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Each week join Retired Navy SEAL and Lone Survivor Marcus Luttrell, Morgan Luttrell, and Producer Andrew Brockenbush as they’ll take you into the "briefing room" to chat with incredible guests who share their greatest never quit stories. This humorous, heartfelt, and entertaining podcast is changing lives and has become a beacon of hope and resilience to those who are facing the impossible. One of the best ways we can support our community is to share their stories so that we might inspire others to Never Quit.
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While the deep-rooted effects of traumatic brain injury are not yet fully understood, Andrew Marr, retired Special Forces, Green Beret, Warrior Angels Foundation Chairman and Co-Founder, as well as co-author of Tales from the Blast Factory, brings to life his actual experiences and transparency as it relates to bringing resolve to his brain injury issues, and coming back to a fulfilled life serving others with similar conditions. Listen in as Andrew gets real with our listening audience. He has an epic testimony to tell.  In this episode you will hear:   Andrew’s story is that of the principles of resiliency after traumatic brain injuries. You don’t have an emotional problem. You have a brain health problem. There are real solutions available. I lost complete control of all emotions. Depression, anxiety, alcoholism, and the inability to make good decisions were daily occurrences. Define what it is you want to be and start being that. I realized at that moment that I was of no value to him [my son] or my family in the condition that I was in. My mental state was going to ruin the things I said I loved in my life. 3 promises I made to myself:1. I was going to return to be the man of my pre-injury status.2. I was going to find a way to come off all the medication I was told I would have to be on for the rest of my life.3. After accomplishing #1 & #2, I was going to spend the rest of my life helping other people just like myself to get thru it and get to the other side. Even though none of my problems were fixed yet, I now had a compass, direction, and destination. There are not words to describe what I experienced in that state of consciousness [with psychedelics). Any identification of self completely evaporated. I understood the interconnectedness of all things. I was engulfed in intelligent love. What the microscope is to biology and what the telescope is to astronomy, psychedelics is to human psychology. 
What an incredible couple we have in the studio this week. Mike Sauers - Navy SEAL, combat veteran who fought alongside Marcus Luttrell in Ramadi, philanthropist, and owner of Forged Apparel. In selfless fashion, Forged has raised millions of dollars to assist the families of fallen heroes. Mike is an exceptional story-teller, and his stories about military life, extensive travel experiences, and his subsequent entrepreneur life, are authentic and entertaining. Sam Bonilla is an amazing soul in her own right. As a marine with a Master’s Degree in Homeland Security and a certificate in intelligence, marketing manager and concept producer for Forged, social media influencer, model, and Instagram celebrity, Sam is as down-to-earth as they come. She is a joy to listen to as she shares her experiences and perspectives, and a humble servant of people alongside Mike. In this episode you will hear:  Ideas can be birthed in any setting; they’re limited to the imagination. You should always take pride in your country. Follow through. America was forged – Everything great was forged. It’s too bad that some establishments that have existed for over 100 years, are probably not going to make through this pandemic. Never question an order from a marine [in battle]. If you don’t have pride in your country, then what do you really have? Just like great team guys, we busted out some bungie cords and tied a karaoke machine to our golf cart. Every great nation, has to have pride. You have your real life, and then you have your social media life. Being a marine is not as sexy as it looks on TV. There are criteria for what is considered a dive bar:Mainly whiskey selectionsA picture of Burt ReynoldsChristmas LightsSmokey & the Bandit memorabiliaA Juke BoxSpilled Beer Stains on the pool tableHuge “mints” in the urinalsNo separation between the urinal & the toilet  Register for THE MURPH CHALLENGE at
Though we might not have believed there could be another lone survivor story, we bring David Eckermann of the Houston Fire Department into the TNQ Podcast Studio. David survived one of the largest, most unpredictable fires in HFD history. The Southwest Inn fire in Houston, Texas on May 31, 2013, was a fire in a restaurant that spread to an adjoining hotel. The fire claimed the biggest casualty loss for the Houston Fire Department since its inception. David speaks publicly about this harrowing day for the first time to discuss the stigmas around mental health in the first responder community and to honor the lives of his fellow firefighters.   His experience that day sparked the development of his company, Lone Star Tactical Buildings, providing fire and police training facilities nationwide. In this episode you will hear:  I had no idea I wanted to be a firefighter, but thankfully it was supposed to happen. It was meant to be. If you’re gonna be a fireman, you’re never gonna be rich. Besides getting married, graduating from the fire academy was the best day of my life. I’ve always been a faithful guy, but after my friend’s suicide, I questioned it.  When we went into the building, the smoke didn’t match what I was expecting. The building collapse was totally unexpected. It catapulted us out the front. I was the only one alive from the first companies.   Those firefighters went out like heroes. This episode is in memory of Robert Bebee, Robert Garner, Matthew Renaud, Anne Sullivan, and Captain Bill Dowling. 
Is it possible to develop an idea birthed in bodybuilding and powerlifting, and create a health, nutrition, and strength company as well as the highly popular RP app? If you’re Nick Shaw, the answer is a resounding yes. Nick is the founder and CEO of Renaissance Periodization and has sold hundreds of thousands of books on nutrition, training, recovery, and creating healthy habits.  Nick is a former competitive powerlifter and bodybuilder and has also personally coached numerous world-class athletes, including CrossFit Games Champions, international medalists, Olympians, UFC fighters, professional athletes, and Navy SEALs.  He is a co-host of the RP Strength podcast with wife - and RP colleague - Lori Shaw.Nick, Marcus, and Morgan bring a very interesting and informative discussion about the complexities and “I can use it now” strategies for strength and nutrition. In this episode you will hear:  I’m an accidental entrepreneur. If you just bust your ass and get after it, you can get better. In fitness or sports, there's always a little bit more, you can do. You can get a little bit faster, you can get a little bit stronger, you can do a few more reps, whatever it is, you can grow a little more muscle. I thought: What if we take people with elite genetics, and then combine the scientific approach? You could probably have some pretty cool athletes. You have to nail the calorie balance first. Stop snacking, just start eating lean proteins with every meal - more fruits and veggies, your healthy fats, avocados, olive oil, things like that. Calorie balance is the number one overall thing. You can give somebody the perfect diet, but if they're never going to follow it, is it any good? It’s not a diet. It’s more of a lifestyle. You can't out-train a bad diet. Be prepared to work your tail off. My wife's a warrior. She’s way stronger than me. 2020 was such a crappy year for so many people, and I knew there was going to be a way to help people. Instead of trying to compete for little plastic trophies, it's better to prioritize family. You can learn so much from really successful people.
It’s hard to imagine living life without hearing, especially if you lost your hearing forever at the age of 18. But in the case of this week’s guest, Mandy Harvey drove her stake into the ground and pursued her endeavor to sing, write music, and “hear” with her feet – to the point that Simon Cowell was moved to press the Golden Buzzer after Mandy’s original song performance on America’s Got Talent. Since that time, Mandy has earned a degree in Vocal Music Education and has become an ambassador to No Barriers USA with a mission to encourage, inspire and assist others to break through their personal barriers. In this episode you will hear:  The mindset of abilities vs disabilities is just a lack of education because everyone has barriers they have to deal with. I didn’t overcome anything, it just took me a little bit of time to figure it out. The mother of all inventions is being innovative. I write a lot of music based on how it feels, instead of what I think it sounds like. I’ll write specific notes that tickle behind my eye or bother my face so that I know that I’m right. I’m feeling the floor, and then just opening my mouth and letting go. The most precious gift you can have is communication. I can’t seem to explain how joyful I am now vs how broken I was before. I’m living my life and this part of my story – part of who I am. I’m thrilled to be who I am. The phrase “some people struggle and some people don’t” - Everybody struggles. It just looks different. Not every single person gets the opportunity to understand joy, or feel love. Be compassionate to people – we have no idea what’s going on in their life. With every struggle you have, you have two choices – you can either let it beat you, or you can learn from it. I really don’t believe that there was one eureka moment that made me feel not depressed anymore. It was a collection of moments – a collection of people being there. I got up once. I’ll get up again. Let’s go… The "getting up and starting over" is the hardest part. This is a messy broken world, full of messy broken people. That’s just life. 
In this week’s episode, Marcus and Amber Capone continue sharing their fascinating journey and offer much detail on finding a solution to Marcus’ struggles affecting their whole family. Finally – after Amber’s relentless research - a ray of hope arrives in the form of Psychedelic-Assisted Therapy. Marcus and Amber transparently discuss the steps it took to get the help, and a detailed narrative of the treatment and its incredible effects and psychiatric benefits. It was this revelation that caused them to develop the VETS foundation – helping combat veterans get life-saving help. They have now assisted hundreds of vets providing the resources for the therapy and improving the quality of life for them and their families as well. In this episode you will hear:  I almost craved going back to the dysfunction because I knew how to live in the dysfunction.  I never wanted to quit [our marriage]. The treatment saved his life, and saved our family. Micro doses of Ibogaine are physiologically changing the brain in a positive direction.  Several of the men that have been treated come out never wanting to touch alcohol again. It’s like having a backpack on loaded with hundreds of bricks. And as you go through the [treatment] journey, it’s like bricks are being thrown out. At the end of it, you have an empty backpack. You face the demons, then they go away. You’re cleansing yourself. Some of what you experience is dream-like, while other experiences are real. Everyone is reporting massive cognitive improvement. Amber: I was like “What just happened?” I was so grateful. If we don’t speak out; if we don’t find the courage and conviction to share something that could work; then we’re really doing a disservice to the community. I attained a level of awareness and grace over the course of years as I was working on myself. Psychedelics take you there almost overnight.
Here’s a real couple with a real family – and real personal issues - that have overcome with the help of Psychedelic-Assisted Therapy alternatives. Marcus and Amber Capone share their struggles and successes, bringing hope and restoration to others with seemingly impossible mental struggles. Their non-profit organization – VETS – provides the resources, research, and advocacy to improve the quality of life for U.S. Special Operations Combat Veterans seeking unconventional therapy alternatives. In this episode you will hear:  Thank goodness we didn’t have internet in college. You can’t get away with anything. We really can’t take credit for the work we’re doing [helping other combat vets]; it seems like it’s just happening. It’s meant to be. We’re just vessels helping it [our non-profit] come to life. It’s been an honor & a privilege to pay this forward. Marcus [Capone] watched GI Jane and decided to become a Navy SEAL. Amber: My dad is a big part of how resilient I’ve been. Marcus Capone to Marcus Luttrell: I was the first person you saw [in Germany after your Operation Red Wing injuries].    A surprised Marcus Luttrell: “THAT WAS YOU???!!!”   We were deployed, and we couldn’t find out about anything going on. We were getting updates from our wives back in the states. What we’ve been doing [our non-profit organization] has organically grown. 2008 was a particularly tough year. At every deployment, somebody wasn’t coming home.
What an encouraging and powerful testimony Marc Little brings to the table in this week’s Team Never Quit episode. Having been shot in the right leg as part of a gang initiation, and dealing with resulting complications and infections, Marc’s leg had to be amputated. Since defeat is not part of Marc’s mentality, he said “yes” to life and lives life to the fullest. Now through his work as a lawyer, author, entrepreneur and community builder, he teaches others how to say “yes” to life as well. In this episode you will hear:   Don’t give up, because the next try may be the try that leads to success. This is a life worth living. God gives us a story for a reason. He gives us a story so that we can help a neighbor.  We’re all going thru a tough season, but God is in it A peanut butter and jelly sandwich has to be done right. You have to have white Wonder Bread, and you gotta have creamy Jiff or Skippy peanut butter, with grape jelly. From the time I was shot and the time that the ambulance came, life was literally leaving me. It was clear that I had a choice, and I decided to stay. The difficulty of being a dad with a 6-year-old child, and not being able to run with him, has become part of who I am. I claim victory because I now know that tomorrow is not promised. Everybody has to lean on God because this journey is not easy. Life is not about us – it’s about what we can do for the kingdom. Many of us are struggling, because we’re not understanding who we are – whose we are. [God] connects our calling to who and what He is. So many people today are just sitting and watching. We have a role to play today. A role to shine the light of Christ. We are not lost – have faith. God has not left us. He will never forsake us. The church is anemic because they don’t understand their calling. All of our experiences are intended to bring us closer to the creator. After 4 years of never giving up – never quitting I decided I’m picking up the pieces of my life, and you’re not gonna tell me I can’t do it. It may not be right now, but the victory is coming. When the righteous are in power the people rejoice; when the wicked rule, the people moan. We are called to pray over our leaders and elect Godly leaders over us. When u are pushing back against darkness you are taking back ground of the enemy. When we are being mocked for praying, that is evidence that we are taking back ground that was lost.  The Lord has a special way of giving you what He wants you to have. God sees you – and He has something for you. Start your family and let the Lord bless you – Don’t wait. Never quit in trying to start a family. Watch the full interview on our YouTube channel!
What do you do when you witness a Chinook helicopter with 31 guys you know get shot out of the sky by an RPG, enter into spiraling depression, fail your team, as well as yourself, and then experience a horrible accident that causes you to lose your hand and forearm? In Aaron Kendle's case, who refuses to be defined by failures, you pick yourself up, and lean on a never quit mindset to live life to its fullest, and achieve an incredible life. Mr. Kendle is a retired Navy SEAL where he served as a specialized medic, sniper, airborne leader, and jump school instructor. He is a graduate of the Harvard Business School, a father, a husband and a Scottsdale Charro. Mr. Kendle is a decorated member of the United States Navy, served as a member of SEAL Team 7, NSWG-1 Training Detachment, and Naval Special Warfare Development over a 15-year career and has dedicated his post-military professional career to helping his fellow brothers in arms transition back into civilian life. Aaron comments: “My resume may read great — but what they don’t see is all of those fails between the lines. For me, those failures stay between the lines.” In this episode you will hear:  Obstacles and failures aren't your defining moments. It's everything that comes after that you grow from. A major physical injury doesn't define you. When major things change your life in the physical, figure out ways to do things the best you can. Make every day better than the day before. You can dwell on how great Plan A would've been. But when Plan A fails, you gotta come up with a plan B. Never leave a human hand in the freezer of your hotel room, where the cleaning staff can find it. After a devastating accident, the prevailing thought should be “I'm alive”. Terrible occurrences in your life can actually be used to give others, who are in despair, hope, and encouragement. Perspective, attitude and determination go a long way in life. There's a lot more to life. You just gotta figure out what it is. You don't get any better than the SEALS mentorship program. Everything we accomplish in life is based on failures. Pain and suffering unites us all. If there's one thing I think we're good at is stuffing emotions. Watching a Chinook helicopter with 31 guys you know get shot out of the sky with an RPG, is like watching a horror movie.
Have you ever tried shooting not one, not two, but three rifles? Then add in the seemingly impossible task of hitting multiple targets… While cross-country skiing!!! If you’re 3-time Olympian “twin biathletes” Lanny & Tracy Barnes, it’s just another day at the office. In this week’s episode, you can get a glimpse into their world of hunting, shooting, and skiing, and their pursuit of excellence as they represent the Red, White, and Blue on a global awareness scale. In this episode you will hear:  We did see early success, but it wasn’t because we were any good; we just stuck our head down and gutted it out through the race. If one of us is doing well, the other can do just as good, because we’re exactly the same. No matter what, don’t give up. If you’re gonna dot it, then go all the way. With your biggest competition and your best friend competing with you every day – pushing you every day - you can get to a higher level. The Olympics is the most intense thing ever. When Lanny fell ill and didn’t make the Olympic team, Tracy, after being announced as having made the team said to their coach, “I decline my spot on the Olympic team.” It was the easiest decision I’ve ever made. When we combine our forces, it’s that much better. I can put in my best effort, but together, we can make amazing things happen. We live in the best country in the world. Even is losing, the thing we learned most, is that we didn’t quit… even if we came in dead last. The “Never Quit” mentality is “Train the Brain.” We can sum up our entire career in these words – “We pursue hard.”
Granger Smith

Granger Smith


In a heart-wrenching testimony of tragedy and perseverance, country singer/songwriter Granger Smith recounts the horrific event that took his 3 year old son from this earthly life. He and his wife Amber used their life-changing experience to learn the hard way – the path to overcoming, endurance, and life-giving counsel and encouragement to others. Amber is the founder of Yee Yee, an American lifestyle brand of clothing. In this episode you will hear: • After being invited to appear on Granger’s first video, Amber didn’t know if they might take her out in the middle of nowhere and murder her. • There’s more to the meaning of a tragedy than reason because reason doesn’t always make sense. • What can we learn from [River’s] one thousand days? • After facing death, it opens your eyes as to what truly matters. • Another day forward is so valuable. What about today? Today is what we have. Even if you can deal with today, deal with this hour. If you can’t deal with this hour, deal with the next minute. If you can’t deal with this minute, deal with the next breath. Pretty soon, there comes a perspective, and your brain becomes more clear. • I hate five year plans. • When we came home, our kids had written on the driveway with chalk,    “Welcome Home River.” • [Musically], I know there’ll be some River stuff comin’ • Rivers organ donations saved two adults. • You gotta take care of yourself. Wake up at the same time every day, brush your teeth and comb your hair. • You’re not gonna have these days forever. • I try not to think about why because that mental slide show plays over and over. • “One more kiss” [Amber]• I can’t think of the future, I need to focus on the now. [Melanie]• There is a purpose for disaster. It’s not ever going to be understandable. It’s never going to be logical. 
If ever there was a man who exemplified what a first-class police officer is, it’s this week’s guest, Sam Bonilla. It’s refreshing to hear Sam’s view of police work, and the measures he takes to teach new recruits the discipline and self-sacrifice it takes to be such an officer. In his 34 years’ experience as a police officer in the Chicago area, Sam has become the Program Director for the Suburban Law Enforcement Academy, a Master Firearms Instructor, and uses his extensive experience to benefit the relationship between civilians and police officers in his area of influence. Sam Bonilla also served as a U.S. Marine during the Gulf War and has been an attorney for over 16 years. It’s people like Sam that raise the bar in police work, community relations and raising the standard for new officers. In this episode you will hear:  In our police department, we invite the community in our “home” to see exactly what we do, so it’s not a mystery. We introduce our police officers and the citizens learn we’re pretty normal. Our mission is to help. You don’t realize how bad an environment is when you grow up in that environment. Where you land is not necessarily where you’re going to end up. The Marine Corps is the first thing in my life I ever succeeded at. Never stop pushing for what you want, even if it sucks at the time. There are things you have to do to get to where you want to be. Your mission’s not over yet. You have to keep moving forward in your journey. Your experiences will eventually help you gravitate to the top. The only regret I have is not spending time with the family. Police officers are second-guessing themselves these days because of the way things are.   If we, as a profession, don’t adapt to society, we will never advance as a profession, and things will not get better. Police work is a profession that is self-sacrificing. You have to be willing to accept that. You can’t forget why you got into this profession. You don’t know how you’re changing someone’s life with just a smile. My calling is to focus on our civilians that are trying to learn more about the police and the recruits that are trying to be the police. Never stop serving. It’s your mission in life to keep going. 
Against the Odds

Against the Odds


In July 2018, 12 youth soccer players and their coach found themselves trapped 6 miles deep in a cave with no food or water and depleting oxygen. The rock formed maze became almost completely submerged as the water rose to levels nearly impossible for survival. There was no light and no way to communicate with the outside world. The first season of Wondery’s new original series Against the Odds takes you into the incredible events of when an adventurous group of teens found themselves fighting to save their lives, and the brave heroes that gave them their only chance at survival. Though you may know these stories, you’ve never heard them quite like this. With step by step recounts, experience for yourself what it was like to be in their shoes, and how they survived against the odds. Listen to Against the Odds at 
What an emotional and incredible visit we have in store this week with special guest, Taya Kyle, widow of US Navy SEAL Chris Kyle. She is an author, political commentator, mother, and military veteran's family activist. Taya speaks openly about her life with Chris Kyle, her heart-wrenching experiences, powerful dreams, and a strong faith which has helped keep her moving forward in life with positivity since Chris’s death. She is nothing shy of an astonishing woman – an inspiration to all. In this episode you will hear:   I’m really been surprised at how horrible some things have been along the way, yet I realize that I’m happy that I got to experience them and get them out of the way. Now I am who I am and I’ve learned a lot. The joy with [Chris] and the way he was able to love is extraordinary to me still. I don’t know of another man who loves the way [Chris] loved. [Chris] was a game-changer, and he was the person I changed for. There’s nobody else that is the right mix of things to make me see how it could be better. It’s different when you really love somebody and you’re ready to have your soul forged. [Chris] had an all-encompassing gentleness. It was like a spirit that wraps you up and says “you are cared for.” Even after [Chris] died I could feel that he was still lifting me up. Tragedy becomes part of your story. We have the opportunity to turn losing friends into an appreciation of every minute we do have. I feel good to have absorbed as much as I did, but when they go, it’s never enough. Some people have a need to put their feelings into anger because when you’re angry you don’t have to feel hurt. It says more about them than you. I’ll be a lifelong learner. I’ve changed in that [Chris’s] death doesn’t define me or take me out of the game. God will heal me in time.
What an incredible couple we have in the studio this week. Mike Sauers - Navy SEAL, combat veteran who fought alongside Marcus Luttrell in Ramadi, philanthropist, and owner of Forged Apparel. In selfless fashion, Forged has raised millions of dollars to assist the families of fallen heroes. Mike is an exceptional story-teller, and his stories about military life, extensive travel experiences, and his subsequent entrepreneur life, are authentic and entertaining. Sam Bonilla is an amazing soul in her own right. As a marine with a Master’s Degree in Homeland Security and a certificate in intelligence, marketing manager and concept producer for Forged, social media influencer, model, and Instagram celebrity, Sam is as down-to-earth as they come. She is a joy to listen to as she shares her experiences and perspectives, and a humble servant of people alongside Mike. In this episode you will hear:  Ideas can be birthed in any setting; they’re limited to the imagination. You should always take pride in your country. Follow through. America was forged – Everything great was forged. It’s too bad that some establishments that have existed for over 100 years, are probably not going to make through this pandemic. Never question an order from a marine [in battle]. If you don’t have pride in your country, then what do you really have? Just like great team guys, we busted out some bungie cords and tied a karaoke machine to our golf cart. Every great nation, has to have pride. You have your real life, and then you have your social media life. Being a marine is not as sexy as it looks on TV. There are criteria for what is considered a dive bar:Mainly whiskey selectionsA picture of Burt ReynoldsChristmas LightsSmokey & the Bandit memorabiliaA Juke BoxSpilled Beer Stains on the pool tableHuge “mints” in the urinalsNo separation between the urinal & the toilet 
What an amazing story of the relentless pursuit of a dream by this week’s guest, “Cat” Zingano. Beginning with a love of wrestling at age 12, she developed into a 4-time All-American and national wrestling champion. She is currently a mixed martial artist (MMA) and has won a world championship title and the Rio de Janeiro State Championships in Brazil. She also became the first mom to compete in a UFC fight and the first woman to win a UFC fight by technical knockout. Listen in and be inspired by Cat’s non-stop life adventures along her path to success. In this episode you will hear:  Like the military, we all sign up for it. It’s a risk, but it’s a choice. As a kid, I often felt misguided and what always brought me back was sports – being part of a team. I didn’t look for people to pick on, but I’d put a target on people who were being mean to other people. When you have a goal and it doesn’t mean to you what it once meant to you - it’s so defeating. I want to finish in a way I can be proud of. Your kids are challenging sometimes, and while you love your kids, you still have to have your own outlet. I don’t ever want to ever forget how much it sucks to regret that I didn’t finish wrestling the way that I wanted. I want to walk away having checked all the boxes. I don’t want the hard times to dictate what I do with my goals. The 15-20 minute fight is nothing, compared to the training camps. I’d never had to pick a song to beat someone’s ass. If the beginning of the fight hadn’t gone the way it had, it wouldn’t have been so interesting. They got to see everything. They got to see a comeback. To still be struggling for money when you’re one of the top 5 in the world is tough. I’m supposed to take my losses and learn something from it.  I accept my losses, but I want to know and learn what I can change - what can I do to make myself a different version of that person that maybe wouldn’t have lost. How many times do you have to suck at something before you’re good at it?
If ever you wanted to hear a true story of the relentless pursuit of truth, this is the one you need to listen to. This Navy SEAL and highly decorated combat veteran Eddie Gallagher, with 20 years of service to our country and 9 deployments in Africa, Afghanistan, and Iraq was accused of war crimes while being innocent all the while. At the end of his 2017 deployment, accusations escalated to a point beyond ridiculous and was imprisoned for 9 months without ever being charged. His wife, Andrea, spearheaded the “Free Eddie” Campaign effort to prove his innocence and fought tooth and nail to do so. After an unbelievable series of events, including terrorism against his family and young children, Eddie’s innocence was proven. Eddie and Andrea have written the book The Man in the Arena to tell Eddie’s almost unbelievable story.  In this episode you will hear:   None of the accusations against Eddie were about war crimes. “They locked me up in solitary, and nothing was explained to me.” There’s no bail system in the military. The UCMJ (Uniform Code of Military Justice) makes it possible to put people in jail without charges. The level of terrorizing inflicted on our family shocked me to the core. I thought: “No one’s coming to help us.” The truth will prevail no matter what happens. “I truly feel that God called us to this. He let us go through this for a purpose, and that purpose is way bigger than us.” Eddie’s story can be paralleled with the story of Joseph in the bible. That story was a guiding light for us. If they can do this to us, they can do this to anyone – and these guys are heroes. Failure to protect one of their warfighters that served 20 years, is the biggest black eye, but we're gonna use it to make an impact on a larger scale to bring change to the UCMJ, and the way that we treat our military service members. “She’s [Andrea's] the true hero of the story.” They held machine guns and assault rifles to our children’s heads. [Eddie] was being restricted from legal counsel, contrary to what we, as Americans, constitutionally have. “Take failures and learn from them.” “We’re gonna stand up for what’s right.” “If we had quit, they would have taken him out for the remainder of his life.” Special New Year Deal! Every purchase of a 2-year plan will get you 1 additional month free. Go to ​ ​and use the coupon TNQ at checkout.
Living in a world of risk sums up the life of this week’s incredible guest, Jason Van Camp. As a West Point graduate, Jason is anything but faint-hearted in his experience as a decorated Green Beret in the U.S. Special Forces, in his business endeavors, and his dedication in helping other veterans unlock their potential and start their own business. He has authored the book: Deliberate Discomfort: How US Special Forces Overcome Fear and Dare to Win by Getting Comfortable Being Uncomfortable. Jason’s will to win and his heart of service to others makes him an epic model of a successful human being. In this episode you will hear:  If you never quit, you never fail. That journey you’re on – it’s not about trophies – it’s about people, and the journeys you take with those people. The worse experience it is for you, the funnier story it is for everybody else. We put ourselves in deliberately uncomfortable situations so we can get out of our comfort zone and grow. My motivation is to collect as many stories as I possibly can. My mindset has shifted from being selfish to being selfless. It’s hard to find your purpose. I want to help people, I want to make money, I want to do epic shit. Our non-profit – Warrior Rising – helps veterans start their own business. I’m a life-long student – always wearing my white belt. Go do something. Everyone can be a collaborator. Cooperate and graduate. I turned the military decision-making process into a business model.  Choose hard things before hard things choose you.
In the studio this week, we have Monty Heath, a decorated veteran from Navy SEAL Team 2 and Red Squadron, a former supervisor for the U.S. Navy SEAL mentorship program and BUD/S preparatory program, helping veterans develop their entrepreneur goals, a father who has endured the harrowing, near-death experience of his eleven-year-old son, and who has successfully undergone supervised psychedelic treatments to facilitate psychological introspection. Monty brings a myriad of life lessons and incredible experiences to the table in this week’s TNQP episode.In this episode you will hear: If I want something, I have to put 100% into it. I can’t just half-ass what I want. I’ve learned a lot from failure. When I started working as a Special Olympics skiing instructor, that’s where humanity entered into my life. I wanted to be a corpsman, but I didn’t want to help people. I wanted to hurt people. That’s why I got out of it. All my friends were SEALS; all my friends were cool; all my friends were good-looking; we live these privileged, bad-ass lives, but what about someone who’s born with Down Syndrome? [Special Olympics] It chipped away at my arrogance, and it installed humility. As a self-punishment, I didn’t want to go work for the super cool guy organizations. I want to be with common people and common soldiers. We have to be uncomfortable to grow and evolve. Monty’s 11-year-old son, George, had what started as a bad headache. That quickly developed into his spine hurting, then continuing to degrade, until it was determined in the hospital that he had contracted Bacterial Meningitis He slipped into a coma and “coded” as he lay in Monty’s arms dying. He slowly began to recover, but spent 51 days in the hospital & was paralyzed. Yet, some of the first words he spelled out for his mom were: “you and dad complete each other.” The idea of waking up and writing down what you’re grateful for can be a life-changer. Gratitude & attitude and gratitude is like a see-saw. If your gratitude is high you can’t have a bad attitude. I started to understand the power of being vulnerable. It’s disarming. Ibogaine therapy will make you go through your trauma, and make you come out on the other side better. I suggest every human being on the planet experience it. Communication & relationships to me is like new. Empathy is an important thing in life. Special Christmas Deal! Every purchase of a 2-year plan will get you 4 additionalmonths free. Go to ​ ​and use the coupon TNQ at checkout.
In this week’s podcast, we bring you an amazing guest – Lt. Colonel Dan Rooney – an Air Force F-16 fighter pilot with 3 combat tours in Iraq under his belt, two Top Gun awards, and countless military decorations. Dan recounts his life dreams as a 12 year-old boy, which have now come to fruition – to be a fighter pilot and a PGA golf professional. He also founded “Folds of Honor”, whose mission is to provide educational scholarships to the spouses and children of wounded or killed military service members. Folds of Honor has provided 30,000 life changing scholarships totaling over $140 million dollars. Dan, a man of great faith, speaks of the importance of God in his life and the daily motivation it brings.  In this episode you will hear: I had an unlikely dream for a 12 year old kid, but ultimately God would put those two together for a much higher purpose. I felt the hand of god on my shoulder. He picks the least of us to do something significant. Just grow up and do what you love. Don’t be a prisoner of common assumption. The most successful people in the world, are the people that are the best in handling life when things aren’t going their way. We are defined on a daily basis when it doesn’t go our way. When you meet the families that you help and you see the impact that you have – that’s what keeps you leaning into the wind. Engineer a code of resilience in your life. Use your talents to make a difference – to be fulfilled. As a pilot, we need resistance to ascend – Our lives aren’t any different. Be the best version of yourself regardless of the chaos around you. If we have one skill, it’s being able to take in copious amounts of information at high speed, and prioritizing what matters. If you want more blessings, you’ve got to bring God with you every day. Every interaction I have - I will bring my faith to it. My 3 “never quit” motivations: I’ve never quit praying; I’ve never quit showing up at the gym and; I’ve never quit on my marriage.
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Love the way you guys encourage her!

Mar 3rd


This was a beautiful episode. Thank you for sharing all of these wonderful heart-warming stories. From the jokes that Taya likes to play on others, to the tears that you two shared during the talks. 💗

Sep 15th

Caleb Shuler Sr

sorry Marcus. Love your show but cant stand jj watts views and what he promotes. Your too great a dude to have a AntiAmerican lefty like him on your show. Trump 2020

Aug 19th

Clancy Ortmann

this is one off very few podcasts I've actively gone back and listened to again.

Jul 17th

sakib tanvir


Jul 3rd


Mike Day... cause even Chuck Norris needs someone to fear.

Jun 30th


Just listened to the mamma. Great great interview. She is the bad ass in that family but as sweet as apple pie. Get well Mamma. Loved the stories and look forward to hearing more from you.

Apr 26th

Adrianne Kuch

Thank you for this episode! She is definitely a badass and such a great message of "I Can and I Will!" I needed this today, thanks!

Apr 9th

Casey J

Ever wonder where the baddest men on the planet come from? The baddest women on the planet.✌

Feb 11th

Travis Tripp

What a moving story!!!!

Nov 25th
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Travis Tripp

One of the best shows

Nov 23rd
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Brian Fish

just lost some respect for this show after seeing a mike pence intvw. fuck that war mongering Israeli cuck

Nov 13th
Reply (2)

Caleb Shuler Sr

God bless

Nov 13th
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Caleb Shuler Sr

Love ya brother Gary

Oct 17th

Caleb Shuler Sr

amazing leadership and heroism

Oct 11th

Estevan Cavazos

One of the most motivating and amazing interviews! i couldn't stop listening!!

Oct 8th

Caleb Shuler Sr

Asian pussies

Sep 20th

Johnathan Pitcock

The legitimate American Badass!! Goggiiinnnsss, Goggggiinnnssss!!!

Sep 17th



Sep 1st

Jared Nelson

why is this episode only 2:17's wttf

Aug 28th
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