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Author: Alan Chaess

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a simple podcast of biographical vignettes
470 Episodes
this week is about checking-in with each other and some thoughts on how technology is helping us
this weeks rant is predictable... stay inside and if you can work from home!
this week is about the topic of concern that's on the whole worlds mind
this week is about how we absorb media on our terms and not one that is feed to us
this week is about thinking about what we share and why; even if it falls on deaf ears
this week is about accounting for what you know about yourself
this week is some part of why I say no less than I like
this week is contrasting how what I do today is more complicated then when I started
this week is about how we model others until it's our time to be the example
this week is about of the few things I like about cold weather
this week is about how you can't be magical forever
this week is about recognizing our voice has no purpose if it's not being received
this week I give my brief thoughts about the last 10 years
this week is about the small topics to some, is everything
this week is about having to get past last weeks obstacle course
this week is about the optics of celebration
this week I talked about when the well runs dry
this week is about something I do, for fellow software developers that I rarely talk about
this week is my inevitable yearly rant of finding gifts for friends
this week is about needing others to achieve anything larger than yourself
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