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An audio spin off of Swift Weekly Brief and discussions on the Swift programming language.
86 Episodes
Swift Foundation is now building on Windows and passing all tests, interop with C++ is being discussed on the forums, and new Swift libraries are available.
We discuss recent news, evolution proposals, and Swift 6
83: Modify Accessors

83: Modify Accessors


We discuss a recent Swift Evolution pitch from Ben Cohen on Modify Accessors.
The way Swift reports compilation diagnostics like errors, warnings and fixits is about to improve in Swift 5.2.
Would you like some Swift in your Swift? The compiler driver is getting a shiny new implementation in Swift and there's no shortage of opportunities to contribute.
The Swift of tomorrow... today! The Standard Library Preview Package would allow you to try out upcoming Swift features before they officially ship with new language versions.
We invite special guest, Doug Gregor, back to the show to discuss all things Swift 5.1
What's one feature missing from the Swift Package Manager that CocoaPods has had for years? Binary dependencies! But how would this work in SPM?
We discuss the new generic math functions coming to Swift, as well as approximate equality for floating point numbers.
76: Property Wrappers

76: Property Wrappers


A concept that's been in and out of conversation for Swift since 2015, property behaviors - uh, delegates - uh, wrappers - are now back with the full weight of SwiftUI behind it.
In this episode with special guest Keith Smiley, we cover the growing number of tools that let you build things in Swift, a few of which are made by Apple, as well as some others like CMake, Bazel and Buck.
Although we usually discuss new features being added to Swift, this episode is all about removing things from the language.
Relevant Links UTF-8 String blog post on Piercing the String Veil post on Swift forums SE-241 Deprecate String Index Encoded Offsets SR-9749: The bug that led to deprecating encodedOffset Thanks to this episode's Sponsors Sentry tells you about errors in your code before your customers have a chance to encounter them. With Sentry, you’ll see exactly how many users have been impacted by a bug, the stack trace, the commit that the error was released as part of, the engineer who wrote the line of code that is currently busted, and a lot more. Give it a try and let them know we sent you at Clubhouse is the first project management platform for software development that brings everyone together so that teams can focus on what matters – creating products their customers love. With a simple API and robust set of integrations, Clubhouse seamlessly integrates with the tools you use every day, getting out of your way so that you can deliver quality software on time. Listeners of Swift Unwrapped can sign up for two free months of Clubhouse by visiting Get in Touch If you're enjoying the show and want to say thank you, the best way to do that is by leaving us a review on iTunes! It lets us know what you think of the show and helps us climb the charts so other people can find the show. We've also got a channel set up on! If you want to talk about today's episode, ask us a question or just follow the conversation, jump in anytime at
In what is sure to lead to significant community discussion, there's now a pitch for adding a style guide and formatter to Swift. ​
If this proposal is accepted, we'll be seeing Key Paths in a lot more places.
70: SourceKit-LSP

70: SourceKit-LSP


The Swift project is working on official support for the industry-standard Language Server Protocol and we can barely contain our excitement.
69: Result

69: Result


It's the most wonderful time of the year again... the time when the Swift community considers adding a Result type to the standard library. Except that this time it'll probably work!
68: Opaque Result Types

68: Opaque Result Types


In this episode, Jesse and JP dive in to opaque result types, which could help prevent leaking of implementation details to library consumers.
67: Raw Strings

67: Raw Strings


String literals are the gift that keep on giving with each Swift version, and Swift 5 is no exception, with raw strings.
We discuss Jordan Rose's recent forums post on a proposed plan for module stability.
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