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Author: Taylor Amari Little

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As this world comes to a Close and into something New, Taylor Amari Little narrates the lessons and experiences of survival and Black indigenous politics she encounters while existing as a Black queer Muslim, Hoodoo woman, and diviner who works with her network of spirits everyday.
14 Episodes
The following is a recording from June 2020 that originates from a collaboration on cousin Jade T. Perry's Patreon. In this episode, Tay and Jade go deep into the act Naming as a Black spiritual technology, with reference to studying African traditions of how we arrive to the act of naming in the first place, the spirit sciences of re-naming oneself, nicknames and energetic veiling, names during interpersonal conflicts, the spiritual violence of whitewashing our names and titles, and names as truth-telling instruments. Follow Jade T. Perry on Patreon: • All $$ support methods for Tay's work are also available here: • 🎶: Intro x Supercoolwicked
Uplifting the anti-colonial logic of Black people not voting, recognizing electoral voting as a dangerous spiritual practice, and offering practical Hoodoo-based safety suggestions for those who still do choose to vote, as well as those who are university students. Featured: OTB x Milfie
This episode consists of Tay seeking to ground us in our truth: of these current moments also being moments of war, speaking on the call for relationships to be re-organized as Black-led military alliances in the physical realm + spiritual realm, and Black men fantasizing over white conceptions of power and its spiritual implications. Video: || Cr: Bitch, Move x Milfie
In Tay's interview with Black queer grassroots liberationist @maux_dumars, they open up with celebrating the beauty that is the Blackness of Detroit. The conversation continues with discussing relationships to old people + ageism and the strength that comes from interacting with older Black folk, food accessibility as it relates to money and (dis)ability status, connections between being low-income and eating disorders in Black children, the literal spirits of food and power it has on building intercultural solidarity, and offering descriptions of ways they personally nourish their spirit and feed their gender.
The world lied when it began to tell Black children that the world owed them nothing. What does it look like to embrace the philosophy of Black Entitlement? In this episode, Tay also recalls an Anishinaabeg story narrated by Mary Siisip Geniusz, discussing the primacy of plants in the order of life on Earth. Human supremacy among nature is identified, and conversations are also introduced around human supremacy’s impact specifically on supernatural beings that humans share the planet with.
In intense conversation with Black queer astrologer and mystic, Jalen White (@JalenAstrology), comes discussion around the spirits and genders of planets, time-travel, gender and sexuality not merely being “scams” but having spiritual functions as it relates to humans, jinn, and other creatures, and later on astrological forecasts for 2020 for the “United States” trickling down to our individual lives for those living on said land. So gon and pull out your notepad, because you finna take HELLA notes.
Presenting the interview with The Dapper Hijabi, the phenomenal self-defense instructor, martial arts researcher and practitioner. Listen as Tay and The Dapper Hijabi discuss Black empowerment and self-defense, Islam as both an embodied and martial arts practice, applying disability justice framework to martial arts, and the spiritual art to martial artistry. **Featured song (does not belong to me): Assalamu 3laikum by Shadia Mansour.
This is the very first Practice Action, where you get to try firsthand the content discussed in the previous episode! This is a Practice Action component to Episode 6. We revisit daimoku and gongyo, more balanced reflections of SGI, and you get walked through on how to chant daimoku with Tay for 10 minutes.
What is Nichiren Buddhism, what is SGI, and why are so many people part of it? In this episode, Tay gives her birthday + life updates, gets into Nichiren Buddhist and SGI history, argues against the misuses of “everything happens for a reason” while still acknowledging spiritual roots being everywhere, and offers a Conjure storytelling of the Wadastick Man, as written by Michele E. Lee, author of Working the Roots: Over 400 Years of Traditional African-American Healing. **the music featured does not belong to this podcast.
Tay discusses revisiting a Black Baptist church with her friend and the guest reverend summoning the apocalypse during service, the jinn living at the Korean spa, debunking a myth about jinn, and briefly touching on the spiritual power embedded within the K-Pop industry.
While still in Austin, TX, Tay interviews Faith Grace Williams (@muleoftheworld). What is discussed is the concept of gatekeeping Blackness, Negro cultural garb, Black Womanhood as its own gender, “BIPOC”, Afroindigeneity, and disrupting fake notions of intercultural solidarity.
Storytime, niggas! Tay goes into her and Faith's earlier encounter in Austin, TX that was organized by their spirits to confront their fears around bugs. What is later discussed is the need to re-evaluate our relationships to food, animals, plants and other creatures we share this Earth with...without falling into shame and back into whiteness.
TW: mention of Black death, not explicit descriptions, but it is mentioned. There is another trigger warning said in the episode so you know when. This episode consists of Tay going into her experience with jury duty and her Ancestors' comment for her protection + spiritual safety, and later he advocates for the uses of silence and retreating (especially as a Black femme) and the right to engage in it.
Introducing Tay in the Water Podcast, hosted by Taylor Amari Little. In this episode, she discusses her reflections about what it means to have loyalty to his Ancestors, upon experiencing particular incidents that should have required it.
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