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From, The Master's Voice will feature expert practitioners and professionals from media, marketing and advertising, speaking about their spaces of expertise and interest.
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This episode of The Master's Voice is a very special one, for multiple reasons - it features top Media thought leader Raj Nayak, Founder & MD - House of Cheer, and who is as highly respected as a remarkable professional as he is loved by those who know and have interacted with him, for being a wonderful human being. In this episode which we've published on the second day of the New Year, Raj, in conversation with Pavan R Chawla,  speaks about the H Factor  -- Happiness, which, he says, 'begins with You' -- and the plans for his very promising offering to corporates and businesses, the significant services of his House Of Cheer, which came into existence before the pandemic-enforced lockdown shut most things down.  The role and importance of the H Factor of Happiness cannot be over-stated, particularly in the wake of the pandemic, and as we being the new year, this very special episode about Happiness and more with a very special master, Raj Nayak, is our way of wishing our readers and everyone else in the industry, a Happy New Year. And to Raj Nayak, from all of us, here's a very special wish: Happy Birthday, Raj! Yes, it's today, the 2nd of January 2021, which is why we decided to publish this episode today.We did say this episode's very special for multiple reasons.We hope you enjoy the episode and find it relevant and useful. Remember, for corporates and businesses, the future will boil down to the happiness of those who man and run, and emotionally own, them.So bring out your headphones and sit back and listen to Raj speak in the endearing and engaging manner only he can. Extempore, and straight from the heart.       
On this episode of The Master’s Voice, our guest is MVS Murthy, Head – Marketing & Digital, Tata Asset Management,  who is a true digital maven with an illustrious two-decade career with India’s top Banking, Insurance and Broking companies in their Marketing and Digital spaces,  and is now the go-to person for Tata Asset Management’s Marketing and Communication strategies. Pavan R Chawla caught up with MVS – which is how his friends address him –  for a deep dive with this inspiring Digital Marketing leader who is highly experienced and adept at handling Brand, Communication, Digital Marketing and Digitization of Customer Experience.We hope you will find this a truly rewarding chat filled with excellent insights from the passion, knowledge and experience of this passionate visionary of data-driven marketing who focuses on three crucial growth areas — revenue, customers and value. And doesn’t set too much store by the rear-view mirror as he drives Tata Asset Management forward during these extremely challenging times, to ever greater salience and growth. The conversation with MVS touches upon The Tata Mutual Fund story, and how it has been reaching out to its customers and channel partners during the lockdown with very few feet on the ground; the evolution of the industry -- whether it is the client-agency model or other aspects that empower businesses -- and the role of technology as a catalyst in the rise of marketing. Including the place, role and scale of performance-based digital marketing  in the TMF marketing plans, and the new uses of tech that marketing has found.  So, a deep dive with MVS. Dive in.
Respected Indian News Media conglomerate, the ABP Network, has unveiled new logos across its broadcast and digital presence  – ABP News, ABP Ananda, ABP Majha, ABP Ganga, ABP Asmita, and ABP Sanjha, along with ABP Live -- as part of an ongoing evolution of the network, and for this episode of the Master’s Voice, we caught up with one of the titans of brand architecture, Jacob Benbunan, co-founder and digital CEO of the reputed Saffron Brand Consultants.Jacob had flown in all the way from Madrid to be by ABP Network CEO Avinash Pandey’s side as the network shared news of this latest tentpole in the milestones of the network that, Benbunan tells Pavan R Chawla, is ‘married to the truth’.The new identity is designed to better represent the fearlessness, dynamism, and thought-leadership of the channels in the industry, and also to demonstrate the brand’s connection to the Nation and its people.Benbunan speaks of how his team and he, in close tandem with the ABP Network Marketing team, went about capturing and representing the mix of the intrinsic idea of powering India to its limitless potential, and the central network mission to help create an open and informed society, because  it believes that only an open and informed society can make a limitless India possible.So, in this episode of The Master’s Voice, Jacob Benbunan of Saffron Brand  Consultants is in conversation with Pavan R Chawla, speaking about Truth Beyond Limits, and the long and deeply satisfying journey to create a sparkling, standout, whole new brand identity for India's respected news media conglomerate, the ABP Network, across broadcast and digital.
This episode of The Master's Voice features two young leaders, Suveer Bajaj and Pratik Gupta, who, 13 years ago, along with two other like-minded partners, had set about putting together an advertising agency that was equally digitally driven, with a quirky name - Foxymoron. A tiny little offering that the youngsters  -- Suveer was only 19 years old then, and Pratik, 20 -- built brick by brick, teaching themselves perhaps one or more new things each day before putting their heads down to deliver brilliantly well on every new ask.Suveer and Pratik learnt and grew in knowledge and effectiveness of offerings and equally, in the scale of their business at such a remarkable rate that they were the talk of the marketer town with much positive sentiment in the marketplace. So much so, that by the time the febrile-with-M&A second-decade of 2000s came around, 2014 had them in talks with WPP, and the rest, as they say, is history.Today, Foxymoron has only two of the original co-founders in Suveer and Pratik, but has grown ten-fold and more.Pavan R Chawla caught up with the brilliant, smartly focused and extremely knowledgeable duo in a freewheeling chat on how Foxymoron came about from a  64000-Rupee corpus originally earmarked by four youngsters for a Goa holiday, and how they cobbled the agency together into a brilliant spit-and-polish offering that Suvir and Pratik have not only eyeballing all competition, but also setting the standards in the Digital Marketplace.Through the conversation, what stands out are their insistence upon working with 'good people', learning new things -- often in a self-taught way, and pushing the comfort zone from what the client wants to what the client needs, and, as an advertising and digital marketing partner, wanting to deliver much more than 'just how many social media posts we can do or accounts we can manage', to insisting upon wanting to see how they can actually make an impact upon the business of the client rather then just giving what the client asks for. And in the process, handholding each new client across a journey of forgetting what they have been used to, and getting a fresh perspective steeped into the opportunities, demands, challenges and threats of the changing, newer realities of an ever-evolving digital marketplace.Welcome to Suveer's hurtling but precisely measured bariton delivery and Pratik's effervescently enthusiastic conversation. Two young mutually complementing partners who also share insights on what has helped sustain, grow and flower their partnership with such remarkable results. Both, in conversation with Pavan R Chawla. Suveer Bajaj and Pratik Gupta, Co-Founders of Foxymoron.
Abraham Thomas - CEO Reliance Broadcast, also  a Media Brand Specialist, Digital Media Entrepreneur, Audio Evangelist and Print-TV-Digital Business Leader, is our expert guest in this episode of The Master’s Voice,’s podcast series that features expert conversations with Pavan R Chawla.Thomas is a Youth Media and Brand Specialist with more than two decades of experience in building and scaling youth media platforms in India, China and South Asia is an experienced leader and entrepreneur with a proven track record of building and running large media businesses.Abe – as his friends call him -- brings deep knowledge of multi-media platforms of print, broadcasting (TV & Radio), online and mobile backed with over 15 years of hands-on leadership experience, demonstrating the ability to build and scale businesses within a competitive environment.He says these restrictive and highly challenging times of the COVID-19 pandemic have actually brought Radio its finest hour. He says that although the Radio sub sector suffered a 70% loss of revenues during COVID-19, the medium has proven its mettle as a truly resilient and the most trusted amongst all for accurate and timely information, and during the lockdown, has been listened to by every age group in large numbers, with a 28% increase in TSL. And on their part, he says AROI and member FM networks have taken these happy tidings to all their stakeholders through a consistent communication campaign.He also speaks about how BIG FM was the first FM Radio network to swing into Work From Home from the 13th of March 2020, and that thanks to its tech and creative teams, has been airing engaging content that has inspired and sustained it listeners across the country. Not a single station was off the air, and in the short time they have had, the network actively evolved into a truly Digitally-driven entity, with an online and complete ad-buying with creative services support for advertisers.This, and much more, from the man who built a robust organization and manages high performance teams as an area of specialization. Across more than 20 years of leadership roles across media, TV- Mass, Niche and Speciality genres and Radio, Abe has built  a Leader Brand, grown three Radio networks to Market leadership, and before entering the world of television and then radio broadcast, he worked for eight years in Print across Distribution, Brand and Ad Sales for Regional and National Publications.And now, here he is – Abe, Aby, Abraham Thomas, the genial, accomplished CEO of 92.7 BIG FM. The man who of his own admission isn’t a creative sort, but can sniff out the smallest opportunity to monetize every creative output. And who says Radio has evolved, grown and expanded into the ubiquitous Voice, because now, ‘Radio and Digital is the new norm’.
 Pavan R Chawla writes: My guest expert on this, the latest episode of our podcast series The Master’s Voice,  is someone who, with more than 28 years of experience, brings invaluable expertise in managing television networks operations in the Media and Entertainment industry: Megha Tata, Managing Director South Asia – Discovery. A media & entertainment industry veteran, Megha has held leadership roles at organisations such as BTVI, HBO, Turner International and Star TV.She has also served as Vice President of the International Advertising Association  IAA’s India Chapter from 2016 to 2018, and is currently in the MANCOM of IAA. She was recently co-opted as Director on the board of Indian Broadcasting Foundation, and is also on the board of the National Media & Entertainment Committee of FICCI. In this episode of The Master’s Voice, Megha speaks of life at  Discovery, the impact of COVID-19 on the business of broadcasters, on the business at Discovery, the original content flow at Discovery INC, on launching Discovery+; comments  on the perception that Indians are notoriously reluctant to pay for content, on how Discovery+ is marketed, the impact of TRAI’s meddlesome (our word) regulation of Television Broadcasting in India, life after COVID for the streaming platforms, and much more. Plus what she does in whatever time she can spare from a busy work schedule.The Master’s Voice reaches >95% of podcast listeners across the worldThe Master’s Voice reaches more than 95% of people who search for and listen to podcasts across the world. You can listen to this podcast on the player embedded in this post, or on any other favourite podcast app including but not limited to Apple podcasts   Google Podcasts   Spotify   Sticher   iHeart Radio   Overcast   Pocket Cast   PodcastAddict   Castro   or Castbox.Just click on any one of the directories, and you will be taken to The Master’s Voice there. Happy listening.And please, do share your views. You could write in to pavan at Many thanks. stay safe, inspired, and positive. The best is yet to come. God bless.
Very recently, Koan Advisory Group, headed by Vivan Sharan, brought out an extremely relevant and important document that chronicles the impact of regulation on the televisoin broadcast sector in India. The report, entitled  INDIAN TV BROADCASTING AT A CROSSROADS - An Assessment of Regulatory Outcomes and the Way Forward, which you can download here, is an extremely insightful and telling look at the impact of (our words, not Koan's) the heavy-handed, sans-logic and authoritarian treatment that Television broadcasters seem to have received at the hands of regulator TRAI.Pavan R Chawla caught up with two young masters, experts in the domains of Media & Entertainment and Broadcast, Vivan  Sharan, Founder of the Koan Advisory Group, and Farah Bookwala, formerly a journalist with leading English Business News Channel CNBV TV18 and now a freelance writer for several business publications, and also an expert in the Media & Entertainment space.Listen to these two young masters' expert conversation with Pavan R Chawla to feel the extent of damage that unbridled, uncalled for regulation has caused the Indian Broadcast eco system, which is the lifeline of one of the world's largest creative, content economies  and thanks to the regressive NTO  and NTO 2.0, is facing crippling losses and ruin, with the biggest sufferer being the end consumer, the viewer of television entertainment.       
For its latest episode of The Master’s Voice, caught up with Rohit Paranjpe  - Co-Founder and CEO of SugarBox Networks - India, who spoke with Pavan R Chawla about the platform which is a first-of-its-kind worldwide, and enables internet services to work even in areas of bad or no network and empowers users to access them without an active data connection. This episode was recorded over a telephone call since Rohit was also speaking especially about how locked-down-by COVID-19 people can help fight the pandemic from their homes by cutting down on internet data consumption to help make maximum cellular data available for the frontline warriors. So for this episode, please pardon the occasional, slightly awry audio levels and glitches.  Rohit also speaks at length about SugarBox, which  creates a hyper-local data distribution ecosystem by installing CDN Edge servers at key places of interest (POIs), which users can connect to over a local Wi-Fi network. SugarBox POIs include public transport, public places, rural areas, hotels and co-living spaces, malls, etc. where a critical mass of users access a host of digital services.Rohit is one of the youngest CEOs in India, and under his leadership, SugarBox Networks is consistently scaling impressive heights with first-of-its-kind ventures across the digital content and media ecosystem in India. SugarBox was recently awarded the RailTel contract, and is set to transform the commute experience for more than 25 mn travelers  and 300 mn monthly unique users by mid-2022, unlocking an aggregate of 2.5 bn hours of monthly consumption in a near- captive environment,  where  access  to  internet  services  is  otherwise  limited  due  to uneven connectivity.SugarBox has also received a patent grant for Network Control and Optimization by the US Patent Office.Zee Entertainment Enterprises Ltd. (ZEEL) has agreed to invest a sum of Rs. 5,220mn in Margo Networks Private Ltd  (SugarBox). With the investment from ZEEL, SugarBox will commence commercial operations across exclusive long-term contracts like L&T Metro, Chennai Metro, NMMT, Kolkata Metro and Indian Railways, and forge new partnerships to scale up its network.As Rohit has said, “SugarBox is at the forefront of revolutionizing availability, affordability and reliability of digital services for the next billion users globally – something that even Big Tech has struggled to achieve sustainably. This investment will provide a giant leap towards us achieving that goal.”
Listen to visionary titan of industry and enterprise, and of Social care, Vallabh Bhanshali, Founder & Chief Mentor of not-for-profit entity, Desh Apnayen Sahayog Foundation, Bhanshali is also a leading investment banker, investor, venture capitalist and capital markets expert of the country. He co-founded Enam Holdings, a privately managed principal investment group with a 30-year heritage of investing in the Indian capital markets.Bhanshali has a deep and abiding interest in many fields such as religion, behavioural sciences and economic development. And has been mentoring in a hands-on manner, the highly respected Desh Apnayen Sahayog Foundation, which has been inspiring students across hundred of schools to become alert and responsible citizens through its Citizenship Education drive.In this episode, Bhanshali expresses his deep and abiding belief in the school-going children of India as possibly the best harbingers of positive change that would jumpstart that highly desirable and critically important move from Swaraj to Su-raj (self-rule to good rule - or governance and citizenship).Bhanshali also speaks at length about what we believe has been one of the most relevant and necessary school initiatives ever seen in India - the ACTIZEN contest that his Desh Apnayen Sahayog Foundation rolled out in November of 2019, and the 2020 edition of which it is now gearing up to roll out again.  You can also read about the story from the launch event of November 2019 on in to this episode of The Master's Voice to benefit from a visionary's insightful, eminently actionable wisdom - I invite you to listen to Vallabh Bhanshali's conversation with me on this episode on  Don't forget to share this episode, and to subscribe to the newsletters of  Our pillars are news and knowledge, and the strategic insights that these, combined with experience, can and most often will yield to transform businesses and lives. Stay home, stay safe. Work hard. And, as the name of Bhanshali's reputed foundation says, adopt your nation (and care for it). Desh Apnayen.
The Master's Voice podcast series from is delighted to bring you a deep dive with Sandra Stahl - a thought leader, practitioner, author, speaker and trainer in strategic communication, in conversation with Pavan R Chawla, Founder-Editor of MediaBrief.comSandra is a distinguished thought leader on PR and Marketing communications, co-founder of full-service global communications agency jacobstahl marketing communications New York and a highly respected PR professional for three decades now. Sandra is also on faculty in the Brand & Integrated Communications master’s degree program at City College of New York and has been a workshop instructor in the Strategic Communications program at Columbia University. Sandra has shaped communications strategies and campaigns for companies of all sizes, from leading multinationals to start-ups, as well as non-profit organizations and academic institutions.Her first book, The Art and Craft of PR, which she wrote after three decades of illustrious service in strategic PR and Marketing communications, has been extremely well received and is a must-read for anyone working in Public Relations and Marketing communications.You can read more about -- and also an extract from -- the book on   
This episode of’s popular podcast series, The Master’s Voice, features one of the most respected marketers in Indian Media & Entertainment – Prathyusha Agarwal, Chief Consumer Officer – Zee Entertainment Enterprises Ltd, or ZEE, in conversation with Pavan R Chawla – Founder of This is Prathyusha’s first in-depth interaction with anyone from Indian media after she was made CCO at ZEE. What makes this episode, published to also commemorate Women’s Day, is Prathyusha’s presence in it. Listen to it for the insights of this passionate marketer who is driven by the ZEE group’s obsessive focus on Consumer and Culture and getting it into the craft of storytelling to empower business associates. Apart from extremely helpful business insights, also get to know the person behind the accomplished professional.
This episode of’s very special podcast series, The Master’s Voice, features Akash Banerji, Business Head of AVOD at VOOT, and one of the top professionals in the OTT space, with Pavan R Chawla, an expert in Media, Marketing, Advertising and Digital, and Founder-Editor of is a launch specialist and turnaround expert who launched VOOT in May 2016 as the premium digital video on demand platform clocking spectacular platform engagement numbers and driving high acquisition numbers.Prior to VOOT, Akash also led the impactful marketing launch of the Hotstar app, leading to the fastest adoption of a digital service anywhere in the world, and helping truly create the category of OTT for the mass viewers in India.  Prior to that, Akash, also a very successful broadcast marketer,  drove the impactful marketing of the launch of the new Star Sports network in November 2013.Here are some nuggets from Akash Banerji in The Master’s Voice:Regional for us is now mainstream. Regional is the new national.My monetization on the back of regional content is 22-23%, which mirrors the consumption contribution as well.We've realized that if you try doing all the heavy lifting yourself, you'll be left alone. This age is about closely collaborating with varied, multiple partners.We live in a world of clutter. If it's not seen, if it's not pushed, if it's note promoted, it's not going to be consumed.Everyone in media is in the business of driving habit. Everything else is riff-raffWe’re moving away from the metric of mesurement from being MAU or DAU or even Watch time, to CLTV - Consumer Lifetime Value30... 35... 40 OTT platforms for a diverse market like India, is a very small number.Instead of adopting smart segmentation, the OTT category generally has been trying to do everything for all. I think this madness about VC funds being brought down, and a lot of consolidation stories that we hear, are a good sign for the industry.It tells them that if you're not going to segment your target audiences any more, you're not going to be in this business at all.You cannot be in this (OTT) business if you're in it only for the optics of it. A lot of platforms are in the business to drive the valuation game -- the billboards on the western express Highway (in Mumbai are examples of this)The accessibility of conversion, from the offline world to the online world (in India) will happen via the AVOD route. There is no abatement of growth that we see on the AVOD side.
This episode of The Master's Voice features one of the select group of digital evangelists in Indian advertising and marketing, Anand Bhadkamkar, CEO - Dentsu Aegis Network India.He speaks with Founder-Editor Pavan R Chawla about the DNA of DAN, its growth course over its illustrious past, priorities for the new decade that's just begun, and industry issues, challenges and opportunities like the upcoming demise of Cookies-based marketing, about Programmatic advertising and providing brands a brand-safe environment, the great quality of digital talent in India, growth by acquisition and much more.Anand also reminisces about two mentors who have inspired him over the past several years. 
This episode of The Master's Voice, the podcast series from, features stellar professional Tarun Katial, CEO -ZEE5 India. Tarun truly redefines the term 'young veteran', with strong experience across advertising and marketing, and with some of the biggest brands in mass public broadcasting in Televison and FM Radio, and now a strong OTT video streaming platform, ZEE5,  from India's oldest and largest, and its first truly  Indian broadcasting conglomerate, Zee Entertainment Enterprises Limited (ZEEL). Even though it was virtually the last entrant in the Indian OTT ecosystem, ZEE5, under Tarun's leadership, has raced to speedy growth in India, driven by a great content policy, strong industry partnerships and alliances, smart, special solutions and thereby value for advertisers and marketers, and many other strategic initiatives that have also also delivered enormous value to the mother brand, ZEEL. In conversation with Founder Pavan R Chawla, Tarun Katiyal speaks of a war-chest of Original content, alliances, partnerships, and of using the three Vs to empower the great-Content-to-Technology-to-Data value chain that has seen Zee5 on a solid, steady growth course.Listen in, and tell us what you think. Write in to newsdesk [at] To reach Tarun Katiyal, message him on LinkedIN. 
In the latest episode of our podcast series  The Master’s Voice, we have the Maestro, legendary Hindustani Classical Vocal singer par excellence, Sangeet Martand and Padma Vibhushan Pandit Jasraj ji. It is also his 90th birthday today, the 28th of January 2020, and he has added a remarkable accolade to the innumerable awards and accolades he has won throughout his glorious life – a minor  planet has been named after him.The planet – originally named 2006 VP32 (number -300128), was discovered on 11 November 2006. It has now been named Panditjasraj to honour the legendary singer’s great accomplishments. The honour was bestowed upon him by the International Astronomical Union (IAU) which made it official on the 23rd of September 2101, followed by a citation.  The honour is the first for an Indian, and Pandit Jasraj is now in the august company of Beethoven, Mozart and Luciano Pavarotti.Pandit Jasraj ji spoke at length with Pavan R Chawla at his home in Mumbai, and the conversation ranged across a spectrum of topics including his favourite singers from Hindi film music, his early musical lessons learnt from his father (including a short rendition of the very lesson he learnt as a 4-year-old),  his memories of Atalji who gave him the title Rasraj, the great series of concerts like Aath Pahar and Panchatatva that have become the tentpoles of Indian classical music concerts for many years now, and much is both, humbled and proud, to present the wonderful Pandit Jasraj ji in THE MASTER’S VOICE.We hope you like what we loved putting together.Remember, you can listen to this episode on the top international global podcast directories, starting with Spotify, Google, Apple podcasts, and more.
Sumukhi Suresh – brilliant young stand-up comedian, actor, writer and director too -- is one of the heartwarming success stories from a combination of spontaneous comic talent, great spoken ability and acting talent, hard work and pure belief. She is perhaps the youngest of the masters we’ve featured on’s podcast series, THE MASTER’S VOICE in its brief history so far. We caught up with her to discuss her latest achievement with a fourth creative and performance presence on Amazon Prime Video – and this, her latest, is a one-hour stand-alone stand-up special called Don’t Tell Amma, which became available and has gained popularity since the 20th of December 2019 on Amazon Prime Video.In conversation with Pavan R Chawla, Sumukhi speaks of the episode, how she works on her scripts, routines, her managers OML (Only Much Louder), and her other series. She speaks of her gratitude to believers and supporters like OML’s Ajay Nair, the Amazon Prime Video platform, her experiences with international audiences of Stand Up Comedy across multiple international cities including Oslo and Copenhagen, one of India’s best comedy writers, Navin Richards, and her remarkable relationship with her mother. And much more.We’re still breathless after this remarkable conversation the irrepressible, phenomenally talented and creative Sumukhi, the motto of whose life seems to be the order she barked to herself a few years ago when she left her corporate job: Stand Up and Be Laughed With!Corporate’s loss is Comedy’s wonderful gain.
Vibha Chopra, Head - Global Syndication & International Film Distribution, ZEE Studios International, is the newbie who, in the 13 years since she joined ZEE Studios armed with just three things -- her experiences of having lived amongst Indians across the world, an international MBA, and her gut -- has rewritten the rulebook on global syndication and international film distribution for Indian professionals. She speaks with Pavan R Chawla, Founder-Editor of MEDIABRIEF.COM about her success and achievements, and how she went about scripting the ZSI success story in international markets.
This episode is in a mix of English and Hindi, and is the Yoga Special on The Master's Voice podcast series on It features the pre-eminent Yoga Guru and in fact the First Lady of Yoga not just in India but across the world, Ma Hansa Jayadeva Yogendra, Director of The Yoga Institute in Santacruz East, Mumbai, Maharashtra, India. This is the world's first, the oldest organized centre of learning of Yoga, and completed 100 illustrious years in December 2018.  Pavan R Chawla of speaks with Ma Hansa and also her dynamic son Hrishi Jayadeva Yogendra -- also a Director at The Yoga Institute. The discussion is about stress and combating it, and also the excellent programs that the Yoga Institute conducts to help thousands upon thousands of people all over the world. Know more about The Yoga Institute. And do visit MediaBrief for podcasts and stories about the space of media, marketing and  advertising, especially for professionals in the space in India and across the world. Write to us at newsdesk [ a t]
In The Master's Voice podcast from,  Rajesh Kerjiwal, the design evangelist globally renowned for his brilliant Design Yatra series, speaks with Pavan R Chawla, Founder-Editor of about Design Yatra 2019, his favourite designers from India, the advantages and challenges for a designer in India, the space of professional design education in India, the need for an inclusive approach to media events around design and some very special initiatives to help young designers through his new initiative Switch, plus another remarkable idea from Kyoorius, Shortlist, with which Kejriwal aims to empower the creative industry in India by bringing the equivalent of the best creative juries to evaluate creative agencies' proposed entries to Cannes. And much more. This episode is a deep dive into Kejriwal's views on the space of professional design in India, and his remarkable initiative, Design Yatra -- a highly respected global coming together of the world's best designers and other professionals from great-design-driven world of marketing -- which has been an annual labour of love, dedication and great emotional investment  for Kejriwal. Come, listen to The Master's Voice, the podcast series featuring Rajesh Kejriwal of Kyoorius in Mumbai.
 Jim Egan, CEO – BBC Global News Ltd,  was in Mumbai to address FICCI Frames 2019, and Pavan R Chawla of caught up with him for The Master’s Voice,’s new Podcast series. Egan spoke about his mandate at the BBC, the enduring values of the news organization, how it is constantly on high alert to sustain accurate, impartial and balanced journalism. Egan also spoke of the news space in India, and on how TRAI’s New Tariff Order has been impacting the BBC so far. So, here’s Jim Egan in conversation with Pavan R Chawla of Listen in. For a transcript of the conversation, visit
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