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DS9 Pt 3 Final Grades

DS9 Pt 3 Final Grades


Lots of moving pieces this arc contributed to the conversation today but they still ultimately all have to blend together for a final grade. Plus a hint towards December and mechanical updates for Espionage! Please share with your team and enjoy the listen Visit us online at for links to our socials. 
Tonight we had a spirited debate on the 'etiquette' of accepting gifts as well as a ray of hope from CM BekLikesPlants regarding the remainder of the 4 day Anniversary Series. What would have been a more well rounded appreciated anniversary gift? Well, the player base SEEMED divided on this tonight as we break down what COULD have come, and what may still yet.  THEN we break into the USS Defiant as it's introductory arc comes to a close and discuss how impactful it was for players at various ops levels. And finally we look at Weyoun sourcing and find out how close some players came. Is this ultimately worse or better for all parties involved? We'll look at some analytics and see if this model is likely to return.  All this and more on the show tonight! Plz visit our website to find links to all our socials at  
Today President Eco stops by with a ton of answers for the community on some of the biggest questions sourced by DJz and Rev Deuce. Some answers contain surprisingly good news and it was very nice to have him on the stage WITHOUT him leaving with two black eyes and a bloody nose. Join DJz and Rev as we simulcast and connect with Scopely through our beloved CM, President Eco.  After the break we touch on the Weyoun sourcing MTD and start to compile our Christmas Event Store wishlist within the community. We give out tons of information on the giveaways we have coming up for the holidays and invite you to be a part of our biggest Secret Santa Kitty promotion EVER! All this and more on today's show! Happy Holidays folks! Visit our website for more info at  
Tonight we take a look deeply at the math of the Armory building and if it's worth the squeeze. It's certainly a long path and one thing that we HAVE learned is that things up front typically look worse than they really are. That said, is this building WORTH waiting out? Or, do we need to spend on this out of the box? Plus, OliverDJz stops by and we touch on a dirty word.... "Incursions..."  All this and more on todays show! Visit us online at for more info! 
Tonight, a deep discussion on the breakdown of the new Weyoun sourcing(?) event occurred and it was surprising how much disparity there was in the feedback. What some players loved turned other players off in a way that is growing more consistent it would seem over the last few months. Is monetization getting in the way of fun? On the other hand, minus a few modifications, some players did enjoy the more relaxed pace of this style of sourcing. Is it enough? Let's break it down. Visit us online at for more info! 
Tonight we break into the November arc and with it the introduction of the Defiant, one of the most famous starships outside of the Enterprise. How did this ship introduce into the game and who benefits most from it initially? What are the ships expectations, and where does the ship eventually provide players benefit? Are there problems with scaling? and whats my free to play path? All this and more as we give early looks at the brand spankin new USS Defiant.  Visit our website for more info at 
Join DJz, Ripper, Bubba, Aaron, and President Eco as we discuss some of the new items coming this month, how they're different than prior content, and even some NON arc related action items in this information filled episode of Talking in Carz!  Visit us online at for more
Tonight took a fevered pitch as PVE players clashed with PVP players over the results of the latest run of incursions. What all players DID agree on wa that the event had problems. However, WHAT those problems were depended on the players perspective and chosen style of gameplay. Does incursions need a PVE element? And if so, how do you make it so traffic collides at some point instead of completely avoiding eachother?  Plus tonight we talk about crewing, Kira (the spy), and the myth of disappearing transporter patterns, as well as talk about the flavors of colors............ All this and more! Visit us online at for links to our socials! 
Hide yo kids, hide yo husbands, cause franklins be coming up in here!  Incursions return with a NEW event, and a new event mechanic that is driving SOME players up the wall! Let's break down what the US and APAC servers get to look forward to as the EU players test out the new event mechanics and report in! Plus, incursion REWARDS are new this time as they've added in the Mantis and BST officer shards. Is it worth it though? Let's break it down.  Plus HINT(s)!  All this and more tonight! Visit our website on for more links to our socials! 
Halloween Tricks or Treats?

Halloween Tricks or Treats?


Today was a less busy day on Talking Trek as we are in between the arcs, but we did see a new version of the Halloween events come up. Were they as sweet as years past? Plus Bubba revisits the Bajoran loop and explains why he has no regrets. And finally, now we all know, it's actually Bubba Joe that writes the stupid news..... IT ALL MAKES SENSE! Visit us online at for more info!
So maybe there was something in the drinking water up on the mountain today cause DJz was fiesty. So fiesty that we chargrilled some Eco while demonstrating that the frustration surrounding this arc was so palpable it could be cut with a chainsaw, ANNNND he made Bubba Jo mad. Why is he so mad? Cause SCOPELY!  On the brigher side today, we meet our NEWEST member of the Scopely Community team and it's a surprise! Someone we know and love and can count on to do a great job for us.  Lastly, final grades, are slightly better than expected, but still pretty low overall, and in a rare change of scenery, it seems that MOST players are actually HAPPY with Game Design this month! Is the Bajoran faction what this game needed?  All this and more on today's show, and boy, don't wanna miss this one... Visit us online at for more
Another long show, cause.... why? Who knows, but we did have some interesting conversation about Incursions and what can be done to spice those up, BESIDES offering mantis bps and strike team shards. Plus, our teaching for the night comes in the form of Bajoran favor paths. There's A LOT to do in this faction. If you're a f2p or low spend, what's the proper order in which to obtain the favors? Let's break it down. Lastly, why did this month feel gross? Let's shed our emotions as we prepare to issue our final grades.  Visit us online at for links to our socials!
Tonight we jump around a bit from basic announcements, to conspiracy theories (#KiraIsTheSpy) to a deep convo about heroic events as compared to SLB's. In the last 10 minutes you get a super secret special surprise related to Espionage, and somewhere in there we also broke down the cultural significance of the "Ninja Rap."  Enjoy the show! Visit us online at for links to our socials! 
Tonight was a great show to discuss some of the bug updates/reports from the last few days, and get players up to speed there. PS, there's a client update as of the time of taping so go check and download that to fix some of the issues. Also we had Eco on to talk about SOME of the missteps this month and some of the new things Scopely is trying, while we patiently wait for changes to come. Also, based on our interview with Game Design last week, DJz has been invited to make a proposal to help 'speed up grind.' So let's talk about his ideas, and see if these COULD actually work?  Visit our website for links to our socials and more at  
First, be warned, there is some language in here that i couldn't find to clean it out. If you find a dirty word, please pm me a time stamp and i'll fix it first thing tomorrow. thanks for being my beta testers HAHA Today's show is one out of frustration, and confusion for scopely's latest method of 'sourcing' for a new officer into the game. Several pieces are brought forward as debate topics and ultimately, a conversation over player expectations and how those have changed over the years resulted. Are players too needy? Or should scopely grow with the times and evolve their product to shift with it's customers? All this and more on today's show, where the community gets to sound off.  Visit us online at for more
Today, we were humbled to host two shadowy figures within the community and bring some light to the feature this month. From Game Design headquarters, we welcomed Designer Dunsel and MisterTiger, who were responsible for building the new faction, loop, hostiles, and armadas. What is the design intent? What is working as intended and not so much? And what are they watching for as players feel their way through the loop? Hear directly from the designers themselves as we explore Scopely's newest faction! Visit us online for more at  
Let's get into DS9 with technical updates, bug updates, mechanics and a first glance at how this month looks with regards to our progression in the DS9 story! Special appearance by President Eco Visit us online at  
Today was a super nerdy and analytical version of the show where we catch up on a few things that we've been meaning to discuss this month, including WHAT the refinery update actually did and how it is valued across the ops levels, AND getting to our discussion about rare tactical cores, which is a new kind of goal post now that Carmadas are using some of our directives. Plus a hint towards October! All this and more on today's show! Thanks for listening! Visit us online at for links to our socials. 
Today, one of the last things Scopely has NEVER sold (or have they?) went on sale. Rep bundle packs but their launch, like everything else this month, did not go as planned. As a result, players got the best buy 1 get 10 free sale ever on record. PLUS we take a look back on the roughest month of the year as we grade this introductory DS9 arc. Was it as bad as everyone says? ORRRR are there a few shiny spots? Let's look from multiple angles as we break down this tragic month.  visit us online at for links to our socials! 
Today's show comes hot off the emotional high that was Saturday's event launch disaster. First Sisko was pulled, then he was offered again later, but without synergy, miles, OR a paired sms in a different type of spend event.... Could the outcome have been better? Does this actually benefit SOME players? Why was the change a problem in the first place? All this is discussed THEN we talk about WHY IT MATTERS? Is Sisko even worth owning? Let's break down their purpose, how they work, and what they do in our DS9 Teaching segment today. All this and more. Thanks for listening! Visit us online at for more links! 
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