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Team of Our Lives is a Football Podcast dedicated to the greatest decade of Premier league Football, the 2000's. Each week we take a deep dive into a different topic surrounding the footballing antics of the noughties. Whether its absurd transfers, weird World Cups or Wonder Goals. We celebrate the unusual & invite you to join us & get involved in our weekly features including a variety of quizes from Deal or No Deal to The Robbie Savage Hall of Fame...If you like football & the 2000's, you have found your next favourite Podcast.

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58 Episodes
Long time, noe see. Well we're back again with a new weekly Podcast to fill the boots of the whole left by 'Quickly Kevin' & also the whole left by the severe lack of 00s nostalgia podcasts. So join this non award winning podcast as we slip back into the 2000's to reminisce, debate & discuss why AFCON was better 20 years ago! Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
We are back with SEASON 4. In this episode Ollie & Harry build takeover a club to give them a 00's makeover. Fed up with boring, futile & modern tactics we bring back some 00's heritage to the modern game. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Its a brand spanking NEW SERIES! To ease us back into the swing of things, Ollie & Harry discuss the tournaments that time has forgotten, 00's of course. What happened to these once popular competitions? How are they remembered? Could we create a better tournament for the future? So join in the debate & have your say! Don't forget to follow us on twitter @teamofourlives & feel free to suggest episode topics in the 00's Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Welcome back to an almighty crossover as we invite Alice & Josh from the 'Just Films & That' Podcast. To review the cult classic 00's football film, GOAL!. Loved by football fans & loathed by critics we dive into how this film was made, how its remembered & if it holds up? Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
In this part 2 we countdown the greatest 25 players of the 00's with our Guest 'Jack' from FTLOL. We get him to open a 20 years old Panini pack & he tries to remember Arsenal's obscure transfers... Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
In this blockbuster 2 part episode, we break down the TOP 50 footballers of the greatest decade of all time. With more debate than PMQ's & more heroes than The Avengers...We are joined by Jack from FTLOL who is as nerdy & niche as us within the football history realm, with recent interviews with the likes of John Salako. Strap in for this one! Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Ollie & Harry watch an old episode of MOTD from 2007. We discuss the importance of MOTD in the 00s & how its maintained its sucess to present day. In a time before Youtube highlights & twitter updates this is all we had to get our knowledge of the time. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
It has been a hot topic ever since they took over in 2005. A contentious issue for any Manchester United fan & certainly up for debate in the world of football. Whatever side of the fence you sit, we dive into the Glazers Historic takeover of Manchester United. How did it happen? What ripple effects has it caused? Why are United fans so desperate to see the back of them? To help answer these questions we are joined by DoubleA for his third appearence. A regular on The United Stand panel & host of Talking Kit, more importantly has been a season ticket holder at Old Trafford for the last 10 years. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
We sadly draw this last episode of the spin off podcast to a close as we discuss & debate arguably the best World Cup final ever. But more importantly we come up with hilarious & fantastical ways to improve the world cup moving forward...You'll have to listen to find out what exactly! #podcast #worldcup #football Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Welcome back to Dream of our Lives as we cover the 2022 World Cup. First of all you should know this file was corrupted which means all our shouting about England v France was completely missed. However hopefully we give some good insight into the other games... For the first time ever we are also joined by our Listeners to make sure we are not being too bias & get an everyday mans honest opinion. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
This time we are talking the talking points of the first round of Knockout fixtures at the 2022 World Cup. Ollie rants about how he can't be happy until England win a World Cup, Harry tests our knowledge on World Cup Trivia & we have one of the best endings to a show of all time! Our guest this week is Pod favourite & Host of Talking Kit, Double A. Aaron an passionate United supporter is Brazil obsessed & things get a bit frisky when Ollie dictates how unlikeable the current crop of South American Talent are... Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
In this episode we skeptically analyse the last round of the group stages form the 2022 World Cup & predict our Round of 16. With more upsets than Christmas in Albert Square there was certainly alot to digest this week. SO we have roped in Scottish Football expert & the adeqautely named Scott from SM Media to give us his thoughts. #worldcup #football Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Welcome back to the pod that takes a sideways & not very analytical touch on the Qatari World Cup. Steeped in controversy the second round of group games packed a few punches both literally & metaphorically...To help guide us through the second round of games id the 'Stephen Fry' of football knowledge Jack from FTLOL. His knowledge & historical recollection of the game is stupendious as he proves in this episode. #worldcup #football Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
In the second episode of this side-cast of the World Cup 2022, we analyse the first round of games & criticise the most critisizable world cup to date. To join us in debate is our good friend Ged, Coventry fan & Total Screamers podcast sensation. #worldcup #football Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Welcome back to the spin off podcast, 'Dream of our Lives' where we take a sideways & non analytical approach at this years World Cup in Qatar. Dripping in controversy & disrupting the regular season for many countries, in our first episode we discuss our disgust & predict what will happen...Joining us is friend of the pod, Reading FC 2nd most famous comedian, Mr Sam Michael as we take on the tough dilemma of whether or not we can enjoy this World Cup? twitter: Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
As Wales prepare for only their second World Cup, the first coming in 1958. We have decided to take a look at the Welsh national side in the 00's. Why were they so terrible in comparison to their 2010's compatriots. Did they massively underachieve or was national pride at an all time low? To take us through this dragon of a task, we roped in UEFA correspondent & Welshman Mr Tom Parry-Jones. Follow us; insta - twitter - Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Welcome back to the only & best 00's based football podcast... In this bonus episode we are joined by Reality TV Star Mark Shatliff, as we dissect 00's players who were amaing in the Championship but didn't fair so well in the Premier League. We also play a round of Deal or No Deal & get ready for the World Cup 2022, with a game of 'What's in your Panini' Follow us on our socials: Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
In this Pre-Season Episode Ollie & Harry take a look back at some of the highlights of the 00's & the moments that capture the decade. We also look ahead at the 2022 FPL Season as we award some of the most genuis team names. Its also a welcome return to Deal or No Deal... Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Welcome back to Team of our Lives. The only & best 00's based football podcast & we have reached the end of Series 3, so are tackoing one of the biggest underdog stories in recent history. It is of course EURO 2004 where the hosts Portgual were beaten twice by plucky underdogs Greece. It was not glamorous football by the winners, but sometimes a hard to beat team is, well hard to beat. We also welcome back Scott from SM Media who is an expert on international tournaments to guide us through this unforgettable occasion. He also smashes our weekly quiz & get on the Panini Leaderboard. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
In this episode we ask oursleves the elusive question, of how successful the Real Madrid Galactico's of the 00s were...Assembled by Florentino Perez at the start of his reign, should they have won more? Or did they become more of a global brand? Either way they certainly left their mark in football history. So join us as we debate & discuss Real Madrid in the 00's...This week joined by Ruairi fro the Anglo-Italian Podcast to guide us through his time in Madrid & European football of the 00's Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
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