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Author: Alan Chaess

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a simple podcast of biographical vignettes
533 Episodes
this week is commenting on emails I got a lot over the years
this week is reflecting on my patterns
this week is just confirming not all fast computers are for gaming
this week, I made the mistake of making a list of to-do(s).
this week is about starting out with one intention and having another to focus on
this week I rant about something that happens a lot
this week is my thoughts towards the 2nd dose I'm about receive
this week is about not wanting to forget those we've lost
this week feels like it's hunting me down
this week is about me getting the first shot of the rona' vaccine
this week is me griping a bit about spam text messages and/also the show is 10 years old
this week is about, roughly a year later we're not as considerate of others, as we probably should be
this week is about the thought of when to stop on-going projects
this week I'm reminded it's alright to have humility and not immediately have the answer
this week is a comment on how I don't think we solve problems collectively as much as we expect them to alread exist
this week is about being sensitive when sharing what's exciting in life
this week is about an upgrade I've been waiting for
this week is about not being able to speak without consequences
this week is not about letting yourself stuck over things you don't know... yet
this week is about reminding yourself, that everything about you is perfectly fine
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