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Author: Sweat, Snot & Tears by Netmums

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The warts-and-all take on parenting, with Netmums editors Annie O’Leary and Wendy Golledge plus well-known guests, sharing their birth stories, parent fails and everything in between.
43 Episodes
Listen as author Liv Thorne talks middle aged cliches, toddlers and turkey basters and single parenting in a pandemic.
Confused as to whether Covid vaccines for kids are happening or not, and if so, whether your child should have one? Dr Ranj answers all your most asked questions – from whose eligible right now, to THOSE side-effect rumours.
Listen as comedian Ellie Taylor chats with Wendy about the vulnerability of PND, losing yourself in motherhood and how thick your skin needs to be to appear on panel shows. Ellie's new (fabulous!) book is called My Child And Other Mistakes, £16.99, Hodder & Stoughton.
Listen as Annie and Wendy talk about alternative routes to motherhood with actress turned celeb cook, Lisa Faulkner. From the agonies of ectopic pregnancy to the stress of IVF; that first day as an adoptive mum to her golden rule as a step-mum: NEVER parent your partner's kids.
Listen as Annie and Wendy chat Vesper Martinis AND dealing with do-gooders with Gill, author of the infamous Why Mummy…  books.
Listen as Annie and Wendy chat co-parenting AND having a new baby in lockdown with Rebecca Adlington. PLUS listen up for Rebecca's parenting dating tips - hint: don't tell them you're a gold medalist... wait for them to find out
Listen as Annie and Wendy get up close and personal with Baby Spice, discussing everything from never being able to shed your younger you to what’s for tea.
Listen as Annie and Wendy talk to Instagram’s favourite mum, about how to raise kids who know how lucky they are, plus what it’s like following in the footsteps of a truly remarkable mum of her own. Oh, and don’t miss her singing go at the end. It’s ace.
Listen up as the lovely Alesha talks juggling work with parenthood, life in lockdown AND as she puts in a call on air to her mate David Walliams. Ohn and check out her plans to become the British Gwyneth Paltrow - MINUS the vagina candles.
Listen as Ore gets real about navigating the path from couple to family PLUS why stockings and high heels have been his lockdown outfit of choice ;)
Listen as Annie and Wendy talk to TV presenter and fitness trainer Annie Price about her astonishing childhood story and how it's made her the mum she is. To find out more about BBC's Tiny Happy People campaign - designed to help us develop our child's communication skills through simple interaction and play - check out their Instagram page here @bbctinyhappypeople
Listen as Annie and Wendy get up close and personal with Helena and Ellie. It'll make sense when you do. WARNING: not for fainthearted, easily offended types.
Listen as Annie and Wendy get up close and personal with Aston Merrygold from JLS. From racist trolling of his kids to what it’s like having a talented child, Aston tells it like it is.
Listen as Annie and Wendy grill Helen Glover on her astounding rowing comeback and how she's handling the pressure with a toddler and baby twins in tow. ps GO HELEN! WE KNOW YOU CAN DO IT!
Don't miss this extra special episode of SS&T as we explore how best we can help our kids get back to some kind of new normal after a year in and out of lockdowns. Annie and Wendy are joined by fellow parents Nadiya Hussain, Joe Wicks PLUS Clinical Psychologist for Netmums, Linda Blair, and Head of Parent Support, Health Visitor Tracey Stone.
Listen as the former Love Island star, shares the honest and conflicting truths about life with a newborn, and how to get to grips with a birth that didn't go to plan. Plus how she deals with social media trolls, and what she misses about life in the minefields.
Listen as Annie and Wendy talk to one of the original 'online creators' about vlogging your birth, the fine line between sharing and over-sharing, and why she thinks she attracts the most positive comments on YouTube. Louise's book 'MumLife: What Nobody Ever Tells You About Being a Mum', is out now.
Listen to Annie and Wendy discuss everything from fish fingers and lycra one-pieces to mental health in lockdown, as well as, of course, gin, with Katie 'Hurrah for Gin' Kirby.  The Extremely Embarrassing Life of Lottie Brooks, by author and blogger Katie Kirby, AKA Hurrah for Gin, is out now!
Wendy and Annie get up close and personal with Denise Van Outen, on what it's like realising you're a rubbish lockdown teacher to your child, the challenges of settling down for a second time AND whether there'll be any more little Van Outens joining daughter Betsy any time soon.
Listen as Annie and Wendy chat to Myleene about life as a mum of teens and a toddler and how this year of on and off lockdowns has affected each of them differently. Plus why she went public with her miscarriage story.
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