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Psychologist Dr. Gwen Palofax of Meaningful Growth talks about empowering disabled and neurodivergent teens and adults to live their absolute best lives through thoughtful transition planning and support.For more info, visit: the show
Dr. Devorah Heitner, a digital media and technology expert and the author of "Screenwise" talks about how parents can mentor their kids to develop a healthy relationship with screens (phones, online games, and more).For more information, visit the show notes at the show
Educational thought leader Zach Morris (Alive at Learn) explains the ways in which somatic experiencing can help neurodivergent kids work through trauma and navigate challenging circumstances. For more info, visit: the show
This special kid’s POV edition features a conversation with 11-year-old Asher about TRAVEL and VACATIONS. Asher and Debbie share their tips for ensuring (relatively) smooth holidays for the whole family.For more more information and the show notes, visit: the show
Writer and editor Catherine Newman talks about her new book for kids, "What Can I Say? A Kid's Guide to Super-Useful Social Skills to Help You Get Along and Express Yourself; Speak Up, Speak Out, Talk about Hard Things, and Be a Good Friend"For more info, visit: the show
Parenting Coach Margaret Webb joins me to share her insights and strategies for how parents can not only survive, but thrive, over the summer break while also meeting their kids needs.For more information, and a link to download Margaret's Summer Survival Skills Package, visit: the show
Social psychologist Devon Price, PhD talks about his new book, "Unmasking Autism," which is a deep dive into the spectrum of autistic experience and the phenomenon of masked autism.For more info, visit: the show
The podcast is on hiatus this month, but I'm popping in your feed to let you know that the doors to my  high-touch membership community, the Differently Wired Club, are open this week only (May 23 through May 27 at midnight PT). To learn more, go to: Support the show
Learning specialist Elizabeth Hamblet talks about the transition to college for a differently-wired student and how we can help atypical kids be successful before, during, and after this transition. Visit the show notes at: the show
Mom, writer, and advocate Laura Jackson talks about her new book Discovering Dyscalculia and how families struggling with this math disability can move from confusion and overwhelm to understanding and connection.For more info, visit: the show
Dr. Devon MacEachron talks about twice-exceptional or 2e learners—the challenges of identifying them, why finding a good school fit is difficult, and how parents can use a strengths-based approach to help them thrive. For more information, visit the show notes page at the show
Child and adolescent psychotherapist, parenting educator, public speaker, and writer Katie Hurley, LCSW, talks about supporting stressed out kids and adolescents, and the current state of kids' and teens' mental health. For more info, visit: the show
Psychologist and author Dr. Dan Peters explores what parenting with purpose and intention looks like, explains how it benefits children, and walks us through his Parent Footprint Awareness Training. Learn more at the show
Pediatric psychologist and parent coach Dr. Ann-Louise Lockhart talks about trauma and generational cycles, and offers ideas for why and how to break harmful cycles to help children and families heal.For more info, visit: the show
Casey O'Roarty of Joyful Courage shares what's at the core of the Positive Discipline parenting philosophy and describes why children thrive when treated with respect, firmness, and kindness.To learn more, visit the show notes at: the show
Author, child anxiety and OCD therapist, and founder of AT Parenting Survival Natasha Daniels talks about the way anxiety and OCD show up in children, and how parents can best support children who are struggling.For more info, visit: the show
In this special kid’s POV edition, 12-year-old Asher talks with Debbie about what it's like to live with ADHD. For more information, see the show notes page at: the show
Pediatric sleep coach Macall Gordon talks about why "livewire" children struggle so much with sleep, and shares her best practices for supporting healthier sleep habits in kids.For more info, visit: the show
Psychologist Karen Young, founder of the popular website Hey Sigmund, talks about anxiety in kids—what it looks like, what to do about it, and how to explain what's happening to our kids. Visit the show notes at the show
16-year-old, autistic college student Jordan O'Kelley shares his personal story of growing up twice-exceptional, learning how to advocate for himself, and helping raise awareness and understanding for other 2e kids.For more info, visit: the show
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Zulema Silvernale

I absolutely love the strengths discussion at the end. My adhd daughter is so creative, witty, and bright ❤️

May 25th
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