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A thought-provoking platform discussing issues related to Islam & Muslims. Providing a unique outlook on recent political events and how they impact the Muslims today.
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In the 10th year of Prophethood the Messenger (SAW) approached visiting tribes, calling them to Islam and asking for their support (nusrah) until Allah gave him victory. Some tribes outright rejected him whilst others placed conditions on their offer of support. What was the response of the Messenger (SAW) to these conditional offers and did the support include a request to seize power as some argue?
Who is the Deep State? Are they shadowy characters hidden away from the public? The Illuminati? Or Reptilians in human costumes? There has been an increased mention of the Deep State in mainstream media over recent months, and in particular in reference to its opposition to former US President Donald Trump. In this week's Podcast we delve into this notion of a Deep State. Special Guest: Mazhar.
Following the year of sorrow, Allah (SWT) blessed the Messenger (SAW) with Israa' wal Miraaj where he was taken from Masjid al-Haram to Masjid Al-Aqsa and ascended through the 7 heavens to Allah (SWT) in one night. This event highlighted the leadership and finality of Muhammad (SAW) amongst all the great Prophets of Allah (AS) and the blessed status of Al-Aqsa and its surroundings. We discuss how the Sahabah and the great Muslim leaders of the past understood the significance of Al-Aqsa and strived to ensure it was protected under the authority of Islam, however the leaders of today seek to maintain its occupation by normalising relations with the Zionists and pave the way for the the US Deal of the Century to be implemented.
Calls to ban political Islam are gaining momentum in the West, following recent comments by Austria's Chancellor Sebastian Kurz and France's President Emanuel Macron. They have charged political Islam with causing "terrorism", with their real objective being to change Islam and secularise Muslims. In this week's Podcast we explain the importance of the political aspect of Islam, why the West is threatened by it and what Muslims must do to counteract this open attack on Islam. Special Guests: Aftab and Rashel.
Three great calamities befell the Messenger (SAW) in the year of sorrow. The death of his close uncle Abu Talib, followed by the death of his beloved wife, Khadijah (RA), and finally the humiliating rejection by Banu Thaqif after he approached them for protection. Although these events would have caused immense personal grief and physical harm for the Messenger (SAW), to what extent did these events impact the Da'wah and mission of the Messenger (SAW)?
France's secular attack on Islam and the Messenger (SAW) has unified the Ummah in her defence of the Messenger (SAW) through the boycott of French products and mass protests, causing Macron to back track and soften his stance. In this episode we discuss the impact of these efforts and whether the recent "terrorist attacks" in France and Austria are a deliberate attempt to distract the Muslims from taking a unified stance against France and Secularism. Special Guests: Jahirul and Rashel.
In an increasingly hostile environment with no end to the persecution at the hands of Quraysh in sight, the Messenger (SAW) allowed the Muslims to migrate to Abyssinia for protection under a just king, An-Najashi. However, were the migrations to Abyssinia only about fleeing persecution or was there a political objective that the Messenger (SAW) sought to achieve?
Sudan are the latest country to Normalise relations with "Israel" this week after Saudi Arabia paid the £259m compensation to the US to remove Sudan from the US list of State Sponsors of terrorism. In this week's Podcast we discuss these Normalisations, as part of Trump's Deal of the Century and how they pave the path for the permanent extinction of Palestine. We also discuss the role of these treacherous Muslim rulers and whether Saudi Arabia will be next. Special Guest: Rashel.
On the 2nd of October 2020 French President Emmanuel Macron described Islam as a religion in crisis all over the world in his high-profile address on battling Islamic "radicalism" and the "parallel society" of Muslims in France. In this Podcast, we analyse this latest attack on Islam and Muslims in France and discuss what Macron is referring to when he mentions 'Islamic Separatism' and his proposed laws to "defend the republic and its values...". We also highlight the hypocrisy of the West when dealing with Islam and whether Islam is in crisis or whether the crisis stems from Laïcité (Secularism)? Special Guest: Rashel.
The Ummah is suffering one of its darkest periods in the history of Islam, whether it be the persecution of Muslims in Palestine, Iraq, Syria, Burma or Kashmir. In response, many sincere Muslims have resorted to charity and dedicated their time, wealth and efforts to raise vast sums to help their brothers and sisters suffering in war-torn and poverty stricken lands, but is charity or Sadaqah the solution? In this episode we examine the concept of charity and deconstruct how Sadaqah should be understood correctly and its purpose in Islam. Special Guest: Mazhar.
In an attempt to end the mission of the Messenger ﷺ, the Quraysh initiated an economic and social boycott against the Muslims and the Hashemites causing immense suffering. In this episode we discuss how the hostile environment generated by the Quraysh led to the conversion of two of Islam’s greatest prior to the 3-year siege that the Muslims withstood, continuing with their noble mission.
The conversion of Hagia Sofia back to a mosque and the growing interest in Turkey's Ottoman roots has stirred the imagination of Muslims across the globe. In this Podcast we had the pleasure of discussing the significance of the growing Islamic sentiment in a Turkey led by Recep Tayyip Erdoğan with Dr Yakoob Ahmed (PhD graduate from SOAS, University of London, Ottoman historian, teaching Islamic history at Istanbul University).
The Quraysh launched numerous attacks on Islam and the early Muslims to subvert and bring a halt to the Da'wah. In this episode we discuss how the Messenger ﷺ and the Sahabah remained strong in their stance and persevered with their noble mission.
After a long absence the Talking Seerah podcast is back! In this episode we discuss the miraculous nature of the Qur'an which baffled the disbelievers who took pride in their language and speech, proved Muhammad ﷺ to be the Messenger of Allah beyond doubt and set a challenge for the whole of mankind which will continue to be unmatched and unrivalled.
The killing of George Floyd has reignited racial tensions between police and black people in America and protests have become widespread. This incident adds to a long list of racially motivated murders in America by police authorities, but is racism limited to the police and parts of the country or does it run far deeper? SIM from the Mad Mamluks joins the Talking Deen podcast to provide insight directly from America Special Guests: Jahirul and Rashel.
This week Voice of the Ummah welcomes the YouTube sensation Smile2Jannah AKA Zeeshan Ali. Being in lockdown won't stop us from bringing you brilliant guests and important topics! Zeeshan's unique style of bringing together Islam, Comedy and Current Affairs packaged into short videos for the masses has helped him gain an avid following. He's also a teacher by trade and understands the challenges that Muslim Youth continue to face and imparts some brilliant advice for parents about the dangers of Social Media and Western Pop Culture; doing so in his light-hearted style. Tune in and don't miss out! Special Guest: Rashel.
With the continued lockdown situation here in Britain and many parts of the world, VOTU brings you another episode with a special guest appearance. This time we welcome Tauqir 'Tox' Sharif, an activist on the ground in Idlib, Syria to talk about the impact of COVID-19 in Syria and the comparison with the situation in the West. We also speak about the latest on Tox's British citizenship revocation and how it highlights the double standards of the Capitalist system. Special Guest: Jahirul.
Another week in quarantine and another Talking Deen podcast brought to you by VOTU. This week we welcome back Daniel Haqiqatjou, founder of and the Alasna Institute to talk about the continued lockdown situation due to the Coronavirus pandemic. We also speak about the opportunity of spending more time with our families, especially the children and the importance of preparing them against the corrupt ideas they are being taught in schools such as aggressive liberalism; LGBTQ and feminism. Special Guest: Rashel.
The government have introduced stricter measures to ensure social distancing but with modern technology, even in self-isolation and quarantine, that doesn’t stop us from bringing you another Talking Deen Podcast! With the ongoing coronavirus situation, what else can we speak about but COVID-19? In this episode we discuss the virus and its impact on Western populations, their economies, the global political implications, how Muslims should deal with it and how an Islamic system would respond to this global crisis. Special Guest: Jahirul.
What makes the land of Al-Quds so important? Do our actions demonstrate how much we love Al-Aqsa? Don't we have a duty to remind future generations of its significance? This week's podcast is dedicated to the land of Palestine and the blessed Al-Aqsa; the brothers discuss these questions and more, so that we know why this land can never be forgotten or given away. Special Guest: Rashel.
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Abu Rumaysah

excellent analysis and great insight. keep it up brothers. Looking forward to the next one.

Dec 29th
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