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Author: John Sundell

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In-depth conversations about Swift and software development in general, hosted by John Sundell.
106 Episodes
Christian Selig returns to the show to talk about how he used the new Safari extension system on iOS to build Amplosion and Achoo, the pros and cons of open source, and how developers can utilize other iOS 15 and iPhone hardware features.
Marcin Krzyzanowski returns to the show to talk about building editors for Swift code, backend-driven user interfaces, and more. Also, the challenges of working with text-based data, the pros and cons of composition, and managing hobby projects.
Roxana Jula joins John to discuss Apple’s various tools, frameworks, and APIs for building Augmented Reality experiences. How to get started building AR-based apps, what’s the current state of AR on Apple’s platforms, and how might that change if Apple were to introduce dedicated AR hardware in the future?
Antoine van der Lee, creator of SwiftLee, joins John to discuss the new language features that are being introduced as part of Swift 5.5 — from the brand new concurrency system, to convenience features and various improvements.
Jordan Morgan returns to the show to discuss some of the key new APIs and frameworks that were announced at WWDC21, and how they can be integrated into the apps that we build, now that about two months have passed since the conference took place.
Malin Sundberg joins John to talk about her experiences of using SwiftUI to build and ship the time-tracking and invoicing app Orbit on most of Apple’s platforms, and what sort of things that can be good to keep in mind when using SwiftUI in a cross-platform context.
Chris Lattner returns to the show to discuss Swift’s new concurrency features, the ongoing evolution of the language, and the importance of both language and API design. This, and much more, on this special 100th episode of the show.
Doug Gregor from Apple joins John to discuss Swift 5.5’s new concurrency features in great detail. How do features like async/await and actors work under the hood, and how were those concepts adapted in order to feel right at home within Swift’s existing ecosystem? That, and much more, on this WWDC21 special episode of the show.
Sean Allen returns to the show to talk about using the MVVM design pattern within SwiftUI-based apps, building a course around MapKit and CloudKit, how to approach all of the new material that WWDC has to offer, and what goes into making a really great developer portfolio.
Ish ShaBazz returns to the show for a special pre-WWDC episode about what new APIs and developer tools that Apple might announce at this year’s edition of the conference. What’s in store for Swift and SwiftPM, how might UIKit and SwiftUI continue to evolve, and will this be the year when we’ll finally see Apple’s new AR/VR platform?
Adam Bell returns to the show to talk about animations, both how to make great use of the built-in animation tools that the iOS SDK ships with, but also how to drive custom, gesture-driven animation logic and the sort of performance optimizations that are typically required when writing that sort of code.
Brent Simmons returns to the show to discuss multi-threading and concurrency, and how to make good use of tools like Grand Central Dispatch. Also, building NetNewsWire in the open, the current state of SwiftUI, and the type of responsibilities that senior developers typically have.
Benedikt Terhechte returns to the show to discuss the pros and cons of using technologies like Catalyst and SwiftUI to build Mac apps, and also to share tips and tricks on how to use AppKit for use cases that Apple’s more modern frameworks do not yet support.
Donny Wals, book author and iOS developer at Disney Streaming Services, joins John to give practical tips on Combine and Core Data. How to manage and test increasingly complex Combine pipelines, and how come the opinions on Core Data are so divisive? Also, working on internal SDKs and frameworks, and taking a pragmatic approach to unit testing.
Kaitlin Mahar, lead engineer at MongoDB and member of the Swift Server Work Group, joins John to discuss the current state of server-side Swift, designing APIs for server-side libraries, and Swift’s upcoming suite of structured concurrency features.
David Smith, creator of apps like Widgetsmith, returns to the show to discuss whether SwiftUI is currently capable and stable enough to build production-level apps, and what sort of things that can be good to keep in mind when starting to deploy SwiftUI in production.
Matt Gallagher, creator of Cocoa with Love, returns to the show to discuss how the introduction of SwiftUI and Combine has impacted how apps are architected on Apple’s platforms, and what sort of principles that are good to keep in mind when designing a solid app architecture.
Ellen Shapiro returns to the show to discuss framework and SDK development, and how that often requires a somewhat different process from app development. Also, API design, GraphQL, using the standard library’s protocol-oriented design, and more.
On this special episode of the show, John wraps up the 2020 season by revisiting some of the key themes and topics that were discussed on the show during the year.
Chris Eidhof returns to the show to go on a deep dive into the SwiftUI layout system. What are the different phases involved in determining a given view’s layout, how do concepts like layout priorities and flexibility work, and what makes SwiftUI different from UIKit and AppKit in terms of layout?
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