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Wild Arms Research and Developmemt has spent the last few years building destructive devices. Specifically, developing recoilless launchers and rocket launchers like the Panzerfaust and Fliegerfaust, and then publishing the research for public edification. Isaac Botkin and Jonathan Wild have a free-ranging discussion on munitions design, launcher research, and the two books they have produced so far:Man Portable Air Defense System : Fliegerfaust Expedient Recoilless Launcher: PanzerfaustAnd, check out video of test firings of the Fliegerfaust: in touch with us here:   
Behind the Scenes Q&A

Behind the Scenes Q&A


It's been a while since we did a Q&A episode, so Isaac fired up his much-throttled Instagram account for a live conversation with real people who asked real questions. This included queries about 3D printers, suppressor laws, customer support, and of course, lots of curiosity about new products.Keep in touch with us here:   
There are a lot of different gun control strategies that have been promoted or attempted over the years. Here are three particularly bad ones, and an explanation of who they are actually bad for.$200 FDM 3D Printer: Ender 3 Pro2018 T.Rex video about 3D printed guns: in touch with us here:   
The internet is buzzing about thermal devices, mostly because of GarandThumb's urban survival video ( Isaac explains a few basics about how thermal works, how to think about, what the key differentiators are between devices, and how to start learning more about them.Keep in touch with us here:  
The Importance of Maps

The Importance of Maps


Maps are important. Seems obvious enough. But learning how to read them and use them to do work is the really important part. Current favorite mapping tool: caltopo.comCurrent favorite land nav instructors: redbeardtactical.comCurrent favorite GarandThumb video: in touch with us here:  
Well, at least, the final language for the most recent rule change about frames and receivers. Get ready for new rules on braces coming soon!Fudd Busters episode: in touch with us here: 
Here at T.Rex Arms we recommend getting involved in local politics. Which leads to the questions "How do I get involved in local politics?" and "Why should I get involved in local politics?"Keep in touch with us here:  
Due to popular demand, another comms episode! This should be helpful in determining what kinds of capabilities you want to build in one of these three categories:Open CommunicationPrivate CommunicationSecret CommunicationAnd here is a link to a bonus homework assignment: FEMA's DHS radio interoperability course is interesting to read: IS-951 Keep in touch with us here:  
The entire world has now bravely tweeted out Ukranian flag emojis in noble support, and selflessly poured out Russian vodkas in righteous indignation. The internet's reaction to a tragic war has, for the most part, been predictably laughable. And yet, a lot of these emotional kneejerk reactions could have serious long-term effects... Keep in touch with us here: 
We are far from having a clear picture of the geopolitical wrangling surrounding the Russian Invasion of Ukraine, and the livestreamed video of the conflict doesn't actually clarify things much yet. However, it does provide us with a very interesting picture of citizens, militias, and light infantry pushing back against a hostile force. So, let's talk about the need to have:Guns and AmmoIntel Gathering ToolsIntel Dissemination ToolsAccess DenialTools and Raw MaterialsWater and FoodMedical SuppliesTransport CapabilityShelterMoneyAnd, as promised, some links to the TV shows Servant of the People and Yes Prime Minister.  Keep in touch with us here: 
P.J. O'Rourke was one of the best journalists of the 20th Century; a master of clear, concise, well-structured communication. What better way to honor his memory than a rambling, long, and completely unplanned livestream talking about some of his best work? Isaac describes what made him stand apart, and what T.REX folks can learn from him. Further Reading:All the Trouble in the WorldParliament of WhoresLetter from EgyptKeep in touch with us here:
Over the last couple of years, there have been a record number of guns purchased by the American public, and a shockingly large percentage of those were purchased by first time gun owners. While we can appreciate those folks being better equipped to physically defend themselves, they may not be ideologically able to defend their right to do so. How can we bring them along to a deeper understanding and appreciation for what the Second Amendment really means? in touch with us here:
This was a big week in the ongoing discussion about the regulation and control of large social media platforms that regularly de-platform their customers that they disagree with. All kinds of kerfuffle related to Spotify, Patreon, and GoFundMe has ensued, and a lot of stuff has happened as a result.FYI, I completely misspoke and called the crowdfunding site GiveSendMe, for some reason. My apologies!Keep in touch with us here:
Isaac talks about continuing developments and uses of drones. Specific discussion on the Parrot Anafi drones, and newer Skydio drones, as well as the increased use of quadcopter use in Law Enforcement. in touch with us here:
The number of people building out decentralized radio communication has grown over the last few years, and a lot of lessons have been learned, and a lot of tools and capabilities have grown. Here are a few things Isaac is excited about:Increased ATAK adoption and plug-in developmentMeshtasticOTTO Lynq ProQmeshRippleDMR-ToolsEmComm ToolsThe Tech PrepperRTL-SDR KrakenThe Greyman ServerKeep in touch with us here:
Shot Show 2022 Review

Shot Show 2022 Review


Lucas and Isaac talk about some of the products that have been announced this year at Shot Show, from optics to pistols to rifles and more. There are some very encouraging trends this year, and some very cool night vision developments.Video Link: connected to us here:
Ryan Busse spent 25 years at the Kimber firearm company, climbing his way up through sales to become Vice President of the company. Then, he suddenly switched sides to become an advisor to the Giffords gun control group, work on the Biden Presidential campaign, and write this tell-all book about the terrible radicalizing effects of the horrible NRA and fearsome gun industry. Isaac has a few thoughts about it.Keep in touch with us here:
Last year, on January 6th, a mob of people entered the United States Capitol Building and had the audacity to walk right past countless statues of America's Founding Fathers. Who were the actual insurrectionists? in touch with us here:
Isaac talks a bit about some of the experiences we had as a company during the year 2021. Video Link: connected to us here:
Welcome to 2022!

Welcome to 2022!


Want to find out why Isaac is excited about 2022? Get ready.Show Links:https://opensourcedefense.orghttps://pewscience.com Connected with us here:
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Chris Raymond

Good stuff! I recently found this quote from former Russian chess master Garry Kasparov--a modern critic of both Russian and American propaganda. I think it flows with what you said about identifying the "what is truth" paradigm instead of merely classifying what categories certain propaganda should be placed in. Kasparov said, "The methodology of fake news isn’t to convince anyone exactly what the truth is, but to make people doubt that the truth exists, or that it can ever be known. People are starting to sense this trend in the free world as well, as Russian disinformation campaigns spread globally and these techniques are adopted. That’s probably why I still see this tweet of mine from December [2016] going around: 'The point of modern propaganda isn't only to misinform or push an agenda. It is to exhaust your critical thinking, to annihilate truth.'"

Mar 14th

Austin Allen

These guys are heroes.

Jun 7th
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