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The Talent Magnet Institute is committed to developing leaders to succeed in relationships, work, community, and life: we’ll reframe what success means, and you’ll hear the personal stories of successful leaders from around the globe. From the highest of highs to the lowest of lows, every guest has a unique story to tell and insights to bring. Discover how to achieve a new type of success that goes much deeper than profits: culture, talent, and holistic leadership.
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Discover Luke Dooley's insightful perspective on the impact of the entrepreneur. In this Talent Magnet Institute Podcast episode, Mike talks to Luke Dooley about the challenges of being a successful entrepreneur and how to navigate life as a business owner successfully. Luke is the President of OCEAN Programs. Through their events, training, accelerator, and tribe, OCEAN Programs teaches, mentors, and invests in entrepreneurs who have faith in God and a passion for success. The 5th Annual OCEAN Conference, an event that brings entrepreneurs together for faith, connection, and learning, will be held on October 11 and 12, 2019.Mike and Luke discuss the bravery element of entrepreneurship.  You will learn: The 1 thing that the entrepreneur must have to succeed.  (2:30) The key impact entrepreneurs almost never consider when going into business (3:32)How entrepreneurs are changing the status quo in work and the world (5:02)The 4 elements needed to stay excited about work and avoid burnout (26:50)Click To Listen on iTunes I Heart Radio or Android NowThis intimate conversation gets to the heart of what being an entrepreneur means for them on a bigger scale.  Both being entrepreneurs, they share their insights, struggles and lessons learned.  If you have your own business or are thinking about starting one, listen in for Mike and Luke’s insights on:How to reframe failure when it happens (31:40)The definition of working from “a place of rest” and how that isn’t as counterintuitive as it sounds (20:18)What “tools” to carry with you as a leader, and what to let go of (16:25)Why you should get excited about being an entrepreneur despite the challenges you face (34:57)OCEAN offers training for entrepreneurs that is different from other business training. In addition to tactical training, OCEAN provides opportunities to connect, learn, and integrate the hearts of emerging entrepreneurial leaders so they don’t get trapped in isolation that often happens with business owners. Click To Listen on iTunes I Heart Radio or Android NowIf you enjoyed listening to this conversation, please leave a comment on the podcast here.  Tell us what your biggest takeaways were.  These comments really help us continue the conversations that are most important to YOU.  #OCEANconference2019#TalentMagnetInstitute
In this Talent Magnet Institute Podcast episode, Mike talks to Jodi Brandstetter, Chief Talent Strategist at Lean Effective Talent Strategies and founder of Talent Acquisition Evolution, an event designed to bring Talent Acquisition professionals together to network, learn, and elevate the future of talent acquisition.  In this podcast Mike and Jodi discuss: Why Jodi believes that awesome recruiters really can save the worldThe “secret sauce” in recruiting (4:11)How a recruiter can make or break your internal brand (5:00)Why candidate experience matters to business success in the short term and the long term (15:30)3 ways to increase your talent pool significantly that probably never crossed your mind (20:02)Click Here To Listen on iTunes NowMike got a preview of Jodi’s masterfully planned event, Talent Acquisition Evolution, which takes place on September 4th, 2019 in Cincinnati, Ohio.  It is sold out, but you can get highlights by joining the Talent Acquisition Evolution Facebook group where she will be posting key takeaways from this year’s amazing line up (9:15). The theme is Innovation.  “You will be able to take information and put it into action immediately,” said Jodi.  Jodi and Mike also share these keys to success: 3 soft skills that amazing recruiters possess (do you have them?) (24:08)How to beat technology and make it work FOR you, not replace you (27:15)The most powerful 5 minute message that led to Jodi’s “aha” moment about how talent acquisition can be a positive force in the world (30:15)How to know when you NEED to call an expert Talent Acquisition firm to help you (34:30)If you love talent acquisition as much as these two, please leave a comment on the podcast here.  These reviews really help us continue the conversations that are most important to YOU.  #TalentAcquisitionEvolution#TalentMagnetInstituteSummer Crenshaw ( Sackett Author of Talent Fix Stacy Zapar Matt AdamRobin Throckmorton Seth ClydeMike Sipple, Jr. Kevin St. CyrKevin GrossmanJames Marable
In this week’s episode Mike Sipple Jr. interviews Joe Motz, CEO/Chairman of The Motz Corporation, about an exciting initiative. Joe is embarking on a 6500 mile bike ride over 90 days which is focused on a cause bigger than himself. He calls this initiative Gearing Up For Good. Mike and Joe discuss what inspired the initiative, the importance of holistic care in brain disease treatment, and developing together at work.What Inspired Gearing Up For GoodHaving read Half Time by Bob Buford, a book that teaches how to grow from seeking success in business to seek significance in life, Joe asked himself two questions:What can I do that puts me in a better place?What can I do more with the capacity I have?Several persons in his company are caretakers of loved ones with Parkinson’s disease. Joe has seen the impact of the disease through their eyes. Since he enjoys physical challenges, he created Gearing Up For Good as a supporting effort to raise awareness about the disease.Holistic Care is VitalGearing Up For Good is not focused on finding a cure for Parkinson's Disease; instead, the emphasis is on helping people who live with the disease to have a better life. Joe discusses the importance of focused exercise. He mentions that doctors in Integrated Care also emphasize that people need mindfulness around relaxation to deal with the anxiety and stress of the disease. In addition, your diet really matters, particularly when dealing with a brain disease like Parkinson's and Multiple Sclerosis. A Leader Who Cares About His PeopleMike commends Joe for being a leader who cares about his people. Joe’s only connection to the disease is through the eyes of his team members who have loved ones with Parkinson’s, yet he cared enough to create this great initiative. Joe mentions that we spend so much time with the people we work with, we need to care about them. Joe is a good example of a caring leader.Growing Together at WorkWe come to work as whole people with feelings. Therefore, it is important that we grow and develop together. As his company grows, Joe says that they are focused on a company culture where everyone's growth is considered. It is important that everybody has one another's back as they grow. His company’s objective is to establish a more collaborative purpose that they all organically feed into and want to be part of. Join the EffortGearing Up For Good is part of a 3-year endeavor to bring meaningful change for people dealing with Parkinson's. However, Joe does not only want to focus on the sad and difficult side. People love adventure and this bike ride across America brings fun and intrigue, while at the same time creating a lot of good. Mike encourages listeners to join up with Joe and the riders who are departing with him from Cincinnati. You can also follow him via his website and on social media. There is an interactive map on his website that shows the journey across the USA.  If you join Joe along the way, take a selfie and tag #GearingUpForGood and #TalentMagnet. Joe is seeking to raise $650,000 for Parkinson's and awareness for other neurological diseases such as MS, Alzheimers and Frontotemporal Dementia. Joe is a CEO who is living boldly and who is willing to step up for relationships, work, community, and life. He is reframing success in leadership. ResourcesGearing Up For GoodGearing Up For Good on FacebookUnpacking with Joe Motz - TMI Episode 61Unpacking with Joe Motz - YouTubeHalf Time by Bob Buford
Jessica Baron, Vice president of Centennial Inc, talks with Paaras Parker, the Head of Human Resources at Kroger Digital. They start things off with a conversation about family.Family Principles Through the GenerationsPaaras’s family moved to the Cincinnati area from Pakistan when she was just about to enter kindergarten - and this is a huge move for any family. They navigated through the transition the same way. Paaras lives her life now - according to 4 principles: Be honest, do good work, give back, value something bigger than you. There really shouldn’t be a distinction between your personal life and your work life when it comes to these principles.Starting at Victoria’s SecretBack when Paaras was starting work, there was no digital, but she needed a job in between semesters of the university. Like most people back then, she printed off her resumes and walked the mall until she got to Victoria’s Secret, where she was interviewed, and then hired on the spot. She wasn’t expecting it but loved the company, their values and how they invested in her training and education.  Her family wasn’t wild about the idea initially but trusted that Paaras would make the right choice for herself and her career. Looking back, she thinks that the mix of great experience in business at Victoria’s Secret, and the psychology classes she was taking were an absolutely winning combination. Connections and TransitionsPaaras’s position at Global Lead is where things really came together. As a consultant who is also a woman of color, getting to help other organizations optimized employee success. As a consultant, you learn the method of your firm, but you also need to spend time learning about the businesses you’ll be working with - this means building relationships, giving yourself time to learn and make mistakes, solidifying your network. Having mentors has also been critical to Paaras’s success, including Dr. Janet Reid, who taught her that you need to find people who are going to be honest with you. Helping Others SucceedThere’s a big difference between help and enable. Paaras talks about what it means to help someone vs enable them to take action on their own. She talks about how she uses this idea at home with her children and draws parallels for how it can be done in the workplace. Jessica points out that Centennial and the Talent Magnet Institute believe strongly in the connection between how you show up at work and how you show up at home, and she and Paaras discuss how you need to create the space for people to be their best. Paaras leads with trust and believes her fundamental role is creating those spaces. She’s grateful that other people have done that for her in the past. Is Independence Ever a Problem?Letting people take the lead and make all of their own choices can definitely backfire. Everyone processes information and goes about work differently. This means it doesn’t always work the way you want it to. Paaras shares her process for giving people room to grow and experiment, but make sure that objectives and outcomes stay prioritized. When you start with the outcome you need and empower people to meet it, more often than not - they will, and all you have to do as a manager is coach and check-in.  Human Resources is ChangingHR, historically, has been the department you call when you need to fire someone, or were otherwise in a bad situation. Now, HR’s function is shifting into how people work, how to support them, and how to make sure you have the right people doing the right things. The focus is on the talent of the individual rather than solving a problem.ResourcesPaaras Parker
Today we get a follow-up episode, where Mike sits down again with Meredith Meyer, founder of Infinite Potential! They’re talking about the concept, how it manifests when you change your role, and how organizations can foster it among their employees.
Today on the Talent Magnet Institute Podcast, Mike speaks with Meredith Meyer - whose business, Infinite Potential, is founded on the idea that strategic planning and talent need to be perfectly integrated for a business to be successful. They discuss what kindness means in an organization, the rapidly-changing world and what it means for organizations focused on culture, and how to bring different company stakeholders to the same table in terms of strategic planning.
In this week’s episode of the Talent Magnet Institute, Janelle Spence and Christine Lewis talk about one of the most interesting leadership events of the year. Janelle Spence is the marketing director of Centennial Talent strategy and Executive Search. Christine Lewis is the executive assistant to our usual host, Mike Sipple Jr. Today, they’re talking about Leadercast and sharing their thoughts about some of the guests from this year’s events.
Today, Jessica Baron speaks with Dr. John Tew, an internationally renowned neurosurgeon with controversial ideas about how to live a healthy life, and Liz Keating, whose daily work inspires connections between people all over the world. What do these people have in common? Aside from a long history of working together, Liz and Dr. Tew have discovered that their areas of interest intersect in fascinating ways.
In a very special episode of the Talent Magnet Institute, Tim Hanner, the President of NaviGo, who happened to be the first-ever interview conducted by the host of the show, turns the mic on Mike Sipple Jr.
When business and community members get involved in their communities - from their local schools to collaborative giving - wonderful things can happen. Nancy Grayson, the President of Horizon Community Funds of Northern Kentucky has a deep belief in the power of giving - and plenty of strategies for how to do it as a company, as a family or an individual. There’s a chemical change in the brain that happens when you give - it feels good to do good.
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