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The Talent Magnet Institute is committed to developing leaders to succeed in relationships, work, community, and life: we’ll reframe what success means, and you’ll hear the personal stories of successful leaders from around the globe. From the highest of highs to the lowest of lows, every guest has a unique story to tell and insights to bring. Discover how to achieve a new type of success that goes much deeper than profits: culture, talent, and holistic leadership.

104 Episodes
This week Mike discusses more leadership issues in the face of the COVID-19 pandemic with Leadership Strategist Andy Foerster.  Andy is President of Leadership Energy Engagement, LLC and a Talent Magnet Institute Faculty Member.   Andy and Mike share unique and truly inspiring lessons for leaders that Andy gained from his tenure in the Navy, as well as corporate life. Find out who is Andy Foerster and what makes him uniquely qualified to excel during high stress and change. (1:17) Mike asks Andy to share the lessons he learned in the Navy as a submarine engineer, such as:  6 features every leader needs to display right now (3:20, 13:56) How to treat people with integrity when tough decisions need to be made (5:45) Lessons Andy learned on a submarine about how to get along with people you work and live with 24/7 (7:34) “Assume good intent (on the part of others) and be kind.”  Andy Foerster (28:37) Andy emphasizes that leaders need to take advantage of the “pause” in business, and see it as a huge opportunity to “reboot and refresh.”  (18:21) Mike and Andy discuss the big question many leaders have:  Should they continue to invest in coaching and professional support of their management teams.  Their discussion gives leaders logical insight to make the right decision. (19:11) Andy notes that when things “turn back on” the winners will be the ones with well-engaged employees.  He gives 3 tips for what leaders can continue to do to foster engagement in the current business climate. (21:02) Mike wraps up their conversation asking Andy to share a powerful story that illustrates the true principles of a leader and what defines the “Platinum Rule.” (22:40) #talentmagnet #becomingatalentmagnet #leadership #covid19
This week Mike breaks down the key components to being a great leader in the times of great change that we are facing today.  He shares:  The 3 things you as a leader need to consider in order to relate to your people and inspire them (5:09) How to stay centered and find the courage to step forward when you are uncertain of the future (7:10) Creating workplaces and households that are collaborative problem-solving machines (12:22) Mike is so passionate about helping you, the listeners and clients he serves. He has created a place where you can ask questions, reach out for suggestions, and just connect: Mike also shares with you 2 simple steps to do this week to take advantage of changing times and keep your organization strong. (16:51) Join Mike for 2 Deeper Dive Webinars this week! Wednesday March 25th and Friday March 27th at 10 am  Register NOW: #talentmagnet #becomingatalentmagnet #leadership #courageousleadershp #servantleadership
This week Mike and Christine Lewis share their thoughts and observations about leadership and changes to everyday life during the coronavirus pandemic of 2020.  They discuss: Key take-aways for unprecedented times (5:11) What does everyday bravery look like? What does leadership on every level look like? What we CAN do right now in times of restriction What Mike does to work thru ambiguity (6:37) The art of compartmentalization (9:35) Mike and Christine share candid comments about these unusual times and how the Talent Magnet Institute Podcast is working to help you lead better right now.  (11:36)  Mike shares:  Inspiring suggestions and tips for you to implement to lead compassionately in uncertainty. (14:40) Two key points about creating camaraderie and loyalty in your organization (20:20) “Leadership is an opportunity to listen.  It is an opportunity to encourage. It’s an opportunity to help and serve especially during times like these.” (23:49)  Mike Sipple Jr.  We encourage you to share your experiences that are helping you work and lead better on our Facebook community page.  What you are doing may help someone else. The Talent Magnet Institute is here for you now more than ever to help you lead better in relationships, work, community and life.
Your host, Mike Sipple Jr. takes this momentous occasion of the 100th episode to reflect on purpose, impact, and to share aspirations for the future.  Mike shares: What to expect from the Talent Magnet Institute in the next 100 episodes (5:20) More engagement with you, our listeners, (6:52) Our goal to get your most relevant questions answered by future guests (7:33) Mike dives into the bigger vision of Talent Magnet Institute, sharing the 7 key areas of Leadership thought. (8:10) LISTEN NOW to find out what are those key factors!  “Get people to fully believe and understand and acknowledge where they see them helping us achieve as employers. [When] you make that alignment, this will help you stop having to reimplement things…[and] eliminate frustration.” Mike Sipple Jr. (9:25)  Knowing that our listeners are intelligent leaders who love to constantly learn, Mike shares what topics will have deep dives that greatly affect your organization’s success and create a magnetic momentum.  (10:12) LISTEN NOW to find out what topics you should be focused on to create magnetic momentum with your people.  Mike passionately shares the TMI mission and what that means for the future of leadership, as well as what you can continue to expect on the podcast. (14:07) Go to to connect with Mike and to many free resources for leaders!  Mike asks you to join the conversation: Submit questions, areas in which you want to be better, be a guest! (21:22) Thank you for listening! We are grateful for sharing in this journey.   #talentmagnet #becomingatalentmagnet #100thepisode #leadership #leadingwell
This week Mike talks to two esteemed guests. The first, Dr. Marianne Lewis, is the Dean and Professor of Management at the University of Cincinnati Lindner College of Business. In the studio with Mike is Jack Fitzgerald the Founder of the Warren Bennis Leadership Experience and a graduate student at the University of Cincinnati.  Today, they discuss the upcoming Warren Bennis Leadership Experience event being held at the University of Cincinnati on April 1, and leadership from a personal point of view. Jack shares how a punishment from his father for getting home late one night during high school transformed his future. (1:37) Mike, Dean Lewis, and Jack talk about  Generating new leaders and when the leadership pipeline really begins (it is probably not what you think!). (6:21) The link between Warren Bennis, UC, and Starbucks coffee (10:55) Leaving a legacy through leadership and how each of us can identify our own legacy (17:15) Listen NOW to learn more about becoming a better leader.  “The point is not to become a leader.  The point is to become yourself and use yourself completely; all your gifts, skills and energies to make your vision manifest.  You must, in sum, become the person you set out to become and enjoy the process.”  Jack Fitzgerald quoting Warren Bennis (20:06) Jack and Dean Lewis share stories about how experiential learning was invented at UC, and how the process produces real-life, impactful co-creating opportunities for its students and the community. (20:35) Listen to Dean Lewis as she shares her insights on  How to inspire people to continue learning and growing even as an expert in their field (28:44) How employers and leaders can empower their workforce and take a lesson from academia (30:03) Jack inspires us with one of Warren Bennis’ basic tenants  (31:08) and shares some expected take-aways from the event on April 1st.  Click here for more information about the event.  #becomingatalentmagnet #talentmagnet
This week Mike talks to Dr. Dan Snively, Founder of Lion’s Lead, a provider of leadership assessment tools and analytics.  Mike and Dan discuss:  Building sustained trust in leadership (3:32) Behaviors that facilitate great leadership (4:55) The details that matter in self-awareness (7:25) LISTEN NOW!  Dan describes self-awareness assessment keys that every leader should consider:  Thinking of self-awareness like the cockpit of an airplane (8:02)  How to get the biggest value from the results from assessments (8:35)  The 4 most important questions to ask for maximum personal growth through self-awareness. (10:42) Dan shares examples of leaders taking their skills and their organizations to the next level through the power of insight with the right tools. (12:41) Dan and Mike warn listeners of the dangers when assessments are used the wrong way (16:42) as well as:  Factors that can detract from or elevate your potential personally and organizationally (18:21) Knowing someone’s “grit” factor as a measure of change tolerance (19:33) Misusing multigenerational workforce assumptions (21:44) LISTEN NOW!  Dan shares his thoughts on leading well and the currency of relationships and 4 behaviors every leader needs to master in order to lead effectively (25:17).  Dan and Mike wrap up with:  4 Life-enduring questions that will help leaders continually reach their aspirations regardless of where they are in their career (27:00) Acknowledging that the higher you go in leadership, the less control you have (29:29) A FREE assessment on to learn your critical emotional intelligence attributes.  Click here to take the quiz! Don’t miss this key episode on leadership!  Listen Now!  #leadwell #talentmagnet #becomingatalentmagnet #EQ #emotionalintelligence #selfawareness
This week Mike talks with Pamela Gilchrist, Founder, and CEO of The Gilchrist Group. You will definitely want to listen in on this deep discussion about communicating as a leader. Pam shares her expertise about transparency in the C-Suite, how to communicate through difficult situations, and stories of her clients’ successes through relevant situations.   LISTEN NOW! You won’t want to miss this episode!  Pam shares:  The three basic elements any leader needs for success (1:50) Factors during growth and change that will make or break you (4:50) An example of how communication can be an obstacle for organizational growth (6:23) Mike and Pam then discuss how to turn the tables, and communicate effectively TO your leader, which can be tricky, to say the least.  Pam gives us really good advice. (8:08) She also shares 2 key suggestions to consider before having a crucial conversation with anyone. (9:26) “Lay breadcrumbs.” Pam Gilchrist (10:06) A very relevant skill for work and personal conversations is how to find a common understanding. Pam gives us tactical tools to have meaningful conversations and find common ground when there seems to be none. (11:43) Pam answers the ever-present questions that leaders have on their minds:  How do you know how much to share with your Board, C-Suite and other leaders? (15:08) How do you present sensitive information from a place of strength and leadership? (17:44) How transparent should you be about financials?  She shares the story of an approach one leader took and the success it brought his business.  (20:07) Pam and Mike discuss the changing way we communicate at work, and how our work and personal lives are decompartmentalized today.  They close with the discussion of what being a “whole leader” means and how to be successful in relationships, work, community, and life. (23:07) LISTEN NOW!  #talentmagnet #communication #effectivecommunication #leadership
As we get closer to the 100th episode, the conversations we are having with leaders dive deeper and this episode is no exception.   This week Mike talks to Barry Posner, Professor of Leadership at the Levy School of Business at Santa Clara University, co-author of the award-winning book The Leadership Challenge and a “Top 50” leadership coach. Barry will be the key-note speaker at the 2020 Securing The Future Conference presented by the Leadership Council for Non-Profits.   Mike and Barry dive deep about  What it really means to be a leader If leaders are born or made What Barry and his co-author have found to be the key ingredients to successful leadership   You will definitely want to take notes for this episode, so get something to write with.  Mike and Barry start out by defining “exemplary leadership.” Barry wrote the book, literally on the commonalities of great leaders.  LISTEN NOW to hear the 5 practices of Exemplary Leadership (3:11) They dissect the reasons why people “hold back” from bringing their whole selves to work. (7:14) They also discuss  What “legacy leadership” is (10:15) How to switch from short-term gain thinking to long-term legacy thinking (10:36) Reevaluating the way you are going about achieving your goals (12:08) Barry says:  “The legacy we leave is the life we lead.” (7:07) “Doing what you know how to do...doesn’t get you to where you want to be in the future.” (12:08) They move deeper into:  Where leadership really begins (13:23) Barry’s key ingredient to a successful board (19:15) If leaders are born or made (the answer isn’t what you think) (29:56) Barry and Mike challenge all listeners to be a better leader by assuming one fundamental thing. LISTEN NOW and find out what that is and how it changes everything around you, not just your business. (33:14) #talentmagnet #learningleadership #reframingsuccess Securing The Future Conference Leadership Council Barry Posner The Leadership Challenge * *As an Amazon Associate, Centennial earns commission from qualifying purchases.
This week’s episode is a strategy-rich conversation with Mike and Tim Sackett, author of The Talent Fix. Tim visited Cincinnati in September 2019 to present at the Talent Acquisition Evolution Conference on Global Talent Acquisition Day.   Get ready to take notes, because this episode is rich in ideas for effective talent acquisition and retention, and challenges old notions about organizational structure regarding talent, such as: Who really “owns” talent in an organization? (1:03) The most effective strategy regarding accountability for talent across the organization (2:03) How blame gets in the way because the wrong people are involved in setting hiring strategy (3:55) Tim is full of stories and memorable quotes exemplifying great talent management and failed strategies even with the best of intentions.   Mike and Tim point out that when talent strategy is done well, acquisition is secondary, because people stay with your organization.   “The best hire you ever have to make is the hire you don’t have to make because you retain somebody.” (5:00) Tim Sackett Tim shares: A powerful exercise to find out who are your people-centered leaders. (5:51) How to address unconscious bias (6:50) Why weak managers hire weak people and strategies to help them select a more diverse team to strengthen their effectiveness (8:48) “Save” strategies (12:30) How to prevent “politics at play” from short-circuiting your talent retention (13:50) Mike and Tim talk about  The root of turnover and why people really leave an organization (9:41) Getting real about the cost of acquisition, the ROI of retention and how talent management is an investment with real gains. (11:42) LISTEN NOW to hear Tim’s story about what one company does to “save” key players they literally can’t afford to lose. Retention is about “feeling wanted.” (18:54) Next, Tim shares tips to  Make magical connections during the recruiting phase (22:30) Create environments that help people change, grow and feel challenged (26:10) Create employment brands that find candidates who fit your specific culture (26:39) How to “know your ‘who’” (29:02) Mike and Tim discuss the impact of Tim’s book, The Talent Fix.*  Tim says he kept getting a lot of questions from followers and clients about talent acquisition, so he wrote the book to answer the question, “here’s what I would do.” (29:14) You can purchase Tim’s book HERE.* Get more information about: Tim Sackett HERE Talent Acquisition Evolution HERE Talent Magnet Institute HERE Download a FREE RETENTION GUIDE by the Talent Magnet Institute HERE #talentmagnet #retention #talentacquisition #globaltaday #talentturnover #recruiting *As an Amazon Associate, Centennial earns commission from qualifying purchases.
This week Jessica Baron, Vice President for Centennial, Inc. talks to Paul Sittenfeld, a long-time friend and Cincinnati businessman.  They discuss how Paul has reframed his leadership opportunities to impact success in the community at large.   They discuss the impact education has on non-traditional populations and how the success of one family member can transform others by expanding their ideas about what is really possible for them. (6:33) He shares how his stories about what he has humbly offered to help people, such as  role modeling mentoring  empathy without judgment which all of us can take part in.  (7:20) “The fact that you’ve made some mistakes doesn’t mean you can’t...redefine  yourself.”  Paul Sittenfeld (5:54) Paul shares how he sees the role as a “trustee” and that it is possible to have diversified involvement in the community. (13:23) Having been friends for a long time, Jessica asks Paul to tell about the unique ways his children are making big contributions to their communities in their own ways. (19:19) LISTEN NOW to Paul’s inspiring stories about how he uniquely has reframed success in his personal leadership.   #talentmagnet #becomingatalentmagnet Chatfield College Purcell Marion High School EnsembleTheater
This week Jessica Baron, Vice President at Centennial Inc. speaks to Jennifer Manders about making a difference by getting involved at work and in your community.   Jennifer is a surgical oncologist at The Christ Hospital in Cincinnati, Ohio specializing in breast cancer.  She is also the President of the Christ Hospital medical staff. She and Jessica discuss: How her choice in her medical training specialization foreshadowed her leadership roles later in her career (2:51) Her role in defining the importance of women’s health in the health care system, as well as the holistic approach they take in patient care (6:45) Using your role at work to make social and structural impact in your community (10:18) LISTEN NOW! Jennifer shares her journey into leadership roles and the active learning she sought out in order to be ready to confidently step forward and serve well.  (14:37) “Leadership takes a lot of introspection and willingness to be vulnerable.” (15:18) Jennifer Manders  Jennifer also shares: How her formal training about leadership styles gives her a cadre of tools to lead different people and different situations effectively. (15:41) Who she looks to for mentorship and what that relationship needs to be successful (16:52) Her journey into a leadership role as a woman in a traditionally male-dominated field (19:13) Jessica and Jennifer switch gears to talk about: Their unique personal and professional insights  in regards to sharing a cancer diagnosis with an employer (21:26)  Balancing work, family, and social involvement (29:59) LISTEN NOW! #talentmagent #becomingatalentmagnet #thechristhospital #leadership #breastcancer
This week, Mike has an inspiring conversation with mover and shaker Minda Harts.  Minda is on a mission to help women of color change their workplace experience, and enable “success partners” with key action steps.  Minda is the host of the “Securing The Seat” Podcast, as well as the author of the best-selling book The Memo: What Women of Color Need To Know To Secure a Seat at the Table. Minda shares many key insights during this short conversation, like: What she learned early in her career to get ahead How to change the way women of color define who they want to be at work (1:19) How you can be authentic and thrive as a black or brown woman (3:03) The tools you need to secure your “seat” in your own way (3:32) With her business partner, Minda created the Career Platform for Women of Color, a career development firm created specifically to fill the gap of career development for black and brown women. (3:54) They teach women key skills in “boot camps” such as: Negotiation skills for equal pay Public speaking and using your voice Strategic networking LISTEN NOW to find out: How she became super successful despite everyone around her saying “it won’t work” (5:36) What are “success partners,” and concrete actions they should be taking to be an active partner and mentor (7:40) How to invest in yourself as your best asset (9:46) Her mission is to help women of color define self advocacy and acquire the tools they need on their career journey. (12:20) She tells her community to move ahead and step into your courage, “never looking in the rear-view mirror.” (15:11)  LISTEN NOW to hear:  What tools younger women of color need to incorporate into their career journey “toolbox” to secure the seat they want (16:13) What women can do right now to “walk into your power” (17:41) What success partners can do to intentionally to change how they engage during every part of the talent cycle to affect change (19:40) “Intentionality is contageous” Mike Sipple, Jr.  Both Mike and Minda implore everyone from women of color to success partners to do two things:  get out of their comfort zones, as well as take it one step further: To use the feeling of “uncomfortableness” as an indication that they need more education on the subject.  (24:27) Share this episode with friends, collegues, and family so we can all create change, make a bigger impact in the community and the workplace. Minda Harts Secure The Seat Podcast The Memo: What Women of Color Need to Know to Secure a Seat at the Table * Women’s Fund Of Greater Cincinnati Metropolitan Club #talentmagent #thememo #womenofcolor #payequity #successpartners #inclusion #diversity
In this episode Mike talks to fellow podcaster, Laurie Ruettimann, who is the host of the Let’s Fix Work podcast. They discuss myths that we grew up with about work, and how work should be.   Listen NOW and hear how Laurie explains: Why work is at its basis a compromise (2:31) What Human Resources is really (4:58) How human optimization will shape work in the future. (5:35) Mike and Laurie talk about how leaders need to change the way they think about their role in how people show up to work. They discuss how the performance metrics used to measure success in business today need to change because they are killing people-focused leadership. (8:09) Laurie’s expertise is at the heart of what work is and what it is not. She and Mike discuss: What work will not fix in your life, and it isn’t meant to be (11:58) The story of one of Laurie’s clients who had false stories about work, and how she guided her to stop playing the “blame game” (14:01) What our true “lifetime” roles are, putting our work in perspective relative to the big picture of life, and how to not get tangled up in the wrong titles (16:10) Listen NOW to hear about Laurie’s book, coming out sometime next year which goes into detail about:  Her “winning formula” for staying balanced and joyful with work (18:35) Her advice about how to be your own advocate in the workplace (21:43) How our broken relationships with money is affecting our work (25:57) She contends that taking personal responsibility for “self” first is the key to success and suggests that personal development is more important than professional development in order to be an effective leader. (30:31) “Be the Chief Training Officer of your own Life”   Laurie Ruettimann Be sure to check her out on Twitter, Linked In and her website for podcast episode, book club announcements and consulting services.   #talentmagnet #letsfixwork #leadership #humanresources
The first episode of the new decade finds Mike discussing the power of connecting through podcasting. In an era where virtual connections via social media are the norm, Jon Thurmond, who is a seasoned HR practitioner and podcast co-host with Wendy Dailey, talks to Mike about how he has been able to create meaningful friendships and connect on and off the internet via their podcast and Twitter chats.  They discuss: How a missed opportunity to go to a conference turned into a Twitter chat that engaged people from 9 countries on a Sunday night (2:05) The value of connecting to a larger community (5:05) The true secret to great podcasts (31:24) “We all have the ability to build a community around us and make an impact.” (6:34) Mike Sipple, Jr.  Jon shares his experience with being laid off and how he leveraged his online relationships to find new opportunities. (11:33) He also shares some of his expertise in Human Resources and recruiting. (14:27) “It’s not just about hiring the right’s about the culture that you create and the experiences that you have.” (16:40) Mike Sipple, Jr.  Jon shares several stories about creating real live communities from a podcast (17:12) and his amazing experience of connection at Jimmy Pardo’s live event at Virginia Beach. (18:40) Jon and Mike talk about the power of the authentic voice, and how Jon and Wendy sift out valuable guest experiences from “pitches.” He also explains how they uniquely incorporate their sponsors into their episodes by tying in with a personal connection. (37:03) Jon and Wendy’s Twitter Chat is @HRSocialHour and is held on the 4th Sunday of the Month at 7 pm Eastern. It reaches participants in 45-55 countries each month. Follow them on Twitter @HRSocialHour. You can also listen to their podcast at #talentmagnet #HRsocialhour @jonthurmond @HRdotcom Episode #76
In this episode, Mike reviews the amazing year that has come and gone, and shares his predictions about the incoming decade.   He shares his personal take-aways and insights from a year of meaningful conversations, as well as the impactful work that the Talent Magnet Institute is doing.  (4:24) “We are working with leaders who understand that the impact of aligning business strategy to people strategy and resources ultimately reaches beyond that and how we actually help leaders lead themselves and others.” (5:05) Mike Sipple Jr.  LISTEN NOW to insights on: What is the Talent Magnet Institute (it’s not just a podcast!) (3:40) How Talent Magnet Institute is creating winning organizations (5:23) What leaders need to be successful in relationships, work, community and life (5:30) 3 keys to success (6:34) Mike shares some inspiring stories of organizational transformation in which the Talent Magnet Institute is involved. (7:10) Then, Mike reveals the secret sauce that makes the Talent Magnet Institute so successful (9:45) and how it came to be. (18:52) LISTEN NOW! Christine and Mike give a quick review of the key podcasts from this year, faculty episodes, a shout out to the many podcasts Mike learns from each week, as well as had the privilege to be a guest. (21:30) One thing Mike points out as a key to success is leaders being honest about their organization’s culture.  “It’s not what you BELIEVE it to be,” but what it actually is and if that is aligned with your planning, values, and goals. (29:03) Mike shares his 3 key insights about trends in talent for the coming decade and how to get a leg up on the talent shortage, (33:16) and shares his personal resolutions for 2020.   We thank you for listening and subscribing every week, for your shares, comments and reviews.  We hope that this podcast inspires you to lead better in  relationships, work, community and life.  #talentmagnet #fullfocusplanner @michaelhyatt @mindaharts #bravery #culture @leadingboldly @hrsocialhour @leadingincolor @failingforward
Mike has the pleasure this week of welcoming Wendy Dailey, a fellow podcast host, blogger and Talent Strategist at Sanford Health based in South Dakota. Wendy is the creator and host of the HR Social Hour Podcast and The Wonder Woman Podcast, both focusing conversations about diversity and inclusion.   In their short but meaningful conversation, Mike and Wendy discuss: How the Wonder Woman Podcast got started (5:16) What being called “colorblind” really means (10:46) Recognizing diversity every day and understanding true inclusion (12:55) What the difference between diversity, equity and inclusion actually is (14:43) Wendy also shares what it really means to “bring your whole self to work” and how to create a safe environment for people to do that. (12:15) She also shares her expertise with Twitter and Twitter Chats (16:24).   Listen NOW to hear how to find some great conversations on twitter chats and how they have fun with HR topics. (17:32) Wendy says that being authentic is the best way to show up on Twitter chats and she holds them monthly on the 4th Sunday of the month at 7 PM EST.  Check all of her resources out at @wyndall93 on, #HRsocialhour,
Mike’s guest this week is fellow podcast host, Kevin Monroe.  Kevin hosts The Higher Purpose Podcast.  In this conversation, they share business tips, transformational stories, and the power of gratitude.   Kevin shares: How to get subscribers on a new podcast (2:35) Examples of how perspective and context changes your view of your personal journey (6:41) His take on “servant leadership” being faith-based or not (11:31) He also says we should be less “driven” and more “powered forward,” emphasizing that it’s not about “chasing” something but moving toward our calling or purpose. (12:19) Kevin reveals the biggest myth about work, and how we can literally change communities, people’s lives and the future of families by changing the way we think about this one thing. (15:47) This episode is full of heartwarming stories about how the smallest gestures can make a difference.  LISTEN NOW about the impact one cashier is making in a cafeteria hospital. (19:47) Kevin calls these elevated transactional experiences as “encounters” to transform the way we view other people and connect.  He shares another story about the powerful encounter of a simple handshake and how it totally transformed one diplomat’s perspective. (24:38) Mike shares his experience about participating in Kevin’s Gratitude Challenge and the power of gratitude.   “We don’t see the world as it is. We see the world as we are.” (34:01) Anais Nin  “Gratitude takes us to a better mental space.” (36:23) Kevin Monroe Kevin shares one more story about how introducing a few minutes of gratitude before meetings at a manufacturing plant changed everything for that business. (39:57) Kevin shares one more quote to close out the episode: “You’re meant for more. Don’t settle for less.” (41:58) Words to live by.   Please share this episode, rate our podcast, and join the conversation on Twitter, Linked In and Facebook!  Kevin Monroe @Kevin_Monroe The Higher Purpose Podcast From Surviving To Thriving: The 10 Laws of Grateful Leadership * *As an Amazon Associate, Centennial earns commission from qualifying purchases. #talentmagnet #gratitude #gratitudechallenge #servantleadership
This week, Mike is behind the microphone with Leisa Mulcahy, Vice President of Workforce at The Northern Kentucky Chamber of Commerce.  They discuss an initiative called Grow Northern Kentucky which is creating incredible success for the entire Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky region.   Leisa explains the exciting challenges that Grow Northern Kentucky is helping to resolve by partnering with a diverse group of organizations. (3:40) She shares the 5 pillars of the initiative and why starting with Kindergarten readiness is important to regional talent growth.  (5:03) Mike and Leisa discuss something unique in business that is happening right now is a “common agenda.” (7:38)  Success is “all about our businesses having a deep well of talent to pull from and...our talent in the community having a broad range of opportunity to choose from.”  Leisa Mulcahy (8:38) You will also hear:  What questions Leisa asks to help corporations get the right talent and tools (10:49) The importance of intentional employment brand planning (11:22) Why something as simple as your vacation policy may be causing your talent woes (11:49) Mike says “It doesn’t just happen by hoping people show up.” (11:22)  Mike and Leisa share insights about: The greatest shift in workforce trends in 50 years that is forcing organizations to think differently (14:25) What two things are the real reasons behind retention issues (15:14) The one thing you can do to retain your top performers (15:41) One tip in planning that you can incorporate to decrease turnover and costs associated with it (17:19) How planning an annual culture alignment audit can affect employee engagement (18:19)  “We can only move this work as far and fast as trust will take us.” (25:48) Leisa Mulcahy Listen NOW and visit to obtain your free checklist to maximize your talent cycle!  #talentmagent #northernkentuckychamber #employeeengagement #workforce #talentcycle #retention #talentacquisition
This week Jessica Baron talks to another local leader who is making a huge impact.  Jen Eismeier, Executive Director of Camp Joy and Jessica talk about:  An embarrassing moment that turned into a poignant lesson (4:45) How you leaders of small non-profits can impact their more experienced peers in significant ways (6:40) How to deal with the pressure of leading today knowing you stand on the shoulders of giants who came before you (19:44) How Jen deals with the pressure of being at the top and still feeling like she deserves a seat at the table (22:21) Hear how Camp Joy disrupts behavior patterns with it’s unique programs for adult and children. (14:20)  LISTEN NOW “What we do at Camp Joy really well is we meet people where they are.” #campjoy #securingthefuture #talentmagnet
This week Jessica Baron, VP of Executive Search for Centennial Inc. talks to Tara Noland, Founding Executive Director of Greenlight Cincinnati.  They discuss the power of mentorship in unconventional ways.   Hear how Tara teaches about what it means to be a good mentee and why you should have more than one mentor, (4:13) What elements you should look for in a mentor, and  How she uses social media to leverage business connections online. (7:21) Tara shares her story about her career path and the insight it provided her as a young leader.  (10:20) Then, Jessica and Tara discuss:  What is  “disruptive giving,” How it is empowering recipients of philanthropy to make their own decisions about their needs, and (13:57)   The value of including diverse income levels in the conversation about community support projects. (16:36) Hear Tara’s unique perspective on being a young leader and how she manages the pressures of leadership in the non-profit sector. (22:20) Tara says on impactful work, “The best way to help a child is to help their mom.” (24:22) Listen to the conversation NOW!  #cchange #juniorleague #welead #greenlight #talentmagnet
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