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The Talent Magnet Institute is committed to developing leaders to succeed in relationships, work, community, and life: we’ll reframe what success means, and you’ll hear the personal stories of successful leaders from around the globe. From the highest of highs to the lowest of lows, every guest has a unique story to tell and insights to bring. Discover how to achieve a new type of success that goes much deeper than profits: culture, talent, and holistic leadership.

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This week Mike talks to Tracy Sponenberg, Chief People Officer with The Granite Group, Leader of Disrupt HR-New Hampshire and cofounder of HR Rebooted.  They discuss the key elements of people-centered culture.  Listen to this lesson-packed episode now! Many people Tracy has encountered say people-centered business is a no-brainer.  Is it? Listen to Tracy share about the consequences of the widespread lack of this key element to success. (2:22) Tracy shares details about her career journey that are key learning points.  Hear about Her relationship with one CEO who understood the power of mentorship and focusing of people. (4:45)  She says it was a hard journey inward and shares some of her learnings.  Her experiences replacing people who were terminated, and what she did to turn things around. (11:29) Being bold and challenging your CEO on people issues. (14:15) Tracy shares about an engagement contest her organization entered in the middle of the pandemic, how they fared, and how future talent is using your reaction to COVID as a benchmark for talent and communication strategy.  Hear about what they did. (17:19) People are the reason you are in business, and you have no business having a business if you don’t recognize that.”  Tracy Sponenberg (19:43) As a leader, where can you get started?  Tracy shares her insights. (20:56) How is your strategy for next year going to change? What is your plan? Listen to Mike and Tracy describe what their organizations are doing. (22:30) Listen to Tracy open up about what she is hearing and practicing about the power of vulnerability in leadership, the connections it creates, and about the growth process when leveling up. (31:48) The CEO/CHRO relationship is extremely important in a people-focused environment.  Does your CEO have a “Game Of Thrones” approach to leadership?  Listen to Mike and Tracy discuss the keys to getting this relationship aligned for success. (39:54) #leadwell #talentmagnet #CHRO #HR #peoplecenteredbusiness #peoplefocused
This week Mike invites Lars Schmidt into the booth to discuss what Lars describes as “progressive” HR. Lars is the host of the podcast “Redefining HR” and Founder of Amplify, an executive search and consulting firm. Lars has also been a regular contributor for Fast Company, and is excited about the release of his first book, “Redefining HR.”  Listen NOW as Lars shares the mindset of “progressive” HR, what HR leaders need to shift in order to get a seat at the table, and maximize their impact in an organization. (1:46) Lars shares:   Key skills that HR leaders need in modern HR roles. Listen NOW to see if you are up to speed. (6:09) Crucial questions you need to ask your leadership team before hiring a CHRO to help you shift to a modern-day HR philosophy. (8:09) Find out about Lars’ vision to “illuminate modern people practices” and how his writing gig for Fast Company evolved into the podcast and his forthcoming book, “Redesigning HR.” (10:46) Lars has revolutionized HR learning and innovation by creating an open-source model. Listen now about the resources that are available for free to anyone, and the invaluable ways it is being used to solve difficult challenges, including emergency preparedness. (18:29) Lars shares 3 keys CEOs need in order to implement forward-thinking people practices (23:40), and 2 takeaways for CHROs. LISTEN NOW!  #talentmagnet #redefiningHR @Lars #leadingwell #CHRO #HR
This week Mike has another inspiring conversation with Moira Weir, President and CEO of United Way of Cincinnati.  They share pivotal takeaways for leaders who like to think outside-the-box when meeting their clients’ needs. Listen NOW!  Moira shares her experiences while starting a new leadership position, just as the pandemic shut everything down.  Hear how she led her organization to Pivot while staying true to her organization’s core values (1:50) Stay focused on strategy while dealing with a changing landscape (6:09) and,  Serve their clients’ changing needs in unique and creative ways. (10:25) Mike and Moira discuss the power of leveraging your network to help your community. They share the ways something as simple as this can help others gain access to things many of us take for granted.  They also discuss the tangible and intangible payoffs of getting involved in the community. (23:31) Moira shares examples of how her organization Was able to change quickly to continue engagement  Created financial diversification during an economic shut-down, and Discovered ways to serve their clients in creative and holistic ways.  (29:27) Leveraged alternative channels to communicate clearly and effectively, both internally and externally. (36:47) Listen NOW to this inspiring, tactical episode!  Interested in learning more about the United Way of Cincinnati or Talent Magnet Institute? Click on the links! #talentmagnet #leadership #leadingwell #strategicdeployment #community #unitedway
This week Mike hosts Joey Price, CEO of Jumpstart HR, Host of “Business Life and Coffee” Podcast, and Host of the “Winning at Work” series.  They discuss Joey’s key take-aways from interviewing leaders from all over the world, and helping work environments optimize communication and culture.  Mike asks Joey what do leaders need to be focusing on at this moment? Joey details 4 pillars that are key to winning at work. (2:01) Then, they discuss how to tactically use these pillars to create an effective culture.  Listen NOW to their deep insights. (11:10) Joey tells us about his experiences with leaders in creating meaningful, effective cultures, and the unintentional roadblocks that stunt progress in the workplace. (12:46) He shares the concept of “work friction,” how it affects ROI, and tactical tips for leaders to eliminate it. (16:00, 40:42) He says it is crucial to remember that, “The disconnect is...the mix up in communication of what you think you are projecting and what the person is actually hearing.” Joey shares tips on how to “reverse engineer” success.” (24:38) Mike asks two key questions leaders need to focus on now:  What should leaders be focused on for 2021? (29:54) What do we need to do to optimize our customer relationships? (34:19) Joey says be curious about other businesses’ successes, especially those in other industries.  Ask, what can I learn from this? (36:54)  Please share this episode or submit a question HERE.  Learn more about Joey Price  on Twitter!  #leadership #leadwell #talentmagnet #jumpstartHR #winningatwork #businesslifecoffee
This week Mike takes a deeper dive about inclusion and equity with Eddie Koen, President and CEO of the Urban League of Southwestern Ohio.  In this discussion, they talk honestly about subjects many leaders may find difficult to approach.  Listen now to this thought-provoking discussion.  Get a historical perspective of thriving Black communities and the importance of investing into the community as a Black leader. (5:18) Eddie shares 3 key learnings for leaders of all colors to contribute to change and impact. (8:36)  Eddie says, “Economics is a powerful accelerant to social change,” citing how economics played a large part in the State of Mississippi removing the Confederate flag. (11:10) Mike and Eddie discuss a program that they have collaborated on called Leadership Pathways.  Listen to how their two organizations are working to move talented, emerging leaders of color into key positions in order to change the landscape of leadership and inclusion.  Mike challenges you to ask yourself: What can you do in the seat you are in to create change and long-lasting impact? Listen NOW for suggestions on being a more forward-thinking leader. (19:15) Eddie admits that change doesn’t happen overnight and that it can be uncomfortable.  Listen to his tips on how to get uncomfortable with your organization to facilitate effective change. (30:57) Eddie says avoidance doesn’t work anymore.”It’s almost like there is a mental earthquake outside and you’re having a meeting like nothing is happening.” (40:32) However, despite the chaos that seemingly is engulfing our society, Eddie shares his optimism and excitement about the future. (42:20) Listen to gain deep insight and uplevel your leadership NOW.  #leadership #dei #inclusion #leadersofcolor #talentmagnet
This week, Mike discusses the power of inclusion with Chris Faust, President and CEO at Clovernook Center for the Blind and Visually Impaired.  Listen to this inspiring conversation and hear practical ideas about fostering loyalty and purpose with inclusion.  Listen NOW!  Chris shares:  How his organization incorporates technology to help visually impaired and blind employees work alongside seeing peers and how it creates a unique culture of inclusion. (5:08) What they are doing for the community-at-large, and how they are helping organizations hire people with visual disabilities. (9:09) The benefits of hiring people with disabilities and how to address equity and inclusion issues. (11:09) Mike and Chris discuss the power of engagement and what Chris is doing in his organization to foster empowerment and trust. (15:45)  Listen now to hear tips from Chris for overcoming implicit bias that is inherent in all organizations. (23:26) Chris says when people learn to work together, side-by-side, they don’t notice disabilities because everyone rises to the task. (3:18) His biggest request to employers seeking to hire people with visual impairment is to not assume people who are blind or visually impaired are not capable of doing a particular job because it requires seeing. (3:55) He challenges employers to tap into this motivated, intelligent, and capable talent pool.  #leadwell #talentmagnet #visuallyimpaired #leadership
This week, Don Frericks brings us the wisdom of another extraordinary leader, interviewing Matt Shank.  Matt is the President of the Virginia Foundation for Independent Colleges. He and Don discuss foundational leadership development traits, and what emerging and seasoned leaders need to do to stay relevant throughout their careers.  Matt has a career that is focused in the academic arena.  Hear how he shares his insights about staying relevant in a rapidly changing environment.  (4:13) Matt shares his experiences that have shaped his leadership journey, such as:  His three-pronged approach to leading well. (11:10) Tips on how to build a community with trust, faith, and commitment. (11:35) The three critical skills that every leader needs to consider before starting a development program. (13:25)  What is “servant leadership” really? (19:26) He says, “If you treat people with dignity irrespective of what they can do for you, ultimately they’re going to do great things for either you or your organization.”  (11:10) Don and Matt provide great tips on how to help others level up in practical ways.  (21:54)  Listen NOW to learn what tactical skills you should be focusing on and which to sideline.  Don and Matt close their insightful conversation discussing the one thing everyone should do to be a better leader and why. (35:30) Have a question related to this episode?  Click here to ask or leave a comment.  Check out Don’s new book, Best Boss Ever: The 5 steps to rapidly develop yourself into the leader everyone wants to follow #leadwell #talentmagnet #leadership #servantleadership #bestbossever
This week’s episode is another archive that has incredible relevance to today’s business climate.  In the studio with Mike is Shakila Ahmad, President and Chair of the Board of the Islamic Center of Greater Cincinnati.  They discuss many ideas and opportunities available to unite people through similarities, rather than categorize people through differences.  Listen to Shakila share about:  Why she left corporate life to engage as a leader in her community (5:31) How to identify leaders for your community and the importance of engagement (8:04) Mike and Shakila discuss:  Cultural competency and leveraging talent with cultural engagement (12:33) Including community engagement in your business plan (16:45) Understanding the true meaning of “Team Chemistry” (19:28) Shakila shares her passion about educating people with the Islamic Center’s program called “Know Your Neighbor” and how leaders can use this model to create a better culture. (20:15)  Listen NOW!  Mike and Shakila ask: What message about diversity are you sending intentionally or unconsciously to your children, your organization, and your community?  How does this reflect the level of trust you convey, and open-mindedness in all those areas of your life? (27:26)  Shakila shares examples of how she worked with the City of Mason to engage the entire community (businesses, schools, and civic leadership) to change their conversations about cultural diversity. (27:45)  Mike and Shakila challenge leaders: Ditch preconceived notions about others and get first-hand knowledge (31:09) Bridge understanding and cultural sensitivity by organizing difficult conversations, especially in light of national events, such as race riots and 9/11. (32:32, 36:16) Don’t assume you know what people are all about.  Don't give into stereotypes from the media.  Take a bold step to make a personal connection (39:59) Interfaith dialogue refers to cooperative, constructive, and positive interaction between people of different religious traditions (i.e., “faiths”) and/or spiritual or humanistic beliefs, at both the individual and institutional levels.” ~Wikipedia Learn about interfaith dialogue Have a question or comment?  Simply click here to record it now!  #talentmagnet #leadership #leadingwell #DE&I #culturaldiversity #interfaithdialogue #interfaith
This week we are reviving a previous episode (Episode #19) that is relevant in today’s climate.  Hear Mike’s incredible, tactical conversation with Dr. Janet Reid, on diversity, equity and inclusion.  Dr. Janet Reid is a faculty member of the Talent Magnet Institute, and the founder of BRBS World, a private global management consulting consortium located in Cincinnati, that works with companies to develop and keep world-class leaders who value diversity and inclusion.  Listen now for a fresh perspective from a veteran of DE&I. Dr. Reid shares insights on:   Defining diversity as differences and similarities, and broadening our view to include thinking and problem solving styles. (5:06) The difference between diversity and inclusion-they are two different things. (5:49) How to optimize talent and how it has changed. (6:24) Mike approaches the elephant in the room and asks, “Why should leaders care about this?” Listen now for Dr. Reid’s candid answer. (7:51) Mike and Dr. Reid discuss the hard core relevance of diversity as part of an organization’s business plan.   Dr. Reid cites one of many studies, Diversity Matters to prove her point. Listen to find out what this study showed, how inclusion is key,  and how it can improve your bottom line. (9:43) Mike and Dr. Reid also discuss:  How DE&I today is different from Affirmative Action, and how the conversation has evolved. (12:04) What the difference is between outright prejudice and the subtleties of bias. (15:03) What leaders can and must do to get comfortable with being uncomfortable. (16:15) Listen to Dr. Reid’s stories about some of her clients who found great success in product innovation and new market penetration due to having a diverse team. (17:57) Hear how these “aha” moments are innovating businesses in every sector.  Dr. Reid goes into detail about how accepting diversity is a neurological function. (13:25)  She shares a process to take a specific inventory, as well as tips on how to  rewire your thought process to be comfortable with differences. (19:48) As with most things, acknowledgment is the first step.  Take the Harvard assessment to see what your unconscious biases are now. Dr. Reid gives tips on how to move forward as a leader into a higher level of awareness, how to have conversations about inclusion in decision-making, and changing culture in the workplace. (24:15) Mike and Dr. Reid share tips about  Being a bridge for diverse perspectives, and being a leader for uniting people. (26:45)  Being strategic about diversifying your workplace (28:21) Speaking to the power of diversity and inclusion when you notice too much homogeneity in the room. (29:59) Mike and Dr. Reid challenge listeners to be intentional about your strategies and diversifying your circle of influence.  BRBS World, LLC McKinsey - Why Diversity Matters McKinsey - Delivering Through Diversity  McKinsey Delivering Through Diversity Whitepaper The Phoenix Principles - Leveraging Inclusion to Transform Your Company - Co-authored by Janet B. Reid, Ph.D., CEO of BRBS World Consulting, LLC and Vincent R. Brown is President and CEO of V. Randolph Brown Consulting Implicit Bias Test through Harvard University
This week Mike talks with fellow Leadership Cincinnati alumnus Tysonn Betts, Vice President of Design for Global Family Care at Procter & Gamble. Listen in as they discuss tips on effective listening and how to develop respect and trust.  They discuss:  The value of courageous conversations; (2:55) Tips on how to hear what is NOT being said; (3:36) The difference between defining and delivering on obvious needs versus delivering on the void that has not yet been filled. (7:18) Tysonn shares his perspective on diversity issues and “being the only one in the room.”  He shares how he leverages his unique perspective, and encourages listeners to embrace theirs. (11:24) He also shares HOW to communicate it in a way that is helpful and goal-focused, versus criticizing and confrontational. (13:07) He also shares examples about how to be sensitive to those who may not want to share their stories. (16:05)  Tysonnn and Mike discuss what P&G did to help their organization stay focused during a very distracting time.  Hear how P&G empowered the workforce by sharing untold collective stories of their employees and the impact it has made. (21:23) Tysonn says, As a leader it is your responsibility to set business AND culture goals.  Listen to Tysonn share key points about setting up your culture to go beyond your four walls to make a positive impact on the lives of your employees as well as your community.  Regarding crucial conversations, Tysonn says, “The toughest conversations are the most important ones to have.” (33:35)  Listen to learn tips on how to navigate them productively.   Thank you for listening to the Talent Magnet Institute Podcast!  If you have a question or a comment, please go to our Facebook Community and join the conversation!  #becomingatalentmagnet #leadwell #leadership #crucialconversations #effectivelistening
This week, guest host Don Frericks takes the mic again to bring you extraordinary leaders from around the world. In this episode, he and Georg Schmundt-Thomas have an insightful conversation about intentional leadership, and provide many touchpoints for aspiring leaders. Listen now to get inspired and learn:  The organic elements of being a leader (9:51)  How rock climbing relates to leadership (10:08) How to be results-oriented without being “competitive” (16:09).  Hear how Georg got “body slammed” with some feedback, what he took away from it, and the 70-20-10 Rule. (25:10)   For aspiring leaders, learn from Georg as he describes:   The keys to what accelerated his success (27:54)  How to get ahead in a fast-paced world (41:32) How working for a bad boss can help you become an extraordinary leader (35:17). Don and Georg close their tactical and inspiring conversation with Georg’s three keys to the mindset of a leader, and why they are crucial to your success. (48:31)  Ask a question or share a comment here, and check out Don’s book, Best Boss Ever! #bestbossever #talentmagnet #leadership #leadingwell #leadwell
Mike revisits an old friend this week, Jim Mason, CEO of Beech Acres Parenting Center to discuss work, parenting success, and being a better leader. Parenting tips and leadership tips abound in this episode.  If you are committed to serving your internal and external customers well (and raising great kids), this is a conversation you should listen to and take notes.  Jim shares the story of Beech Acres, their mission, and how they help families raise great kids on a deeper level than most programs. Then, Jim provides key tips on how to go from being a reactive parent to being an empowering parent, with the Natural Strength Parenting method.  (1:49) Hear how Beech Acres has worked to support schools, kids, and families by using technology and effective listening. (11:45)  Jim shares how he worked with his leadership team to  set up a decision-making system during COVID-19 for his organization so that they stayed true to their mission, their commitment to their staff and clients, as well as keep their sight on long term goals. Hear what they implemented to make their business successful. (14:49) Hear how going virtual actually improved communication with staff, and how going virtual provided opportunities to serve their clients more effectively. (17:27) What can you do to develop a “safe place” for staff when a crisis occurs?  Listen to what Beech Acres implemented. (26:23) And, then hear Jim’s reaction to the initial employee surveys. (34:47) “We have to have integrity with how we are with each other.”  Jim Mason (36:05) Go to to get more information about Beech Acres’ virtual curriculum for teachers and parents.  #leadingwell #workrelationshipscommunitylife #becomingatalentmagnet #parentingthrucovid19 #leadership #leadwell
This week Mike talks with Amy Waninger, CEO of Lead At Any Level and author of several books including, “Network Beyond Bias: Making Diversity A Competitive Advantage For Your Career.” They discuss the importance of diversifying the people with whom you associate, and share tips for how to build “critical connections.”  Hear Amy’s story about how she leaped from computer science to diversity and inclusion, and why it has become such a driving force for her. (1:56)  Amy shares tips for expanding your network intentionally:  She says, look at your Linked In connections and ask yourself, is there a pattern here? (20:12) She challenges listeners to ask how intentional they are about with whom they connect. (6:29)  She asks, “Who is missing from your network?” “Your heart can’t be in the right place if you never move your feet...It doesn’t matter what you feel.  It matters what you do with what you feel.” Amy Waninger (8:27) Amy and Mike discuss the key reasons why diversifying your network gives you a competitive career advantage. (10:44)  Listen NOW!  Amy gives us tactical advice on who the 5 critical connections everyone needs for their career, and tips for building these connections holistically. (16:12)  Listen to Mike and Amy share more stories and tips about how intentional networking changes everything in work and life.  (30:42)  If you are ready to be inspired to create more intentional connections in your network, listen NOW!  #diversity #networking #leadership #leadingwell #talentmagnet #inclusion
This week’s episode features the next installment of The Extraordinary Leader Series with Talent Magnet Institute faculty member Don Frericks.  In addition to being a successful executive leadership coach, Don is the author of the new book Best Boss Ever! In this episode, Don speaks with Josh White, a talent and organizational development executive in Indianapolis. Don and Josh take their leadership discussion deep and provide several tips for leaders at all levels. There are so many great nuggets of wisdom in this episode.  Listen to Don and Josh discuss:  How to incorporate authenticity while still following corporate guidelines. (8:35) Tips for how to work on leadership development when corporate sponsorship is not available. (11:42) How and when to ask for feedback, especially when your culture doesn’t support it. (12:22)  Josh also provides tons of tips on how to be an intentional listener, especially for smart leaders. (16:33) He says, “People want to be a leader you have to create that space.” (17:58) Don and Josh discuss one blind spot many successful leaders have, and the importance in overcoming it, (21:36) as well as how to lean in during challenging situations. (24:09) We hope you enjoy listening to this special episode.  If you would like to ask a question, please click here.  #leadership #leadingwell #becomingatalentmagnet #bestbossever
If you are committed to being a better ally for equality, don’t place the burden of your education on your black friends. We have a very special guest, Torin Ellis, who counsels on Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and BELONGING (DEIB) day in and day out. He has provided very insightful tips for leaders to take actions in the continued conversation about race. Remember, even the most well-meaning “what can I do” to employees of color can be mentally exhausting and emotionally taxing for them. Take the initiative. Do the work. Listen now. “Do you want to get in and do something different that develops talent, inspires talent, and shows them that we are going to pour into them and help them to grow in our organization; make our organization attractive? How are we going to build an ecosystem that’s beautiful?” (14:40)   This week Mike talks with Torin Ellis, Principal at The Torin Ellis Brand in Baltimore, Maryland. They discuss equity and the importance of employers making a declaration, reallocating and holding people accountable in the workplace.    “We’ve hidden behind a curtain of mediocrity and complacency for far too long.” (5:14)   Torin is a strategic practitioner; he leads a nimble boutique with a focus on diversity, equity, inclusion and belonging (DEIB) strategy through the lens of recruiting. He has a history of working with teams to help them effectively attract, nurture, and retain the most dynamic talent necessary to not only meet, but transcend business vision; driven entirely by information and context.    Torin says that leaders must create an environment that encourages people to raise their hand when they see something that doesn’t fit the company’s core values. This is true courage in leadership. How do leaders start taking action tomorrow in their pursuit towards DEIB? Torin shares these three actionable ideas: (6:44) 1. Shelve fragility… Allow those who are suffering to speak their truth. 2. As leaders, we can listen. Inside of our organizations, we can set aside some time to listen. 3. Make a declarative statement and then get at the work.   Torin suggests a zoom call for 10 minutes, for leaders to say, “I want to know more about you,” and listen. He shares that, to the degree in which People of Color are willing to share, we have to find a balance in terms of listening. People have to know that you care. “You have to care enough to hop on the call that has nothing to do with your quota, that partner call, that new client you did research on or the bottom line ROI… That’s what great leadership is.” (20:00)   LISTEN NOW to hear more from Torin like: the differences and similarities between the historical and present day conversation about race (3:36) what is happening to protect under-represented people and organizations (12:00) advice for leaders who say they don’t see race (24:55)    #talentmagnet #diversity #inclusion #equity #leadership #belonging #talentmagnettime
This week, Mike has another MUST LISTEN conversation.  In this episode, Mike talks with Chris Halter, Talent Magnet Institute faculty member and organizational psychologist, and Tim Beatty, President of Bullen Ultrasonics. They do a deep dive about real-life culture transformation and the elements at the heart of managing change.   Here are some highlights:  Tim and Chris share what is required from leaders while navigating through “black swan” events. Tim shares his story of how he came to Bullen. He says, “Culture is like the soil...Success of the crop is directly related to the fertileness of the soil.”  Chris shares his professional insight about communication and listening.  He says, “Two monologues don’t make a dialogue,” and shares tips on how to listen more thoughtfully. Mike, Chris and Tim discuss the role of love and fear in business. How does love fit into business? They offer deep insight into  The power of asking questions, and truly listening, (7:30) Creating a “psychologically safe” working environment (20:01) How to know if you have a culture problem. (14:20) Chris says, “Respect isn’t is the foundation of the human adventure.” He explains that a fundamental flaw in traditional leadership is withholding respect, and that doing so creates a toxic work environment. (6:11)  Listen to his tips on how to build a culture of respect and trust.  Tim shares his personal views as an executive on:  The mindset of being a coach versus a cheerleader; (19:54) The impact of culture on his company’s profits; (25:48) The CEO’s role in racial and gender equity in an organization. (46:55) Mike, Chris and Tim discuss the freedom that leaders feel when they realize they don’t need to have all the answers, and that they can access the expertise and opinions of those with whom they work. In fact, they say, this awareness is a key indicator of an effective leader.   Thank you for listening to the Talent Magnet Institute Podcast.  Please subscribe, and visit our website to find helpful advice to lead well in your relationships, work, community and life.   #talentmagnet #leadership #leadwell
The Extraordinary Leader Series with Talent Magnet Institute faculty member Don Frericks continues.  Don is the author of the new book Best Boss Ever! This week, Don interviews Tier 1 CEO and co-founder Greg Harmeyer.  They discuss the complex aspects of great workplace culture, the crucial role leaders take in creating and maintaining it, and what it takes to lead successfully in today’s environment.  This tactical conversation is a must for leaders who want to improve their impact.   Don and Greg share the key ingredients leaders need to access to create an engaged workforce.    The incredible power of communication, transparency, and consistency of a message (6:54) How C-Suite leaders can support mid-level leaders to communicate a consistent message (8:32) The definition of “vulnerability-based trust” and how to build it organically (15:59) “To me, [culture] comes down to how we treat each other, how we behave and how we act.”  Greg Harmeyer (4:24) Don and Greg discuss their experiences with leaders who are paralyzed by their desire to get everything right.  Greg shares how to build trust when you don’t have all the answers or you make mistakes. (14:56) Greg talks about the evolution of Tier 1 and how he has changed as a leader over the years.  He shares his insights on:  Who he turns to for perspective in order to stay relevant and grow as a leader (23:20) Why he “makes space” for others to step forward and lead (24:39) His philosophy on leadership development as a requirement for organizational growth, especially in times of change and challenge (25:54) Don and Greg discuss the importance of personal reflection and feedback for leaders.  They also acknowledge that many leaders are active learners, but how they behave is the key to leading well.   “If [knowledge] doesn’t affect the actual behaviors I show up with at work, then it’s not going to do a whole lot of good.”  Greg Harmeyer (31:01) They close with a call to action to acknowledge the impact of mental health on the workplace, the reality of mental illness, and to explore whether their organizational culture contributes to the problem or the solution. (36:25)   Check out Don’s book Best Boss Ever!  #leadwell #talentmagnet #leadership #bestbossever
In this episode, Jules Breslin, new Leadership Engagement Director for the Talent Magnet Institute, interview’s TMI’s CEO and Co-Founder, Mike Sipple Jr., and they discuss an exciting membership opportunity for leaders who are ready to transform their impact as a leader.  Mike and Jules discuss: Why the Talent Magnet Institute incorporates a holistic approach to professional development (5:32) What makes the Talent Magnet Institute different than other leadership consultant firms (6:22) Why it’s even more important that leaders invest now,  during a pandemic, when budgets for support are being cut. (10:17)  “Time is your scarcest resource...What if you had a platform that catered to your time...your efficiency... your productivity, and your leadership?”   Mike Sipple, Jr. (11:39) Mike and Jules discuss how the TMI approach to leadership development allows leaders to make the impact they desire now.  Mike says the Talent Magnet Institute membership is for, “Leaders who are ‘woke.’” (15:59) Listen Now!  Make the investment that will transform the trajectory of your leadership journey. The cart will only be open for a short time.  Get more details about becoming a Talent Magnet Institute Founding Member here or ask Mike a question on Speakpipe now!  #leadership #leadingwell #talentmagnet #makeanimpact
This week, Mike invites his dad, Mike Sipple Sr. into the studio to give you perspective of the Talent Magnet Institute’s mission in helping leaders lead well in relationships, work, community and life.  Where did this come from?  Listen now to hear the story.   Mike Sr. shares how the catastrophic event of 9/11 shaped Centennial’s vision for serving their search clients better, and how that has transformed 20 years later into what we now know as the Talent Magnet Institute, with Mike Jr. as Chief Executive. (1:40) “Our R&D comes from an organization that serves organizations, that listens to organizations and serves people, most importantly.” Mike Sipple Jr. (13:16)  Mike Sr. shares his pivotal experiences and lessons learned with leaders through the years who have had an impact on his own leadership style. (10:09, 19:37) “We all influence others in our lives.” Mike Sipple Sr. (21:55)  Mike Jr. shares what he has learned over the years in this work and why he is so passionate about helping leaders lead well. (23:03)  Listen now for key insights!  “This isn’t about your identity tied into work.  This is about your identity as a human.” Mike Sipple, Jr. (13:50) To find out more about how to get involved in the Talent Magnet Institute Leadership Community, go to #talentmagnet #leadership #leadwell
This week Mike discusses leadership strategy with Talent Magnet Institute Board Member and investor Daniel Wachter.  Daniel shares his unique perspectives on leadership from the viewpoint of leading during a merger.  Mergers can be sticky territory for leaders.  Daniel’s conversation with Mike sheds light on the challenges and solutions that can be applied during times of change. They also discuss how these lessons are relevant to many situations leaders face today.  Daniel tells us his best practices for maneuvering through transition that mergers naturally possess, such as:  Navigating international regulations (1:56) How to stay focused on growth during a merger (4:10) Communicating change and merging two competing cultures into one (8:30) Daniel tells Mike what he feels are a leader’s core responsibilities, especially during change. (10:44)  LISTEN NOW for key strategies that lead to success in times of change. Mike and Daniel discuss the value that the Talent Magnet Institute has provided for him and why he is so passionate about supporting its endeavors. (14:13) “Business is people...With people comes the possibility, opportunity and necessity of leadership.”  Daniel Wachter (12:58)  Daniel also has invested in the start up Innovation Girls.  Hear why he feels this is an important step to increase the amount of female leaders, and how Innovation Girls is creating that pipeline. (20:12) Mike and Daniel share a sneak peek into Mike’s next conversation with Daniel coming in a few weeks.  Daniel’s passion for music inspired him to serve on the Board of the Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra.  In his next episode, they discuss the power of the orchestra conductor and Daniel’s analogy for great leadership. (29:30) Share your feedback, questions and comments! Click here to record your message!  Join the Podcast Community on Facebook and continue the conversation here.  Listen to Daniel’s earlier episode: Episode #9: Making Leadership Scalable with Daniel Wachter #leadership #talentmagnet #innovationgirls #leadingwell #leadwell
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