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Author: Tommy Marquez & Sean Woodland

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CrossFit Games Analysts Sean Woodland and Tommy Marquez, alongside filmmakers Heber Cannon, and Marston Sawyers, bring you all the latest information, updates, and analysis on the sport of fitness, and the CrossFit community.
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Inclement weather has forced us inside Tommy's hotel room to recap the opening day of individual competition at the 2021 No Bull CrossFit Games. Tia Toomey is dominating on the women's side while the men's leaderboard is getting put in a blender after every event. Sean and Tommy discuss what stood out, who impressed and who surprised through the first four events.
Competition is underway at the 2021 No Bull CrossFit Games! Derek Forrest, host of Day at the Games, joins Sean and Tommy to recap some of the highlights from the Age Groups and Adaptive divisions and preview day one for the Individuals on Wednesday. Plus, the Buttery Bros make a quick appearance after their trip to a water park. The fun continues on this Gone Camping edition of Talking Elite Fitness.
They made it! Sean and Tommy have set up shop in Madison and are ready for the 2021 No Bull CrossFit Games. It was a busy news day at the Alliant Energy Center. A big name has had to withdraw from the women's competition due to a positive COVID-19 test, a men's veteran is calling it quits after this season and Dave Castro reveals the full opening test for the individuals. Pull up a folding chair, grab a frosty frothwagon and take a listen!
Todd Meleny is the Chief Marketing Officer for No Bull and he is an extremely busy man right now. He and his team are putting the finishing touches on everything at the Alliant Energy Center for the 2021 No Bull CrossFit Games. Meleny took some time out of his busy schedule to sit down with Tommy Marquez. Meleny talks about the experience they are hoping to provide for every athlete at the Games, how they're accommodating the adaptive athletes, the pressure he is feeling heading into the Games and how they've managed to fit a year's worth of work into a 3-month time span.
What are the best moments, events and equipment in the history of the CrossFit Games? Bill Grundler and Chase Ingraham join Sean and Tommy to decide just that. They pick their favorite moments from the men's and women's competition, their top pieces of equipment and the best events from the past 14 years. Get ready for a fun trip down memory lane!
Jeffrey Adler is making his 3rd straight individual appearance at the CrossFit Games. He was one of five men to compete in the in-person portion of the CrossFit Games in 2020 and took 5th overall. Tommy Marquez talks with him and coach Caroline Lambray about the experience of competing at the Games last year, expectations for 2021 and how Jeffrey is excited to get on the floor at the Coliseum at the Alliant Energy Center for the first time in his career.
We are less than a week away from the beginning of the individual competition at the 2021 No Bull CrossFit Games. Official Friend of the Show Brian Friend joins Sean and Tommy to break down the men's and women's divisions. Who are the podium contenders? Who are the dark horses and who has a chance of being crowned the Fittest on Earth. Plus, they give you their picks for the top five finishers for the men and women.
Jayson Hopper is set to make his CrossFit Games debut after winning the Mid Atlantic CrossFit Challenge. He was the only rookie to finish first at an in-person semifinal. Hopper talks with Sean and Tommy about how he found CrossFit, why he was confident he could show up and win the MACC, what his expectations are for his first ever appearance at the Games and what he is most likely listening to if you ever see him wearing headphones.
Sam Cournoyer will be making his 3rd straight appearance at the CrossFit Games later this month. He his coming off the best finish of his career in 2020 when he took 10th. Cournoyer talks with Sean and Tommy about training with Rich Froning and the Mayhem crew, what his expectations are for the Games this year and how a car accident led him to his competitive career in CrossFit.
Pat Vellner is making his 6th consecutive appearance as an individual at the CrossFit Games.  He has finished on the podium three times including a 2nd place finish in 2018.  Vellner talks about how he's preparing for the 2021 No Bull CrossFit Games, what it's like competing without Mat Fraser in the picture and why he thinks this could be the year he is crowned the Fittest on Earth.
Each day we are learning a little bit more about the test that awaits the athletes at the 2021 No Bull CrossFit Games. Dave Castro and some friends continue to clue us in. Sean and Tommy talk about what we know and what it could mean. Two qualifying teams from the Granite Games have failed drug tests. How does this keep happening? Plus, C.J. Martin from CrossFit Invictus stops by to talk about the two teams he's sending to the Games, how much it costs to get them there and what he thinks their chances are of ending up on the podium.
Nothing goes better together than food and fitness! Celebrity Chef Antonia Lofaso joins Sean and Tommy to talk about her love of cooking and her love of CrossFit. Lofaso has appeared on shows like Top Chef: Chicago, Top Chef: All Stars CNBC's Restaurant Startup, Food Network's Cutthroat Kitchen, Man vs. Child and Tournament of Champions. Chef Lofaso also owns the restaurants Scopa, Black Market Liquor Bar and DAMA in Los Angeles.  She talks about her journey from warming soup at Wolfgang Puck's Spago to opening her own establishments, how she found CrossFit and the lessons she's learned about life and success inside the gym.
CrossFit has a new President! Sean and Tommy discuss the recent hiring of Jason Dunlop, his resume and how he can help CrossFit's global growth. The Games schedule is changing and the new format will look familiar to longtime fans. The Last Chance Qualifier is done and the CrossFit Games field is complete. Sean and Tommy talk about why they think the new addition to the season worked perfectly.
There's a new affiliate programming service in town. CrossFit unveiled its CrossFit Affiliate Programming (CAP) earlier this week. Sean and Tommy talk about what it is and why they think it's a win for everyone involved. Plus, they revisit the eight questions they had before the start of the semifinals. Which ones had clear answers, which ones still aren't settled and which ones provided the biggest surprises?
The pressure will be on the athletes competing this weekend at the Last Chance Qualifier and that meant the pressure is also getting turned up on this week's edition of Podium Picks. Official Friend of the Show Brian Friend joins Sean and Tommy as they draft the athletes they think will do the best in the overall standings and in certain events. Four people will be earning a trip to the CrossFit Games, but only one person will be crowned the winner of this episode.
Earlier this month CrossFit and WIT Fitness announced a multi-year e-commerce and retail deal that will allow WIT to operate an official online CrossFit store and sell CrossFit-branded gear at its brick and mortar location in London. CEO and founder of WIT, Dan Williams joins Sean and Tommy to talk about why the deal is a good fit for his company, the failed attempt to get a deal done with CrossFit a few years ago, how Nike has influenced the WIT brand and experience and what the future holds for the partnership with CrossFit.
Sean and Tommy finally have a chance to address the situation surrounding Emma Tall and it escalates quickly. Disagreements are had, good points are made and possible solutions and changes moving forward are offered. Cheating accusations are flying around in South Africa following the BCC. Find out what's going on and why there probably isn't a solution to be had. And the last week of Semifinals is in the books. Sean and Tommy talk about who caught their eyes, who should be considered a favorite in Madison and why it must be nice to be good at everything like Mat Fraser.
Vegas, baby! Tommy Marquez is so money and he doesn't even know it! He stopped by check in at the West Coast Classic on Thursday afternoon to talk with athletes on the eve of the final weekend of semifinal competition.  Up and coming athletes Dallin Pepper and James Sprague sit down with Tommy to talk about the men's side of the competition while Regan Huckaby and Dani Speegle cover the women. 
We are down to the final week of semifinals! Sean, Tommy and Official Friend of the Show Brian Friend preview the final three competitions taking place this weekend. The West Coast Classic will be held in-person in Las Vegas while the other two will be virtual.  Find out who are the favorites, who are the dark horses, who may be in for a struggle and who could surprise for the men, women and teams.  
After two weeks of in-person competition the CrossFit Games semifinals go virtual.  Sean and Tommy recap the CrossFit German Throwdown, the CrossFit Lowlands Throwdown and the Brazil CrossFit Championship.  Who impressed, who surprised and who emerged as potential podium contenders at the Games?  Plus, WIT signs a multi-year deal to operate an official online CrossFit store, sell CrossFit-branded gear at their flagship London store and future physical locations globally, and have a retail presence at the CrossFit Games and other CrossFit events.
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Fabrice Rehmann


Aug 15th

William Roark

crystal Lucas gofundme! Thank you Talking elite fitness for spreading the word! greatly appreciated!

Oct 25th


is the rogue invitational the new elite functional fitness comp?

Aug 30th


"this is the vision glassman has for the company and how he wants to run it" (paraphrased quote). my question then is, considering the recent crossfit games and recent company decisions, is glassman the best person to run crossfit?

Aug 30th

Michal Segal

ugh the audio 👎

Aug 7th
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i agree with you guys 1,000%

Aug 5th
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Paul Turner

you guys are hit and miss with interviews, sounded more like an interrogation...have personality fellas...

Jun 3rd

Paul Turner

Great pod this week 👍 lets see what happens to Macyntire...

Jun 3rd

Maurizio Petito

"Episode source unavailable. Castbox can't play it" please fix this

May 24th

Sam Smith

this is an important podcast for the next era of the games. Updates and analysis are so good to listen to

Jan 22nd
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