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Author: Richard Hale

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Hey expert, entrepreneur, coach, consultant, and all of you that work with clients. This podcast is for you. Here, we talk about real actionable strategies you can take away and implement into your business. I discuss marketing, mindset, paid traffic, funnels, sales, social media, SEO and everything in between to help you grow your business. Support this podcast:
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In this episode, we recently began working with a company that ran $2.2M in paid ads, all for not. Here’s what happened. --- Support this podcast:
In this episode, Richard discusses some of the most important lessons he’s learned helping his clients generate over $100M in sales. --- Support this podcast:
Struggling to get new clients? We did these 4 things and the flood gates opened. Check it out! --- Support this podcast:
In this episode, we’re talking about the concept that nearly every successful entrepreneur shared along their journey to reach their goals and become successful. --- Support this podcast:
Today, I’m discussing one of the most common mistakes I see business owners make as it pertains to their digital marketing. This is so important to master, see what it is here. --- Support this podcast:
Richard shares his story how SEO changed his life and the launch of his new SEO Masterclass to teach entrepreneurs how to use SEO to grow their business or make money online. --- Support this podcast:
The experts say it all the time. If you master “_____,” you’ll grow a profitable business. I call bulls*it and here’s why.  Be sure to head over to the Teaching Online Business website if you need help getting more clients and growing your business.  --- Support this podcast:
One of my clients just had a record month and I’m breaking down the one thing that made it all possible. --- Support this podcast:
There’s few things more important to your success than what we’re discussing today. We’re talking growth, mindset and more. --- Support this podcast:
--- Support this podcast:
In part 2, we’re discussing 4 major elements your content needs to gain massive attention in your business. --- Support this podcast:
You need the attention of your audience to grow your client business. Here’s 3 simple steps to create all the attention you’ll ever need. --- Support this podcast:
We often over complicate what it takes to learn what our perfect clients want or we just assume we know. There’s only one right way to find out, check it out. --- Support this podcast:
Are you tired of not hitting the income goals you set for yourself? I have the answer to why, it's your tolerance. Here's what you need to know to get over that income stump. --- Support this podcast:
Your business model can work for you or against you. It can also be the reason you will never grow. In this podcast, Richard explains why a hybrid business model is best and how it can create the one thing missing in your business now. --- Support this podcast:
One of the big common mistakes I see coaches, consultants and experts making is “doing too much work for little return.” It’s a dream killer, but you can get focused with the Power Of 1. Here’s what you need to know. --- Support this podcast:
Are you a coach, consultant or expert that’s not making $30K a month? Here’s how to get it fixed. --- Support this podcast:
Social media is a great opportunity for you to grow and scale your business. In today’s episode, Richard talks about the 4 most common social media marketing mistakes client businesses owners make and what you can do to fix them. --- Support this podcast:
If you’re planning to launch a new course, membership, product or service, pay close attention to the strategies discussed in this episode. I’m pulling back the curtains on how I invested 10-20 hours to make $32K in sales pre-selling a course that hasn’t been built. --- Support this podcast:
8 our of 10 businesses will ultimately fail, which side will you fall on? In this episode, Richard explains the top 3 reasons client business owners fail and how you can avoid the same fate. --- Support this podcast:
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