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Great conversations with even better people. // Episodes of Talks with Tyger make you less Lonely, Anxious, and Depressed by making you Happier, Healthier, and Wealthier (may take up to 10 years of weekly listening). If the Joe Rogan Experience is too bro-ey for you, but other shows like Radio Lab are too brainy, this may be a good middle ground. // If you enjoy the show, subscribe and leave a review. Episodes come out every other day. // Reach out on social media @Tygergruber
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A newcomer to the show, Ariel Ruben, comes on to talk about a lot of fun stuff! We start off with her unusual upbringing, to her life path, and near the end, we get into some consciousness talk. Ariel Ruben is a passionate supporter of entrepreneurship and innovation. Working for many years in the Startups scene in San Diego at SDVG/Connect, she understands what it takes to build a successful company that is both scrappy and scalable. She currently works as a Rural Venture Catalyst for Oregon RAIN where she mentors small businesses to help them scale. Previous Ariel specialized in food systems development at her family's business, Hummingbird Wholesale where she wore many hats from sales, marketing, and website development to strategy, customer service, and product creation. She also is a part-owner at the Hazel People (along with Joey from episode 92), an Oregon startup making the world's finest Hazel Nutmilk. There she leads the branding charge as Brand Strategist, bringing our innovative and playful brand to life.  Follow and reach out to Ariel: This is the last episode for a while until restrictions loosen up and the studio I record at is available to use again. Hoping it's only a couple of months, but I'll keep you posted. I may occasionally upload a random episode or two I record with a friend from home, but these will be super sparse and not scheduled. I'll also put a quick 3-minute episode out when my next song comes out to let people know. Infinite Bliss!-Tyger
Hector comes on the show for a second appearance! We start by talking about skincare and his facial routine, along with how he has more hair now than when he first came on the show!  Then we switch topics to things more personal to Hector. It was an absolute blast of a show & I look forward to having him on for a third time, along with possibly having him sing on a song I'm making. After we recorded, I mentioned I'm making music and he shared his voice, and damn that guy can sing! Follow and reach out to Hector: (Due to Corona restrictions in Oregon on mandatory facemasks in buildings, I won't be able to record in my studio anymore. so this & episode 112 will be the last couple episodes for a while until things calm down. No zoom shows for me, Hoping to return in 2-3 months, sooner if possible, but who knows at this point. Lots of love people, and I hope you enjoy the last two shows!) 
Today marks the 1 year anniversary of Talks with Tyger! (and my 23rd birthday, holla) 110 episodes down in a year, feelsgoodman. Thanks for everyone that come on the show & everyone who tunes in! Rick comes back on the show & he just recently published his second book Life After. We talk about all the usual stuff while catching up, title moderately relevant. Life After on Amazon: 
Emily returns! In this episode, we start all over the place but end up spending most of the show talking about relationships - abusive ones, good ones, how to push your partner's buttons in one, and all that good stuff. She's up and running at a salon now, and has a fb page for her work!  Follow and reach out through her Facebook page:
Hey folks, Andrew Brown comes on the show for a second appearance! His whole world has been affected by coronavirus since baseball got shut down. We talk about the current state of things, along with some out-there ideas as always. He's currently 10 episodes into his own show, High and Inside Follow his podcast: Listen by looking up High and Inside on whatever platform you're currently listening on 
107: Music // Asher Liptz

107: Music // Asher Liptz


Asher is an enigmatic person. Going from music school in SoCal, to getting a psych degree from the UO, and possibly heading to Japan next; he's all over the map learning new skills and generously sharing what he's got.  After the episode, I went over and kicked it at Asher's studio and it was DOPE. Going to be working together on music in the coming months, look forward to some fun tracks.
The titles a joke, Sean Johnson is the super down to earth owner of 7x Strategy where he gives very realistic expectations of what companies can accomplish with branding and marketing. Sean comes on the show to give a deep dive into the field of knowledge he's spent years mastering. Unfortunately for him (and you), I didn't sleep the night before so I spent the whole show cutting him off for the sake of a quick joke. Shocker, I know, totally out of character for me But regardless, he manages to share some interesting tidbits and insights into his profession. Contact Sean through his website: -Genre-Style: InformationalEnergy/Intensity Level: 3Topics: Digital marketing, branding, and social media
Cedric is a long lost homie who comes on the show to talk about all the fun things in life: sex, drugs, and radical political opinions.  This will be the last show where I sprinkle political bullshit into a conversation. Occasionally I'll have some purely political shows when I have those types of guests on, but the average show will no longer devolve into politics.  Named the episode what I did cause we end up delving into some pretty crazy ideas. If you're easily offended or dislike when people talk about drugs, kinks, and politics, this isn't the episode for you. -Genre-Style: FriendlyEnergy level: 6Topics: Drugs ~first 45 min // Politics ~next 45 min // Kinks ~ last 30 min 
In case it's not obvious, the title's a joke.  But you can guess from the title, this episode ends up having some combative moments, but I know some of you love that! For those of you who don't, this may not be the show for you. This is Carlos' second appearance and this time around we have a loose focus on gender, but race comes up throughout. This is actually a throwback episode (recorded on January 30th 2020) from when Carlos drove down from Portland. We recorded two shows while he was down here, so here is the second one being released. I preface this because my speaking style has changed dramatically since the recording of this episode! I'm releasing it because it's the last episode of my stockpile, and the probably second to last political show I will be doing. Starting from here, episodes will typically come out within a week of them being recorded! This is going to start with episode 105 with Cedric Galloway in a two-hour special. In that episode, I get out all of my political leanings in one rant, so that I can leave them behind and start fresh. No need to rehash my opinion and add my voice to the cacophony dividing the country. My show will be more just two people hanging out, sharing laughs, and some cool ideas/knowledge we've picked up along the way.  Without further ado, here is my second to last political episode: Carlos Kareem Windham is a wordsmith, musician, activist, playwright, comedian, Carlos Kareem Windham has spent the better part of the last two decades performing for audiences and speaking with students, teachers, and organizers on stages and in classrooms across the globe.  Carlos’ works are defiant, explosive explorations of the relationships between race, class and gender in the U.S. and abroad. Whether through the medium of storytelling, lyrics, workshop, or stand-up Carlos takes every opportunity to speak truth to power.Currently, Carlos serves as emcee and lyricist with Wallace, freestylist and frontman for Lo Speed Chase, is a regular open-mic er and up and coming feature in the Portland stand-up scene, is a regular guest on Mylin & Melanin Podcast, and serves Principal and Founder of El Porvenir Services, LLC. El Porvenir Services, LLC is on a mission to bring communities into the future, and to center the voices of the most impacted in the reclamation of their power in the intersection of race, class, and gender. Through El Porvenir, Carlos works for the creation of just ecosystems where people maintain long-term relationships across difference, in the creation of outcomes that provide equitable opportunities for the most excluded. Carlos has his own show now, Smoke & Mirrors, where he speaks with some incredible guests about similar topics as we did today! If you like this episode, I'm sure you'll love his show-Find it on youtube: follow it on facebook: 
D'Ante is the co-founder and CEO of Positive Energy Only. An online clothing and merch store based around empowering, uplifting, and educating our communities through communal economic growth. He comes on the show to speak about his experience opening a merch store, and as always we end up touching on every topic imaginable.  Check out his Merch: and reach out:
Rachel Rodman is a biology professor at the University of Oregon.  She comes on the show to talk about everything biology-related along with her book! It ends up being heavily weighted on reproduction.  Check out her book:
(This episode has nothing to do with dalmatians, but it's my one opportunity I've got to have this title. I've never even seen the movie, but I just thought of it and it's almost 2am so I'm goin for it anyways, I guess we talk about movies in general a little so it's a little related. Not that my titles are ever accurate to the episode though) Rob Weaver is a filmmaker, about to release his first feature-length film. He comes on the show and we have an absolute blast of a conversation, only a small portion of it relating to film. He speaks about his time in the military, living through a potentially life-ending back surgery, and the gas canister he was holding that blew up right before he went in, which left him with some scars I asked about. This dude knows how to have a fun conversation and has some insight to share along the way. If you enjoy goofy, fun, friendly conversations, and the past couple episodes (and the world at large) have got ya down, this is a great one to lighten your mood & brighten your day. Check out the trailer to his film:  Reach out to Rob: 
100: DMT // Chris Cantelmo

100: DMT // Chris Cantelmo


Hey there everyone, Before you even start this episode, know that it's not a normal ep. This was recorded over a year ago on May 15/16th, 2019. This episode is with the dude who helped me get the gear to start this show, and has since passed. So this episode is sort of a posthumous thank you to his generosity.  Also thanks to everyone who helped me make it to episode 100, very happy with how the show is going & growing, and couldn't be more appreciative that I've got this opportunity.
Marcus (m5 vibe) is a songwriter, rap artist, and spoken word poet who was raised outside of Savannah Georgia and currently resides on the west coast. Before entering his music career, M5 served in the U.S. Army and enduring 3 combat tours.  He comes on the show and we go all over the place. I expected this show to be more music based, but once he said his first sitting meditation changed the rest of his life we took the conversation all over the map. Follow and reach out to m5: to his music on Spotify: Soundcloud:
Treylon Day is an entrepreneur and the owner of Dayinthelife Entertainment where he works as an event planner, promoter, talent scout, and entertainment coordinator. Early in this episode, I mention he was a recommendation of Deontay from Positive Energy Only. This is because I had planned to release this episode mid-June after Deontay's, but in a turn of events, the world changed in a way that made what we talked about too relevant to not post sooner.  We had this conversation a week ago before any of the riots and 24/7 news about race occurred. We had no clue what was about to happen, and I come off like an idiot (more than normal) in part of this show, even saying the loaded term "All lives matter". I did not say it to roll over the "Black Lives Matter" statement, but rather to imply that I also fear for my life in the presence of police. I dive into this more in the previous episode with Jeremy Dirtball, and the upcoming episode with M5 vibe, the guest Treylon connected me with.  We start the episode speaking about Trey's work, and around about 15 minutes in we dive into a conversation about race, police, and pretty much everything going on today. (The episode title is a reference to the Marvin Gaye song) Follow and reach out to Treylon: more about Day In The Life Entertainment:
Jeremy makes an impromptu appearance on the show when a guest cancelled last minute due to not feeling safe going out today. I had another guest coming in an hour so he came over and we recorded some thoughts on the state of affairs right now, including the spacex rocket launch, race war riots, etc.  A blast of a conversation. Eat balls. 
Tyler Dones is a podcaster who runs a show called Being This Person. He comes on the show for a second time, where we recorded immediately after we spoke for an episode of his show. As such, we were on the topic of polyamory, so we kept it going. I ended up learning a whole lot of interesting stuff about this dude, which is where the title comes from ;-) Check out Tyler's show on any podcast platform, and at his website:
Michael Yi is a black belt in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and has been teaching for over a decade.  He comes on the show to speak about his practice, the sport at large, and his journey to where he is today. Reach out to Micahel: out BJJ: This episode was recorded in early March, just before Corona hit. Starting after episode 100, episodes will come out in the order they were recorded :-)
Jordan is a lyricist and rapper. He comes on the show to speak about recent events in his life that left him questioning and feeling as if he had anyone he could count on, even those closest to him. We open the show with where raps over a beat I made on the Op-1 (before I returned it). If you dislike rap music, skip in 5 minutes and the majority of the episode isn't directly related to rap.  Follow his work & reach out to Jordan:  
Nathan Chestnut is the drummer in two bands, Smear and Animalingo. He recently got back from a two month trip to Southeast Asia (Vietnam, Burma, Laos, Thailand, and Cambodia)We talk about his trip, advice/tips for traveling there, music, and lots of stuff that made for one of my favorite conversations I've had while making this show! Reach out to Nathan on Instagram: to Animalingo's new album: 
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