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The official podcast of T.Rex Arms. Weekly live conversations between various team members discussing equipment, training, history, politics, and of course, the behind-the-scenes stuff regarding the business and technology of developing and making tactical gear.
40 Episodes
Isaac does Q&A on the Chameleon Target System, explains how it has developed over the last year, and discusses various T.Rex Arms technology projects; projects that were, projects that are, and some projects which have not yet come to pass. Video Link: connected to us here:
Isaac reflects on various lessons from the recent bad weather, Big Tech de-platforming, and the death of Rush Limbaugh - and why we need to be more sturdy and anti-fragile. Stay connected to us here:
Lucas talks about rifle builds, particularly the attachments and accesories of various rifle builds, after Isaac makes a quick political announcement about various gun bills. This is essentially a revisitation of the material from our lost September 16th episode.Video Link: connected to us here:
Warbelt Setup Overview

Warbelt Setup Overview


Lucas talks about setting up warbelts, and all the holsters, mag carriers, medical gear, and various other bags, pouches, and first line equipment that goes on the belt. Video Link: connected to us here:
It's been a long time since we did a regular Q&A stream to talk about whatever YOU want to talk about. So here it is. Our YouTube viewers ask Lucas and Isaac a bunch of completely random questions.Stay connected to us here: link:
Isaac Botkin talks about lessons from the escalating reactions to everything surrounding the election and inauguration. Don't let the overreactions fool you.Newsletter Link:"But what do we mean by the American Revolution? Do we mean the American war? The Revolution was effected before the war commenced. The Revolution was in the minds and hearts of the people; a change in their religious sentiments of their duties and obligations. While the king, and all in authority under him, were believed to govern in justice and mercy, according to the laws and constitution derived to them from the God of nature and transmitted to them by their ancestors, they thought themselves bound to pray for the king and queen and all the royal family, and all in authority under them, as ministers ordained of God for their good; but when they saw those powers renouncing all the principles of authority, and bent upon the destruction of all the securities of their lives, liberties, and properties, they thought it their duty to pray for the continental congress and all the thirteen State congresses......This produced, in 1760 and 1761, an awakening and a revival of American principles and feelings, with an enthusiasm which went on increasing till, in 1775, it burst out in open violence, hostility, and fury.”   - John Adams
Airsoft for Training?

Airsoft for Training?


Lucas just got back from a major airsoft event, and has some thoughts on the training value of airsoft gear and activities. Video Link: Link:
On January 6th nothing happened that we're allowed to talk about on a YouTube Livestream, so Isaac talked about the books that T.Rex Arms recommends folks be reading in 2021. These are books on the 2nd Amendment, the history of tyrannical governments and resistance, and other topics TOTALLY unrelated to any events that are happening today.Second Amendment Books:That Every Man Be Armed - Stephen Holbrook  The Founders’ Second Amendment - Stephen HolbrookThe Second Amendment Manifesto - John PaineAiming For Liberty – David B. Kopel DeInfringe – Joshua Baker Pre-American Interposition Books:Lex Rex - Samuel Rutherford Vindiciae Contra Tyrannos - a 1579 Huguenot pamphlet Magdeburg Confession - The Pastors of Magdeburg The Christian and the Magistrate - Pierre ViretGreat Christian Revolution - Otto Scott American History Books:1776 - David McCollough Paul Revere’s Ride – David Hackett Fischer Of Plymouth Plantation - William Bradford General World History Books: Modern Times - Paul Johnson Ascent of Money - Niall Ferguson General Politics:The War on Guns - John R. Lott, Jr.  Parliament of Whores - PJ O’Rourke In the next episode, we'll try to cover military studies, economics, fiction, philosophy, and more!Video Link: Link:
2020: Year in Review

2020: Year in Review


It's been a rollercoaster of a year, both for T.Rex Arms and the whole rest of the world. Isaac and Lucas talk about lessons and takeaways.Stay connected to us here: Link:
Isaac talking about end of year stuff, future stuff, and the true meaning of Christmas.Fuddbusters ATF Letter Video: of the Gospel Map: Link: Link:
The T.Rex Arms Ready Rig

The T.Rex Arms Ready Rig


Lucas describes the new chest rig we're making, and answers questions about its development and use.Video Link: Link:
Lucas provides information about and answers questions about about our new minimalistic Plate Carrier. This one is a little more visual, so it might be worth looking up the video version if you want to see the demo. Signup Link: Link:
Lucas and Kyle talk about why T.Rex Arms puts such a priority on customer service, how we built our CS department, and a few lessons we've learned over the years. Subscription Link: Link:
Check out this brief announcement about how to take part in the T.Rex Arms Black Friday Sale! Also, check out the new layout of the shipping and inventory area (in the video version, anyhow), hear about a few of the things that we are thankful for this year, and go have a happy Thanksgiving!Subscription Link: Link:
There's been a lot of talk about how Social Media platforms have or have not been censoring and manipulating the flow of information throughout 2020. Isaac and Noah Botkin will talk about how much control these platforms have, and a few ways to be less affected by that control.Video Link:
So it's still election night, forever, and nobody trusts nobody. We talk investigations, division, misinformation, and a bit about Black Friday and T.Rex plans for the rest of the year.Video Link:
Election Night Aftermath

Election Night Aftermath


There are no results from last night's presidential election yet, but that's all that the internet to talk about, so I guess we're going to talk about it. But mostly we'll just answer questions about why we aren't losing hope.Video Link:
Analog radio is awesome, but digital radio has some very valuable abilities. Isaac and David discuss how to program DMR radios and why you might want a business license in addition to an amateur license.Video Link:
2020 has seen a bunch of changes that have affected different parts of the economy in different ways. Let's look at them, especially as related to skyrocketing gun sales, ammo sales, and related manufacturing.Video Link:
Lucas Botkin talks about how he marketed T.REX ARMS back in the old days... Before the dark times... Before the shadowbanning. Also, general Q&A, because he always does that.Video Link:
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