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Founded in 2015, TXR Podcast is a Xbox Centric Channel bringing informative Insightful new about the gaming industry, while paying respects to those who have created.
101 Episodes
TXR Podcast 185: E3 is finally here! Tune in Sunday the 13th as the TXR panel gives thoughts and analysis on Xbox and Bethesda new announcements and more!  Featuring: Dealer Gaming
TXR Podcast 184: Welcome to the first show of June! With E3 quickly approaching the panel will give predictions on Xbox and Bethesda's showcase. What are some realistic expectations? Also there have been rumors of BioShock 4 being exclusive to the PlayStation 5. Will Sony continue the trend of buying up timed big titles? The panel will also offer up thoughts on PlayStation titles Gran Tourismo 7 and God of War: Ragnarok now being cross generation games.   Featuring: Newf Nukem
TXR Podcast 183: Thanks for joining us! Today we'll be covering a bunch of new gameplay reveals! Horizon: Forbidden West was the featured game during Sony's latest State of Play. What are our thoughts on the gameplay reveal? We will also talk about the latest gameplay reveals for Far Cry 6 and Dying Light 2. As well there are now reports of Xbox Series Consoles having a DRM issue playing certain Xbox One and Smart Delivery Games. Will Xbox fix it soon? We plan to also discuss the recent Nintendo Switch Pro leak. Will it come out soon despite the semi-conductor shortages?  Featuring: ACS Husk and Dreadpool
TXR Podcast 182: Thanks for joining us! For this show we'll be discussing recent BioMutant news regarding the resolution differences between Xbox Series X/S and PS5. The panel will also be talking about Xbox and Bethesda officially stating they'll have a joint E3 2021 conference. Is it a good idea to combine the two? WB Games is set to be split up by AT&T. Will Xbox look into acquiring WB Game studios? Xbox is rumored to be working on a modding platform. Will this be for Bethesda or all studios?   Featuring: GeneralMLD & Serrjn
TXR Podcast 181: Thanks for tuning into the show! For this episode we'll be discussing Starfield being confirmed by game industry insiders to be Exclusive to Xbox and PC. Also lots of leaked images for the game coming out recently. The panel will talking about Xbox teasing a "mind blowing" new game. What game or studio could this be a reference to? Valve's Gabe Newell is hinting at Steam and console related news coming this year. Will we be seeing Steam games hitting consoles in the near future? There's rumors of The Coalition working on a new IP outside of Gears of War. Would they be allowed to venture outside of the franchise? As well Xbox is partnering with Tencent Mobile Studio TiMi to create gaming content. Is this a smart move?  Featuring: Kmega & PredatorH20
TXR Podcast 180: Welcome to first show of May! We'll be discussing Second Extinction entering into Game Preview. Is it good? Or does it need more time to develop? Details are now coming out about IO Interactive's "Project Dragon" for Xbox. Does this sound like a unique game for Xbox platforms? The panel will also be talking about Microsoft latest earnings report with Xbox revenue up massively across the board. Returnal recently released for the PS5. Is this game a "must have" for the new system? We will also be touching on Xbox giving back a larger percentage of revenue to PC storefront developers. Will we see Xbox get more aggressive with its PC store?  Featuring: 108DragonsTV & Hyperfang Gaming
TXR 179: Thanks for joining! The panel will be discussing Xbox officially removing the Xbox Live multiplayer paywall. As well the Xbox Series X/S is getting a massive boost on select EA games. AMD is also bringing its fidelityfx technology to the Xbox consoles. The crew will be talking about the latest Xbox Game Pass numbers. Will we be seeing 30 million subscribers by the end of the year? Sony had Capcom sign a contract stating that Resident Evil 8 can not go to Xbox Game Pass. Will we see more of these types of contracts from Sony? We also plan to discuss rumors circulating about IO Interactive and Xbox Global Publishing being involved together.   Featuring: HRBomber & Leonatis
TXR Podcast 178: Thank you all for joining us! For this show the panel will be talking about hot rumors regarding new leaks about Xbox and Kojima Productions pursuing an exclusive game deal. As well there have been reports circulating about Square Enix looking to be acquired. Although they have put out a statement denying wanting to be bought.  MLB The Show 21 is finally out for Xbox. What are our impressions on this Sony Studios title? Also Outriders has been out for a few weeks. Is this game a hidden gem or is a bit rough around the edges?  Featuring: Fork Boy & So Shady
TXR Podcast 177: Thanks for tuning in! Joining us is Joe Winter of Escape LLC, the solo developer of Song of Iron. We'll be asking him about the Viking themes behind his game, Indie vs AAA game development and much more. "Behind you lies a trail of broken helms, shattered shields. You hold the axe of a fallen foe. Worn and dented, it will suit it's purpose. What lies ahead is still a mystery, your goal is not. To save your people you must find the Great Temple of the Gods, but do not expect a warm welcome." Song of Iron is due to release sometime in 2021.
TXR Podcast 176: Thanks for joining us! For this show the panel will be discussing ID@Xbox's recent Indie game showcase. We'll give our thoughts and opinions onw the games and overall presentation. We will also be talking about news of Microsoft reportedly in discussions to purchase Discord. How will this help Xbox? Also of news is Xbox Insiders testing out changes to the Xbox Network. Will we be seeing free to play multiplayer soon across Xbox? Rumors swirling about PlayStation closing it's PS3, PS Vita and PSP stores. Will we see expanded backwards compatibility with PS5 soon? As well Xbox recently announced two new controllers Electric Volt and DayStrike Camo.  Featuring: Mav (Fun Speculation)
TXR Podcast 175: Lots of HOT news to cover! For this show we'll be dedicating time to Xbox confirming that Bethseda/ZeniMax games will be exclusive to the Xbox ecosytem (with some exceptions). Will we see new titles shown off this summer? The panel will also be talking about Outriders coming to Xbox Game Pass day one. Will we se more third party games come to Xbox Game Pass in the coming months? Xbox recently announced an ID@Xbox March event for the 26th. Will we be seeing some previously announced exclusives shown off with release dates? The panel will also be discussing big PlayStation news from the past week.  Featuring: Pong Soul
TXR Podcast 174: The show welcomes back David Prien, the Senior Director of Hardware Engineering at Xbox. The panel will be asking questions about the brand new Xbox Wireless Headset and Xbox Series Consoles.
TXR Podcast 173: Thank you for joining us! For this show we'll be talking about Microsoft's ZeniMax purchase nearing completion. Will we be hearing news soon? We will also be discussing the newest game additions to Xbox Game Pass. Do these EA Sports titles make a big difference? Epic Games acquires Fall Guys developer Mediatonic. Is this a good pick up? The panel will also be highlighting reports of Nintendo working on a Switch Pro. Does the Switch need an upgrade to keep up with latest next gen consoles?   Featuring: Crispy Bomb
TXR Podcast 172: Hello and thanks for tuning in! For this show we'll be delving into 343 Industries showcasing brand new Halo: Infinite screenshots. Did the game improve visually? The panel crew will also be talking about Phil Spencer possibly teasing something Kojima Productions related during his stream for the AI and Gaming Research Summit. We will also discuss Playstation's latest State of Play. What are our thoughts on more Playstation games going to PC? As well we'll be touching on EA cancelled Anthem Next. Featuring: Logan Meyer
TXR Podcast 171: Welcome to the show! Tonight we'll be discussing Xbox announcing the brand new Xbox Wireless Headset. News also dropped of Xbox Series Consoles getting a bug frame rate boost for backwards compatible games. The panel will also talk about Google's Phil Harrison stating that Microsoft's purchase of Bethseda is one reason they decided to close down their internal studios. Second Extinction also got an update to it. We'll be seeing it coming to Xbox Game Preview. Is anyone interested in this title? Featuring: Xbot448
TXR Podcast #170: Happy Valentine's Day!  For today's show we'll be touching on a wide variety of topics. We're going to discuss news of Xbox planning to have multiple Xbox events planned throughout 2021. MLB The Show 21 has been officially unveiled for Xbox platforms. Will we see the series get lots of attention on Xbox? The panel will also be talking about 343 stating that there are no plans for Halo Wars 3. Will it ever come back? There are big rumors circling around studio Techland and Dying Light 2. Are they next on Microsoft's acquisition list? As well we will be talking about Google suddenly shuttering all of it's internal studios. Is the Stadia now dead?   Featuring: DBlackRaven
TXR Podcast #169: Greetings everyone! For this show we'll be discussing details from the Microsoft quarterly report stating massive Xbox division growth. We'll also be talking about The Medium releasing and our thoughts on the game. The panel will dive into hot details regarding insider claims that there's another Bethseda level studio acquisition on its way soon. We will also be diving into talk of a Knights of the Old Republic remake. Featuring: Gaming Addict
TXR Podcast #168:  Welcome to this weeks show! We will be chiming in on the hot news of Xbox reversing its decision to increase the price on Xbox Live Gold. As well as the paywall removal on free-to-play games. The panel will also be discussing Tomonobu Itagaki's comments on wanting to work with Xbox again. We will also be dissecting Ninja Theory's newest Project Mara developer update. The panel will also be touching on rumors and leaks regarding announced Xbox first party games coming out this year as well as interesting Fallout: New Vegas 2 rumors.   Featuring: Dirt Griggity
TXR Podcast #167:  Thanks for tuning in! We'll be discussing Bethseda announcing Machine Games is making an Indiana Jones game. Will it be Xbox exclusive? The panel will also be talking about EA losing exclusivity on Star Wars games. Can Ubisoft make a good Star Wars open world game? The crew will also touch on recent Halo: Infinite Big Team Battle leaks and CD Project Red making an apology to fans. Featuring: FC Violent
TXR #166: Welcome to the show everyone! For tonights show we'll be discussing news of Xbox once looking into acquiring Nintendo, EA and Square Enix during the original Xbox days. We will also be touching on a recent Xbox survey asking what new features consumers would like to see in Xbox controllers. As well we will be talking about rumors of a new Xbox Series Series console tradmeark making the rounds along with Xbox and Duracell having a deal in place for batteries in Xbox controllers.
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