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Tales from the Round World

Author: The Round World

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Tales from the Round World is a storytelling podcast recorded live in front of a bunch of rowdy drunks. Our live shows feature a bunch of badass writers and performers telling stories based on a theme accompanied by live Foley SFX and audience participation. All of this is interspersed with some kickass sideshow, circus, music and burlesque. All the while we're raising money for some awesome nonprofits who are trying to keep things afloat while the current administration has its head up its ass. As long as there's #fakenews, we'll be spinning tales.
14 Episodes
Herr Trigger Pt. 3

Herr Trigger Pt. 3


A reporter from the Tombstone Epitaph shares a story of Herr Trigger he's been sitting on for years in "The Greatest Story Never Told" and our mysterious anti-hero meets una mujer enamorada in  the magic realism of "Hierro y Torta de Fresa".   UkeCordionPocalypse performs their version of "Bang Bang".
Herr Trigger Pt. 2

Herr Trigger Pt. 2


Once upon a time a thirsty traveler in the Old West met a meta lawman in "Go Fish".  Bad guy Bobby Plantain learns what happens when you bring a gas leak to a gun fight in "E.R.F."  "The Iron Marshall" teaches a group of train robbers what happens when they don't stay sharp and UkeCordionPocalypse performs "*@<3! a Cowboy".  Join us for the continuing saga of Herr Trigger, a mysterious figure in the Old West who solves his problems without a gun.  
Herr Trigger Pt. 1

Herr Trigger Pt. 1


A turn of the cards and a saloon madam's dream foretell danger in "Death and the House of Delight".  A young vaquero faces his fear in "An Invisible Rein".  In the desert sometimes the only ones who can hear you scream are the cacti in "Death by 1,000 Cuts" and UkeCordionPocalypse performs their version of "Folsom Prison Blues".  
Anne Bonny of the Big Bootyed Buccaneer Bitches talks about the Leprechaun problem in “Faster Darby O’Gill, Kill Kill” and Harmony O’Hare reviews Richard Humperdink’s  12” … record.  BONUS:  Sarah and Ben Azzara perform their version of “The Ballad of Maxwell Demon” from Velvet Goldmine.  
Sassy Jane Summers, the whitest woman to sing the blues just wants you to remember one thing  - “I Ain’t Your Mama”.  Wild child Chris Childs sings a song of self defense in “Up in Arms” and the Sultan of Sultry, Chuck Robinson vibes us with what turned his life around in “Sex U Down”.  
Teena T tells a tale of young love, hot cars, mixed signals and candy apples in “Take a Bite”.  Conrad Thompson of supergroup, On the Wings of Dolphins  bares ... his soul and a couple of other things in "Your Three Beautiful Brown Eyes". Bonus:  Sarah and Ben Azzara do their version of The Monkees' "Daydream Believer".   
Aaron Ianson of Terminal Velocity is full of fantastic stories but will he ever tell us the story behind the band’s biggest hit “Verminal Tenacity”?  What do bitchcraft and Michael Fassbender have in common?  Find out in “O Full of Scorpions is My Mind”. King James gets biblical with the court composer in “Evergreen”.  Bonus:  Sarah and Ben Azzara do their version of the One-Ders “That Thing You Do”.
Banker or Buccaneer, there's not a whole lot of difference to "William Dozen Ears Blake" and he has a point.  A swordfight in the streets leads to "The Revelation of Mary Read" in the sheets as Mary meets Anne Bonny.  Whatever happened to the Salty Pearl you ask?  The granddaughter of one of her final passengers shares, literally, the memory of her grandmother in "The Ruby Dare".  
An artist falls in lust with his newest sculpture but hey, it’s okay, the feeling is mutual in “The Figurehead”. A woman on death row reminisces about her romance with “Katherine the Red” and one of our favorite sideshow/burlesque artists tells about how lady pirate Ching Shih served as her role model for a badass pirate training regimen of walking the plank barefoot, and by plank we mean a 6’ x 6’ tarp covered in broken glass. That crunching sound you hear is Delilah walking across broken glass. 
In this episode a mollusk becomes a man when he keeps his eye out for “The Learned Barnacle.” In “Blow Me Down” a woman revisits her sexual awakening with an underground comic book about a made-up pirate … or is he? Finally, the women of JourneyWell fix the ships sunk by men but they’ll never have to worry about the Salty Pearl as no man can seem to find her in “Welcome to JourneyWell”.
In this episode a mother-to-be questions her life decisions and why her belly grows at night while seeking a little help from the government in "Lithium Ion Baby". A new mother is literally being eaten out of house and home in "Bundle of Joy". Cultural over-sensitivity isn’t just for Earthlings anymore in “It isn’t Easy Being Green” and a man just wants his noisy, 8-armed neighbors to keep it down in “Pool Party”.
In this episode a woman is looking for help in making a body disappear in "The Message". Are you tired of crop circles? Call the law offices of "Schultz, Monster & Goldberg". A woman can't seem to help herself in aiding and abetting an alien abduction in "The Last I'd Seen of Prentis Greene" and DC's own sideshow girl, Mab, Just Mab, performs her version of "Come Sail Away".
In this episode a man is being robbed of his very senses in "Senseless". A woman's prize flowers turn out to be bad seeds in "Brutal Sprouts". A young boy thinks maybe his alien id card means something more in "Small Town, Any State" and an agent from Uranus turns herself in when her mission to repopulate her planet with Earthmen fails in "Uranus Needs Men".
In this episode: An animal rescuer encounters a big orange blob with tiny grabby hands in "Grrrbbim". A man tries to find his missing anal probe in "Speak English God Damn It". A resident of Lickskillet TN is pretty sure aliens are using mind control to make him order things on Amazon in "The Drones Are Coming" and a party girl wonders if getting pregnant by aliens counts as a pre-existing condition in "Brunch Bitch and White Sangria".
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