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Author: UltimatDJz

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Talking all about Star Trek Fleet Command in a kinda funny, kinda sad kinda way. Get tips and tricks, inside info, and win prizes! All right here with your host, UltimatDJz.
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This episode hopefully closes the book on what appeared to be a dreadful arc, with a few shiny spots. But sadly, when you really look at it, this can only be just the beginning. With such a terrible state of PVP as it stands today, what can come that possibly makes this better? New officers must complete the set, but those abilities will do nothing to solve the damage output problem. Where do we go from here?  Visit for more info!
This month felt strange... DJz and Bubba talk about the OBJECTIVE facts of the month vs how it felt to some players. Was there as much focus around the good things this month or were they drowned out by what felt like super aggressive sales tactics? And what does Scopely do from here?  Let's wrap this arc and move look forward to our next month and hope that it looks and feels better! Visit us online at  
WARNING: This is a highly volatile and emotional episode that contains some moments of intense passion, raw language, and some sibling fighting... Listen at your own risk, NSFW.    Tonight, the frustrations of the community come to a head as even the panel unleashes on eachother about the latest blunders by Scopely decision makers. In what will no doubt be referred to for a long time to come as the "death of pvp" some players have strong reactions to Scopely's well considered 'plan.'  Plus discussions regarding the Monaveen and the new Territory Capture revamp ALSO get heated.... This was a show that you simply can't miss. Visit online at
Was Freeman the problem? Or the straw that broke the camel's back? PLUS Digital Marketing Director Bek stops by to talk about the organization of the LA trip and some of the content we can look forward to as we proceed through the next three months towards the global 5 year anniversary! Plus some great inside scoops from the background shenanigans that was the LA trip with Content Creators.  Visit us online at for more  
Join DJz, Tr8r, and Ripper as we invade Scopely HQ and sit down with Emperor Eco AS WELL as FOUR of the team members at live ops! Let's revisit some of their favorite events to design and build and see if the players loved them as much as they did! PLUS we talk about the future gameplay of this MMO and what it CAN look like, vs what it looks like today. All this and more on this VERY special INSIDE THE SCOPELY STUDIOS episode of Talking Trek LIVE!
Let's get it on! A new arc. New officers with a potent new ability. Is this too much too fast? What about strike team? How can we get our hands on these officers this month? What is the new ship and loop? Let's break it all down! Visit us online at for more info  
The title of the show should raise a few eyebrows right? Not much else to say... I'll let the episode do the talking.  Find more on our website at  
Today was chock full of subtle hints as we prepare and educate on VERY SPECIFIC, DEEP mechanical processes about hull breach, artifact procs, armada stars, battle log orders, and suggested mechanical strategies regarding HOW to manipulate your battle log processes to achieve outcomes. This is ABOUT as nerdy as it gets folks. THEN we talk about isolytic cascade. An in depth analysis will show that this new form of buff is much different than previous styles of buff, in that it will continue to grow, scale, and improve over time, instead of turning old, and becoming out of date. Listen to this deep dive on Cascade, and what DJz refers to as, "the future of STFC."  Visit us online at for more
Tonight Talking Trek hosts Spocks Club Creator JuneBree as he celebrates a major milestone in player convenience and planning as Spocks.Club launches a brand new feature! Hear all about how to use it, what it does, and why you should visit them today! PLUS, Bubba Joe teaches us about Hull Breach proccing order in a battle log. Who should be running BLT? And who should be running Gorkon/Lorca? Where does BLT go? Let's find out more as Professor Joe teaches HB in armadas tonight! Visit and support JuneBree and his team here!!! Email your contest Entries for Tr8r and Truckin's Top Tunes to LLAP you crazy kittens!  Visit us online at
PLUS Realta Racing... solid idea? needs tweaks? Probably right on both counts, but some others weren't amused. Plus.... a musical tour during the second segment that you absolutely MUST listen to... Tr8r LOVED IT!  Visit for more info  
Tonight's show will drop some potentially interesting information regarding a new punch up crew for solo armadas, that surprises DJz as much as it does Karkun and many others in the community. Bubba claims "I called it" and EveryWhereItMatters claims victory. PLUS pitfalls within the new FC content, and a smidge on a variety of other arc related topics including news updates on FT and 7of9's Heroic SMS this weekend! Visit us online at for more  
Tonight featured players on both sides of the aisle discussing the heroic SMS for 7 of 9 that offers players a COMPLETE and FULL epic unlock, but for a VERY heavy material spend. Does it make sense? What is the backbone justification? What is the math valuation? Let's take a look at history and see what "price tag" Scopely set for this month's Epic feature.    Visit online at for more!
Lots to digest in this episode as we just begin to scratch the surface on the content that dropped in this monthly arc. Believe it or not, there was a ton of content that needs analysis and a lot of mechanics and tools that need to be closely examined, including costs, acquisition, and viability as we close out the Voyager Seasonal Arc.  Visit for more!
Eco joins the discussion this morning as we break down some of the new things coming this month, where they can be found, and what bugs are already present and what is being done about them. Plus information on the new forbidden technology, officer sourcing, and rare formation armadas. All this and more! Enjoy the listen! 
Tonight servers across the galaxy lick wounds from their incursions beatings, but let's not pretend it falls on one player EVERY single time... PLUS Bubba and DJz take a loooooong dance to illustrate a very short point. THIS mechanic will be necessary in the upcoming Rare Formation Armada content. BUT. Who PERFORMS that mechanic better for you? That will depend on your progression. Find out why AND FINALLY hear DJz slaughter Bubba Joe in a round of Fantasy Fleet Command. All this and more!  Visit us online at for more  
Lots to uncover in this extended show! First we break into Forbidden Technology. Hit or Miss? Is it worth investing in? Is it worth playing in? Then we look at Q's Trials, the Voyager SuperScout systems and IFFFF triple max pulling everything is STILL necessary... Lastly week two of the Summer Hunt... And final ratings of the entire month of July. All this and more! Enjoy the show! Visit us online at for more
Today was our first studio show back from vacation and of course, it ran a little long. But some GREAT conversation on the Summer Hunt event series, the interim Battlepass as compared to the Officer Flash Pass, and some on the surface discussion on Forbidden Technology as we prepare to rate this arc in the coming days. The conversation was amazing as always, so enjoy the show!  Visit us online at for more info! 
EXPLICIT CONTENT WARNING; Ain't gonna lie. Haven't listened to this. So whatever happens happens! The Cat is Away, so the Gang will Play!
PLUS what constitutes Free 2 Play? a myriad of definitions are throne at the stage and we have a spirited conversation on what that means. ALSO, what has the UI team done that's new, exciting, valueable, and 4 years overdue? Let's praise a job well done when it comes to MATH! All this and more! Visit our website at for more info!
Tonight was all straight to the point. No stupid news, no commercial breaks, just live commentary DIRECTLY from Scopely HQ on what's happening and how you can adapt to the technological problems associated with the new arc and it's feature. Hear from Eco via text announcement and the workarounds already presented by the Talking Trek Community. More information to come as it's available!  Visit our website at for more.
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