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Designsensory takes our Best Behavior Podcast "on the road", and live from the floor of the 2019 Governor's Conference on Economic Development. Insightful, engaging conversations with leaders from across the state that will give you the inside scoop on what's happening to make...and keep, Tennessee as a top destination for companies and talent from all over the world.
Best Behavior Creative Club is a DS Originals Production. Hosted by Chris McAdoo, produced by Brad Carpenter, and executive produced by Joseph Nother.
7 Episodes
Amanda Martin, Senior Rural Policy Advisor for TNECD, works to support rural communities across the state of Tennessee. She discusses why rural communities matter, why she's drawn to this career path, and her current rural strategies, including promoting tourism, restoring commercial facades, building infrastructure, and marrying economic development with quality of life.
Bob Rolfe, Commissioner of TNECD, is a Nashville native who began his career in the world of business, until Governor Haslam convinced him to join the State. Now, he serves Tennessee by promoting foreign direct investment and making sure existing companies in the state are happy and healthy. He talks about what makes Tennessee great, and he also gets into how his team works to create jobs and make sure the economy thrives in the future.
Justin Lane, Marketing Director for TNECD, has worked with a dedicated team years to establish Tennessee's brand on a global level. He discusses his background, how he marries creativity and business to promote economic development in the state, and why the job is so rewarding. He even brings a surprise gift to the DS Originals crew!
Jody Sliger, the Community Development Director for TNECD, helps her communities work together better. Her goal is to promote economic and community prosperity, and she digs into how she helps communities engage with each other to achieve positive outcomes in health, leadership, education, science, workforce development, and more.
Masami Tyson, Global Director of FDI and Trade for TNECD, Steffen Bayer, Director of Business Development (Germany, Austria and Switzerland) for TNECD, and Virginia Crowley, Director of Business Development (Italy) for TNECD bring global business into Tennessee. They talk about why Tennessee is a great place for foreign companies to locate, how they go about recruiting and integrating new business, and the positive impact foreign investment has on Tennessee communities.
Matt Largen, President and CEO of Williamson, Inc. and Clay Walker, CEO of NETWORKS Sullivan Partnership have known each other for 17 years, and they understand that being a good leader means putting the needs of others before their own. They talk about how their profession helps benefit families and communities, and they also get into the importance of building trust when trying to grow the economy in Williamson County.
Jeremy Barnes, Senior Director of Communication and Events for Mitsubishi North America talks about the move from California to Franklin, TN, as well as the future of Mitsubishi North America. Jeremy also digs into his personal motivations and love of all things auto.
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