plant the 'seeds of sustainability' around the world. We are talking about passion for humanitarian work and how to unite a massive community of helpers and givers globally, how to start a powerful platform to connect individuals, businesses, NGOs - with NGOs for SDGs advancement. Gaelle walks us through the platform and makes it really easy and appealing to become a driving force for sustainable change.  To connect with Gaelle - To connect with Giovanna - To check the platform - More information on
This is a bonus news-sharing episode - my audio course called How to Build Your Career in Sustainability is finally live on Listenable! Enjoy it :) To listen to the course: To book a 1-on-1 career consultation: To talk to me on LinkedIn:  More information:
In this episode, we are talking to George Siegal, the director of The Last House Standing movie, about documentary filmmaking, natural disasters, the role of insurance companies, legislation and regulatory requirements for housing, the ways to protect oneself from natural disasters, climate refugees, and things alike. Enjoy the episode and let us know what you think! To watch The Last House Standing movie: To follow George on LinkedIn: To find show notes & more information on the podcast:
In this episode, we are talking to Marcy Garcia, creative director and owner of The MG Design Lab, about interior design that is not only aesthetically pleasing but also toxins and chemicals-free, healthy, comfortable, and sustainable to the highest possible extent. Marcy shares her personal story that leads her to develop her passion for healthy built-in environments into a full-time profession. She merges creativity with the purely scientific approach by assessing indoor air quality, using natural and organic materials, as well as natural lighting - all for the health and well-being of the residents. Enjoy the episode and check Marcia's work here: Website: Instagram: More on
In today's episode, we learn what empowering opportunities data, AI, the Internet-of-Things, and the future itself has in store for us. Anna talks to Tim Panagos, the CTO of, about the vast opportunities the data provides to solve real-life problems, including the risks associated with the spread of the global pandemic. Enjoy the episode! Tim's LinkedIn profile: website: Shownotes and more info at
What's the difference between climate positivity and climate neutrality? How the company's carbon footprint is calculated and how accurate the algorithm is? What are the ways of carbon offsetting beyond tree planting? All of these (and other) questions are answered by Jack Kennedy, co-founder of @dodo_eco, a company on a mission to reduce 400m tonnes or 1% of the world’s CO2 emissions by 2025.  The company's website: Jack's LinkedIn: Show notes and more information at
For my February self-imposed reading challenge, I chose "Growth Reinvented: Turn Your Data and Artificial Intelligence Into Money" by Mika Ruokonen. Drawing on dozens of real-life case studies and existing company examples, it provides a practical step-by-step guide for companies looking to realize the value of and monetize their data and AI offerings. 'Growth Reinvented' shows how new technology can be designed as a standalone opportunity to drive forward systemic change. My personal views are inside, enjoy the episode :) The book 'Growth Reinvented. Turn your data and artificial intelligence into money' by Mika Ruokonen: Mika Ruokonen LinkedIn profile: Invitation to the book presentation event that I will be moderating: 10 March 18.00 hrs CET via ZOOM Come :) More details on
In this episode, we are talking with Andjela Djuraskovic, "a versatile eco enthusiast with a background in social sciences", an Environmental Activist and Environmental Communication Specialist, also she is the Founder of "Eko Korijen" publishing & consulting in Montenegro. Andjela created the first environmental online course in the Balkans language area - "Guide through online environmental communication", available at  We talk about the working strategies to install the right environmental behavior in our societies, and how to use online platforms as teaching tools for raising the ecological awareness of people of various backgrounds. Enjoy the episode! Her LinkedIn profile: Andjela's website: Andjela's Instagram: Show notes and more information at
Callee Ackland, the owner of two zero-waste businesses, shares tips & tricks on how to start living a zero-waste lifestyle stress-free.  Learn more at
From this episode you will learn how RIZOME is scaling engineered bamboo lumber into primary global construction material, planting one of the largest carbon sequestration projects on the planet, and building the first climate-positive cities and buildings. Find the show notes at By the way, if you're a podcast host looking for new ways to promote your show, check out Podcast Bloggers. They transform podcast episodes into SEO-optimized blog posts to grow your audience. Publish your podcast on every marketing channel, including your website to help Google discover your show and reach new listeners outside of your network. Make it easy for readers to find, learn, and share your podcast with others. Visit their website following this link CDCC8GEE to get started. Full disclosure: This is an affiliate link, which means I will get a small commission from referring you. It will help me support this podcast.
Tune in to learn the story behind Sustainable Furnishings Council and its #JustOne campaign aimed at creating more sustainable, nourishing spaces. Today with us we have Susan Inglis, the Executive Director of the Sustainable Furnishings Council, an organization that promotes and secures a sustainable future through responsible design choices. Susan has led Sustainable Furnishings Council to work with industry leaders to establish criteria to gauge the sustainability of furniture products and practices, develop programs for educating all sectors of the industry. Drawing on years of professional experience and passion for sustainability, Susan is a leader in today's ecological movement - she serves on the Board of the American Sustainable Business Council and was awarded a 2017 Visionary Leadership award by the North Carolina Business Council. Let's learn what sustainable furnishings are all about? Find the show notes at
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