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Author: 23 Aaron

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A show hosted by 23 Aaron, Jamie Bishop & Justin Proulx

From week to week, there will be special guests, interesting topics, and even community questions. If you'd like to take part in the podcast, contact @TalkBoardLive on Twitter.
8 Episodes
Aaron and Jack are joined by Ethan, the main developer behind the upcoming watchOS utility "brenbreak" and CoolStar, a prominent developer within the community about watchOS, what tweaks would be good for it, and typing in WiFi passwords.
Aaron and new host Jack are joined by Kirb, a maintainer of one of the largest repos around, for a talk about package managers, their saturation, and depictions.
Worst. Chess Game. Ever.

Worst. Chess Game. Ever.


Aaron and Jamie are joined by Siguza, Lailo and Sparkey to discuss exploits, tools and dodgy power banks.
The iPhone 11th Hour

The iPhone 11th Hour


Aaron and Justin are joined by Ayden, a talented developer, and Sparkey, a prominent iOS security researcher, and discuss the new iPhones, Watches, and the future of iOS.
In this episode, Aaron, Justin and Triangle discuss 12.4 A12 Progress, Emulators and what shade of pink is "salmon".
A Tale of Two Repos

A Tale of Two Repos


Andy Wiik, head of the Packix repo, and, Kirb, head of the Chariz repo join Jamie and Justin for a talk about package managers, repo merging and holidays in Florida.
This week, Aaron and Jamie are joined by the other Dynastic members (bar José who never returned from Best Buy) and discuss influences, legal drinking ages, and the worst things we've ever made.
The unc0ver Dark team guest star in the first episode, discussing everything from first coding and jailbreaking experiences all the way to the future of jailbreaking, and the John Cena theme tune.
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