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Task Force 7 Radio is the Voice of Cyber Security around the globe. We feature up to date insights and analysis by preeminent cyber security professionals on the most important cyber security issues affecting your life today.
Although the world of cyber security can be complex, our focus is to explain highly technical subject matter in non-technical terms. We cover topics that are of vital interest to the cyber security expert yet also will appeal to the novice interested in learning more about cyber security and new threats affecting the social, political, business, and economic concerns of our world.
We explore a wide range of controversial issues that you won’t want to miss each week. Task Force 7 Radio is broadcast live every Monday at 8 PM Eastern Time, 5 PM Pacific Time, on the VoiceAmerica Business Channel.
172 Episodes
Director of Security Operations for Online Business Systems Alain Espinosa rejoins co-host Andy Bonillo on Episode #172 of Task Force 7 Radio to provide his perspective on cyber resiliency during the pandemic and the recent weather events in Texas. Mr.
Co-hosts George Rettas and Andy Bonillo unpack the impact of Covid on the Cyber Security industry and how leaders have had to adjust to remote work environments.
President and CEO of SSIC John Frazzini joins co-host Andy Bonillo of Task Force 7 Radio to provide insights into how the cyber industry is leveraging financial analytics to manage cyber risk. Mr.
Renowned Global CISO and Privacy Officer Dr. Rebecca Wynn joins co-host Andy Bonillo on Episode #168 of Task Force Radio to provide insights on global trust, the importance of wellbeing, and a recap of privacy month. Dr.
The CEO and Co-Founder of AlphaWave, Mr.
Is China an enemy or a competitor to the United States? Former Director of the NSA and the former Commander of U.S.
Bob Vescio, Inventor and Chief Analytics Officer of X-Analytics joins co-host Andy Bonillo of Task Force 7 Radio to give his perspective on the Future of Cyber Economics and the evolution of reporting Cyber Security issues and metrics to the Board.
Drew Morefield, Vice President of the Cyber Center of Excellence for Capgemini joins co-host Andy Bonillo of Task Force 7 Radio to give his perspective on what Cyber Security Resilience Programs will look like moving into 2021.
Chris Triolo, Chief Customer Officer for Respond Software which was newly acquired by FireEye, joins co-host Andy Bonillo of Task Force 7 Radio to talk about the future of Security Operations Centers.
Jeremy Kelley, Chief Scientist for Exodus Intelligence sits down with Host George Rettas of Task Force 7 Radio to talk about the Solar Winds breach, what it means to the cyber security industry, and why it was not detected for over nine months.
The Cyber Defense and Incident Response Lead for Accenture, Mr, Nick Essner joins Task Force 7 Radio to discuss how 2020 was the year of Ransomware in the Cyber Security Domain.
Companies are under a growing amount of pressure to prove they are secure and the number of entities applying that pressure is increasing.
Every cyber security executive has to express the value of security activities in terms of measurable and defined outcomes based on risk reduction.
The single most important question that has hindered the cloud transformation is whether or not cloud services are more secure than on-premise services.
Cyber Growth Leader for Willis Towers Watson Tom Finan rejoins co-host Andy Bonillo on Episode #157 of Task Force 7 Radio to give an update on how Ransomware has changed the Cyber Security industry.
When enterprises move from a no-cloud to a cloud-first model, they quickly experience security problems with externally sharing files and collaborating with clients, partners, and other third parties.
Ariel Evans, the CEO of Cyber Innovative Technologies and the Founder of Cyber Intelligence 4U appears on Episode #155 to unpack the complexities of Cyber Risk in a way that only she can.
Most people understand the role that intelligence operations play in government organizations. For instance, most people have a general idea of what three letter agencies like the CIA and the NSA do for the United States.
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