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Today, one of the last things Scopely has NEVER sold (or have they?) went on sale. Rep bundle packs but their launch, like everything else this month, did not go as planned. As a result, players got the best buy 1 get 10 free sale ever on record. PLUS we take a look back on the roughest month of the year as we grade this introductory DS9 arc. Was it as bad as everyone says? ORRRR are there a few shiny spots? Let's look from multiple angles as we break down this tragic month.  visit us online at for links to our socials! 
Today's show comes hot off the emotional high that was Saturday's event launch disaster. First Sisko was pulled, then he was offered again later, but without synergy, miles, OR a paired sms in a different type of spend event.... Could the outcome have been better? Does this actually benefit SOME players? Why was the change a problem in the first place? All this is discussed THEN we talk about WHY IT MATTERS? Is Sisko even worth owning? Let's break down their purpose, how they work, and what they do in our DS9 Teaching segment today. All this and more. Thanks for listening! Visit us online at for more links! 
Tonight what was supposed to be a short show turned marathon when discussing the intricacies of the Alliance Starbase feature and all the obvious, and not so obvious benefits of this loop. What should NON commodores/admirals be doing? and what is in it for them? And are f2p enjoying this loop more than just about anything this entire year? WHY? All this and more, PLUS an update on Bubba's and Tr8r's philanthropy project.  Visit us online at for links to our socials and to support the channels! 
Today's show had a lot of content as we begin with a walk down memory lane and reminds you guys about Liam, our brave little warrior from a year ago. We also meet a new young man today, Bryce, and we're reminded how trivial this game can be sometimes. BUT, that won't stop us from complaining about the calendar changes this week. Plus NEW info on Espionage, and insight into the ASB loop. All this and more, plus.... omg..... just..... wait for it....  Visit us online at for more. 
Tonight folks, we get into some super nerdy science math that eventually, after hours of testing, points to a simple, and common occurrence.... the Harvester is bugged.... BUUUUT not in a way that necessarily HURTS players, but definitely DOES NOT do anything to help with the clarity of the new ASB or it's mechanics. Let's talk about WHAT'S VALUABLE about the ASB, and what's the most valuable as you progress through this loop, as well as break down what's wrong with plasma mining. Then we'll step into the world of spycraft and investigation as we briefly touch on Espionage, and move then into DS9 crew, and finally, new heavy hitter mechanics. Long show? hold my milk... let's go folks  Visit our website at for more links to our socials. 
Today's show is one that's relatively rare. Not many instances in the past has Talking Trek actually broken LIVE ACTION news that is so pressing, that we abandon all of our typical show elements to bring you the hard hitting facts LIVE and as they happen. But today was one of those days.... Talking Trek dives into the decision made by scopely today regarding a very long standing mechanic, the Green Goddess, Gaila. Let's find out what happened behind the curtains, and find out what Scopely's intent was behind such a drastic change.  Visit our website for more information at  
Here's what we know. it ain't much, BUT we can share some info, and thank President Eco for stopping by to keep us updated on the Emergency Maintenance that's occurring this morning. Take a listen! 
Today's show contained some INCREDIBLE debate and discussion over many of the major points of this arc, from the materials refinery, to the Mantis PVE loop and the Mantis PVP abilities, to the new Strike Team officers, and the overall PvP "meta" of this game. Then ultimately, we pass final judgement, and it may surprise some folks. PLUS a hint towards the September launch of DS9. All this and more on today's humpday edition of Talking Trek! Visit our website at to visit our socials and join our Gold Patrons Club! 
Tonight's show was extended and conversations on Strike Team, Mantis, Event Store loot and what to buy, as well as things to come all commanded an appearance today on our show. Details aren't important.... Enjoy the show ;)  Visit us online at for links to our other socials and platforms. 
Of course we're talking about the length of the show.... or the pace of progression, or the scaling back of progression time through an earlier loop, or the event store? There have been many reasons to be fussy with this arc, but it's TURNING out to be one of the better ones in terms of pivot, reaction, and feedback based change. What is the final projected loot count? What is the hard math on Syndicate advancement? And what events do you need to prep for in the final days of the arc as we head into week 3. Let's dive in...  Visit our website at for links to our socials and gold members club! 
Tonight's show went from silly, to DEEP math, to silly, to fresh perspective, to disney, to marvel, to late night deliriousnessnessness. It's 1am. Dont' expect me to write anything soul stirring and provocative. Enjoy the show and LEARN in this episode, be it now or within 3 months, HOW to use this Mantis at it's early tiers effectively and as rewarding as possible.  Please visit our website at for links to our socials. 
Tonight we had big plans on lots of math. So we got to SOME of it, but we got into a great discussion on the Mantis, and it's abilities. This multifaceted ship has been great for some folks and not so much for others. What are the differences, and does it punish higher ops level players MORE than lower? So let's find out WHAT it is, and why it's having an impact. President Eco hangs out tonight to talk a little about EVERYTHING and to soak up some of that Talking Trek knowledge. Please share with your teams, sub to the channels, and ENJOY the show! Visit us online at  
Today we take a step back and do OUR BEST to objectively explain what we can about this arc. The Mantis and it's loop are discussed early, despite how bad it may be, (or is it?) as well as discussing the Syndicate Prime research, the event store loot count/payouts, and many other things at a surface level on this arc. This is a can't miss episode, whether you own the Mantis, or not.  Visit us online at for links to our socials. 
In this Talking in Carz with DJz episode, we half mechanically and half emotionally break down the upcoming content of the August arc. What are the mechanics, and what does the math say? on the other hand, what do our feelings and emotions say about paywalled content, REGARDLESS of your ops? THEN, the epic finale of today's show starts with President Eco comes in to chat with Ripper, DJz and Rev about this patch. What happened after? You will just need to listen....  Visit us online at for links to our platforms and socials.   
Tonight, the show is stuck between a rock and a hardplace. The rock is July and the hardplace is August. With the upcoming finale of Strange New Worlds in Star Trek Fleet Command, we see early disappointment, the introduction of a new time sync and more opportunities to of course, spend money. DJz teams up with Ripper and BekLikesPlants to provide to you 3 hints tonight pertaining to what is coming in only days. Plus a quick friendly reminder on Borgmada mechanics, and a healthy discussion on Pitbull. Please share with your friends, sub to our channels, and ENJOY the show!  Visit us online at for links to our platforms and socials. 
This episode continues to try to breakdown the failures of incursions, as well as dig through possible fixes as we move out of July and into potential future runs of the dynamic and divisive new feature. Plus a tribute to Nichelle Nichols, a review of TWO battlepass's this month, officer sourcing, and so much more, plus, the laziest hint ever given on this show.  Visit our website to support the show on Patreon by visiting  
Tonight was a lot of info crammed into a little space. President Eco stopped by to talk about the San Diego Comic Con and what happened there, plus provide some feedback and have some convos on incursions and changes we can expect for the upcoming run. Plus PvP is discussed again and ways to possibly improve it. Then we moved on to bubba's newfound positivity, the officer flashpass, syndicate xp, and SNW pike. Lots of info jammed into this rare July airing.  Visit us online at for more info and links! 
So incursions went off as planned, and TECHNICALLY speaking, it worked for the most part. But there were a few little things, some in engineering, some in design, and others just in perception that Scopely could probably tweak on to make this a little bit better. Today, DJz takes a back seat and let's the community drive the discussion as APAC, US, and EU players sound off on the latest new style of event to hit the STFC Galaxy.  Visit us online at to find links to our show, our Patreon program, our Twitch, YT and so much more! 
Tonight DJz was on the defensive when discussing incursions and what they brought this past week. Obviously they didn't work perfectly, but there were a lot of things that went right, and moreover, we take a deep dive into the events that WILL present this coming week, and how they paid. Will players be rewarded? or is this another miss when it comes to event payouts? Plus we take another peek at the SNW officers, and answer questions on incursions and how they're SUPPOSED to roll out this week!  Visit for links to our socials and platforms, and thank you for listening! 
DJz is on vacation, so Bubba n Company decide to take an approach on what players want out of arc building. What do players feel is important when constructing an arc? What are the event rewards SUPPOSED to be? How should event mechanics intertwine with eachother? On this community roundtable, players sound off on their wishlist for 'the perfect monthly arc.'  Visit us online at for all our links to our socials and platforms! 
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