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Teachers' Education Review is an Australian podcast that explores issues and practices in education from the perspective of classroom teachers.
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TER #140 - Dyslexia and Australian Education with David Armstrong - 13 Oct 2019 by Teachers' Education Review
TER #139 - Re-imagining Education for Democracy with Stewart Riddle - 30 Sept 2019 by Teachers' Education Review
In this TER Live special episode, we bring you a recording of the Teachmeet event held as part of the National Education Summit in Melbourne on 31 August, 2019. The Teachmeet was organised by Steven Kolber and Josh Velez.00:00 Opening Credits00:34 Intro01:28 Steven Kolber - Global threats to teaching09:58 Josh Velez - Student Voice in Inquiry18:53 Carolyn Newall - Different platforms of Tech25:28 Michelle Borderick - What makes good Maths GREAT34:03 Lynne Telfer - Breaking the Blocks, Minecraft as a communication medium46:01 Brandon Friedman - Students and sexting59:43 James Tregonning - Reading Video Games01:10:00 David Zyngier - What is student engagement? How do we make it happen?01:21:02 Closing remarks
Main Feature: Dr Meghan Stacey discusses her research into the different experiences of teachers in schools in different communities, and the impact of school choice policies on the widening gap of school stratification and teacher experiencesRegular Features: Off Campus - Dan Haesler interviews Dan Pink about the impact of timing on student outcomes; Education in the News - Cameron discusses some of the recent reporting about 2019 NAPLAN results. Links and Timecodes00:00 Opening Credits01:31 Intro02:37 Off Campus - Dan Haesler18:23 Education in the News - NAPLAN 201927:07 Feature Introduction29:07 Interview - Meghan Stacey54:04 Sign Off
TER Topics - Growth Mindset

TER Topics - Growth Mindset


This TER Topics brings together feature interviews from episodes #45 and #93 of the Teachers' Education Review.The first interview is with educational consultant and speaker James Anderson on his experience with the Growth Mindset in schools, and this interview also features discussion about the Growth Mindset with Charlotte Pezzaro. The second interview is with the Carol Dweck, who developed the theory of the Growth Mindset. This interview was conducted by Dan Haesler, and was originally presented as a special edition of Off Campus, in which Dan talks with Dr Dweck about the development of the Growth Mindset theory, and discusses some of the criticism and misunderstandings about the Growth Mindset.Timecodes:00:00 Opening Credits00:33 Intro02:13 Interview - James Anderson01:09:55 Interview - Carol Dweck01:44:29 Sign Off
TER Live - Teachmeet Melbourne by Teachers' Education Review
This TER Topics episode brings together feature interviews from episodes #89 and #107 of the TER Podcast.The first interview is with Dr Charlotte Pezaro from April of 2017, discussing the implications and nuances of ‘Evidence Based Practice’, particularly as it applies to teaching. The second interview is with Dr Tanya Vaughan from February of 2018 in which she talks about implementation science, and outlines a framework for teachers to implement educational research as part of their teaching practice.Timecodes:00:00 Opening Credits00:34 Intro01:45 Charlotte Pezzaro - Evidence Based Practice45:02 Tanya Vaughan - Implementation Science01:08:33 Sign Off
TER #137 - Banning Mobile Phones in Schools with Dr Michael Carr Gregg - 07 July 2019 by Teachers' Education Review
TER #136 - Equity, Policy and Politics with Verity Firth - 23 June 2019 by Teachers' Education Review
TER #135 - School Choice and Equity with Andreas Schleicher - 9 June 2019 by Teachers' Education Review
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Sarah Collins

Honestly have some of these researcher actually taught in a school. 'its not unreasonable to expect one years growth in a year'....yeah right, what about the kids with family trouble, or the kids that get glandular fever, the kid who has been in his 5th school in three years, or the kid that gets bullied. Every kids schooling is unique and has it's own challenges, the continual refusal to acknowledge how such thing impact on a child's wellbeing and consequently their learning is blinkered in the best of circumstances. We need learning progression...we need to stop punishing kids for the circumstances in their life that are beyond their control. There is not one researcher in this podcast worth their salt.

May 25th
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