DiscoverTFECON 2018: Blockchain Technology and Future Economy
TFECON 2018: Blockchain Technology and Future Economy

TFECON 2018: Blockchain Technology and Future Economy

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TFECON 2018 is a two-day dual track conference centered around the development and application of blockchain technology and the organizational paradigm the technology embodies. We bring the front-line voices from this conference to Castbox audience and share the latest in research, technology, application, and trends.
14 Episodes
Identity on Blockchain

Identity on Blockchain


A group of blockchain entrepreneurs discuss how blockchain can be used to create a unique identification system for people virtually that will be better than the identification system we have today
A group of blockchain insiders discuss how they got into the blockchain business and how they think blockchain will grow in the future
A panel of experts discuss how AI and Blockchain can increase government performance and efficiency
Sean Manion discuss how blockchain can contribute to the Scientist community by eliminating the fake and unreproducible results
Alex Mashinsky from Celsius Network discuss what blockchain will completely revolutionize the current society
Charles Bell from World Tokenomics Forum discuss why leadership is the most crucial factor in the uprising token economics
John Wise from Loci discuss with others about how blockchain can enhance the flow of intellectual property
Brandon Eskew from OILt discussed how they plan to tokenize the largest commodity (Oil & Gas) with blockchain
DAG vs Blockchain

DAG vs Blockchain


Listen to Kevin Chen, CTO of IOTA talk about the rising of Blockchain 3.0: DAG, and DAG's difference from the other Blockchain platform
Listen to Elastos' founder Dr. Feng Han talk about his experience in trying to develop a decentralized application platform Elastos in China
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