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TeTe & Espresso is a 2 minutes podcast, 3 days a week, that will get your day started the perfect way, with a positive jolt. With weekly themes, 1 minute is spent talking about the daily topic, and 1 minute is spent on energetic affirmations...The best way to start your day.

Orphanage work inspired this podcast. I have a working plan in motion to install surround sound in orphanages, where I currently go to in Mexico, where I will be programing their brains for success and happiness. While building this dream, I decided to make a version for the general population, and use the proceeds to build my brain programing and mentorship program with the kids without families.. I currently visit 3 homes, with 60 kids in each home, ranging from 1 month to 22 years old...In this dream, your messages of hope and love are linked directly to them. Our success is their success.

This Podcast was created realizing the precious time we have in our busy lives. A 1 hour podcast, and even a 20 minute podcast, can seem too long in our daily lives. That was the intention for having a 2 minute podcast. You could even listen to it back to back and not spend more then 5 minutes of your time. And that time is filled with the best brain programing humans can experience.

After spending the last 15 years immersed in affirmations, psychology of success, coaching programs, spiritual books, courses, philanthropy, mastermind groups, psychology, philosophy, and wanting to live fully every day, I put that all together in a package that can help my brother and sister (you) to the maximum, knowing your busy life.

All of the acoustic guitar is originally done in the booth, and is the back track for each podcast. Every week there is a new guitar progression. I write, record, and produce everything you hear. Keeping it fresh 52 throughout the year.

Spread this with as many people as you love, it will help the ones who need and want our love the most... The children and young adults of this world, with no one there for them.
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I Expect and Accept everything I want in life I Expect and Accept everything I want in life I Expect and Accept everything I want in life I Expect and Accept everything I want in life
One with..Nourish...Welcome to TeTe & Espresso, a CastBox original, I'm Tete.... These 2 Mantra forms have rocked my world... "I am one with the universe and the universe is one with me." I nourish the universe and the universe nourishes me." "I am one with the planet and the planet is one with me." "I nourish the planet and the planet nourishes me."  "I am one with you and you are one with me." "I nourish you and you nourish me." This mantra "works" in every area of our lives. Wow whatever area.... Go.... Use.....
Allll aboard, going to your dream destination babyyyyy! ...Welcome to TeTe & Espresso, a CastBox original, I’m TeTe. I just gave my 30 days notice to my property managers that I am moving...Mmmmm and here is what I can teach to learn... I remember 6 months ago, when I knew I was going to be moving. I decided shortly before that. It was real then, sure...30 days away, my body and spirit are moving forward regardless, and that’s the beauty of being in the now as much as possible. Our bodies and minds will not stop. They are on some sort of cosmic auto pilot towards the dream we have selected, that we desire. Here is my teaching and learning for the day.... Surrender to do nothing. Go no where, and to feel nothing but the joy of the present moment.... You are upset at your boat for not going anywhere, and you never find anything when you go out, because you have never given your Captain an exact dream destination...Having the main goal of peace of mind, peace with this moment, self forgiveness, meditation, should be the main aim. Until....until in those peaceful moments, you see..You see clearly now, where exactly you want your life to go. You’ll notice a propelling forward like you have never felt. You have given your very talented Captain the ability to unleash his talent to get you to your destination the fastest, and safest... And you will even have time to jump into the water for a minute swim and enjoy the sky...And yes, these boats now a days have technology to scan to water in 500 feet in every direction for big fish..dun dun dun dun dun...  I love you..
B I G Baybay! ...Welcome to TeTe & Espresso, a Castbox original, I’m TeTe. Here we are, 4 weeks from have a going away party. Everything is changing so fast, it is so welcomed. Last night I even watched 51 video tutorials on a platform called “Teamwork” to coordinate my assistants daily projects and tasks. It’s a go mode firing on all cylinders...Not noticing what time it is, or how many hours are being put in of work...simply doing as much as I can, with all of those skills I have been preaching here the last year, to make sure my body and mind get freshen up once an hour, at least..By dancing, taking a walk, a nap, meditation... All of this is go mode for the bigger life. Here are the 5 things I chant daily, probably 20 times a day..... “I forgive myself, I am worthy, I take action now, Abundance, faith.” “You forgive yourself, You am worthy, You take action now, Abundance, faith.” “We forgive ourselves, We am worthy, We take action now, Abundance, faith.” “I forgive myself, I am worthy, I take action now, Abundance, faith.” “I forgive myself, I am worthy, I take action now, Abundance, faith.” “I forgive myself, I am worthy, I take action now, Abundance, faith.” “I forgive myself, I am worthy, I take action now, Abundance, faith.” 
A Castbox original,  TeTe & Espresso Podcast
I believe in you little one...Welcome to TeTe & Espresso, a CastBox original, I’m TeTe. You are such a capable person... And did you know that your intelligence can, and should, grow the older you get? People think it is like the human body, where even the most marble statue body builder will eventually turn into skin and bones. The mind will grow more sharp, if you train it to be... There is no one like you in the entire planet...Tap into you, the you that no one is like. Tap into the information around you that will help you expand on your mind. I am reading a book on Leonardo DeVinci, and believe me, from his mouth, we can grow all we want. I am all I want. You are a genius. Our intelligence grows every day. We want it to grow. Facts are facts, genes are genes, and did you know if you took the IQ test, then studied and trained to take it again, you, based on research and proven results, will get a significantly higher IQ score the next time??? Wow... You are all you want to be. Everything you desire is inside of you. We are meant for such big things. Believe in yourself lovely. You are the hope of the world, waiting to be expressed. I will follow you, as I believe in myself. You are my world.
I am great..No No good fellow, we are great...Welcome to TeTe & Espresso, a CastBox original, I’m TeTe. The words we say are soooooo important.. The book “Tribal Leadership,” is badass... The words we use are the reason why the words own us. Whatever we open mouths and say, will be an instant reflection of our lives...So focusing on literally what is coming out of your mouth is what to focus on...That is an inner reflection of how you are thinking, feeling, and being aware of. Stage 3 for many people is an amazing step. A Necessary step. YYYYeeeeeah PS..There is no skipping steps in this game. You must spend time in each before moving on..So own how great you are...before becoming aware that..We are great. Who is great? You are great! Who is great? I am great! Who is great? We are great! We are great We are great, the we is you and me! Who is great? you heard the answer in your head, we are great! Everything we want in life comes so much faster with the we. Weeeeeeeeeeee says the little pig all the way home. The little piggy got it, and so you can we. We we we we we we we hehehe never feel melancholy, go to San Deigo and ride the trolley...All the way to the border, and go visit the kids in the orphanages. Help the We.
Suicide and group violence is where these 2 stages call home..Welcome to TeTe & Espresso, a  CastBox original, I’m TeTe. This book, “Tribal Leadership” is awesome ...There are 5 stages.... Stage 1 and 2, refers to the language we say out loud, which is an outer example of what the inner mind is thinking, feeling, and being aware of, that we use...And if we listen we can know where a person is in their lives. We have full faith in them. We know, that they can graduate up to stage 3...The book says that it takes 90 days to move from one stage to another. Knowing is not judging. It’s identifying so we can simple say...”Life does’t suck, your life sucks right now.... It doesn’t seem like much of a mental change, but it is.  90 days is a short amount of time to increase your happiness and peace...There is that one little rule though... You must want to change every day for 90 days. Doing the self forgiveness, reading the books, trying to meditate, finding a new group of people you are around, dealing with the uncomfortable feeling of being around these new people, because it is natural for any person to feel uncomfortable around many people who they are trying to enter that quote “better” mind frame. Sooooooo.... We want to change...You want to change...I want to change... It’s a choice..I forgive you for everything in your past. Now all you must do is forgive yourself.  I believe in you so much..  
( German accent) Yaaaa I vvvant you to stop zzzat nonsense right now. This is vreality..Welcome to TeTe & Espresso, a CastBox original, I’m TeTe. Your dream reality starts where your fantasy ends. Yes, wish upon a star...Then have faith in that wish...and start taking action towards your wish, like it is already happening...This is the practical approach to ending the “wishing, fantasizing, future date longing, anxious wanting...all of it... The reality of your dreams is in the action. Which can only happen in this current reality. It’s is how 2 people can have the same, “Wish,” and one goes to bed thanking the universe for 7 steps towards his or her dream..And the other person get’s on their knees at night to pray, makes another fantasy wish.  Action, reality, action, dream life, end of fantasy, action, start to your dream life, action. Action and faith, faith in reality, reality brings your dream life, and the end of fantasy, is the beginning beauty of reality. Action is our connection our universe. Our universe loves action because it is a constant reminder of faith. We are “acting in faith.” That brings the universe sooooo much joy. Reality is where we can receive the continual happy support of the universe for our actions.  2 more month until I’m moving to the border to help the orphanages and foster homes. I have been ending fantasy for a year, to move towards the dream reality.
Almmmmmmm (amp energy) I intend to end this day feeling grrrreeeeat...Welcome to TeTe & Espresso podcast, a CastBox original, I’m TeTe. Use this powerful formula of stillness and go mode. I am on my butt 2 times a day, and on my knees 2 times a day. I found the treasure........Meditating 2 times a day gives us both the peace, where we find the voice of the universe, and intention and attention, where we communicate back to the universe. I get on my knees for 2 minutes, twice a day, to duplicate the same affect... You have it now, in less than 1 minute. A key..One of the keys. I made a copy for you. For free. Welllll Your only payment to me use it.  I use the key the TeTe gave me. You use the key that TeTe gave you. We use the key that TeTe gave us...Can we discover something that has always been there? It’s not mine. It’s ours..Yours, mine, the Universe’s. All of our...We take time to be in peace....We take time to talk to the universe, or God, and describe exactly what we intent for our days, life, health, success goals, everything. We follow this process together. We strengthen each other. This is how we fin heaven together. Peace and Intention. Peace and Intention. Peace and Intention.
Ahhhhhhhhhhhh is the sound of the Universe..Welcome to TeTe & Espresso, a CastBox original, I’m TeTe. Wow..Thank you Wayne Dyer..  Gaaaahhhhd, Alllaaaaahh, Buddahhhhh, Krishnaaaah, Raaaah, YaaaaHWH, Faaather, Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh (hold until 10 moe seconds is left...When we chant this “aaaaaahhhhh” we connect with the holy source. The universe. The creator, our oneness... Ready...together...3,2,1 ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh...2 more times...3,2,1, Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh...Last time..3,2,1 Ahhhhhhhhhhhh Gaaaahhhhhd today we have faith in the abundance of you, and the all giving abundance in our lives. Connect with me. Let’s form our vibration together.
Hey you, put that back on the shelf, what do you think you’re doing? You won’t leave this world with that (North English accent) …Welcome to TeTe & Espresso, a CastBox original, I’m TeTe. This quote from a 100 year old says it….. “Don’t go crazy about amassing material things. Remember: you don’t know when your number is up, and you can’t take it with you to the next place.” …. Imagine taking the $1,000 you were going to spend on that item for your home…Imagine if you spent $100 on 10 people you love and did something very thoughtful for each of that..The ripple of water that would create in your life, would be so huge. And those 10 people would view you different forever. Them feeling those emotions forever means…you’re in heaven. I think about experiences to create, you think about experiences to create, we think about new experiences to create. We can live forever…. If we followed this system, once a year, for 10 years, of spending $100 of 10 people…100 people would support your life like you have never seen. or experienced. Maybe not even witnessed. Maybe not even on TV, or the movies..The creative process of planning that fun events of spending that money on surprising that person, is your payment. The after “Heaven” affect, is the cherry on the frosting.. mmmmmm but a fresh cherry. Not the typical sugar cherries..mmmm yeah…a bowl of fresh cherries….Mmmmmmmm. Live life fully today lovelies.
I pardon you ...Welcome to TeTe & Espresso, a CastBox original, I’m TeTe. Why would it matter, one way or the other, to release animosity for others? I Your very being is at stake of being stuck in the mud... Animosity keeps you from moving in life. Moving towards the life you want, the person you want to develop into, the happiness you want to feel, but you don’t think that kind of pure love is possible in the world. We know people have released the animosity towards others, in the history of the world, and we know people are doing it now..And if a 100 year old is giving you this secret, then..... We release each other. When we release each other, we both are liberated and free. The weight is gone. Because we get it. Because we released other people, we actually release ourselves from our chains. To think we can shed our chains only by wanting it, is mind blowing. Something so permanent can be undone in a moment. I release others, you release others, we release othersI (repeat if necessary). Be the best you can be today.
What the hell would you do, if you knew today was your last day to live? ..Welcome to TeTe & Espresso, a CastBox original, I’m TeTe. There are many interviews with people over 100 giving their secrets for a great life.. Google it Batch.. Let this thought dominate your life. Use it as the fuel to the vehicle you have chosen to life your dream life. Live right now...and think of your personal dream existence. Work your way backwards in time, and events, in your imagination, and arrive to right now...What could you do right now, on your smartphone, that could move your towards living fully. Living so fully that you might not even be here tomorrow to live it. So fully.. I fully live now, you fully live now, we fully live now...Fill up your cup today. With laughter, focused thriving work towards your dreams, forgiving the past, earning that extra dollar, meditating, going dancing tonight. Sign up for the specialty school for your new career, take that walk around the block, call someone you love. And more importantly..Allow yourself to visual, with emotion, your ideal existence. And declare...This is our current reality. Live fully lovelies.
Let’s call it Vacationitis .....Welcome to TeTe & Espresso, a CastBox original, I’m TeTe. Stuck in a daydream about the past...Donkey... You come here (Ramsey) ... Almost as tough as living in the past, is looking forward to something so much, that we are disconnected with this present moment. You’re a dreamer (Ramsey)... Vacationitis happens on many levels. Especially when we are utilizing our imagination like a good boy and girl, to create the dream life we want..It is vital to come back to the now, and to be present, so you can see and accept the universes way of giving you what you want. Gordon Ramsey would call people a “dreamer” if they made a simple mistake. A mistake that would not have happened if they were present, and in the now...That’s when he would freak out on people, and kick them out of the kitchen...Standards. Not of the food, but of himself that he upheld in everyone else. Admirable..Donkey!!!...I am in the now..You are in the now..We are in the now..And we are both living in the present. What a gift! What a present, is the present.
Pssssst you’re living in the past..Wake up...Welcome to TeTe & Espresso, a CastBox original, I’m TeTe. This is the practice we are used to...Living, thinking, and feeling in the past..And reminding us to be in the now. (Snap a few times) Hellooooo (like waking someone up gently) What is so useful about this simple technique, is that it is simple. “Rise and Shine.” Waking up to this moment works every time. It’s the first step into breaking the mind. Then we can layer on gratitude, and self affirming,and shabam! Gooooood morning! We are awake to the glory of the world. Our world. The world we choose! I choose to “wake up now.” and Pop back into reality. In reality I can be the change. You deserve everything you want. Both the things you WANT to change about the past and the person you WANT to be right now. So “wake up now.” And be in this moment. It is here for you..Waiting... Take it. All you must do is be in the now, this moment. So “Wake up dumpling..Pumpkin..sugar plumb...and start being the person you’ve always wanted to be.”
She’ll steal my boyfriend..That new guy will take my spot of the team...Welcome to TeTe & Espresso, a Castbox original, I’m TeTe. Competing is comparing. We are not comparable. It’s easy to see, that 1,000 kids thrown together every day, when 95% of the kids have been raised with some variable levels of competitive comparing, Will magnify those traits to try and belong to the whole. If they have a healthy mind frame they could belong, but most of the times we tried to fit in... We are adults now. We all have our own responsibilities, and problems. We are equals. Release the comparing. I release comparing, you release comparing, we release comparing. Competition in our world is not necessary for survival. Competition when happy for the other’s success is healthy. Besides a few societal exceptions, Abundance is cancelled where competition exists. There is so much goodness for every single person. Even if you are going after a job, and the other person did not get it. You have faith in them, and in abundance that they will soon find another job.
Break it up Break it up fellas... Welcome to TeTe & Espresso, a CastBox original, I’m TeTe. We separate from all the ideas we could want when we compete with other people. In a mental state of competition, it is you vs them. Win or lose. Fail or succeed. Any collaboration with the enemy means being a traitor...Who wins here really? Who wins if they slay their enemy, and are now at the mountain top alone?..What if the person you defeated and expelled played guitar, and could have kept you company. Separation from people, means separation from all of their genius ideas that could help your life. I connect with everyone. They have the voice of God’s energy within them. The voice of truth. Perspective is wanted. We want it. We connect with everyone. Especially those who are very different than us. We connect with everyone. The opposite of separation is togetherness. Is community. Commune. Communion. Receive it through other people. Your equals. I love you
I see you Sister, I see you Brother. You are my equals..Welcome to TeTe & Espresso, a CastBox original, I’m TeTe. Change your lens in your glasses. It’s better than polarized. When you put on those slick looking shades, the new pair, you see that everyone could have been your best friends growing up, if you had only been neighbors. You’ll see that they have similar desires, and are want to leave the feeling of fear behind. These cool glasses give you the vision in others, how you would ultimately like to view yourself.......(Long pause...At the last note say) The glasses are how you view yourself. Isn’t it funny how these new glasses take away the skin color in people. The religious wrap around their heads? The skin tight mini skirt? The glasses seem to wipe away the physical attraction, or “ugliness” in people. These glasses give you the lens to see the world. Your world.. (repeat) You are me and I am you, we are one world. Subscribe to this TeTe & Espresso Blog
Go Go Go Go Go ....Welcome to TeTe & Espresso, a CastBox original, I’m TeTe. This espresso shot is meant to keep you moving..Go. 3 different Go...Long Goooooo, Fast Go in a rhythm 8, then pause then 3...and “Go now, Go Forward.” Affirmations repeat only add. “Go, you’re so close.”
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Nuage Laboratoire


Feb 22nd

Danielle Grant

One of my favourite episodes so far 💕 Thank you very much Tete

Jan 16th

Kiley Harvey

TeTe, thank you. ❤️ You know just what the heart & soul needs. I feel replenished in two minutes everyday. You are awesome!!

Sep 4th

Susan Roy

Good session today. I love you. Auntie.

Jul 25th
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Susan Roy

hi Mattie. I subscribed to your podcast. I love you.

Jul 22nd
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Scott Williams

I'm a loving Father and Son :)

Jul 20th
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Who I am is not important. What I do with who I am is the key to my life and that is Truly Amazing!

Jul 20th
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Steven A Tabor

i am a scientist by training and by habit.

Jul 20th
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T Harris

It's been 20min since I discovered this podcast and I'm in love! Thank you! Thank you!

Jul 19th
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Tk Fox


Jul 19th
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Stephen Guillen

An amazing 2 minutes! It is an absolute pleasure listening! Thank you

Jul 18th
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Michael Bard

quite a story.

Jul 18th
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