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Author: Alan Chaess

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a simple podcast of biographical vignettes
505 Episodes
this week is about being thankful for being able to be thankful about anything
this week is about how we literally "read" each other
this week is reflecting on how we're all connected
this is about how I'm feeling at the moment given what's happening this particular week
this week is taking about not making assumptions through hindsight
this week is to comment on people who seek drama
this week is about the notion to be careful what you search for online
This week I complain how I'm getting too many political notifications (again)
this week I talk about another project that my lazy side isn't helping me through a pain point
this week is a story about something that happened this week
this week is taking note that nothing feels different when it is
This week is about my thoughts my own and nothing more
this week is about my sanity of working from home
this week is about what I'm messing with next on my agenda
this week is about the changes I'm making to my "workshop"
this week is about being excited and proud of something that you don't want to brag about
this week is about letting things go and not lingering on something negative
this week about how we won't get to the next state of things until we come to grips with the current one
this week is about trying to consume all entertainment available to us
this week is a quick comment on working somewhere new after working at the same place for so long
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