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Tag Me In Podcast is all about inspiring people and aiding them through life.
Listen and hear us share our own experiences and cover a variety of topics on the podcast, we understand how important it is to share our stories and how powerful it is to hear other people's stories – There is so much value you can learn from others and you may discover they are or have walked a similar path to yours.

As always don't forget to tune in to the podcast to hear some inspiration topic discussion which will have you engaged from start to end.
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Our final part of our two-part series with Vulnerable podcast we discussed having boundaries in relationships. How do our boundaries change in relationships as we get older? How do we know what our boundaries are? How do we effectively communicate our boundaries to our partners? It was a very powerful conversation and if you want to hear the full episode use one of the links below:- Don’t forget to follow us on our social media platforms Website Twitter Instagram Pinterest Facebook Soundcloud Apple Podcast Youtube #tagmeinpodcast
In this special episode, were joined by Rochelle of Vulnerable Podcast, to provide a two-part series. In part one of this series, we discuss going through the healing process of a breakup/breakdown of relationships. Hear Anton, Ola & Rochelle open up about their personal stories and experiences of dealing with the process. How some guys differ from women in coming to terms with the pain and breakdown of something built over time.
Isn't it interesting that one of the regrets of the dying was wishing they never worked as hard as they did? Sometimes the one thing we tend to overlook is the importance of time and how we use it. Time is the one assets that we can not get back once it is gone, so it's important we learn how to best use our time on a day to day basis. One thing to highlight is that we often spend a majority of time at work. Yet again highlight the importance of making the most of our free time to spend with friends and family. So how do we avoid working hard and work smart? It's necessary that we learn how to work smarter rather than harder, hard work cannot truly be avoided but you can arm and prepare yourself to work smarter:- If there is something you can outsource then leverage the benefits of the internet, there are a vast number of platforms which you can use to find freelancers. Review your current methods of work and identify areas that you can improve on, search far and wide whether that's a Google Search, investing in books or going on a course to aid you. Writing down your tasks, spending 5 minutes to plan your day can be the difference between working hard and working smart. Armed with your todo list you can prioritise tasks, which will help you understand where to spend your energy Limit your distractions by putting your phone on do not disturb or put it into Black and white mode, by avoiding distractions you should free up more time in your day. Questions always help with every situation so consider these:- Ask yourself - "What really matters in life?" - when working hard ask yourself is there something more important that you are ignoring. If you had 2 hours more a day what would you do? - If it screams out to spend more time with family then make a conscious decision to improve on those relations What 3 things do I need to complete today? Prioritising helps you work on what really important Do you have any other suggestions for working smarter? Let us know by dropping a message to or a tweet @tagmeinpodcast Don’t forget to follow us on our social media platforms Website Twitter Instagram Pinterest Facebook Soundcloud Apple Podcast Youtube #tagmeinpodcast
In this weeks episode, we discuss the importance of being happy and living life true to ones self. this episode is part of the five part series around the regrets of the dying.
I wish I had stayed in touch with my friends It's interesting to know that one of the common regrets of the dying is not realising the full benefits of old friendships. It's only up to their dying weeks do some come to the realisation and by then it is difficult to track them down. As individuals we often get ourselves caught up in our own lives and over time we let our friendships fade over the years. Have you been guilty of this? Naturally growing apart, lack of effort, or Distancing yourself? Some friendship naturally grow apart over time, and that is ok - we often grow at different times and some friendship are for a season.  Some friendship have come to an end by choice may be due to a disagreement or a realisation and sometimes years later we reflect and feel we could have reacted differently. Some friendship have broken down due to a lack of effort. If you are reflecting on some friendship it is good to notice the causes to help you build and improve them. Showing Appreciation Showing your friends your appreciation to them goes a long way, whether it would be as simple as writing a card or a letter to them, or taking them out for an appreciation meal. We sometimes overlook the things that matter in life, and the best thing to do is take time out and reflect deeply on your relationships. Tips Work on communication Ask questions like "What can I change to improve this friendship" Work out and understand each other - one of the biggest causes of conflict is misunderstanding and expectations Frequency, make a commitment to speak, see each other on a regular basis Find events that you share common interests More Information Don’t forget to follow us on our social media platforms Website Twitter Instagram Pinterest Facebook Soundcloud Apple Podcast Youtube #tagmeinpodcast
In this weeks episode, Anton and Ola explore part two of a five-part series regarding the regrets of those on their dying beds. This episode looks at the lack of expression of emotions on ones self and how to be liberated from such a feeling.
Being true to yourself and not others expectations Believe it or not, the most common regrets the dying have is not Being True to yourself and leaving to other peoples expectations. Are you surprised? Think about your past especially when you was in secondary/high school and all you cared about is fitting in; although puberty is a difficult moment we do have people around us placing expectation on us - like what is cool and what isn't One of the biggest expectations is usually from those closest to us - Family. Depending on your upbringing your parents may have said or visioned for you to be either a lawyer or doctor. Unknowingly these expectations could have a negative impact on our growth and development, even more worrying some may later resent their partners in the future. Go with that gut feeling! Often in life, we are faced with moments of decisions such as attending a friends party. Everyone is going and are hyped up for it but deep down you don't want to go. Your insides are screaming not to go, but you are worried people will label you as "boring". What do you do? If you go you will be fronting, expending unnecessary energy and waiting for the first opportunity to go home. OR Do you be true to yourself and have the courage to speak how you feel, "I'm not feeling it to be honest - it's a no from me. But have fun". Although difficult you aren't putting yourself in a situation you don't want to be in.  Benefits of being true to yourself You are respecting yourself by being true You aren't using energy trying to maintain a persona You will be happier for it How to be true to yourself? We shared a few of our experiences that have helped:- Learn that you can't please everyone Learn to be selfish at times for your own benefit Understand you have one life so make the most out of it Seek internal happiness - check out our previous episode on self-love  Form a protective barrier from external voices and expectations Take time out to reflect Ask yourself questions, why am I doing this, who am I doing this for? Remember you are the one that is walking around with your body for 24 hours, 7 days a week - do what is best for yourself. More Information Don’t forget to follow us on our social media platforms Website Twitter Instagram Pinterest Facebook Soundcloud Apple Podcast Youtube #tagmeinpodcast
In this brief but deep episode, Anton & Ola touch on the Top Five Regrets of the Dying. In future episodes each regret will be explored in more detail and discussion. Not an easy listen for most!
Reflecting on your year As the year comes to an end a thing we all seem to do is Reflecting; we often spend this time of the year reflecting on the 12 months events and we begin to set a tone for the next year. Have you ever been in a room where someone has asked: "what's your new year resolution going to be?" So 2017 is over, what now? Are you a person who declares to the world "New Year, New Me",  what about sending a message to all your contact via WhatsApp about the changes 2018 will bring. Now it is important to understand that not all changes will occur straight away, and changes that time to kick in. Theme of the year Do you recap on the year and give it a theme? It's great to look at each year and add a theme. For example, if the biggest highlight of the year was strengthening relationships then you should call this year the year of relationship building. Questions are always the best way to reflect. Exploring starts by asking question, so take the time to sit down and ask yourself some questions like:- What did I like about this year? What did I not Like? What do I need to do to change it How am I doing? What has been your biggest win? What has been your biggest low? What one event, big or small, are you going to tell your grandchildren about? If you had to describe your 2017 in 3 words, what would they be? What new things did you discover about yourself? What was your favourite place that you visited? Other Methods of reflecting Using a vision board helps with reflecting, the visual representation of your goals can help you understand where you are on your journey. The most effective form is using a journal which has documented your every move over a period of time, you can easily pinpoint your wins and losses, your mistakes and your lessons. Quarter Living Rather than waiting for 12 months to reflect, perhaps try to break them down into quarters. Quarters are more manageable and make it easier to reflect and set the theme for the quarter. Just don't go overboard and state the predicted growth in Q1 will be 190%. Don't forget gratitude We often reflect on the things that went good and bad but sometimes the simplest things get ignored, just taking time out to realise what you have is important. Has your character changed? Shockingly over a 12 month period you characteristic can change, start your year off with a VIA Survey and reflect on it year on year. Tips for making 2018 great Sharing your goals with others helps a long way, perhaps use the start of the year wave to form some accountability partners where you check up on each other every 4 weeks to see how you are progressing. Perhaps keep a journal and try and document the next 365 days/52 weeks. Remember you can't achieve the world in 12 months It's good to reflect on the year but don't be so hard on yourself if you don't meet all your goals, try and reflect on what you have learnt, and how much you have changed as an individual. More Information Don’t forget to follow us on our social media platforms Website Twitter Instagram Pinterest Facebook Soundcloud Apple Podcast Youtube #tagmeinpodcast
So you enter the professional world and now you need to learn how to navigate the work office environment and how to play in the office politics. We shared our lessons on navigating the work office environment and looked back at how we felt when we first start. Is it faking it or adapting? We questioned whether putting on our professional persona was us faking it or us adapting to our environment. Obviously, we can't do some of our home comforts in the workplace such as maybe farting or burping - I guess things you wouldn't do in public. But one of the big difference is the way you communicate - the language you use whilst in the workplace is different to how you talk when you are at home. You will rather than saying "What's up" you'll probably say "Hey, how are you doing?" This communication extends to way you communicate digitally via email and instant messaging, as employees we are sometimes aware that our communication is monitored. Show up? It's important that you approach work in a professional manner, you are paid to complete your job and as a result, you should take being on time seriously. Being early speaks volumes, even if it's to meeting or deadlines. What also goes a long way is being socially active, by attending the work social - even the ones you don't enjoy you have the opportunity to build and form new relationships. From these relationships, you can utilise to work your way in the office but also it may present opportunities. Admittedly the social outings do not appeal to everyone but it holds more weight attending than not. We have all heard the line "it's not what you know, it's who you know!" Looking the part? Your images go a long way in the work environment, it gives people a representation of you even before speaking to you. Now some of the office dress codes are excessive such as the way your hair is cut or if you are a female you having to wear heels Shine brighter than others Now the work environment is a competitive space and you have to be on your toes. Don't allow yourself to get comfortable and continue to strive for the stars. Emailing Tips We both spoke about using emails to our advantage including sending them before and after work to show that you are going above and beyond. Also, the frequency of checking your email is important, try and check them 3 times a day. Morning (9 am), Afternoon (1 pm) and Evening (3 pm). What you may be interested in is setting up rules on your mailbox:- Read Folder This folder is for emails you need read when the time is right CC This folder once configured will send all those emails you have been CC'd in Death Row This folder is used for emails that you aren't sure if you should delete just yet. Evidence This folder is important especially when it comes to appraisal time, you will have all your evidence stocked up. Play the game Navigating the office is a game, you need to know the objective and requirements of your role and ensure you fulfil it. Even when going to an interview try and do some research behind your interviewer, find out their interest and use that knowledge to your advantage. The Office Politics Often people talk in the office and you have to make the decision to either join in or stay on the outside. Naturally, as human, we love to talk but it doesn't have to be negative. It's often forgotten in the work environment that we are all human, be friendly in the office and don't forget to smile you never know what sort of opportunities or connections could be made. Another side of dealing with the office is handling or identity problems, with these problems some people run to their managers but it's important you can provide some solutions. TAKE CREDIT Jump and shout about your successes, refrain from saying "we" when it was actually you. Learn to say "I" sometimes. #tagmeinpodcast
In this week’s episode, Anton and Ola discuss their habits. Taking a look at how habits are formed, how habits become our everyday routines, and in turn how these routines dictate our everyday lives. Talking about how these habits can give you insights into what you future will look like. They also discuss how to go about recognising the good from bad habits, and how to develop and change habits people feel could do with improvement.
EP31 - Growth Mindset vs Fixed Mindset In this episode, Anton and Ola discuss the difference in the growth mindset and fixed mindset. It was only a couple of weeks ago Ola mentioned the difference after coming across Carol Dweck research and as a result clarity was made in understanding people who are settled in life and those who want to do and be more. Firstly what is a mindset? A mindset is the way we view the world and ourselves often shaped by our childhood experience. It is interesting to know that our experiences shape us into the adults that we are today. Although the above may be true we all have the power to learn, adapt and change our behaviour and mindset. So what's this Growth vs Fixed Mindset thing? It's a term first coined by Carol Dweck who established a difference in mindset and how children mindset is shaped by experiences and interaction with adults She stated that the language spoken to a youngster is important, rather than discouraging them we should look at changing our terminology. For example, if a child fails at something use the term "No Yet" and contribute their failures to them not being ready right now. It easy to understand how childhood experience can manifest into adult life, and why sometimes avoid difficult situations to avoid being in difficult situations. So are you going to have a race with Usain Bolt? Yes - I'm willing to take the L and learn from the experience. or Nah I know I won't win so what's the point! What mindset are you? Are you a Fixed mindset? It is believed that a fixed mindset is an individual who believes their characteristic and skills are innate and fixed. A person who believes they are a finished product and nothing can be changed, they are often risk-averse and don't take on criticism from others. Are you a Growth Mindset? You are a believer in learning and trying new things, you understand experience is what shapes you and you will take an L often. Perhaps we can have a mixture of the two. For example, Ola is mostly a growth mindset person but there are moments when he will revert to his fixed mindset. He explains this as he talks about a recent job opportunity that he decided not to apply. What can we do to improve? Have a willingness to learn Allow yourself to be teachable Take your opportunities Be open to criticism and don't shut them down Self-aware - Question yourself - "why am I behaving this way?" Believe in yourself Look around you and identify people have achieved Learn how to turn your failures into lessons Growth is like a plant, it starts off as a small seed but if you nature it well it will grow. Allow yourself to grow from a plant into a forest. More Information: Don’t forget to follow us on our social media platforms Website Twitter Instagram Pinterest Facebook Soundcloud Apple Podcast #tagmeinpodcast
In this week’s episode Anton & Ola discuss their current situation in reference to buying property within the UK. As well as the difficulty with which most millennials find themselves in getting on the infamous property ladder. Talking about deposit amounts required to acquire a mortgage. Benefits of having a higher than average deposit amount. How many young millennials are using the Bank of mum and dad to fund their deposit requirements! The different Help to buy schemes currently on offer and their benefits. As well as the alternative of buying outside the capital of London
EP29 - Your Network is your net worth! In true Tag Me In Podcast fashion how Ola conquered his fears of public speaking as mentioned on EP10 - Public Speaking or Die Join Anton and Ola as they discuss the events of Toast2Young London networking event, where they hosted (for the first time) with some amazing panellists who shared their current levels of success, as well as their trials and tribulations. They also discuss the power and importance of one's network and circle. They say your network is your net worth, and that couldn’t be truer! The panellist included:- Mariam Mola - Mariam is an entrepreneur, author and founder of Europe’s leading female mentoring initiative, Mentor MatcHER. Mariam founded Mentor MatcHER after giving birth to her daughter in prison and seeing the lack of support available to women in business and the workplace. On top of this, they also go into networking do’s and don’ts, the importance of going in with a giving mindset, as oppose to just wanting to take from others. Solomon Smith & Mohamed Hashi - Brixton Soup Kitchen, founded in January 2013, when Solomon Smith and Mohamed Hashi, Lambeth youth workers and lifelong Brixtonians realised there was a desperate need for such an organisation. The Brixton Soup Kitchen is currently open four days a week and offers so much more than hot food and drinks; they provide CV workshops, job guidance and advice on housing and benefits. Jamelia Donaldson When 26-year old, London born Jamelia Donaldson told naturalists across the UK, “The hunt is over”, she wasn’t joking. The founder of Treasure Tress, has been able to draw on her personal experiences and knowledge to provide an impeccable hair care service which equips young girls and women across the world with quality products and tools to care for their natural hair. Moses Adeyemi - Founder of Silverline Project, motivational speaker, and coach, Moses turned his life around after a troubled youth and time in prison. He soon realised that in order to change his life around he needed to develop discipline and focus, and upon achieving this, is now sharing his journey and knowledge to help others bring lasting change to their lives. They all give amazing insight into their journies highlighting the network formed along the way, challenges faced, books that helped shaped who they are, mistakes made and the importance of naturing your relationships. What our network has done for us? Mohamed of Brixton soup kitchen said having a network and the right individuals can help you accelerate to your destination and this statement is tr with e. Along our journeys we have made some excellent contact which has excelled our development and growth, it is important to build new connections whether it career related or business. Networking doesn't have to be all about business, it could be about forming new relationship and friendship. Here are some of our tips:- Speak to as many people - You have a fixed amount of time to make contact with the people around try and find a balance between being a serial networker and forming meaningful connections Build connection first - Don't hand your business card to everyone you come across, try and build a rapport with the person you are talking to.  Why are you there? - Establish the reason you have attended the event, what are you hoping to get out of the event. Be confidence - No magic potion here but take a deep breath and ground yourself, adopt the superman power pose to give the image of confidence. Get their early - To avoid anxiety and feeling overwhelmed head to the venue early, smaller crowds will make things easier for you Two or Three people in a group - Tackle small group as opposed to large one, it just makes it easier to make a connection. #tagmeinpodcast
In this episode Anton and Ola discuss the importance of love for oneself. Self-love can be looked at in terms of the physical, spiritual, and emotional. Here they break down and discuss how love is shown in each part, as well as sharing personal stories and how they learnt about self love.
In this episode Anton and Ola discuss what it means to actually be an adult. some might say that becoming an adult is depedant on your age, whereas others might argue that its based on life experiences that shape who you are as a person. join the discussion and see what points you either agree or disagree with between these two young men. There are also some amazing gems literered through the recording so stay tuned to hear each one.
EP25 - Catch me outside In this episode, we discuss the joys of travelling outdoors and the benefits of reflecting and appreciating the beauty of nature. We are joined by Pete a landscape photographer who has used his passion to aid him in his own personal development. He has also started to write about his experience which can be found here Getting outdoors offers a form of escapism, sometimes we need to get away from the hustle and bustle of life. We share some of our stories and reflect on the moment, we discover that all memories have a back story to it. So why should you head outdoors:- Combat Vitamin D deficiency Science tells us there are numerous other benefits to being outdoors. British Dietetic Association (BDA) guidelines state that standing in direct sunlight two or three times a week for at least 15 minutes will give you the fix of vitamin D you need for optimum bone and muscle health. Boost your mood It’s getting darker quicker and we need all the bright light we can get, getting bright light coming through the eyes boosts the secretion of serotonin, while UV rays on the skin stimulates endorphins. All of this contributes to an improvement in mood.” Fight Depression A report by the charity Mind, ecotherapy - where sufferers engage in activities such as gardening and conservation work - has been recognised as an effective treatment for depression. Their survey of 12,000 people, found that 69% experienced significant increases in wellbeing and 76% had mood improvements. Explore something new Overcome challenges Peteography There are few places to check out if you are living in the UK, you don’t really have an excuse not to do it:- Don’t forget to follow us on our social media platforms Website Twitter Instagram Pinterest Facebook Soundcloud Apple Podcast #tagmeinpodcast
In this episode Anton & Ola talk about the years events thus far, goals that were set at the start of the year and wether or not they have been achieved. We also go into how although the year is almost at an end its never too late to start and or complete any current goals that have been set - as it doesn't have to be the start of a new year for you to set a goal. video to follow
In this episode, we decided to do things a little bit different, we teamed up with unedited to explore a different sound angle. In this episode things get a little bit serious and personal between Anton and Ola - as we discuss dealing with conflict, amongst friends, family and work colleagues. we even openly discuss conflicts we've had in the podcast between each other. felt good to get it all out in the air
In this episode we have a special guest – Carl Konadu, who joins us to discuss the stereotypes, and life of a black man. In the episode we discuss the different stereotypes faced growing up in a world where there are various negative images of black men thrown around, and how we’ve all individually managed to navigate through life. How we didn’t let our circumstances get in the way from achieving our successes. We delve into situations whereby we’ve all been stopped by the police, and over sexualised within the workplace.
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