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Shaun and Darrel are lifelong friends who had a podcast years ago and revived it in the midst of a global pandemic to talk about movies, comics, and what it's like for one of them to live in the deep woods of rural America. We constantly try to make each other laugh and we also really like Alan Alda.
20 Episodes
On today's show, our heroes discuss the new CDC guidelines that Shaun heard about in line at a Burger King that will have deadly consequences for the world. Okay, it's Covid-21. We also discuss how aging and time has brought newfound confidence to our lives and the time Shaun kidnapped Darrel's ex-wife and led him on a series of SAW-esque challenges.
On this week's episode our heroes discuss Falcon and Winter Soldier IN DEPTH so if you haven't seen it SPOILER ALERT (you have been warned!), briefly discuss Shaun's new CW show pitch, "Gossip Shaun" and both Shaun and Darrel assemble their versions of a Great Lakes Avengers team.
This week, our heroes muse on the relative ease of creating multiverses, how the 90s and nostalgia in general are a hell of a drug and Dillion Panther's high school football.
On this week's episode, our heroes wear their sunglasses at night (on Zoom!), make no apologies for liking Natalie Imbruglia's "Torn", admit that they don't "get" Dr. Who and the IT Crowd and pitch a new imprint for Marvel, Stupid Marvel, that includes a brand new superhero for the world we find ourselves in, Sugar Demon.
The Team Hurricane Returns Thanksgiving Special! This one has it all, a Dean Martin Hologram, two musical numbers, a discussion on pop up strip clubs, the lobbying groups that really control Washington, the American Celery Farmers and the Yam Jam, and more!
On this episode, our heroes rate all of the Star Wars movies, discuss Darrel playing Frozen Monopoly with his kids and how it differs from regular Monopoly and talk about the drug use of Marvel Comics writers and artists in the 70s.
On this week's episode, our heroes are back after an unforeseen dental accident to discuss the world wide wide going back to basics, rewrite LOST as a historical non-fiction drama, Shaun discusses the progress on his latest book and Darrel pitches a new book idea that involves a taco seasoning recipe steeped in jealousy and deception. Brought to you this week by Coinbass.AU (not to be confused with Coinbase).
In today's show, our heroes discuss the paperback release of Shaun's book, A COSMOLOGY OF MONSTERS - complete with shout out from STEPHEN KING, discuss if Sonic was better than Mario and then create and cast a real world gritty TV series about the SUPER MARIO BROS, and briefly touch on the #waronreproductivefreedom. Brought to you by MARMALADE - like the app HONEY but worse!
On this week's episode, our heroes discuss the fact that Kevin Conroy doesn't just play Batman, he helped shape the character, talk about John Hughes' Middle Earthesque refusal to clarify parts of his legacy, list some of the bad things about getting older and Shaun reveals a secret 23 years in the making. Brought to you by Sock4U!
In this week's episode, our heroes discuss a potential John Belushi administration, discuss what really goes on in Facebook Dad groups, as always discuss the Star Wars Clone Wars cartoon series, take on Joss Whedon and asshole directors and more!
Episode 10 - Spirit Busterz

Episode 10 - Spirit Busterz


In today's episode, our heroes talk about the future of podcasting, including Shaun's patented "Smell O' Life invention, discuss Shaun directing a Hellraiser X, how the Clone Wars cartoon makes the Star Wars prequels better, and pitch a new marketing campaign for JD Salinger's literary works. Sponsored this week by Spirit Busterz - not affiliated in any way with The Ghostbusters.
Episode 9 - Alien Love

Episode 9 - Alien Love


On this episode, our heroes pitch Alien Love and a whole slew of sequels to help get the Alien franchise back on track (including a crossover with the Halloween film series), discuss activism by musicians, actors and artists and Darrel becomes Batman and solves a real life mystery. This week's sponsor is Animalz Crackerz, though we do not endorse this product.
In this week's episode, our heroes help you navigate when it's appropriate to yell or if a text will suffice, talk teenage personal growth, of course talk about the Clone Wars cartoon and more. This week's sponsor is Karl's Bad Cavern.
In this episode, our heroes discuss the near-future Streaming Wars pitting Disney, Netflix, Apple and more in a fight to the death that will have real world consequences, talk about the Arlington legend, Uncle Rico's Topo Chico Depot and its no man's land party zone, and are ghosts real?
On this week's episode, our heroes finally talk about their meeting with La Croix on new flavors, discuss if Superman is susceptible to Earth viruses or if his super charged DNA would fight off infections like Covid, get a new sponsor with Steve's Guttenburger, and be sure to stick around to the end for a SHOCKING CONCLUSION.
In this episode of Team Hurricane Returns, our heroes discuss Postmaster Shaun, Ben's Atari Revolution, find out that we are both cat and dog people, and discuss our Top 3 Postal Service Facts.
In this episide, our heroes discuss if aliens exist, send some birthday shout outs, discuss Star Wars for May the 4th and in honor of International Worker's Day, discuss their Top 3 Stick it to the Man moments in their lives.
In this episode of Team Hurricane Returns, our heroes discuss a potential Podcast Olympics, get our first two sponsors, go down a subreddit wormhole where we discover Reddit is the money of the future, and briefly discuss the coming Big Box Store Wars.
In this episode of Team Hurricane Returns, our heroes answer a few questions from our Mailbag, talk about our favorite moments from "previous" shows, give our Top 3 pandemic movies, discuss a 1999 cult classic freeware game Sim Cinema and discuss Skyrim adventures gone awry.
Episode 1 - Pocket Dog King

Episode 1 - Pocket Dog King


In the very first episode of Team Hurricane Returns, our heroes Shaun and Darrel talk about the DCEU, all of the things that have changed since our last show in 2012, pitch a new documentary to Netflix called Pocket Dog King, talk about the global pandemic and implore Marvel Comics to restart the Malibu Comics imprint so Darrel can write a new comic book for them, and much more!
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