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this week is choosing when to speak up and share your voice
this week is about when I'm at full attention and when I'm not
this week is reflecting on what the near future looks like
this week is random commentary about future scenarios I'll call home
this week is about my relationship with distraction
this week is just an update on the current state of busy
this week is about how I'm not freaking out, but still busy enough to be stressed
this week I talk about decisions of the past don't apply the same anymore
this week is about stop waiting on others to get your wishes started
this week is seeking the quiet over the expectations
this week is about not getting stuck in a loop
this week is about getting notified too much
this week I talk about my most recent experience at looking at homes
this week is about the belief of ability not assumption
this week is not assuming people will consider you, if you don't express an interest
this week is about not taking shortcuts to share
this week I talk about how I care, but I don't feel I need to advertise it
this week is about acting on advice just because it's unsolicited and potentially wise
this week I talk about the on-going process of buying my first home
this week is about thoughts we don't always want to vocalize
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