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Take Your Next Step

Author: Rishi Thobhani

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Here to provide you some tools in getting through adversity. No textbook stuff; real life experiences from my guests and I.
10 Episodes
Use your time wisesly. Say it - do it. Blog can be found on I go into using time wisely and not leaving important things undone or unsaid. Also a quick insight into nurturing relationships
Self Pity WILL rob you of your energy. I go into a dark time in my life following the death of my brother and how i nearly drowned in self pity.Check out the site for more detail and a further insight into who I am and for coaching
Kim & TYNS discuss all things Law Of Attraction (LOA) and how to manifest your dream life.Kim speaks beautifully and passionately about the LOA and how she manifested her life into one of happiness and gratitude. She now teaches 1000's of people on how to manifest and create the life they want.Kim has her own Podcast show which can be found on - (Dutch language) Instagram handle is @manifestationjunkieI will be appearing as a guest on her show in September
Danielle and I have a chat about how she got into taking crystal meth at the age of 13 which spiralled into a long term addiction of external gratification. She didn't stop there, jail soon followed. Listen for more An inspiring individual who can be found on Instagram handle -dannigrrl28*Apologies for the mic sound on my side; the guest however is the star of the show and did most of the speaking*
TYNS sit down with Nathan to discuss miscarriage from a mans perspective and his experiences throughout this difficult period followed by fatherhood. A story which includes highs and lows
#5 I Need Help - Part 2

#5 I Need Help - Part 2


I Need Help, Part 2 is taken from my blog, found on Following on from Part 1, where young Ambrosio witnessed his mother getting physically abused by her partner. He needed help - as he grew older, help was the only option!
All to often, people get told to "get over it". Here's something better to do...learn from it.
#3 Believing the hype

#3 Believing the hype


Episode 3 brings you Believing the hype. The blog version will be found on www.take-the-next-step.blogThank you for listening. Please like and share
Episode 2 - I go into journaling and how it helped me get through a very dark time. During the show, i mention my current coach from Duratus UK,, a page i follow on Instagram was also mentioned, The forge - check out his blog
Welcome to my podcast, Take The Next Step. Hope you enjoy it. This is my next step and it'll only get better. I've included a short story, taken from my blog, about a sweet little boy, going through a traumatic timeCheck out my page on Soundcloud
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