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Author: Alan Chaess

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a simple podcast of biographical vignettes
488 Episodes
this week about how we won't get to the next state of things until we come to grips with the current one
this week is about trying to consume all entertainment available to us
this week is a quick comment on working somewhere new after working at the same place for so long
this week is making note of how we only share successes when the more interesting stories are how we grew from failure. Jake Conte's video:
this week was about leaving a job I had for 7 years and what's next
this week I am at a loss of what I should talk about
this week is about having a conversation instead of just giving answers
this week I reflect on how many years I've been podcasting
this week is about playing a game can be a good escape when you need it
this week I'm doing my best to not let of all stress me out
this is about having the same experience doesn't always result in the same meaning for everyone involved
this week is about not knowing knowing what do
this week is a reminder to us all to express our appreciation to others
this week is about my current state of affairs
this week, I commented on a software development/design approach
this week is about that everyone is a nerd about something
this week is about not seeking shortcuts
this week is about not reflecting on your past and comparing it to your present
this week is about checking-in with each other and some thoughts on how technology is helping us
this weeks rant is predictable... stay inside and if you can work from home!
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