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Task Force 7 Radio is the Voice of Cyber Security around the globe. We feature up to date insights and analysis by preeminent cyber security professionals on the most important cyber security issues affecting your life today.
Although the world of cyber security can be complex, our focus is to explain highly technical subject matter in non-technical terms. We cover topics that are of vital interest to the cyber security expert yet also will appeal to the novice interested in learning more about cyber security and new threats affecting the social, political, business, and economic concerns of our world.
We explore a wide range of controversial issues that you won’t want to miss each week. Task Force 7 Radio is broadcast live every Monday at 8 PM Eastern Time, 5 PM Pacific Time, on the VoiceAmerica Business Channel.
146 Episodes
Former 8200 Member and Co-Founder of Orca Security, Avi Shua joins Host George Rettas for Episode #146 of Task Force 7 Radio to talk about his experiences as an 8200 Member of the Israeli Defense Force, what he learned that has helped him become a successful entrepreneur, why soft skills are important in the military, and how he is able to apply learnings from a government agency in the innovative space of Cyber Security start-ups. Avi explains who the the Silicon Valley CISO Investment group is and what they are about, what he learned from the most recent round of funding for his company Orca Security, and how to mitigate lateral movement risk in cloud environments. All this and much more on Episode #146 of Task Fore 7 Radio.
Being able to prevent phishing attacks is getting harder and with email still as the preferred method of social engineering there is no end in sight. The Chief Security Officer and Co-Founder of Area 1 Security, Mr. Blake Darché appears on Episode #145 of Task Force 7 Radio to talk about how to preemptively track phishing campaigns while they are being built. He discusses his perspective on what is lacking in cloud email suites, secure email gateways, and user awareness programs. Darché also sheds some light on how the work from home trend related to Covid-19 has been impacted by phishing, how a company can still protect themselves if a supply chain partner gets phished, and some of the work he is doing with politicians in advance of the election. Don't miss everything he has to say on Episode #145 of Task Force 7 Radio.
Consumers have become numb to the news of huge data breaches on the news. Privacy has become a main concern of consumers around the globe. The President and CEO of Spirion, Mr. Kevin Coppins appears on Episode #144 of Task Force 7 Radio to break down the culture of Data Security, why it's so hard for companies to to do the right thing by consumers, and what companies can do to build better bridges between corporate internal stakeholders and executive decision makers? Coppins also talks about why data compliance is so difficult for organizations to navigate, how the regulatory landscape changed over the last few years, and what regulations he thinks executives should be paying attention to that they aren’t right now. Don't miss everything he has to say on Episode #144 of Task Force 7 Radio.
The Global Head of Cyber Security Operations for PayPal, Mrs. Renana Friedlich, appears on Episode #143 of Task Force 7 Radio to about one of the most important exercises in the Incident Response space: Incident Response Retainers. Friedlich unpacks the entire retainer engagement, including why companies get a retainer, what are the main benefits of having a retainer, what types of retainers are available, should a company sign more than one retainer, and what is the correlation between cyber security insurance and IR retainers? Frielich also spoke about whether or not retainers should be signed through the Information Security team or the Legal Department, what are some of the factors companies should be considering when choosing a provider, and what are common misalignment mistakes companies make when engaging Incident Response Services. Don't miss one of the most prolific Cyber Security Operations Professionals in the industry, Renana Friedlich on Ep. #143 of TF7 Radio.
The Chief Technology Officer of Varonis, Brian Vecci appears on Episode #142 of Task Force 7 Radio to break down how he approaches Cyber Security, what he believe are the top security issues and threats related to work from home and remote security protocols, and whether or not companies should be concerned about their dependence and use of Microsoft Teams. Mr. Vecci also unpacked the challenges around the insider threat, how companies should identify anomalous behavior with remote employees, and how the processes around controls need to shift to address the remote workforce. In the third segment, Mr. Vecci spoke about the growing proliferation of ransomeware, how this type of attack is evolving, and what companies should do to prevent falling victim to cyber organized crime. All this and much more on Episode #142 of Task Force 7 Radio.
Covid 19 has changed 2020 in unprecedented ways in how we work, live our lives, and measure Cyber Risk. Listen to Episode #141 of Task Force 7 Radio as the Cyber Growth Leader from Willis Towers Watson, Tom Finan and Co-Host Andy Bonillo dive into how the "Cyber Security Superheroes" are working together to manage the human element during the pandemic. As claims data shows, effective Cyber Risk prevention and mitigation is largely a people problem. In response, companies need to assess and analyze the elements of their cultures that shape both positive and negative cyber attitudes and behaviors that makes the human element one of the largest risks to a company.
Life is filled with opportunities that if recognized can be life changing. Larsen Jensen not only recognized his opportunities, but earned them, and took advantage of them. Listen to Episode #140 of Task Force 7 Radio as we dive into how Larsen Jensen went from 2-time Olympic Medalist to the battlefield as a US Navy Seal to an Entrepreneur and Cybersecurity investor. Larsen shares his amazing life lessons that are transferable to everyone's life. Tune in and listen to advice on how to transition from the military to the private sector, what investors are looking for, and how life as an Olympian shapes you.
CISO's are constantly striving to build effective enterprise cybersecurity programs to keep their companies out of the headlines. Listen to Chief Research Officer and Strategist of Malicious Streams, Inc, Joel Yonts talk about how to build an effective Cyber Security program on Episode #139 of Task Force 7 Radio. Mr. Yonts also gave CISO's advice on how to stay relevant with the board, the impacts of getting Incident Response wrong, emerging threats with SaaS, and the future of forensics on Artificial Intelligence systems.
The Associate Professor of Cyber Security Management at Lynn University, Dr. George Antoniou, appears on Episode #138 of TF7 Radio to explain what IoT really is, what are the benefits of IoT, and how IoT is currently being utilized in Healthcare, Transportation, Fashion and Wearables, and Home Automation. Dr. Antoniou also breaks down what the challenges are to keeping IoT safe from Cyber Security attacks, what types of risks are introduced into the environment by using this emerging technology, and how he sees IoT being used by millions of people in to the future. All this and much, much more on Episode #138 of Task Force 7 Radio!
Former 8200 Colonel and current Co-Founder and Chief Engineering Officer of Mitiga, Ariel Parnes appears on Episode #137 to talk about the role of 8200 in the Israeli ecosystem, why 8200 is so unique and respected, and how the leaders of 8200 foster innovation in a military setting. Parnes also talks about how 8200 retains talent in a competitive environment, what were the biggest lessons that he learned from 8200, and what adversaries he thinks pose the biggest threats to legitimate businesses. All this and much, much more on Episode #137 of Task Force 7 Radio.
In this special episode of TF7 Radio, we have Three Tier I Cyber Security guests on the show that are set to appear at what is the first event of a four part Series at the University of Oklahoma on Global Risks and Threats. Our first guest, Thomas Finan, served as a Senior Cybersecurity Strategist and Counsel with DHS’s National Protection and Programs Directorate. Tom is also the former Staff Director and Counsel for the Subcommittee on Intelligence, Information Sharing and Terrorism Risk Assessment with the U.S. House Committee on Homeland Security. Cheemin Bo Lin is the CEO and President of Peritus Partners. She is one of the 2019 “Top 50 Board of Directors" in the US, named “Top 100 CEOs in STEM”, named “Most influential Woman in Silicon Valley,” and inducted into the “Hall of Fame for Women in Technology.” Dr. Shad Satterthwaite is the Director for Executive Business Programs in Aerospace and Defense, and is a colonel in the U.S. Army Reserves.
Is China an enemy or a competitor to the United States? Former Director of the NSA and the former Commander of U.S. Cyber Command, Admiral Michael Rogers weighs in on this topic and much more on Episode #111 of TF7 Radio! Admiral Michael Rogers reviews China's 100 year strategy, what it means to the United States, and what the U.S. should do in the coming years to mitigate any threat to our national security. In light of even more recent cyber attacks against U.S. Government military officials by groups allegedly sponsored by the Chinese Government, Admiral Rogers lays out what he thinks the United States strategy should be to ensure a fair playing field across the global stage. Admiral Rogers also talks about what it was like to lead U.S. Cyber Command, what the U.S. needs to do about election security, and he explains how leaving the government and working in the private sector over the last 18 months has affected his views on Cyber Security in the United States.
Many people in the Cyber Security profession aspire to be the Chief Information Security Executive of their organization some day. Listen to the Chief Information Security Officer of Ciena, Andy Bonillo describe his journey from humble beginnings to becoming a CISO on Episode #114 of Task Force 7 Radio. Mr. Bonillo talks about how the totality of the learnings throughout his life and his experiences as a police officer and Secret Service Agent helped to shape his Information Security career. He also talks about his transition from the government to the private sector and provides some sound advice for government employees who are looking to do the same.
Global Cyber Security Leader and Author Michael Oberlaender appears on Episode #135 of TF7 Radio to talk about how CISO’s can succeed in the Cyber Security industry. Oberlaender, a frequent speaker and well-versed Cyber Security expert with experience across several different verticals, talks specifically about Information Security Strategy, Tactics, and Leadership that can make the difference for any organization’s Chief Security Officer. Oberlaender describes some of the most important mistakes when identifying and responding to some of the most recent high profile breaches, breaks down the different threat actors involved, provides some examples of their tools, tactics, and procedures, and unpacks some specific strategies to combat the bad guys. All this and much, much more on this Episode #135 of Task Forde 7 Radio.
Global Business Information Security Officer at CBRE, Patrick Benoit, appears on Episode #134 to talk about how professionals looking to get into Cyber Security, as well as professionals already in Cyber Security can use non-technical skills to significantly propel their career forward. Patrick talks about the importance of influence and persuasion with getting both the technology and the business moving to accomplish a common mission, what the key areas of process and improvement are that make the BISO role important and successful within the business, and how the role of the security executive is evolving. Patrick also opines on the pros and cons to professional certifications, why the demand for cybersecurity professionals is outpacing the supply, and if artificial intelligence and machine learning will affect the “shortage” of talent in cybersecurity. All this and much, much more on Episode #134 of Task Force 7 Radio.
The Vice President and Chief Information Security Officer for Visionworks, Mr. Sean Walls breaks down the Top 5 Foundational Programs every CISO should prioritize to be successful. Mr. Walls also talks about what how to build an Information Security Program, how compliance can help drive your security posture, and what he has learned from the COVID-19 crisis. Walls also unpacks the difference between Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery, what is the true value of a Third Party Risk Assessment, and how companies should better leverage emerging technologies to better defend against Cyber Threats. We close the show by asking Mr. Walls what are the three things an organization can do to better protect themselves from Cyber Security Threats. All this and much more on Episode #133 of Task Force 7 Radio.
Ariel Evans, the CEO of Cyber Innovative Technologies and Author of the new book, "Managing Cyber Risk" appears on Episode #82 of Task Force 7 Radio to talk about how to measure Cyber Risk on your digital assets. Evans, who is an expert in measuring and mitigating cyber risk in organizations, talks about how to identify your digital assets, what types of cyber risk maturity models companies should be embracing, and how you should calculate the financial exposure and regulatory risk of a specific digital asset. Evans also defines cyber resiliency, why you should use a digital asset approach to cyber resiliency, and how a company can become more cyber resilient by implementing a proper risk prioritization strategy.
Ranulf Green, the Head of Context Information Security's US based Cyber Security Consultancy Business, appears on Episode #132 of Task Force 7 Radio to break down the risks of using cloud based collaboration and teleconferencing systems, what due diligence companies should perform to assess the security of cloud based services, and whether or not the recent pandemic complicates your current cloud migration plan. Ranulf also explains the security benefits for cloud vs. on premise infrastructures, what are the most important things to secure when architecting a cloud infrastructure, and how you should manage account credentials for cloud services. Ranulf helped define a hybrid cloud infrastructure, what additional security impacts this architecture can have, and how supply chain attacks can affect a cloud deployment. All this and much more on Episode #132 of Task Force 7 Radio.
Cyber Security Legal Expert and Senior Fellow with the Center of Intelligence and National Security at the University of Oklahoma, Adriana Sanford appears on Ep. #131 of TF7 Radio to unpack a variety of different concerns across the cyber security space as a result of the response to the COVID-19 pandemic. Sanford talks about the current request to telecommunications carriers to provide users location data for pandemic research and what that means both from a legal perspective and a security perspective. Sanford also breaks down Uber's recent lawsuit against the city of Los Angeles regarding handing over the location and other data about their scooter rentals. And she also opines on topics everyone is asking about: can your COVID-19 disposition affect your work status, whether or not businesses can legally check your temperature without your consent, and whether or not they are required to notify you if they shared your location or medical data with a government agency.
Founder of Walrus Security and Professor of Computer Science at New York University, Mr. Michael Walfish appears on Episode #130 of Task Force 7 Radio to discuss his extensive research and development with secure system designs, verifiable sourcing, and probabilistic proofs. Walfish discusses any current uses of probabilistic proofs, if they are currently in use and commercialized, and what future applications may look like. Walfish also discussed the problem of business email compromise (BEC) and how it often leads to payment fraud, how to protect yourself against this type of fraud, and what type of best practices companies should implement to mitigate this type of cyber crime.
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