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Author: Jensen Karp & Danielle Fishel Karp

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Jensen Karp and Danielle Fishel Karp sit down to dissect the Cameo website, one celebrity at a time. Is your favorite reality star, athlete or teen famous for eating Tide Pods on TikTok worth your hard earned dollar? We will let you know. We’ll also be releasing some other podcasts on this feed to give you a taste of our Patreon - which you can see at
Theme song by Jordan Katz & Kenny Segal
7 Episodes
Jensen & Danielle check out the Cameo pages of American Idol superstar William Hung, R&B singer Keri Hilson and NBA dad Lavar Ball to decide who deserves your money and who deserves a pass. And remember to rate & review us on Apple Podcasts for your chance to win a $50 giftcard to We'll name two winners during ep. 8, so send a screenshot of your review to to win. Or, if you don't use Apple Podcasts, send a screenshot of a tweet or IG post promoting the show - that'll also work!
Jensen & Danielle jump into the Cameo accounts of the anti-lucid NFL legend Terry Bradhsaw, famous IG pet Tuna Melts My Heart and everyone's favorite grandmother, Beverly D'Angelo. Who is worth the duckets and who gets put in a bucket?
Jensen and Danielle take on three new Cameo accounts, opening the Pandora's Box of voice actors with John Kassir (aka The Cryptkeeper), grappling with Wrestling legend Kurt Angle and popping off with Dermatological sensation Dr. Sandra Lee. Should you spend your money or keep it in your wallet?
This week, Jensen and Danielle continue their deep dive into Cameo accounts with rap legend Flava Flav, reality TV star / crystal enthusiast Spencer Pratt and '80s pop icon Debbie Gibson. It's time to find out who is overpriced and who is a bargain.
Jensen & Danielle return for a deep dive into the Cameo accounts of former Trump spouse Marla Maples, Seinfeld character actor Larry Thomas and viral sensation JoJo Siwa. Who's a good deal and who's just phoning it in?
For the first real episode, Jensen & Danielle take a look at the Cameo accounts of football legend Brett Favre, reality star, Bethany Frankel, & viral sensation Backpack Kid. Is there a good deal amongst the group? Find out with us...



Here's a little trailer of what's to come!
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