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Sweaty and Pissed

Author: Leanne Morgan and Karen Nickell

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Comedian Leanne Morgan and nurse practitioner Karen Nickell discuss the realities of menopause and the female midlife in a way that is both informative and funny.
56 Episodes
Leanne and Stephen Brown discuss the benefits and woes of Karen's recommendations for reducing inflammation.
A conversation with the artist Stephen Brown of Glitterville, the master of making a magical world.
Karen answers several listener questions submitted on our Facebook page at She suggests supplements to help with various menopause symptoms and explains why progesterone can still be helpful after a hysterectomy.
Leanne and Karen muse about their wishes and their reality during the COVID-19 pandemic.
Karen discusses the purpose of testosterone in women and the barriers you might face to being prescribed replacement hormones.
Leanne and Karen talk about things to do and ways to improve yourself while under quarantine.
See how Leanne can connect them! Note: This was recorded before stay-at-home orders were in place for most of the U.S.Timecodes:0:00-1:00 — Introduction1:00-5:00 — Stories from the Big Panty Tour5:00-12:30 — Menorrhagia and endometrial ablation12:30-14:00 — What counts as heavy bleeding?14:00-15:00 — What is the operation like?15:00-22:00 — TV talk (Scandal, Ozark, Shtisel, This Is Us, The Handmaid’s Tale, The West Wing)22:00-25:30 — Final thoughts about endometrial ablation25:30-28:30 — Leanne checks on her thyroid28:30-29:30 — Credits and goodbye
Leanne and Karen talk about lichen sclerosus and Leanne checks on the status of her doin's.0:00-1:00 — Introduction1:00-4:00 — What is lichen sclerosus?4:00-7:30 — What causes this?7:30-12:30 — Treatments for lichen sclerosus?12:30-15:20 — Tell-tale signs of lichen sclerosus
Leanne and Karen talk about the spread, symptoms, treatment, and prevention of coronavirus (COVID-19).
Leanne and Karen talk about colonoscopy prep. It's not fun, but Karen has some tips to help make it tolerable.
Leanne and Karen explain why you need vitamin D in your life and how to make sure you're getting enough without getting too much sun.
Leanne and Karen talk about Leanne's ongoing tour and discuss some tips for getting pregnant that you might want to try before going to see a fertility specialist.
Leanne and Karen talk about bladder attacks and nonsurgical options.
Karen and Leanne talk about the effect of birth control pills on perimenopause. Leanne remembers the good ole days of having an IUD and learning to let it go. Follow us on Facebook: Instagram: @sweatyandpissed, @leannemorgancomedy, @wentzeland
Karen and Forrest got food poisoning but they also got to see some otters, so it all evened out in the end. Leanne Morgan loves an otter but is skeptical of cruises.We love to hear from you on social media!Facebook: Instagram: @sweatyandpissed, @leannemorgancomedy, @wentzeland
Even though white flour and sugar are Leanne's favorite food groups, Leanne and Karen discuss intermittent fasting.
Guess we need to talk about inflammation reduction!
Karen and Leanne discuss Breast Cancer Awareness Month and try to figure out what to do about Leanne's implants.If you haven't already, check out our Facebook page. We'd love to hear from you.
Karen and Leanne discuss lower extremity edema and what to do about it.
Leanne in a nutshell.
Comments (8)

Becky Green

Leeanne, I feel the exact same way about "This us Us" and Kevin!!

Apr 5th

Billy Slick

Ya’ll are cute! Thanks to Facebook’s algorithms or tiny elfs or whatever for suggesting Leanne’s comedy. Yall make me laugh. & this theme song!!

Jan 6th

Ashley Armstrong

I'm not even going through menopause yet and I binge listen to this show every minute I can. These gals crack me up!!!

Oct 25th
Reply (1)

Trisha Ross-Quinn

sooo funny. love it!

Oct 23rd
Reply (1)

April All Year

I love this podcast so much. Thank you girls SO MUCH, you are doing a great job!

Oct 12th

Lisa Thomas

Absolutely brilliant 😊

Jan 9th
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