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Each week join Retired Navy SEAL and Lone Survivor Marcus Luttrell, Morgan Luttrell, and Producer Andrew Brockenbush as they’ll take you into the "briefing room" to chat with incredible guests who share their greatest never quit stories. This humorous, heartfelt, and entertaining podcast is changing lives and has become a beacon of hope and resilience to those who are facing the impossible. One of the best ways we can support our community is to share their stories so that we might inspire others to Never Quit.
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Jeff Tiegs is an amazing difference-maker. He uses his extensive experience in counter-terrorism and counter-insurgency to counter sex-trafficking in the United States. With over 25 years is in U.S. Army Special Operations, as well as combat experience and multiple tours in Afghanistan & Iraq, Jeff is applying that expertise in his endeavors. Jeff is The Chief Operating Officer at All Things Possible Ministries, whose mission is to identify, interrupt, and restore those affected by trauma.   In this episode you will hear:   In the U.S., we are unbelievable consumers of prostitution, and what comes with that is minors. You’re on deployment every time you walk out of the house. One in four women is sexually assaulted or sexually abused. The sex trafficking crime is so open. It’s openly advertised. There are people that think we should defund the police. I think more reasonable people think we should reallocate funds and figure out ways to do this better. There are people out there who can augment what law enforcement is lacking. The [funding] money is gonna go where the people demand it. [Our organization], All Things Possible does everything from simple counseling to freeing sex slaves. Find strength in simply being alive.  What comes off of your tongue – what you speak – is what you become. The term “Yahweh” is the sound of breathing. The mere fact that we, as humans, are breathing, we’re saying the name of our Creator every time we breathe. What is God’s name? The thing that gives breath to everything that lives. The first thing a baby says is that breath of life.  One family, who lost their son on the battlefield, found relief in the fact that the last breath their son took was the name of our creator. Find strength, find solace, and find peace, in that simple act of breathing. If you’re alive, you’re saying God’s name, and He’s there to help to you.
This week, we spend some time with Meyers Leonard, an American professional basketball player of the NBA’s Miami Heat, and Co-Founder of Level Foods with his wife, Elle. Meyers’ outlook on life, hard work, and the relentless pursuit of excellence will motivate you. His never quit attitude has brought him through many personal and professional difficulties. Listen as Meyers shares his inspiring stories.    In this episode you will hear:   I’m just a normal, blue-collar dude, who’s been thru the struggle, on and off the basketball floor. 2 things that help get me by - no matter what: My character and my work ethic. How can I help my team?  Selflessness. There’s no chance I’m giving up. I want shit to get tough, because that when the mental edge takes over. Patriotism runs deep in my family. I can support the military because of my connections to it, but I still understand that there are issues in America, and I can support my teammates and what they have felt in their lives. I could’ve quit – I gave it 7 years – Then I went from getting booed to crowds chanting my name. People think that because I’m 7 feet; I’ve got millions of dollars; I drive nice cars – everything is great, but I’m still a normal human being. Sometimes things are hard. You are gonna get your opportunity and you better be ready. I wanna be known as a man who did something for someone else.
Chris Osman has a myriad of incredible personal experiences to share in this week’s TNQ Podcast. He is a former Marine and a former Navy SEAL who participated in numerous classified operations, a husband and parent. He has experienced everything from incarceration in a Haitian jail to dealing with a rare, life-threatening disease affecting his wife. Chris currently owns and operates Rhuged, a direct-to-consumer ammunitions distributor. Listen as Chris shares some of his “Never Quit” stories.   In this episode you will hear: I learned as I failed. I couldn’t shake the desire to be specialized. I wanted to be tested to see if I could even do it. The most isolated and depressed I’ve ever felt was being in a Haitian jail. I had zero control – there’s nothing we could do. Bare-footed with a shirt & pants, and that’s it. My headspace was in survival mode. I had never been so terrified. When I finally got on that plane with my passport on a commercial airline to Miami, tears were streaming down my eyes. One day my wife started slurring her speech, and we learned she had contracted Myasthenia Gravis, an auto-immune disease that affects the immune system from the shoulders up. One night while in the hospital, she was looking at me, and her eyes rolled back into her head. I quickly assembled the bag mask and called for help. I’ve never been through anything like that. It was a never quit moment. You push forward by being the positive light in someone else’s miserable experience. You gotta be a rock for your people. You can’t bail on people when it gets to be the hardest part of their life. It doesn’t matter how much money you’ve got, you can’t be a Navy SEAL. You gotta put the work in. No matter how much someone would pay me, I’d never put myself back in a position to work for someone else. My goal in life is to never work for somebody else.
If you’re looking for the definition of perseverance, endurance, and a ridiculous “Never Quit” mentality, you will find it in today’s episode with Mike Rouse. Here’s a guy who went from having it all into falling into a cocaine habit that sent him to prison. But the prison life caused him to seek life again outside the prison walls, which, in turn, caused him to start running. Since his freedom from incarceration, Mike has devoted his life to helping others and has become one of the country’s elite runners. He has run hundreds of marathons, dozens of 50-kilometer races, 31-mile races, and 50-mile races. Twenty-four-hour runs and 100-mile races are like home to him, as are Ironmans and Ultramarathons. Mike has won 2 world championships. One of his closest friends, a Navy SEAL was one of 31 soldiers killed on a mission, and every year since then, he’s been running 3.1 miles, 31 times in a row, wearing a shirt with the names and faces of those 31 men. He changes shirts upon completion of every 3.1 miles. He never met most of those men, but Mike feels like he knows them because of the research he’s done on them, the families he’s met, and his own bond with his friend, JT. In this episode you will hear:   Use your failures as your advancement The first mile of my entire life was when I was 33 years old. When I was incarcerated, I thought “I’ve gotta do something to get my life together.” And running was a big part of that. The majority of ultra-runners I know have some degree of addictive behavior. It drives them to go above and beyond. We’re driven to the next level of competition. When I was doing [cocaine], it wasn’t enough to do a gram or two a day, it was a quarter ounce. I thrive on pain. If you think you are gonna run 26, 50, or 100 miles and have no pain, you have no idea what you’re doing. You’ve got to be ready for it and just embrace it. I choose to do this [running] and I accept that pain. [Marcus Luttrell] Pain is a matter of perspective of the person going through it. 31 men gave everything they had for this country – for this freedom. I know I can’t give up. If you’ve ever quit, the next time, it’s easier to quit. I had all the positives a person could have in life, and yet I had a criminal record. I run 31 miles a day for 31 days, for 31 heroes. [Your son] is gonna be riding on my shoulder tomorrow and I’m gonna be listening to every word he says. When I think I’m hurting a little bit, and he says let’s go, we’ve just got 5 miles left, or 20 miles left. It’s 2020 and those families are still hurting 9 years later.
What an encouraging and powerful testimony Marc Little brings to the table in this week’s Team Never Quit episode. Having been shot in the right leg as part of a gang initiation, and dealing with resulting complications and infections, Marc’s leg had to be amputated. Since defeat is not part of Marc’s mentality, he said “yes” to life and lives life to the fullest. Now through his work as a lawyer, author, entrepreneur and community builder, he teaches others how to say “yes” to life as well.   In this episode you will hear:   Don’t give up, because the next try may be the try that leads to success. This is a life worth living. God gives us a story for a reason. He gives us a story so that we can help a neighbor. We’re all going thru a tough season, but God is in it. A peanut butter and jelly sandwich has to be done right. You have to have white Wonder Bread, and you gotta have creamy Jiff or Skippy peanut butter, with grape jelly. From the time I was shot and the time that the ambulance came, life was literally leaving me. It was clear that I had a choice, and I decided to stay. The difficulty of being a dad with a 6-year-old child, and not being able to run with him, has become part of who I am. I claim victory because I now know that tomorrow is not promised. Everybody has to lean on God because this journey is not easy. Life is not about us – it’s about what we can do for the kingdom. Many of us are struggling, because we’re not understanding who we are – whose we are. [God] connects our calling to who and what He is. So many people today are just sitting and watching. We have a role to play today. A role to shine the light of Christ. We are not lost – have faith. God has not left us. He will never forsake us. The church is anemic because they don’t understand their calling. All of our experiences are intended to bring us closer to the creator. After 4 years of never giving up – never quitting I decided I’m picking up the pieces of my life, and you’re not gonna tell me I can’t do it. It may not be right now, but the victory is coming. When the righteous are in power the people rejoice; when the wicked rule, the people moan. We are called to pray over our leaders and elect Godly leaders over us. When u are pushing back against darkness you are taking the background of the enemy. When we are being mocked for praying, that is evidence that we are taking background that was lost.  The Lord has a special way of giving you what He wants you to have. God sees you – and He has something for you. Start your family and let the Lord bless you – Don’t wait. Never quit trying to start a family.
Kevin is a former Special Forces Engineer (Green Beret) and holds dual master's degrees from MIT Sloan School of Management as well as Harvard Kennedy School of Government.  On his second deployment in Afghanistan, Kevin was shot in the abdomen and lost 20% of his colon as a result. He also fractured his hip & his left leg was paralyzed due to nerve damage.   Having overcome his life’s adversities with the relentless help of his wife, Kim,  Kevin’s life purpose is to encourage other wounded veterans and anyone else who needs physical, mental, or emotional help by showing them what hope and perseverance look like. In this episode you will hear:   There’s nothing in life that you can’t have if you’re willing to work hard for it. A lot of these things I went through I didn’t really understand at the time, but they were training me for the rest of my life. There is nothing in life that I need to be doing other than this right now. We’ve got to put differences aside. We gotta charge forward. We’ve got a mission to accomplish. I didn’t want to have regret in my life. I didn’t want to look back and say I didn’t try. I realized if I didn’t start to put my health as a priority again, I was gonna be nothing to nobody. Reach out to people for help. Start taking people’s advice. There is a point in your life where you have enough courage to put everything on the line and accomplish something. A lot of people don’t believe it when I tell them that getting shot was the best thing that ever happened in my life. It forced me to pass through a valley of humility. Depression, anxiety, substance abuse, post-traumatic stress – if I hadn’t gone through that I wouldn’t be the person I am today. Because I went through those experiences, I have the ability to empathize with people. I understand a lot more about the trouble people have in their lives. This made me a better husband, father, citizen, and employee of this country. It gave me an incredible perspective on life, and a ton of lessons learned to be able to go out and share with people; to make them into the best version of themselves. I would really encourage people to never quit. When you’re going thru these hard times, you have to understand that hard times are not a bad thing. They’re a gift - to scrape off the rough edges, to learn a lot of lessons, to walk a mile in someone else’s shoes, to refine your character. Lift your head up, see what’s happening, then you can push through that hard time. And when you get to the other side, you’re gonna be thankful you went through that.
This week we catch up with Zach Even-Esh, a physical powerhouse of a human being. Zach has an amazing reputation in the world of fitness, strength, and conditioning. While Zach himself has been training non-stop since 1989, he has also trained thousands of athletes - from the youth level to the college level; from military personnel to the Olympic level, and has inspired countless athletes around the world to achieve greater success in both sports and life. In this episode you will hear: I get to help kids change their lives. You want to have the horsepower of a Ferrari, with the grinding strength of a tow truck. Strength and condition is just a vehicle for changing lives – especially of our youth. Kids sometimes need time to turn the corner. Not every kid has the attitude that can he run through a brick wall. You never know when a kid’s gonna change. He could be a train wreck for two or three years, then he turns it around and he’s your star. You never know – that’s why you can never give up on a kid. If there’s a never a challenge – or you wait too long to challenge a kid, then it’s completely foreign territory for them. The work is the gift. You should be chasing that work – not avoiding it. If you think you’re having a bad take day, take the focus of off of you. Make the person next to you better. For people to have a breakthrough, they must have a breakdown. It has to be hard – not stupid – it has to be tough. Training has to be hard. The “we”, not the “me” mentally is the game-changer. You need great team mates. To start a basic fitness effort, start by walking – we can all do it. If you make one change, you’re at 100% past zero. Don’t beat yourself up. Just get better. Accountability to somebody else changes everything. Perfection never happens. There’s beauty in the imperfection. You gotta fall in love with the process, vs the end result. With fitness & health, there’s never really an arriving point. When you achieve something, go and work at the next thing. One of the best thing you can do for yourself, is be healthy and strong. One of the most important tricks is – don’t follow the fads or gimmicks. I was taught that to be normal was to be strong. You don’t have to like it. You just have to do it. The biggest thing is to see the emotional/Internal change people experience through hard training.
In a heart-wrenching testimony of tragedy and perseverance, country singer/songwriter Granger Smith recounts the horrific event that took his 3 year old son from this earthly life. He and his wife Amber used their life-changing experience to learn the hard way – the path to overcoming, endurance, and life-giving counsel and encouragement to others. In this episode you will hear: There’s more to the meaning of a tragedy than reason because reason doesn’t always make sense. What can we learn from [River’s] one thousand days? After facing death, it opens your eyes as to what truly matters. Another day forward is so valuable. What about today? Today is what we have. Even if you can deal with today, deal with this hour. If you can’t deal with this hour, deal with the next minute. If you can’t deal with this minute, deal with the next breath. Pretty soon, there comes a perspective, and your brain becomes more clear. Granger hates five year plans. When we came home, our kids had written on the driveway with chalk, “Welcome Home River.” [Musically], I know there’ll be some River stuff comin’ Rivers organ donations saved two adults. You gotta take care of yourself. Wake up at the same time every day, brush your teeth and comb your hair. You’re not gonna have these days forever. I try not to think about why because that mental slide show plays over and over. “One more kiss” [Amber] I can’t think of the future, I need to focus on the now. There is a purpose for disaster. It’s not ever going to be understandable. It’s never going to be logical.
Ever wonder what happens when the fight is over and a soldier puts his rifle down for the last time?  In this episode, you'll hear the story of Jake Wood, a Marine who now doesn't just serve his country, but serves his fellow man throughout the world when disaster strikes. The co-founder of Team Rubicon, a non-profit organization made up of over 100,000 ex-military volunteers who travel to assist wherever disasters occur, shares his desire to make the world a better place by never quitting his service. Hear his viewpoint on how things aren't always hunky-dory and what to do when there is no playbook.  You'll soon find yourself wanting to restore your sense of purpose and be a part of something bigger than yourself.
In today’s podcast, we are excited to bring you Ryan Manion - an incredible woman who has dedicated her life to supporting our nation’s military, veterans, and families of fallen heroes. She is inspired by the character, leadership, and sacrifice of her brother 1st Lt. Travis Manion, USMC, who made the ultimate sacrifice in the Al Anbar province of Iraq while drawing fire away from his wounded comrades on April 29th, 2007. Drawing on her personal experiences, Ryan inspires us to become the best versions of ourselves, while also serving the greater good. She has created a culture of servant leadership in her company and community, and her approach to personal thriving demonstrates how strong relationships and service to one another promotes personal well-being and leads to collective success. Ryan has learned that personal thriving is a by-product of personal challenges. She inspires us to meet challenges head-on, and perform at our highest potential by harnessing our innate abilities and character strengths. Ryan’s book – The Knock at The Door – was co-written with two other Gold Star women, linked forever by their unimaginable losses. They share their inspiring, unlikely journey that began on the worst day of their lives. Support the show.
In this Best of TNQ Podcast episode we here the compelling, emotional series of events Tiggs has endured. From a four-year old daughter with a massive brain tumor and multiple surgeries; a husband battling PTSD and falling into the darkest mental places, to having one of her best friends of her lifetime pass away, Tiggs gives a riveting account of how her friends supported her and her family, and how her relationship with God brought healing in the worst of circumstances anyone could ever imagine.
Joe Torillo recounts his first-hand experience as a firefighter on September 11, 2001. Joe was directly below the North Tower looking up as the second commercial airliner slammed into it. What transpired in the next few seconds, minutes, hours, and days are nothing shy of unbelievable. He was propelled in the air by the concussion of the falling debris of the North Tower and was literally buried alive under the falling debris, with his skull open, arm snapped and suffocating in darkness. He was rescued and placed in a boat to cross over the Hudson River for medical treatment. That effort was disrupted by falling building debris that covered the boat, where he was buried alive again. Joe’s story is a gripping account of a series of miracles that kept him alive, while hundreds of others suffered a different fate. You won't want to miss this interview as we remember September 11th, 2001.
What an emotional and heartfelt visit we have in store this week with special guest, Taya Kyle, widow of US Navy SEAL Chris Kyle. She is an author, political commentator, mother, and military veterans family activist. Taya speaks openly about her life with Chris Kyle, her heart-wrenching experiences, powerful dreams, and a strong faith which has helped keep her moving forward in life with positivity since Chris’ death. She is nothing shy of an amazing woman – an inspiration to all.
3 brilliant minds. 3 difference-makers. These 3 never-quit individuals have come together using unconventional ways to study and understand the human brain and how to apply supercomputers, data, and other innovative technologies to develop advancements in brain treatments. From the electrical properties of the brain, traumatic brain injuries, PTSD, and polypharmacy, these individuals have teamed up to influence government decision-makers in developing multi-department data sharing to bring healing, treatments, and to improve the lives of their fellow man.
There are events and circumstances in life that catch us by surprise, knock us down, and hand us seemingly overwhelming adversity. JJ Watt explains how, and more importantly why he was able to “get back on the horse” and move forward in life after a season-ending injury, remaking himself to an amazing degree by relentlessly working on being the best. His inspiring attitude towards life, and his never quit mentality, has paid handsome dividends. JJ describes his upbringing, his family, his college and professional football pinnacles and downfalls. His successes have prompted him to give back to the community in a myriad of areas, making him one of the most loved and recognizable names in Houston and throughout the country. Support the show.
Imagine being a normal kid for eleven years and then due to an unbelievable rare condition, spending the next four years of your life literally trapped inside your own body inside a hospital, unable to communicate with the outside world, suffering through non-stop seizures, while your condition worsens and the doctors offer no sliver of hope to your family...all the while you're still lucid in mind and spirit, desperately trying to get back to the life you once knew. At the age of eleven, Victoria Arlen developed two rare conditions known as Transverse Myelitis and Acute Disseminated Encephalomyelitis, which rendered her “locked” within herself. She went from being a completely healthy, normal kid to a complete vegetable in three months. She lost the ability to walk, talk, move, and function. Everything began to shut down, including all of her cognitive abilities. Victoria Arlen not only suffered and survived through this unbelievable battle but has gone far beyond the norm to thrive and has mastered the “never quit” attitude to fuel her extraordinary accomplishments. She is a current television personality for ESPN, as well as an actress, speaker, model, and World-record setting Paralympian swimmer.
In this week’s Best of Team Never Quit Podcast episode, you will hear the almost unbelievable life story of Chris Duffin, Guinness World Record holder of a three-rep, 1,000-pound deadlift, and rated #1 in the world for 8 consecutive years. Chris tells his crazy life story – from being raised “off the grid” surrounded by drug running, murderers, serial killers, and human trafficking, to over-achieving with a dual engineering degree, working in aerospace, automotive, and hi-tech industries, and then becoming a mega-successful entrepreneur with four companies in his portfolio. While there is not one major event in Chris’ life, it’s because his whole life is a never quit story – a lifestyle of pursuit, perseverance, and grit.
In todays Best of Team Never Quit episode we throw it back to when we had DJ & “Fatty” joined us on the show to give us some perspective related to “after military” life, and the pursuit of a dream. In their case it was going from “what the hell do I do now?” to actually turning a deep love for art into a successful business - Art therapy. Ahh, but not just any art therapy - custom skateboard designs: new school, old school, and longboards. And Tribe SK8Z was born. And in that, they have found a satisfying outlet, living an aggressive lifestyle, tattoos and supporting veteran charities, while creating unique skateboards for military and Gold Star families, and anyone else who desires a one-of-a-kind masterpiece. These guys inspire us to deal with life’s challenges head-on and perform at our highest potential by doing what we were born to do.
In this week’s podcast, we bring you a compelling talk with Holly Luttrell, the matriarch of the Luttrell family and mother of Navy SEALS Marcus and Morgan Luttrell. Holly brings us a relaxed chat describing her life raising twin boys on a working horse ranch, and instilling in them the principles of living right, respecting others, and fearing nothing. She tells truly entertaining stories about her life experiences, and speaks encouragement and hope to those who are dealing with negative circumstances, children in the military, or major health issues. You will be captivated by Holly’s warm, sincere voice, and peaceful demeanor. Support the show.
Jake Olson was diagnosed with Retinoblastoma in both eyes at the age of eight months and forfeited his left eye to that cancer. Over the next twelve years, he battled cancer in his right eye eight times. Seven times he beat it. When it came back for the eighth time, there was nothing he could do. His right eye was surgically removed and Jake had to re-learn how to do basic things that were once so easy; putting toothpaste on his toothbrush, food on his fork, or walking around his house would all require significant relearning and much more effort. Although he first viewed going blind as his biggest setback, it ended up being his life’s biggest set up. Jake became the first Division 1 blind collegiate athlete to play in a game as a long snapper for USC, under head coach Pete Carroll. He also became the first blind golfer on the PGA Tour. He is an entrepreneur, has also authored 2 books, and is a motivational speaker. Support the show.
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One of the best shows

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