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Author: Frances Taylor

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Join Frances in conversations that help support you on your wellness journey. Topics range from the very basics of yoga and Pilates to in depth anatomy and teaching topics. Feel empowered while working with special conditions in your body from pre and post natal to musculoskeletal injuries and more. Feel better in your body, more excited and motivated so you can go about your day with a smile on your face.
21 Episodes
00:00:30 Meet Beth Terranova00:01:05 Strength train to support scholiotic curve, limit progression and maintain bone health00:01:38 Scholiosis Break Down00:02:08 Cobb angle to measure how much side bend in scholiotic curve00:04:40 determining treatment for scoliosis00:06:30 scoliometer to measure the surface rotation in scoliosis00:07:37 Structural versus Funcitional scholiosis00:08:57 Can Sitting Improperly contribute to scoliosis?00:11:08 Strength Training is safe for scoliosis00:12:00 Personal Experience with Strength Training and Scoliosis00:13:38 Will Lack of Exercise Likely Lead to More Pain With Scoliosis?00:14:13 Scoliosis is a Condition of Instability00:14:45 Focus on Training the Postural Muscles With Pilates Yoga and Strength Training00:15:40 Pain Can be Related to the Need to Build Postural Stability00:18:45 Osteoporosis and Weight Bearing Exercises00:20:22 Bone Cells and Remodeling00:22:05 The Piezoelectric Effect00:29:50 Individualized Sessions for Scoliosis00:30:25 Finding the Best Corrective Posture00:33:05 Does a Lumbar Curve Affect the Sacroiliac Joint?00:33:50 How The The Psoas Is Affected00:35:50 How an X-Ray Looks vs How a Person Feels00:38:13 The Map Is Not The Territory00:40:44 Tips to Take Away Today00:42:40 follow beth on instagram @strengthandspine00:42:46 www.strengthandspine.com00:42:55 free guide to start strength training with scoliosis on instagram links section00:44:25 free download 5 ways we see the spine, a scoliosis primer00:44:30 resources page www.taylorfitwellness.com the show (
Support the show ( Meet Jennifer Brilliant00:01:05 Jennifer Muller/The Works00:07:52 The Wellness Focused Teacher's Perspective00:08:40 Fixing Other People and Fixing Ourselves00:09:53 Susanna Weiss00:12:20 Teacher Training Trainer for Om Yoga With Cyndi Lee Before Yoga Alliance00:12:40 ACE Certified Medical Exercise Specialist00:13:00 Certified Yoga Therapist00:13:43 Yoga For Trauma00:16:00 The Unconditional Model of Teaching00:17:52 Erich Schiffmann00:19:25 Inviting Movement and Feeling Your Intuition00:21:30 Truly Embodying Your Own Self In Yoga00:21:50 Developing a Personal Practice in a Group Setting00:25:41 The Reason for Yoga Teachers to Que Class00:31:20 "Yes, and ...? No!" Blog Posts00:34:02 Yoga During the Pandemic00:34:51 Transitioning from Teaching In Person to Going Virtual00:37:20 Tips To Take Away Today00:37:30 Continue Learning00:37:53 Get Support00:38:30 Delve into Your Practice to Recognize Asymmetries And Let That Journey Bring You Peace00:39:06 Try Different Modalities00:39:20 Book Reccomendation "Burnout: The Secret To Unlocking The Streess Cycle"00:39:34 Get Physical Rest00:40:05 Understand We Can Make A Difference And Keep Going00:41:26 Find Jennifer Brilliant: Website00:41:45 Find Jennifer Brilliant: Instagram00:41:48 Find Jennifer Brilliant: Facebook00:44:01 Download Your Free Stretching Sequence00:44:07 Download Your Free PDF on Trusting Your Instincts As A StudentSupport the show (
00:00:50 Meet Randi Stone 00:01:33 Injury Led to Opportunity00:03:15 From ER to Aisle in Less than a Month00:04:10 Discectomy at L5 S100:05:15 Trying All the Right Things00:05:35 How Pilates was More Profound for Healing00:06:05 Importance of Connecting Transverse Abdominals and Obliques00:06:25 Neurosurgeon Recommends Pilates When All Else Fails00:07:50 Working With Romana Kryzanowska after Visiting Sean Gallagher's Pilates Studio00:10:40 How Scoliosis Figured In To Herniated Disc Issues00:11:10 When Exercise Can Increase Chance Of Injury00:11:50 Core 36000:12:40 When Straightening Out Feels Crooked00:13:40 Mukunda Stiles View on Working With Scoliosis00:15:36 "You Gotta Go Right To Go Left"00:16:05 The Great Benefit Of Not Coming From A Movement Background Is The Ability To Teach To Students Who Are Also Not From A Movement Background00:17:15 The Importance Of Exercise For Scoliosis00:18:00 Complimentary Modalities 00:18:10 The Tupler Technique - Diastases Rehab00:21:10 Working Personally With Diastases and Disk Issues Gave Randi The Tools To Help Others With Those Issues00:22:35 Pelvic Floor Muscles and Balance00:25:54 Balancing Out The Four Quadrants Of The Pelvic Floor00:26:30 Diamonds And Hammocks Are A Girl's Best Friend00:30:00 The Importance Of Releasing The Pelvic Floor00:31:20 Prenatal and Postnatal Yoga and Pilates00:32:05 Diaphragm Stress and Pelvic Floor Connection00:32:40 Pilates for Pregnancy00:33:45 Vena Cava Syndrome00:34:01 Breathing For Prenatal Students00:35:06 Perimenopause Breath Anxiety and Waistlines00:37:25 Hypothyroid Cortisol and Vigorous Workouts00:39:00 The Food/Thyroid Connection00:40:00 Over Exercising and Foods You Though Were Healthy For You00:41:45 Sue Hitzman's M.E.L.T Method00:42:30 M.E.L.T Strength and Pilates00:43:50 Connecting to Your Core On The Foam Roller00:45:00 Breathing00:46:46 Personal Experience With Covid Recovery and Breath Work00:49:19 Shifting With The Times "The Garden State Analogy"00:53:30 Moving On From Where You Used To Be00:54:25 Teen Athletes Incorporating Pilates into Their Training00:56:10 The Roaming Foam Roller00:56:30 Tips To Balance from Too Much Sitting00:57:52 Tips To Take Away Today01:01:10 Find Randi at NYC-Pilates.com01:03:06 Free Download Scoliosis Basics "Free Stuff" PageSupport the show (
Support the show (
00:01:50 Meet Laurel00:03:20 Yoga Tune Up as Support00:06:05 Jason Ray Brown and Anatomy Studies For Yoga Teachers00:09:40 Yoga Injuries00:11:00 Anatomical Approach to Injury Prevention and Bio-mechanical approach to Injury Prevention00:11:20 Pain and Injury In Yoga00:16:00 When Alignment Isn't Enough00:16:35 Increase Your Capacity To Manage Load By Building Strength00:17:25 Working With Elizabeth Wipff Olympic Weight Lifter and Cross Fit Coach00:19:15 The Task Needs To Be Hard Enough00:19:45 Laurel's Online Kettle Bell Classes00:20:30 Laurel's Virtual Studio00:22:15 Building to a Kettle Bell Sequence00:25:00 The Suit Case Swing Circuit00:25:55 Laurel's All Access Studio Set Up00:27:00 Yoga Blend Master Class00:27:30 Two Weeks Off Between Master Classes00:28:20 Zoom In Gallery Mode00:28:35 Student's Comfort in Being Seen ... Or Not00:28:52 You Want To See Your Students00:29:20 Chat Time With Students00:30:22 Needing to Connect in This Hard Season00:30:55 Not as Much Is Lost As You Might Think00:31:45 Dealing With Student's Camera Angles00:33:05 Student's in "Tight Quarters"00:33:23 Speak To What You See00:33:45 Meet Students Where They Are00:34:22 Private Sessions Online vs Classes00:35:10 Allowing for different Camera Angles00:36:10 How Virtual Learning Happens Now00:37:45 Live Class Plus & Day Replay00:38:50 Synchronous and Non Synchronous Learning00:40:10 Class Context Inspired by Live Students00:40:39 Teaching as a Responsive Relationship 00:42:39 Learning Teaching From Jennifer Muller/The Works00:45:30 Adding Different Types and Lengths Of Classes00:45:50 Meeting In The Virtual "Studio Lobby"00:46:05 Original Strength Restorative Movement00:46:20 Strength in Yoga and Non-Competition00:46:55 Cool Zoom Collective Conversations00:48:10 Teacher Can Ask About Teaching00:48:57 As a Busy Mom of a Toddler. How do you do it?00:53:10 Multidisciplinary Focus 00:54:05 Timer or Reps As A Container00:56:25 The New Yoga Space Reality00:57:52 Desktop Cameras00:58:15 Using The Logitec Brio Wide Angle Lens Webcam00:58:50 Record For Quick Time and Live Stream00:59:05 Triple Back Up00:59:05 Using The Film Mic Pro as a Mic01:00:10 Quick Time On Desktop for Video Editing01:00:25 I Phone Recording On Phone For Social Media Clips Means No File TransfersNeeded01:01:15 Boltune Headphones01:01:40 Film Mic Pro App01:02:55 Founding Member Of Anatomy For Yoga Teachers 01:03:25 Muscolino Amazing In Depth Anatomy Books01:04:20 Most Teaching Is Boiling It Down01:05:05 Digging In To In Depth Anatomy01:06:00 The Time It Takes To Learn To Teach01:06:15 Great Teaching Evolves01:06:37 Knowing What NOT To Say As A Teacher01:08:20 Preparing The Body For Load And Life01:10:05 Quick Tips01:10:23 Take It Day By Day01:10:55 Vary Your Activities01:11:55 Add Strength Building01:13:05 Find Laurel on Instagram @LaurelBeversdorf01:13:12 www.laurelbeversdorf.com01:14:05 Free Download Intro To Functional Strength TrainingSupport the show (
00:00:57 Meet Jason Evans Lee00:05:15 How do you "lean out" for a role?00:07:57 Have Water In The Morning00:10:25 Putting Together Effective Fitness Videos00:17:15 What helps stay motivated to do the work?00:18:08 Men's Health Magazine Article "Fit at Any Age Men In Their 40's"00:19:08 True Grit, The Depth in Playing the "Bad Guy Roles"00:20:10 Visualization. See Clearly What You Want00:20:35 The Trick To Picking Out Wardrobe00:21:35 Amazing Artist and Bedrock00:22:35 Discipline And Finances00:24:25 "Primary Food" to help keep you on track00:27:55 You Know What Works From Experience00:28:17 Different Things Work For Different People00:30:15 Train In A Fasted State00:33:03 When Reaching Your Goal Backfires, Set More Goals!00:33:30 Make Fitness Your Lifestyle00:35:22 Kids Will Do What They See Their Parents Doing. Be The Example00:38:30 Dance and Presence00:38:52 Working With Michael Darrin Choreographer for Paula Abdul's Cold Hearted Snake00:40:08 Camaraderie With Fellow Performers, Profound Friendships00:41:20 How Dance Has Helped Develop Presence00:44:50 Dehydration and Body Aches00:45:30 Phone Timer As Water Reminder00:46:25 Eating Clean00:47:00 Artificial Sweeteners Depress You00:47:40 The "Fat Free Farce" 00:48:10 Chinese Medicine Sweet Causes Dampness00:48:55 Artificial Sweeteners And Insulin Spikes00:49:30 OMG MSG!00:51:55 Live Long For Your Children00:54:10 "A Little Bit Of Discipline Goes A Long Way"00:55:40 Tip For A Quick Win00:56:23 Find Jason Evans Lee, on IMDb You Tube Twitter Instagram @jasonevanslee00:58:30 Gary Oldman  01:01:28 Free Download 5 Ways To Build Self Discipline on its way to soonSupport the show (
00:00:59 Meet Travis Brown00:02:50 Bouncing Spinning Crawling and Rolling00:04:35 How To Get Wrestlers To Be Good Movers00:05:55 Vestibular System First to Develop00:08:20 Crawling00:09:10 Rolling00:09:40 Bouncing and Spinning00:11:27 Agile at 83 00:11:50 Dancing for Agility and Enjoyment00:13:50 Dancing Blind00:14:37 Wrestling Blind00:16:45 Better Wrist Elbow Shoulder and Neck Function00:19:16 Your Body Will Follow Your Eyes00:24:10 Eye Movement Exercises00:25:07 Overcoming The Rolling Challenge00:28:08 Roller Blading And Practice Falling For Safety00:30:56 Bouncing Breakdown00:34:50 The Four Domes00:41:45 Tongue Exercises In General00:42:25 Around The World Tongue Exercise00:45:55 BV-200:52:54 Pain As A Signal to Keep You Safe00:54:18 Quick Tips00:54:50 Tip # 1 Box Breathing00:58:50 Tip #2 Quick Turn Over 01:00:20 Pilates Bed Design01:02:10 DM Travis on Instagram @Kinetic.Sage01:03:20 Free Download "Ways To Train Your Vestibular System"Support the show (
00:00:30 Meet Rebekah00:02:00 Post-Partum Pilates After Twins00:04:10 Journey To Organization Podcast00:04:25 More Stuff Equals More Stress00:05:38 Recovering After Disaster00:06:45 Storing Your Wedding Dress00:09:45 Keeping Things That Represent The Memory Of A Special Event00:10:30 Living for Your Memories Versus Living For Your Dreams00:11:25 Where Do You Store Your Memories And What Can You Give To Someone Else That Can Use It Now?00:12:10 What To Hold On To When Going Through A Divorce?00:13:05 The Cake Smash Story 00:14:00 With a Friendly Break Up Keep the Pictures and Get Rid Of The Cake Topper00:15:30 What To Do With The Wedding Dress00:19:55 Have the Memories But Clear Out The Stuff00:20:35 If You Give Things Power Then They Have Power If You Don't, They Don't00:21:30 Sentimental Things Can Be Hard To Get Rid Of00:21:45 How To Clear Out Boxes Of Letters00:23:17 Keeping A Gratitude Journal00:34:00 The Pleco Fish Story00:34:30 Tidying Up With Kids and What Makes It Easier00:36:30 Teaching Kids To Be Organized With Clear Instructions00:39:10 Give Kids The Tools and Then Be Okay With The Results00:40:15 When To Give Your Kids A Break With Regard To Room Cleaning00:41:02 Your Space Reflects Your Inner Confusion Or Happiness00:41:59 The Eagle Feather Story00:48:20 Motivate Kids To Clear Out By Letting Them Sell Stuff For Cash00:51:25 The Gap Cottage And Feeling Peaceful00:52:29 The Goal Is To Live In A Space You Can Truly Relax In00:53:10 Keep Only What You Need00:54:40 De Stress Through De Cluttering00:57:25 The Profound Shift From Reading "Zero Waste"00:59:07 Less Stuff Makes Good Enough Tolerable00:59:50 Simple Tips To Take Away Now01:00:05 Tip #1 This Is A Marathon Not A Sprint01:00:25 Tip #2 Be Kind To Yourself01:00:32 # Of Years In Clutter = # Of Months It Will Take to Clear Out01:01:04 Use Nice Words With Yourself01:02:38 Find Rebekah01:03:35 Rebekah's Book Organizing For Jewish Life Cycle Events01:04:10 Organizing Yourself In Death Divorce and Delivery01:04:48Organizing Major Life Events Makes Them More Smooth01:05:35 How Do You Keep Your Kids Organized During a Divorce?01:05:55 "Organized Jewish Life", The Book01:07:25 Free Download: Five Simple Tips To Clearing Your Clutter which can also be found on the resources page.Support the show (
00:00:37 Meet Christian Ramirez00:01:50 The Importance of Water00:02:15 There Is A Difference Between Quality Water And Tap Water00:03:30 Fluoride Is Beneficial When Allpied Topically To The Teeth00:06:22 Pharmaceutical Run Off In Our Water00:08:00 Re-Mineralizing Water00:08:22 Adding Celtic Sea Salt To Your Water00:13:00 Simple Hydration Trick00:13:58 Different Types Of Water And Where Does It Go?00:14:35 Pure Mineralized Water00:14:48 Guy Voyer00:15:40 Medical Residency Using Water As A Treatment Tool00:15:50 Pathway Of Pure Mineralized Water In The Body00:16:55 "The Outside Water"00:18:05 The Sodium Potassium Pump00:19:10 "The Hidden Message In Water" by Masaru Emoto00:21:43 Emotional Release With Massage00:23:01 Eknath Easwaran00:24:23 How Much Water Should You Drink?00:25:32 When Should You Drink Water?00:28:20 Great Tips From Actor Jason Lee00:29:50 Mineral Content for Specific Goals00:33:00 Can Your Regional Water Make You More Beautiful?00:33:18 Water With Lithium and Lower Rates Of Suicide00:33:42 When 7UP had Lithium in It00:34:04 When Coca Cola Had Cocaine In It00:35:15 Kevin Kelly Make Your Own Mineral Water00:36:20 The Two Different Dixie Cup Stories00:36:42 The Dixie Cup Syndrome00:37:30 Dixie Cup Shooters (Water, not Booze)00:38:15 Ayurvedic Viewpoint on Water Consumption From Mukunda Stiles00:38:35 Practical Tip For Water Intake00:39:05 Have Half Of Your Water By Noon00:39:35 When You Feel Thirsty ... It's Too Late00:39:47 Thirst Can Be Mistaken For Hunger00:41:00 Gerald Pollack's The First Phase Of Water00:41:42 "The Best Solution For Pollution Is Dilution" - Paul Chek00:42:00 Find Christian on Instagram @christianramireznyc00:42:19 Get Your Free Water Tracker at on the resources page or click the show (
00:00:30 Meet Beth Kruger00:04:24 Birth Of A Mother00:05:34 Letting Go And Welcoming Someone New00:06:08 The Humming Bird Story00:09:30 Safe Space in Pre Natal Yoga Class00:10:56 Pre Natal Yoga A Time To Slow Down and Tune In00:12:00 Birth of Twins and Prenatal Yoga00:12:40 The Need For Positive Birth Stories00:13:18 Why We Don't Hear Positive Birth Stories00:14:44 How Fear Can Affect The Birth Process00:16:10 Gap in Post Partum Health00:17:17 Where Is Support For New Mom's Needs00:17:55 What Happens After Birth00:20:32 Take Some Me Time Mommy00:20:42 One On One Pre and Post Natal Yoga00:21:15 Ways New Moms Can Get Support 00:23:20 Trade Childcare00:23:55 A Mother's Helper00:26:00 Infant Burnout00:27:45 Boundries00:29:45 You Will Have to Ask For Different Things00:30:10 The Drumming Concert Story00:31:42 Get Comfortable With Being Uncomfortable00:33:52 Like A Heat Seeking Missle 00:34:32 A Few Simple Tips 00:38:18 Find Beth at bethkruger.com00:39:12 Free Download "What To Put In Your Hospital Bag" the show (
00:00 Introduction00:55 deb Wertz - Yoga Found Me02:47 The Gold Watch Equivalent04:40 The Personal Training Connection05:35 Dharma Mitra07:25 Hatha Raja Yoga Practice10:00 Meditation … A Fork in the Road11:00 There Are Always Guide Posts12:48 breaking In To Your Friend’s House13:16 Tools We Have When We Quiet The Mind13:47 Thich Nhat Hahn’s Apple Juice Story15:02 The Snow Globe Analogy for Settling The Mind In Meditation15:58 Owning A Yoga Studio16:18 Yoga and Meditation to Heal Panic Attacks17:02 Pilates Moves For Yoga Grooves18:45 The Down Side to “The Teacher Making Machine”22:00 Important Meditation Set Up24:45 Consistency in Meditation Practice28:07 pratipaksha bhavana35:40 The Artist’s Way36:10 Panic Disorder and Managing Fear39:10 The Two People Walking Story40:35 The Car and The Fence Story42:30 The Problem With Streak Based Practices43:40 Mathematical and Yogic Significance Of The Number 10846:12 The Koshas Mukunda Stiles and Structural Yoga Therapy50:08 Eknath Easwaran and Passage Meditation52:10 Inspiration Inspired be Sharon Salzberg’s Loving Kindness Meditation54:00 Numbers Meditation Inspired be the Mountains and Rivers Order Zen Mountain Monastery55:30 Find What You Connect With To Stay Motivated56:00 Tip #1 Set Your Meditation Space56:14 Tip #2 Find What Sings To You57:17 The Insight Timer App as a Helpful Tool55:58 Find Deb at and on IG and Twitter @choose_urwords59:50 Your Meditation Tool BoxPEOPLE / COOL STUFF MENTIONED IN THE SHOW•Find Deb at on Instagram and twitter at choose_urwords•Here is more information about Deb’s Yoga to Heal Panic course also a course on skillfully selecting your words to help in many situations•FREE meditation toolbox download the show (
00:58 Martin Hewlett Calming Anxiety02:11 The Guide on the Side vs The Sage on the Stage04:00 The Nature of The Way Things Are 05:05 A Total Transformation06:50 Freedom From Emotional Negative Anchors From the Past09:28 Taking Ownership and Making Amends is Hard but Necessary12:13 "Just Say Enough!" An incredibly Inspiring Story14:46 Diet, Body Image and Achieving Goals in Specific Sports20:10 Calmness and Focus Necessary in a Strong Effort20:50 Our Favorite Romantic Comedies26:11 Making New Friends As We Grow29:32 Balance, The Yin Yang Dance and the Institute of Integrative Nutrition34:26 The Zen Hot Coals Story40:56 Discussing Opposite ideas and Coming to an Understanding a Commentary on Perspective46:55 Learning About Both Parties in a Conversation49:15 Electric Bikes and Cindy Lee51:26 Breathing Exercises Extending the Breath and Sleep52:15 Help for InsomniaPEOPLE / COOL STUFF MENTIONED IN THE SHOWMartin Hewlett Hypnotherapy Anxiety Podcast http://calminganxiety.netFREE Better Sleep download the show (
009 Wilmien Blake—Across America Runner with MS- Overcoming Challenges00:47 Meet Wilmien1:58 MS Run The US3:59 Focus Pulls Positive Energy In4:28Talking to Other People and Acknowledging Your Feelings5:00 Putting on a Strong Positive Front5:24 “The Boxer” Story6:54 Tools To Help and Sharing Our Stories7:58 Teamwork and “Who do you want in your life boat?”9:00 The Silver Lining of The Virtual Relay for MS Run the US10:38 Sutradhari - The Thread Holder Story12:20 Pandemic Support on What’s App12:53 Clear Your Clutter Challenge Group  13:25 There Is Never a Problem Too Big To Work Through 14:30 Simplify Solutions and Save Energy15:20 Ways to Settle Down and Think Clearly16:55 The Map Is Not The Territory17:15 Professional Running Advice for Long Runs18:20 The 14 Mile Checkpoint Story19:10 The Secret Tip To help Endurance19:20 The treacherous waterfall Story20:56 The Mantra That Helped22:25 The Unexpected Place That Great Stories Come From23:00 Keep Moving23:10 MS Tip #1 To Take Away Today25:40 MS Tip #2 To Take Away Today 27:00 How to find out more about MS Run The US PEOPLE / COOL STUFF MENTIONED IN THE SHOWhttps://www.msruntheus.orgFREE Yoga Exercises for Runners download Us On Patreon the show (
00:00 Intro1:06 It all starts at home Parenting 2.0 The Focused Mindset, positive mindset in stressful times3:15 The unknown is throwing everybody off, be your best self In changing times4:20 Teens resistance to school and how things are different now5:20 An unexpected and strange journey5:54 What parents don’t get to see, emotions are high, guidelines teachers have to Follow7:35 How we can start fresh and take a breath8:10 Dealing with burnout and compassion overload10:00 The clock doesn’t stop ticking11:00 How to hold a family meeting for today, ideas to develop your own new vibe as a family12:00 This is a new experience. How are we going to walk into it12:40 For Parents, think about the person we are being and bring your best self to the table13:10 The “Momzilla Story” find the humor in the moment14:10 “The Famous First Phrases Story” to melt your heart15:10 Teen silence, head pats and “The Appraiser Story”16:30 Savor the moment and the Robert Fulgum story of how kids share their love.18:35 The gifts of love and connection don’t stop even when the world is crazy. We can control how we respond.19:55 V.I.B.E.S.22:00 Values22:30 Investigation23:00 Be Bold23:23 Enjoy the Journey24:00 Start Again25:00 The Movie Game, In the words of Scarlet O’Hara, “Tomorrow is another day”26:40 Tools for finding peace for siblings cooped up at home28:35 Help your kids voice their own values29:35 “I notice you are having a problem here.” One phrase that can approach with assertiveness without putting kids on the defense so that they may be able to move forward quicker and find a solution to an issue in the moment.31:52 Don’t be too hard on yourself and evaluate things at the beginning and end of the day. PEOPLE / COOL STUFF MENTIONED IN THE SHOWPodcast: Parenting 2.0 the Focused Mindsethttps://www.thefocusedmindset.comFree V.I.B.E.S. Download mentioned in the show “Getting Ready for School in 2020 PDF  Book,It was on Fire When I lay Down On It. The “Daddy Prize Story”Support the show (
00:00 Intro1:10 Dr Joella is a Sports Chiropractor injury and prevention specialist and ergonomist6:27 The best thing for scoliosis is swimming for balanced movement and then working on the tissue7:14 the bike accident story “The Great Teacher”9:28 Chronic pain and tissue work10:00 Ergonomics to hold your biological, mental and emotional health11:11 The Suzanna Weiss Story In home personal training for “in Between stage” clients11:50 When chronic pain becomes an old friend25:30 Core 360degrees versus looking at muscle imbalance AND balance work27:48 Sacroiliac joint and low back pain30:33 the reaction of muscles up the chain31:33 Flat feet structural versus functional and how fashion shoes fit into the mix including “one hour shoes”35:47 Ergonomic solutions for working from home37:05 Cumulative trauma disorder 30 to 40% increase in musculoskeletal problems during Covid. 40:15 Load increase on joints from 13 to 35 and up to 50 pounds with forward head posture43:11 It is not “Stand Up Straight” …43:28 It Is “Assume Your Natural Curves” .. Lose a curve and increase your risk of injury45:48 Stronger bodies recover better from injury49:43 Ergonomics is a lifestyle52:15 Changing the world one shoulder roll at a time.54:57 Finding the normal eye gazePEOPLE / COOL STUFF MENTIONED IN THE SHOWhttps://drjoella.comFind Dr Joella on instagram @DrJoellaWebinar 3 things you can do to optimize your home office space Yoga Poses printable download from Sacroiliac Case Study the show (
 3:00 Physical aspect of Yoga evolving to the depth of the philosophy behind it.5:30 Working with flexible people the importance of focusing on stabilization of the joints10:15 Origins and insertions11:25 Anatomy Studies For Yoga Teachers (ASFYT) Earn your “CSI Goggles”15:15 Anatomical cueing in the world of online teaching.19:40 Bringing the brain “Back” to a grounded place26:10 Community support sharing and strength in solidarity allows you to fight for justice.30:00 Breaking down what happens in a restorative yoga class35:15 Relief for Parents in yoga39:42 Gaining weight “the Covid 19”40:27 Speaking Kindly and not berating ourselves 46:27 This is our life right now48:38 Differentiating what really brings you joy and what doesn’t.51:24 Mandalas and coloring to de-stressPEOPLE / COOL STUFF MENTIONED IN THE SHOWLuminous Body Transformative health and Fitness https://www.luminousbody.netLuminousbody@mac.comFacebook @JenchindanceKathy GrantIyengar MethodGenny KapulerBonnie Bainbridge CohenDance ScienceVictoria KoenigAnatomy Studies for Yoga Teachers https://www.asfyt.comGet your FREE DOWNLOAD “How to Make Your Own Mandala: the show (
Reinventing YourselfHow to deal with multiple lay offs and stay strongHave a plan BBuilding resilience through experience Find something that brings you joy (like dance or whatever works for you)Have something to look forward toEverything happens for a reasonWorry won’t helpEverything that you are doing today is a preparation for the next projectThe skills you learn from one situation can help you in the nextask people “what do you see that I am good at”You have to be positive because it just opens up the worldPut your own oxygen mask on firstKeep calm and carry on and things may flow betterEnergy follows thoughtPEOPLE / COOL STUFF MENTIONED IN THE SHOW’s book “How Santa Got His Job” by Stephen Krensky http://stephenkrensky.comPower Up Podcasting www.smartpassiveincome.comQuote “No snow flake ever falls in the wrong place”-zen sayingQuote “What does this make possible”Quote “Weather you think you can or you think you can’t, you are right” Henry FordClick here to download a PDF of the quotes to put on your fridge and stay inspired!Support the show (
PODCAST HIGHLIGHTSThe benefit of failing forwardThe unofficial therapeutic aspects of One on One trainingWe comiserate over the intensity of an in depth Anatomy and Physiology courseHow massage can mitigate the effects of burning the candle at both endsThe amazing benefits of Reflexology with Petra Van NoortThere are times when you need to “work in” and do mindful gentle movementsActivation of the parasympathetic nervous systemThe benefits of taking a “cold plunge” and eliciting the sympathetic nervous system Making your own unique programJournal to decompressPEOPLE / COOL STUFF MENTIONED IN THE SHOWMELT Sue Hitzman https://www.meltmethod.comPaul Chek https://chekinstitute.comGuy Voyer Hruska https://www.posturalrestoration.comDr. Eric Cobb https://zhealtheducation.comWim Hof Queensborough Community College - Massage Therapy Pump - Big Life Journal  https://biglifejournal.comTranscendental Meditation Space App https://www.headspace.comZ-Health Exercise Blog the show (
In this conversation with Alexis Weatherspoon, we talk about the process of recovering from an intense injury, specifically, a ruptured achilles tendon. The takaways:1) Be grateful2 Be okay with failure3) Stay creative4) Think outside of the box 5) Go at your own pace6) You get there when you get there Support the show (
I hope you enjoy this conversation with Annie LaCroix from the podcast Brainy Boss.Where She says: "It is time to rethink the way we work in our own small businesses. We can get away from the 24/7 hustle and constant grind by being smarter with our business." Annie's podcast, is all about intentional hustle through better systems, routines, and mindset. In our conversation we talk about Her process in coming to do what she does. How entrepeneurship was a natural progression for her and how owning a massage school created the necessity to find a work life balance. Takaway tips:~Book end your days and~Make meal prep a priority00:00 Intro00:53 Getting to Know Annie LaCroix02:50 The Taylor Ladies and Construction Projects03:54 Meniere’s Disease and Saying “No”06:30 You Have To Take Care Of Yourself In Order To Take Care Of Other People07:40 Functional Médecine Individualizing Self Care08:25 Ho wTo Use Your Time The Best You Can So There Is Time For The Other Things09:19 The Two Coins Story10:45 Practical Tip #1 Book End Your Days11:44 Practical Tip #2 Meal Prep To Eat Right12:37 Food Habits You Teach Kids While They Are Young Stay With Them14:23 Nutritional Ease For Parents and Quiet Time With Your Kids15:37 When You Don’t Have To Say A Thing16:28 Where To Find Annie LaCroix17:01 The Story Of The Brainy Boss Name17:15 How To Best Use Our Brain To Get Things DonePEOPLE / COOL STUFF MENTIONED IN THE SHOWAnnie La Croix on Instagram @abrainybossAnnie La Croix on Twitter @abrainybossAnnie La Croix’s Podcast Brainy BossAnnie La Croix’s Website www.Brainyboss.coJennifer Muller https://www.jmtw.orgSupport the show (
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