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Author: Lee Warrick and Edwin Otero

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Thinking of pursuing a career as a programmer? Lee Warrick and Edwin Otero explore what it's like to break into the Tech field as junior developers as well as how to stay up-to-date on new technology.
54 Episodes
Sam Julien, dev advocate for Auth0 joins us to explain authentication strategies for early career devs, as well as GraphQL
Will Johnson returns to share his success since we last spoke on the show. We talk about Will's work at Egghead, learning Ruby, and how his life has changed since breaking into the tech industry.
Alex Hrybyk, aka SharpFives joins us this week to talk about game development in JavaScript with PhaserJS. Alex not only does the code, but the music and art for his games; we dig into his entire game production process.
We talked to Netflix Engineer Michelle Brenner about Salary negotiation this week. We cover strategies for documenting your performance, when to go outside the review process, and when to think about jumping ship. We also talk about backend development, Python, and AWS.
Gant Laborde joins us this week to talk about the lastest and greatest in AI/ML, his new course kickstarter, and more.
When you first start out in the tech industry, your first job might not be that great. Fullstack Developer Stephen Santiago joins us this week to give advice on how to make the best of a bad situation and get the most out of a job, even if you're not super excited about it.
IoT (Internet of Things) and DevOps are difficult concepts to wrap your head around. This week Orlando IoT's organizer and DevOps extraordinaire Jared Porcenaluk joins us to explain what IoT and DevOps are, and how to get into either area.
Code Reviews are a scary thing for a lot of developers. Senior Engineer Marko Markovich joins us this week to talk about the code review process and how to handle is as a junior developer. We talk about what to expect, how to handle constructive vs destructive criticism, and bike-shed over variable names.
Jayson Phillips is a self-proclaimed graduate of the University of Barnes and Noble. This week we talk to Jayson about working for a bootcamp, learning to code, and dig into some fun tech like flutter, Golang, and Rust.
This week we're talking all about personal finance with CFP Lucas Casarez. Lots of developers know plenty about technology, but how much do you know about budgeting, investments, and paying off debt? Lucas walks us through some specific advice on how you can give your self financial peace of mind.
When you picture tech conferences, you probably think about huge convention centers and thousands of attendees, big name speakers, and more. But what about smaller, local conferences? This week we explore the differences between attending big and small conferences.
CFP Land Creator Karl Hughes joins us this week to talk about why you should consider speaking at conferences and how to accomplish that goal.
React Native is a powerful tool that lets you write JavaScript/React to create Mobile apps. RN expert Jamon Holmgren joins us to explain how to learn React Native.
Dylan Israel joins us this week to share TypeScript tips, lessons learned in building a following, and how to manage multiple side projects.
This week we talk about mental health and self-care. Rahat Chowdhury joins us to discuss how to manage depression, impostor syndrome, and avoid burnout during the job search and your career.
Chris Arter learned to code one Summer in a Florida garage with no AC, no Wifi, and no money. This week we hear how Chris turned his life around during hard times.
Front-end testing is a notoriously difficult subject to study, so we got a notorious teacher. This week senior front-end engineer Tomasz Łakomy walks us through the basics of front-end testing and explains the importance of writing tests for your code.
Have you heard of Advent of Code? It's one of the most challenging collection of programming puzzles out there. So naturally, Lee got suckered into trying it. To up the ante, he decided to do it in Python, which he is not very good at.
Jason Lengstorf is a Gatsby alumni, Netlify developer advocate, and all-around great guy to talk to. We grill him about how he went from rock band member to rockstar developer (sorry), working with the JAMstack, selling vacuums door-to-door, and how to get a great start as a developer.
This week we talk to Gatsby learning team member Kyle Gill on how he became a web developer, and how you can apply what Kyle learned on his journey to your own job search and career.
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Sepehr Soltanieh

This was amazing guys! I liked how Edward sounds, he's so chill 😁

Feb 10th
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