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Author: Danielle Bilbruck, Abhainn Connolly, Kaleigh Myers

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A weekly BROADcast that dives deep into hot topics in the business and marketing space. But it's definitely not your typical business podcast! There's no self-proclaimed girl bosses or cheap marketing hacks. Just some real talk on real topics. All with the goal of making marketing more responsible, ethical, sustainable, AND high impact.
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We thought we’d close out our season with a light and breezy topic, but that didn’t feel authentic at all so instead we’re discussing the dark and stormy dynamics of multilevel marketing (MLM).Adding to our personal MLM experiences, we were honored to be joined by former Boss Babe Royal Topaz Queen herself, Emily Lynn Paulson, who is the author of “Hey, Hun: Sales, Sisterhood, Supremacy, and the Other Lies Behind Multilevel Marketing". Together, we’ll examine the origins of the MLM business model, their shady recruitment tactics, and the promises of financial freedom that often lure individuals into these ventures. Furthermore, Emily shares the story of her exodus from the culture that she hopes will inspire others to break out and find freedom. Whether you’ve been involved with an MLM in the past or present, are a longtime skeptic, or are considering joining one, we hope Emily’s story will speak to you as much as it did to us. A big thanks to our friends, fans, and haters alike for a fantastic first season. We will, no doubt, be back in 2024 for more snark and hot takes from the digital marketing world and beyond!
This week, Abhainn and Danielle explore a topic that's central not only to their marketing strategy consultations but also to their personal lives: awareness. Whether it's for a social media awareness campaign or championing a meaningful cause, recent years have witnessed a significant shift in how we perceive and prioritize awareness. Tune in to hear Abhainn once again face some friendly scrutiny for their scripting, but, more importantly, join Danielle and Abhainn as they delve into the pros and cons of our society's intense focus on awareness. They discuss how the rise of social media has placed additional pressures on everyday people to be aware, have an opinion, and immediately express it in order to be considered good global citizens.
Beyond the familiar horrors of the workplace - bad bosses, annoying co-workers and demanding deadlines with no end in sight - some people have unsettling experiences in the office that cannot be explained by Earthly logic. Years later, even after they’ve left their jobs, they still remember the offices that haunted them during long, lonely shifts.This week, Kaleigh and Abhainn regale the spooky tales of haunted office buildings in the US as well as discuss their own disconcerting stories and hot takes on ghouls, goblins, witchcraft, and wizardry. Tune in just in time for Spooky Szn if you are intrigued by the supernatural and when it shows up where we least expect it. Special shoutout to the ghost that muted Abhainn while they were talking about her - please don’t be mad at us!
This week, your favorite trio of co-hosts embark on another journey into the strange and bewildering world of modern work culture, this time alongside the incomparable Dr. Han Ren (she/they). Dr. Ren is a licensed clinical and school psychologist, consultant, speaker and educator whose work is deeply rooted in liberation and anti-oppressive ideals, practicing from a justice-oriented, interpersonal, culturally-humble, and systems-informed framework.In this conversation, we dissect the elephant in the cubicle — burnout. We all know it, feel it, and do not love it, so we sat down to discuss some of the reasons why things feel so bad recently, and get some hot tips from Dr. Ren on how to escape the clutches of burnout without losing our last ounce of sanity. As a bonus, Abhainn gets clarity on what it means to be put “on the roof,” Danielle advocates for meditation before meetings, and Dr. Ren outs themself as someone who may or may not have watched some reality tv recently.
For years, Google has always stated it is the preferred search engine of users because they just provide a better service to users. Unfortunately for the tech behemoth, lawsuits varying from civil suits, class-action lawsuits, to a new case with the DOJ - is it just luck of a good product that has helped Google keep a global search engine market share was at 91.88%? This week on Target Snarket, Danielle and Kaleigh dive into Google’s most recent lawsuits and exposés to determine if “Don’t Be Evil” has been phased out in more ways than one as Google’s core value. Kaleigh highlights specifically what the Department of Justice is accusing Google of doing to manipulate the search market so their competitors couldn’t even come close to their results. In addition, Danielle has beef with Dax Shepard, Kaleigh’s retargeting ads are revealed, and we’ve come to a group decision that just because using “google” as a verb worked for this company, it may not work for *all* their competitors - but you can bing it for yourself.
This week, Abhainn and Danielle take a peek into the gig economy - corporations like Uber, Lyft, DoorDash, Instacart - all of the major players that popped up over the last decade to make our lives easier and our pockets lighter. They chat about how these companies have historically been ethically ambiguous AND wholly unprofitable, begging the question - where is the gig economy heading, and how can we make sure that their innovation is combined with accountability?The news of Instacart going public is the star of the show, with Danielle and Abhainn dissecting the new CEO’s move to make Instacart an advertising platform. Will this move be the beginning of profitability for gig companies? Danielle also seizes a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to create a metaphor universe for advertising platforms that (finally) all of us understand - you don’t want to miss it.
It’s time to think of the holidays, Charlie Brown! Yes, we’re aware of how early it is but this week Abhainn and Kaleigh are kicking off the holiday season by reminding business owners and marketing teams that it’s better to be prepped and blessed than rushed and stressed. We share our top tips to getting your business through the 2023 season whether you’re looking for sales for the holidays or reaching a community organically on an extremely competitive feed. Abhainn takes off their Grinch pants to share some highlights from the 2022 season and how shoppers reacted to inflation and the impending recession (hint: they still bought more!), while Kaleigh lists out how to utilize your next 6-7 weeks wisely during the countdown to Cyber Weekend. Additionally Abhainn shares their tips on creating a workback plan when there is such a defiant deadline and many potential blockers, Kaleigh shares when you SHOULDN’T be spending money, and how to keep the peace among your team during a stressful time of year. Music: We Wish You a Merry Christmas by Grand_Project
There was a lot of talk in the last few weeks about the climate’s cosmic retribution on the attendees of 2023 Burning Man. This story has everything - Diplo riding in dune buggies to escape the inches of mud and water that descended on the desert, a good dose of “I told ya so” from climate protesters, and commentary that went viral through the vast stretches of the internet, causing some deep (and sometimes uncomfortable) conversations around wealth, joy, and the state of our world. So is what happened at Burning Man the biblical sign of corporate greed that so many made it out to be? Or is there a more nuanced conversation to be had about organizations doing their best, but still being at the mercy of the Mother of All - Nature? This week, Kaleigh and Abhainn discuss the history of burning man, its slightly questionable tax status, and Abhainn swears that their wife saw actual combs going through the desert to pick up trash. As an added bonus, Kaleigh takes a major swing at Busch Gardens in Tampa.
You can’t open up LinkedIn without seeing a half dozen posts from folks who are truly down on their luck - they lost their job a few months back, unemployment insurance is about to run out, they don’t have healthcare, they may get removed from their homes. It’s enough to recall the gutting feelings surrounding the 2008 crash and the years of unemployment struggle that followed. But what have we learned since 2008? In a slump that isn’t quite a crash but isn’t just a bump in the road, what can candidates seeking employment take away from previous downturns, apply smarter and leverage the current environment in their favor, and avoid predatory hiring managers?This week the BROADs are joined by Rachel Kraska, an expert Talent Advisor and consultant in the recruiting space, who has worked with companies like Grindr, ShopRunner, and the Detroit Lions. We ask her thoughts on what has changed in the hiring process over the last decade, remote work, compelling resumes, and hear what it's like to filter through 400+ resumes for one position.
The way algorithms work is shrouded in secrecy as proprietary information, and is a veritable black box that may never see the cold light of day. But the algorithms wield immense influence, often holding the key to a brand or content creator’s reach and impact in the digital realm. The algorithms are far from static, perpetually adapting to maintain our interest. One of the most potent strategies they’ve historically employed involves tapping into one of our primal human responses: rage.In this episode, the BROADs are offering up their insider knowledge to help demystify the algorithms platform-to-platform, and they discuss the not-so-sunny history of how they’ve been used to weaponize our emotions to get us to spend more time on their platforms, spend more money with their advertisers, and even influence how we vote.
Some time has passed since our launch party and, of course, changes have happened in the marketing and business world, so it’s high time you heard our opinions (as if there was ever any doubt). That’s right ladies, theydies, and gentlemen: It’s another round of Calienté Commentary (even though Danielle hates that name)! This week, Danielle, Kaleigh, and Abhainn are feeling quite a bit of side-eye discussing the latest updates and breaking news in the business and marketing landscape. We share our thoughts on Threads and if the new app will keep its impressive “thread count”, Kaleigh wonders how businesses are defining “productivity," Danielle takes the charge on sharing how important targeting is to get necessary resources in front of marginalized communities, and Abhainn shares their fears from the results from getting bullied by AI. Oh, and we obviously place our bets on winners in the imaginary Musk v. Zuckerberg cage fight.
When you're a member of a marginalized community, it can be an intricate dance to engage within a capitalist framework. Capitalism is intentionally constructed with competition in mind - there are meant to be both winners and losers - and unfortunately, the losers are often those of us at intersecting minority identities. While we dream of higher salaries or better profit margins in order to live more comfortably, these aspirations can sometimes feel like they clash with our desire for a more equitable world. This week, we are honored to welcome Rod Dauphin, Education Services Director at the Goldman Sachs 10,000 Small Businesses Program at LaGuardia Community College, to our conversation. Boasting a remarkable track record as a serial entrepreneur and business advisor spanning more than two decades, he brings his wealth of knowledge to the table in a conversation all listeners can benefit from. Dauphin guides us through the nuanced art of determining the extent of our participation in this system and the strategic instances when it becomes imperative to make sacrifices in order to disrupt the established norms, in the name of maintaining our values.Abhainn and Rod don’t hold back on the sports metaphors, and Rod’s focus on community is sure to inspire even the most cynical of us. Plus, he shares the highest-ticket work “mistake” we’ve heard to date. 
Notice an increase in commercials referencing your favorite TV shows and movies of yesteryear? Wonder why Grimace was released from the brand mascot vault for a month of feral TikToks? This week, Abhainn and Kaleigh takeover the podcast to talk about nostalgia marketing and the tactic utilized by businesses across industries to increase sales by tapping into the ‘warm & fuzzy’ feeling. So why does it seems so easy to utilize nostalgic feelings in ads, political slogans, and movies to target our happiest memories for their benefit? Abhainn talks more about the psychology of *why* people are so comforted by the fond memories and how they can easily be used for manipulation. Kaleigh calls out the irony of the Barbie movies’ power over their viewers, but who in the end is actually benefiting from the movies. And lastly, we discuss the power of the emotional manipulation of nostalgia and how the quick purchases provide your brain with a quick hit of dopamine to keep you from feeling upset that there is no return to normalcy, but only moving forward.
The Cost of Hustle Culture

The Cost of Hustle Culture


The last 10 years have been marked by the “hustle” of all flavors: rise and grind, girlbossbabe, build an empire…but we’d like to be done with it now. This week, Michelle Awuku-Tatum, the founder of and Executive Coach at myFactor Coaching + Consulting, joins us to talk about the allure of hustle culture, the impacts it has on our physical and mental health, and how we can stop ourselves from both being victims of the hustle, as well as an inadvertent perpetrators at the same time. Additionally, Kaleigh exposes the difference between the hustle and general work anxiety, Abhainn shares their new job title given minutes before the episode started, and Danielle shares her previous flex of how long she would work without a day off (it’s over 100 days - do not be a Danielle).
Good In a Crisis

Good In a Crisis


When Roe v. Wade was overturned last year, this week’s interviewee, Leah Scott, had to grieve while simultaneously preparing communications for the non-profit and reproductive rights organizations around her. Leah has worked in nonprofit communications for much of her career and her current work in reproductive health, rights, and justice makes her all-the-more qualified to talk to the BROADs about how organizations can best respond when a new crisis seems to pop up everyday. Should your social media go dark with every headline? How do you know when saying nothing is harmful, or the appropriate thing to do? Leah and the BROADs dive into the differences in crisis response pre and post pandemic, why grassroots organizations are your best friends in a crisis (and always, to be honest), and more BROADly (heh) pontificate on whether or not you can really change anyone’s minds these days.
While Kaleigh is off surfing, Danielle and Abhainn take over the podcast to give Abhainn a ton of compliments. This week, we dive into the elusive role of project managers - who needs ‘em anyway? We discuss the difference between assistants and project managers, the importance of emotional intelligence and effective leadership, and the perils you will face when you undervalue the roles in your organization that keep your business running smoothly. Though Abhainn doesn’t get to talk as much smack about agile methodologies as they’d like, you’ll get to hear their sad retirement plans, an interesting take on power dynamics, and why hiring a neurodivergent project manager might not be the worst thing for your team.
Social media channels have been getting a little Wild West, charging through 2023 with updates and changes that not only affect users, but businesses and creators who work in them every day. Tune in for another Kaleigh & Abhainn takeover as we discuss Twitter Blue, character count expansions, and changes in advertising policies for cannabis-related promotions. Hear our take on Meta’s new app Threads, as well as our thoughts on whether any of the new paid options across platforms are really worth the dent they’ll make in your monthly budget. We didn’t forget to say “yeehaw” at least twice, Abhainn manages to alienate our billionaire listeners (again, when will they learn?), and we offer thoughts and prayers to our comrade, Danielle, who finds herself in yet another sticky situation.
We are ending our first Pride month on Target Snarket with part TWO of our discussion with Julien Whitney from The Trevor Project! This week, we delve into questions on how to be an ally to trans folks from both the employee and manager perspectives. We explore effective ways to handle misgendering among coworkers while ensuring the safety and comfort of your trans employees. Julien shares valuable insights on what to do if you make a mistake, without placing the burden of comforting you onto a trans person. Additionally, we emphasize the importance of avoiding singling out any employee or coworker who identifies with a minority group when organizing diversity events. We also discuss the significance of mindful and inclusive language in group settings, without creating an "othering" effect for those who belong to these communities. Additionally, Abhainn shares their personal experience with their transitioning journey so tightly entangled with their professional life, we chat about how to join or create Employee Research Groups (ERGs) at your place of business, and Julien jumps on the ‘Call Out Abhainn for Dissociating' bandwagon, making his initiation into the Snarks official. Don't forget to support Abhainn and order their book DEADNAME here.
This week we welcome Julien Whitney from The Trevor Project, a Scorpio, to our pod to talk with us about how we can make our workplaces a safe and welcoming place for the trans people who work for and alongside us, regardless of our politics or identity. We chat about coming out in the workplace, what to do when a coworker comes out to you, who should be asking and offering pronouns, and what questions are inappropriate to ask your trans colleagues. Julien offers an important reminder to trans folks that they are not a burden for asking to be called the right name and referred to with the correct pronouns.We also ask the hard questions like does North Dakota exist? What’s a stellium? Are you trauma bonded, trauma buds, or sharing a Trauma Bud? Tune in to find out - you don’t want to miss this one! Don't forget to support Abhainn and order their book DEADNAME here.
We’re officially in the middle of Pride Month 2023, and things have been feeling different. This week, our hosts take a moment to discuss how even our biggest corporate allies have kept their logos rainbow-free this June. Have corporations decided the cost of allyship is too much when employees are being threatened just for existing in a store with Pride collections? We end the episode with a call to action - be more mindful to not give straight businesses your gay dollars for Pride merchandise (or ideally, year-round). We highlight exactly how to be more intentional with your purchases this month, how businesses can take the extra step to show their allyship to the community, and the importance of donating to your local LGBTQIA+ nonprofits. We also have shared a carousel on our Instagram account (@targetsnarket) of queer creators to consider purchasing from this month - just to make it a little easier for you! Additionally, we have a moment of trans joy for Third Co-host’s *niptuals*, we request a list of references (and recommendations *wink*), Danielle flexes her LinkedIn follower count, and Kaleigh begins her Anti-Sport campaign.
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