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Author: sweetea

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The group of boys from the channel sweetea, going against each other debating the most insane and widely talked about topics of the world.
5 Episodes
hey guys so in this episode we talked about a lot of things actually in a relationship but the main arguments we talked about what do breaks mean, should you take them, body counts, and much more. stay safe love yall
In this episode of SweeTalks we talked about basically some of the stuff that we cannot control in life like our horoscopes and different conspiracies around the Mandela effects and stuff like that, let us know if you like what you hear and like always stay safe
In this podcast, it was more like . . . a bonus? because we really just had an intense argument about the tacos but longer episodes will be coming out next week for sure with possibly some really special guest and our most close friends that you guys will love. 
In this episode the boys discussed what they liked in women and if the boys have any impact on their friends when they are going to choose the "right one" yeah just a bunch of random opinions being thrown around as well as a lil treat at the end ahhaha Yeah, I know i put men in the title and you know what? Thats what we are. Some grown sexy men with little kid personalities.
In this episode we talked about different theories like the moon landing and aliens yanno stuff like that but it got heated so yea
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