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Author: Kory Torjussen

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Reviews and deep dives into American and Japanese pop culture's effect on history, the history of genres and franchises, and philosophy behind and within said content.
11 Episodes
Join me in my first Halloween Special I cover the inspiration, history, and meaning behind Clive Barker's The Hellboung Heart and Hellraiser! This episode also features none other than BOB from The Straight Chilling Podcast in my newest segment: Let's Taco Bout It. Strap into your strap-on and in this very NSFW episode!This was also a cursed episode so I apologize for issues that I'm aware of and unaware of!
Join me for the second part of Message to Adolf by Osamu Tezuka as I cover chapters 7-17 and dive even further into the history of Jewish evacuation from Poland across the Asian continent! Also announce my upcoming spooky episode!
Joined me and Erik Slader (from Epik Fails of History, Podcasters Assemble, and others) as we discuss the historical placement and Arthurian nonsense behind The Green Knight poem and new film! All on my seminal episode type: "Let's Taco 'Bout It"! Just a note: this was a plagued episode but I think we did aight.
Welcome to episode 7, where I cover the meaning meaning and history behind Morgan Elsbeth from The Mandalorian E13: The Jedi. Let's take a step back in time and look at some of the most badass women in Japanese history!
It's been a minute but here's a short and sweet review of Godzilla vs Kong which also covers some fun history of Executive Producer Yoshimitsu Banno and mentioned the SUPER MYSTERIOUS Godzilla '98 reference.  ooooOOOOooooo I know that's got your interest piqued!
Continuing our Trail of Tezuka, we take a walk through 1930s Germany and Japan as viewed through the eyes of one detective and 2 children in "Message to Adolf" the final complete work by Osamu Tezuka. This piece of the story is part noir/murder mystery/spy thriller and part star-crossed friendship/kids on bikes mystery. I go into detail about the Jewish occupancy of Japan and review the multiple stories within.
In this episode I dive into the depths of the city of Metropolis, inspired by the 1949 Manga of the same name. What messages lie in this film created by the animation powerhouses of Japan?
Today I cover the 1949 seminal manga by Osamu Tezuka, Metropolis. It inspired an entire generation of war-stricken children to become manga artists.
This episode covers the dramatic story of Toshiko Tomura and those around her, all confined within The Book of Human Insects by Osamu Tezuka during a whirlwind period of history.
Episode 1 - Dororo

Episode 1 - Dororo


Episode 1 discusses Osamu Tezuka's Samurai-era fiction DORORO, the story of a mysteriously "gifted" wandering teenager who unexpectedly adopts a partner to help him on a journey wrought with demons, ghouls, and straight evil humans.This is part of a series providing foundation for a much larger episode to come.
Introduction to and explanation of The World is My Burrito Podcast
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