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Author: Alan Chaess

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a simple podcast of biographical vignettes
454 Episodes
this week I talked about when the well runs dry
this week is about something I do, for fellow software developers that I rarely talk about
this week is my inevitable yearly rant of finding gifts for friends
this week is about needing others to achieve anything larger than yourself
this week I express the weekend struggle with free time
this week is about being too impulsive and how that's rarely valuable
this week is about not claiming "expertise" when you haven't earned it
this week is about not being perfect all of the time nor seeking that as a goal
this week is about how songs aren't always about what you think
this week I reflect on thoughts about myself, my parents and how I'm more then a combination of both
this week is about people who are amazing because of who they are, not something they did.
this week is about when you're proud of something and you want to share for the wrong reasons
this week I explore the topic of the question I ask myself a lot about all projects I'm involved with
this week is about how our intentions are not our actions
this week was me explaining why I'm protective of how I use free time
this week is about being on auto-pilot too much
this week about the generations and how current societal expectations are different
this week is about not always being perfect, but also how it's not always possible.
this week I reference what I was doing at OTAKON and why I was so busy
it's that time of year and OTAKON has cometh, so I am present and likely tired by now.
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