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Talk 2 Brazil Business Connection Podcast.
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Talk 2 Brazil Business Connection Podcast.

Author: Tom Reaoch

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Talk 2 Brazil, a leading Brazil Business Podcast in English about Brazil, Business, Networking and Relationship Management. Tom Reaoch, from Pittsburgh to Brazil, producer and host interviews Brazilian and Global Business Leaders, sharing business opportunities and experiences.
105 Episodes
Daniel Bland, American living in Brazil, talks about the Fleet Latam Conference 2021, fleet and mobility managers, business opportunities, best practices from Latam Fleets. Free Registration.
Gilberto Mayor studied at some of the best Universities in the world, USC, ITA, Stanford, Carnegie Mellon in Pittsburgh, a Research Collaborator at UNICAMP Campinas, compares People Learning to Machine Learning. CEO BEEGOL Brazil
Renan Bandeira, Computer Science, Software Engineering, University of Ceara, shares global "work from anywhere" experience, tips for Young and Old. Brazilians working internationally without leaving home!
Uriel Jaroslawski, Specialist in Urban Mobility, E-Commerce, Machine learning, Marketplace, worked in Chile , Argentina, studied High Performance Computing Carnegie Mellon University, Pittsburgh, CPO & CTO Quicko Brazil.
Flavio Oliveira, Founder Junger Communications Amsterdam, specializing in Sustainability, Diversity, Equality, Culture, Art, Digital Marketing Strategy, International Relations, Future Thinking. Integrated Communication Strategy.
Mark Herschberg, author, talks about Career Planning, Networking, Negotiating, Communicating, Leading. All skills critical to success that no one taught you. Works anywhere in the world.
Luis Rasquilha, CEO Inova Business School, Inova Consulting, Inova Research, Inova Online and Inova Club talks about the Future, Business Opportunities in Brazil, Greater Campinas Region for Global Companies.
Jean-Yves a China Expert talks about Business across borders and cultures. Marketing Strategy to help western brands access China thru WeChat marketing and other social media platforms in the Chinese digital landscape.
Karen V. Ordones, Founder & CEO , #1 Global Platform, Marketplace, CRM, Billing, Class Management tools to equip Tutors to Establish, Grow, Manage Brand & Business Success.
Ian Houston, President and Ambassador SBN US supporting Scottish companiesto access opportunities and American entities to engage with Scotland. Ian Houston is also contibuting writer to The Herald Scotland. Talks about importance of Networking, Scottish resources,Brazil, COP26, US/UK
Erico Pastana, Co-Founder Venture Hub, Co-Director Founders Institute, Campinas Chapter, talks about why Campinas region power of attraction makes it special from other ecosystem hubs in Brazil.
Marcelo Knobel talks about Unicamp, Most etrepreneurial university, best in Computer Science,Technology. Unicorns, Power of Attraction for the University, Greater Campinas region. HIDS, International Sustainable Development Hub .
SBN an independent international organization of Scottish entrepreneurs, business leaders facilitating connectivity around the globe. Scott Dalgleish, head of marketing, talks about stonger outreach, USA , the world and Brazil in 2021.
Steve Scheibe has lived in Brazil, knows it well, every year he forcasts regarding Brazil. Here we discuss 11 predictions for 2021 including economy, unemployment, inflation and impeachment of Pres. Bolsonaro, You will want to listen.
Andre Chaves, Chief Growth Officer, Squadra Ventures talks about exploring new paths, new discoveries, new thoughts tol become reality in 10 to 20 years, Outlook 2021 tech driven projects in Brazil.
Yassine Regragui shares experience in China and Fintech, Alibaba, Alipay , Open Finance, AI, Cloud, Blockchain, online2offline, click&collect, New Retail, much more!
Victoria shares her story of soccer, studies in Campinas, Brazil, to scholarship, playing at University of Louisiana Lafayette, now MBA in Finance.
Rafael talks of the success, 2021 plans. Think Global Initiative organizes In-person and Online Bootcamps, In-Company training to change mindset to global thinking and international immersion.
Rafael Fulton Fernandes studied and worked in Brazil, Germany the US, shares his passion, how he sees Diversity, Equality and Inclusionin Brazil, Europe, the US at schools and the corporate world.
Filipe de Souza Shares Global Business, World´s Fastest Growing Online Marketplace Platform for Tutors and Mentors.
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