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TMV Podcast, brought to you by The Muslim Vibe is a weekly podcast where we speak to influential and inspiring Muslims across the world. Hosted by the TMV team, the podcast delves deep into the issues affecting Western Muslims and much more!
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This week our host Salim speaks to Nabil Abdulrashid, comedian and activist. Nabil is somewhat notorious for being banned several times across different social media for the things he says, and the discussion explores that. We gain an understanding as to why Nabil is so passionate about this topic, and why he calls out for others to be as well. He talks about the difference between being racist against black people and being anti-black, highlighting how the latter is quite prevalent in our own communities. We learn about the history of anti-blackness, and its impact on so many of the social movements today, and how we've seen the black community fight for all time and time again, and yet they stand alone when they fight for themselves.--To find Nabil on Facebook, click here: find him on Twitter, click here:
On this week's episode of The Muslim Vibe Podcast, our host Salim talks to Sheikh Ali Hussein Datoo about the life of the Prophet. As his birth anniversary approaches, they take the chance to discuss the morals and lessons we can learn from the Prophet, and how they not only applied then, but also how they apply to us now in the 21st century, 1400 years later.
This week on the TMV podcast, our host Salim talks to author and CAGE Research Director, Asim Qureshi. The conversation takes us through Asim's past ambitions of corporate law, his motivation and experience with CAGE, and most recently, his book. They have an in-depth discussion of the contents of the book, providing further insight into Asim's words and thoughts around these areas. We get a closer look into some of the stories between the pages, learning more about systemic racism and what it means for us as Muslims to stand and work against it. The talk covers the notion of accountability,  how we need to be more aware of the consequences of our choices and how we inadvertently become collaborators, and how we must address that if we truly wish to be God-Centric in our activism.--If you'd like to learn more about CAGE, click here: purchase Asim's Book 'A Virtue of Disobedience', click here:
This week on The Muslim Vibe Podcast, Salim talks to Ali Jaffrey about his journey of dealing with same-sex attraction. Ali walks us through his life, telling us how he came to be aware of his attraction from a young age, how he coped (for a large period of his life in silence) and how he sought help. We learn about Ali's challenges and obstacles, and how they've led him to develop Strong Support, an organisation created to help Muslims who struggle with same-sex attraction but don't want to act on it. As Ali tells his story, we learn how he struggled and how he triumphed over his same-sex attraction.To read the article by Muslim Matters on Same-Sex Attraction discussed in the podcast, click here: learn more about Ali's organisation Strong Support, click here: or email Note: The topic of conversation in this podcast is a particularly sensitive one and we wanted to approach it with as much nuance as possible. Ali approached us in November 2018, saying that he wanted to write a series about the struggle of people who experience same-sex attraction but don't want to act on their urges. Subsequently he decided he wanted to come in and have a conversation with us on our podcast about his experience and his journey. We're aware that Ali's worldview may not be the same as yours, but this is his story and a perspective we don't often hear much of. We are not attempting to provide a complete or holistic Islamic perspective on this but rather share a brother's journey based on his personal experience.
This week our host Salim talks to Umar Hakim, a brother from California who reverted to Islam 21 years ago. They recount his journey, starting from his chance discovery of Islam, and walking through his conversion, and the aftermath that ensued. Their conversation covers the liberation felt from accepting Islam, liberation from both the vices of the world and the ''colonised mindset'' all too many adopt. We discover how Umar drastically changed career paths, learning how exactly he found himself to be a humanitarian, and what keeps him going further every day. Join us as we discuss Islam, brotherhood, and what it really means to be a Muslim, as we unearth the story of Umar Hakim. Check out Umar's page here:
This week our host Salim talks to Haseeb Rizvi, co-founder and creative director of The Muslim Vibe. The two founders take us through the journey of how TMV came to be, sharing with us their nostalgia, trials, and achievements as they worked to create the platform that now exists today. Their trip down memory lane gives us an insider view of how TMV came to be, a commentary spanning its life from concept, through creation, to where it is today.
This week Salim is joined by stand-in co-host Taher, as they talk to Aslan Toofani about his passion for mentoring the youth. They explore how Aslan got involved with guiding the flag-bearers of the future, and why it's so important to him to be a listening ear for the youth, drawing on his own personal experiences as a child. Salim and Taher also discuss Aslan's plans for a community 'Hub' and why having a strong community is crucial when it comes to supporting the next generation.You can find Taher's new book 'Lost and Found' online here:
This week Salim and Husam are joined by Ayesha Malik, an influencer who has seen her video retweeted thousands of times for one simple reason: she called out Priyanka Chopra. Ever since the original tweet, Ayesha's life has changed, and we explore it all in this episode. They explore the lead-up to the confrontation, Ayesha's motivations behind it all, and how a 45-second video has sent her in a whole new direction.---You can find Ayesha's twitter here:
We made the trip down to Parliament this week to talk to Slough MP Tanmanjeet Singh Dhesi (AKA Tan). A video of MP Tan speaking at the House of Commons a few weeks ago went viral and he passionately berated UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson over his comments about Muslim women and the lack of action from the Conservative party with regards to Islamophobia within the party.  We naturally spoke about this incident on our podcast and we also discussed his personal journey into politics and his views on diversity and representation within parliament. We put questions from our listeners to him and discussed Kashmir, historic Sikh and Muslim relations and even the (in our opinion, somewhat jarring) parliamentary traditions.(Note from Salim: I realise I pronounced Tan's last name wrong in my intro, if you're reading this Tan, I am very sorry!) ---Big shoutout to Infocus Opticians in Baker Street, who let us record our intro and outro in their shop. A great team who offer great customer service and are less than five minutes walk from Baker Street Station: if you enjoyed this podcast and would like to support The Muslim Vibe, you can do so here:
Salim is joined by Mariam Hakim on this week's podcast. They discuss Mariam's past articles with The Muslim Vibe, and how she finds it important to focus on both dark and light content. This leads up to Mariam's book "An Ocean in One Drop", a project that started as a continuation of an article she once wrote for The Muslim Vibe about Hajar. They walk through the journey of publishing her book, giving an inside look to all the decisions made, from the Rumi-inspired title, to the illustrations based off a deeply rooted Gulf culture.----To keep up to date on the book and future projects follow Mariam on Instagram and Twitter at @mariamkshakimFollow @wawstories on Instagram and Twitter to find out where and when you can buy her bookBe sure to check out Mariam's articles, mentioned in the podcast: if you're interested in following Mariam's footsteps and writing for us, click here:
Salim is joined by Suhaiymah Manzoor-Khan (AKA The Brown Hijabi) on this week's podcast. They discuss Suhaiymah's poetry and journey thus-far, starting out with her (once anonymous) blog: and then talking about her poetry going viral a few years ago and the doors that has opened up for her. They also discuss the recent incident involving Suhaiymah's withdrawal from the Bradford Literary Festival and her thoughts on the government's counter-terrorism/counter-extremism projects and strategy. ----Suhaiymah has a collection of her poetry coming out soon. You can pre-order your copy here: can find Suhaiymah on Twitter here: finally be sure to check out Suhaiymah's own podcast Breaking Binaries here:
Salim is joined by Hussein Charara from WISE Academy in Dearborn, Michigan. They discuss how to achieve a future reality you envisage of yourself, by having a clear intention and an elevated emotion. Hussein's philosophy is that if you look at your future through the lens of the past, then your familiar past will become your predictable future. He wants to show you how to break the habit of being yourself! A fascinating insight into a quite unique and possibly life-changing way of thinking.
Salim and Husam are joined by Aatif Nawaz and Ali Official, the writers and stars on BBC sketch show 'Muzlamic'. They discuss their different journeys in the world comedy, their BBC show and how they got to where they are today!Here is the podcast Salim mentioned on the show about Ben who converted to Islam because of Mo Salah:
Salim and Husam speak to Mohammad Arshad, this week, founder of Muslim CEO and Muslim Mastery. They talk about the distinction between running Muslim organisations and organisations run by Muslims, as well as what it really takes to get an organisation running like a well-oiled machine. The conversation provides some insight to how The Muslim Vibe works and how it came to be, as well as touching on leadership. They discuss what it means to be a leader, how to be a leader, and whether leadership can be God-conscious.Mohammed Arshad can be found at for personal development and at for business development.
This week, Salim and Husam speak to Tez Ilyas, a comedian whose gigs have ranged from open mic nights to openers at the O2. They talk about how he left the Home Office for comedy gigs, his past appearances on TV, and how he's managed to stay authentic through it all. They walk through his journey and his accomplishments; looking at how he started, how he made it, and how he always keeps it real.Check out his brand new show The Tez O'Clock Show at 11pm every Thursday on Channel 4.
On this week's episode of TMV Podcast, Salim talks to Farhan Qureshi, an engineer turned VFX artist turned comic book author. Having worked on projects like Alien Vs Predator, Harry Potter, and Batman Begins to name a few, Farhan discusses his experience in the film industry, and quite particularly, his experience as a Muslim in the industry. They also talk about his journey between careers that's landed him as an author, and his most recent project Digitopia, an action-adventure comic touching on fake news, media double standards, and demonisation.  --- To fund Digitopia on Kickstarter  visit, To listen to our podcast on representation of Muslims on screen (Ep 49) visit, To read about the study conducted on UK media contributing to Islamophobia, visit, To purchase Farhan's book 'Visual Effects and Computer Graphics Survival Guide' visit (the kindle version is free), And to support us here at The Muslim Vibe,  visit
This week, Salim speaks to Ben, a recent revert to Islam. They talk about how his perspective on Islam has changed over the years; how he went from once holding Islamophobic views, to embracing Islam just a few weeks ago. Ben's story is fascinating, it's about how a girlfriend, a research paper, and a famous football star by the name of Mohammad Salah completely changed his path.----Salim's recent article: "I experienced it, now research has proved it, Mo Salah is the cure to Islamophobia" can get 20% off tickets at the Palestine Expo using checkout code 'FOAMVIBE'. Get your tickets here: 
On this week's podcast, Salim and his new co-host Husam are joined by Hoda Katebi, who is the founder of JooJoo Azad which is an unapologetic, anti-capitalist, intersectional feminist and body-positive political fashion platform. They discuss Hoda's journey into this niche genre and her views on ethical fashion generally. They also talk about her live interview on an American TV station a few years ago that went viral...for all the right reasons!You can check out her blog here: mentioned at the beginning of the podcast, be sure to check out and get your tickets now! Use checkout code 'FOAMVIBE' for 20% off your tickets. The expo is taking place on the 6th and 7th July in London. 
If you're based in London, you may have seen adverts on the London Underground for the Palestine Expo, which is taking place on 6th and 7th July at the London Olympia. On this week's podcast, Salim speaks to Shamiul from FOA (Friends of Al Aqsa), who are the organisation behind the event. They talk about people can expect from the expo itself as well as where the idea came from and struggles they've faced along the way. They also discuss the BDS movement which has been in the headlines both in the UK and USA recently. ----You can get 20% off tickets at the Palestine Expo using checkout code 'FOAMVIBE'. Get your tickets here: 
On this week's TMV Podcast, Haseeb talks to Malik Elarbi about his new EP 8 Years Later, My Bad . Malik spoke to TMV director Haseeb Rizvi about his journey into music, where he started, what he's learned, and how that brought him to where he is today. 
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