DiscoverTeaching, Reading, and Learning: The Reading League Podcast
Teaching, Reading, and Learning: The Reading League Podcast
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Teaching, Reading, and Learning: The Reading League Podcast

Author: Laura Stewart

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Teaching, Reading & Learning: The Podcast elevates important contributions to the educational community, with the goal of inspiring teachers, informing practice, and celebrating people in the community who have influenced teaching and literacy to the betterment of children. The podcast features guests whose life stories are compelling and rich in ways that are instructive to us all. The podcast focuses on literacy as we know it (reading and writing) but will also connect to other “literacies” that impact children’s learning; for example, emotional, physical, and social literacies as they apply to teachers and children.
2 Episodes
Dr. David Kilpatrick is a psychologist, professor, researcher, and author whose contemporary work greatly influences our understanding of reading instruction and assessment in today’s classrooms. He speaks to sold-out crowds everywhere he goes, and today he’ll talk about influences on his work, understandings and misunderstandings, and his hopes for the future of reading instruction.
Dr. Louisa Moats is a renowned teacher, psychologist, researcher, and author. In this episode, she talks about her beginnings in the field, why there are still barriers to translating evidence to teaching practice, the essential next steps we need to take to ensure all teachers can teach all kids to read, and her greatest hopes for the teachers and children of this country.
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