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The ‘80s were an era of musical excess, and photographer Mark “WEISSGUY” Weiss was there to document the biggest and most dangerous bands of the time. From Van Halen, Ozzy and Metallica to Bon Jovi, Motley Crue and Guns N’ Roses, The Decade That Rocked Podcast will look back at the period’s most historic music and moments through Mark’s iconic images. New interviews with rock stars both old and new will give fans a backstage pass to the most hedonistic era in music. Along for the ride is co-host Greg Alprin, a music journalist, comedy podcast host and ‘80s rock addict who will help shape the conversation from a fan's perspective. Come with us for a decadent celebration of THE DECADE THAT ROCKED!
9 Episodes
Mark & Greg catch up with David Fishof, founder of Rock & Roll Fantasy Camp, and Britt Lightning, Vixen lead guitarist who hosts the Masterclass series currently taking over the world at  Having to put the "camp" franchise on hold, Britt & David tell us how the amazing Masterclass series is not only taking the place of camp, but taking the entire company into the future at warp speed.   Mark and David chat about their long history together and how it all began, and Britt & Greg mix it up over how cool the classes are when we may be able to get out there and rock again!  Please check out the entire roster of available Masterclasses including Rodger Daltrey, Alice Cooper, Joe Elliot, Styx, Joey Kramer, Sebastian Bach and many more at www.rockcamp.comFor More of us www.thedecadethatrocked.comInstagram & Twitter @thegregalicious @markweissguy @brittlightning @rockfantasycampInstagram  @thedecadethatrocked. Twitter @decaderocked



The legendary comedian and That Metal Show co-host joins us to talk about the recent TMS Comedy Show reunion in New Jersey, which included Mark attempting to stump the audience with a very obscure Anthrax question. Don tells us about his early days, when it was cool to have comics perform as the opening act for bands, and the amazing and unnerving experience he had opening for Metallica. We learn that Don’s three career highlights include spending 10 years opening for Andrew Dice Clay, appearing at Metallica’s Orion Fest, and watching Howard Stern laugh at his jokes at various celebrity roasts. There’s also a fourth highlight…but you’ll have to listen to the full episode to find out what it is. Tease!Make sure to check out Don's Podcast That Jamieson Show and follow him on Instagram @donjamiesonofficial or on Twitter @realdonjamieson and for everything else.  Check out Greg on Twitter & Instagram @thegregalicous Mark on Instagram @markweissguy  
Mark & Greg catch up with Steve Brown from Trixter and Def Leppard to talk about the passing of Eddie Van Halen.   We reflect on our individual memories and share some laughs while celebrating the life of Edward Lodewijk Van Halen. 



Don joins us to take a look back on some of his shoots with Mark over the years, and tells the story of the wardrobe he despised wearing for the Under Lock & Key album cover session. He gives firsthand insight into what it was like to work with the Weissguy, as well as why he let him live in his house while he was on the road touring the world with Dokken. Don also opens up about what he saw, or more accurately, didn’t see, in Metallica in the early days, and how he was admittedly very wrong—so much so that he reveals how hard it was to follow them on the bill during the 1988 Monsters of Rock tour. Lots of great stories, wrapped up in a chat about the new Dokken album of “Lost Songs.”   Don't forget to Rate, Review and Subscribe to THE DECADE THAT ROCKED PODCAST and for everything TDTR Follow Dokken on Instagram @dokken_official and Twitter @Dokken Follow Mark on Instagram and Twitter @markweissguy Follow Greg on Instagram and Twitter @thegregalicious Follow TDTR on Instagram @thedecadethatrocked and Twitter @decaderocked   
Danny Muro, founder and guitar player of early 1980s Jersey Shore rockers White Tiger, joins us to give the inside scoop on what Mark was like in the early days, and how he cut his teeth shooting the band. After White Tiger ended in 1982, Danny went on to create some of the most iconic heavy metal albums of all time, including the Overkill album F*ck You! He also shocks us with an incredible story about being in an early version of what ultimately became Bon Jovi. Now, 40 years later, Danny is back with his White Tiger band mate Neal Thomas in a new act, The Killin’ Floor Project.  To sign up for updates on new episodes and to send us questions or comments, go to www.TheDecadeThatRocked.comFollow Mark on Instagram & Twitter @markweissguy  Follow Greg on Instagram & Twitter @theGregalicious 
Mark and Greg catch up with Angela Chidnese, better known as the “Slippery When Wet” girl from the Bon Jovi album cover that almost was—not to mention the posters that decorated millions of boys’ bedroom walls, lockers, and garages for the past 30-plus years. Angela and Mark reflect on the infamous shoot, what lead to the ultimate album cover, and lots of other great stories. To sign up for updates on new episodes and to send us questions or comments, go to www.TheDecadeThatRocked.comFollow Mark on Instagram & Twitter @markweissguy  Follow Greg on Instagram & Twitter @theGregalicious 
On August 20th, 2020 the world lost Frankie Banali at 68 years young. A true rock warrior for over 40 years! In this episode we reflect on Frankie and what Quiet Riot meant to the hard rock and heavy metal world, and Mark reveals some amazing memories of his rock ‘n’ roll brother. Rock in Peace Frankie Banali: 11/14/51 – 8/20/20.



Following up the story of how Motley Crue gave Mark the nickname "WEISSGUY," Mark tells us about how mowing grass got him his first camera…and eventually lead to his arrest for selling photos at a KISS concert in 1977. Meanwhile, Greg fills in the gaps on how he got into the music business by thinking quick on his feet and talking his way into a private radio concert in NYC in 1999, which lead to him starting and running a music magazine for close to a decade. Lean into this one—it’s Mark and Greg’s “origin stories.”To sign up for updates on new episodes and to send us questions or comments, go to



The debut episode of THE DECADE THAT ROCKED PODCAST takes you on a three-day bus ride with Motley Crue in 1984, with Mark revealing the story of how he got the name "WEISSGUY." Hitch a ride with us for a decadent celebration of THE DECADE THAT ROCKED!To sign up for updates on new episodes and to send us questions or comments, go to
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