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In this replay episode of Tech Sales Insights, Randy Seidl is joined by Joey Gilkey, CEO of Apex Revenue, to discuss the evolution of outbound cold calling strategies in the modern sales landscape. From Joey's journey in sales to the challenges and solutions in improving cold calling pickup rates, this episode offers invaluable insights for sales professionals navigating today's competitive market.KEY TAKEAWAYSThe landscape of outbound sales is evolving rapidly, with traditional strategies becoming less effective over time.Companies must shift from a meeting-centric approach to a market analysis-centric approach, focusing on segmenting the market and curating targeted lists for more effective outreach.Turning sales development reps into market development reps and empowering account executives to self-source from curated lists can significantly improve pipeline generation and conversion rates.Sellers should prioritize selling to prospects the way they want to buy, adopting a consultative and tailored approach to address pain points and provide value.Highly targeted lists are essential for successful outbound efforts, as data saturation increases and traditional list-building methods become less reliable.QUOTES"Sell to people the way they want to buy, not the way we want to sell.""The list is the strategy. Highly targeted lists impact the top of the funnel, which then impacts the bottom of the funnel.""Turning sales development reps into market development reps is key. Identify segments, curate lists, and empower account executives for more effective outreach."Find out more about Joey Gilkey through the links below:LinkedIn: episode is sponsored by Phone Ready Leads, the Audience Activation sponsor of the Sales Community. Sales teams using Phone Ready Leads® average a 21.3% dial to connect rate with key decision makers (A live conversation every ~5 dials), and average ~10 conversations with key decision makers for every 50 outbound dials they make.
In this replay episode of Tech Sales Insights, Randy Seidl is joined by Peter Trizzino, President of North America Sales at Dell. Together, they delve into the pivotal role of culture in driving sales success, exploring how it transcends strategy and shapes behaviors within teams and partnerships. From personal anecdotes to actionable insights, Peter shares his journey from humble beginnings in sales to leading one of the largest sales regions at Dell. Discover how fostering trust, championing collaboration, and prioritizing outcomes can empower sales professionals to thrive in today's rapidly evolving marketplace.KEY TAKEAWAYSCulture Trumps Strategy: Explore how cultivating a culture of trust, collaboration, and customer-centricity drives long-term success in sales.Earning and Giving Trust: Learn the importance of trust-building in both internal teams and external partnerships, and how reciprocity fuels growth.Embracing Change: Understand the value of adaptability and continuous learning in navigating industry shifts and technological advancements.Balancing Work and Life: Uncover strategies for achieving a harmonious work-life blend that fosters productivity, well-being, and a winning mindset.Driving Sales Excellence: Gain actionable insights for aligning sales efforts with customer needs, leveraging partnerships, and maximizing performance.QUOTES"Culture is made up of collective mindsets and behaviors, emphasizing the 'how' over the 'what' in driving success.""The easiest way to earn trust is to give it. Trust is the foundation for high-performing teams.""In today's world, outcomes and value trump product-centric sales approaches. It's about solving customer problems."Find out more about Peter Trizzino through the links below:LinkedIn: episode is sponsored by AuctusIQ, the Sales Performance Assessment sponsor of the Sales Community. AuctusIQ is a sales data and science software company, with the mission of providing the right data to solve your three biggest challenges: selecting and retaining exceptional talent, coaching to ensure readiness to meet or beat quota, and winning more deals. Please visit their website at
In this replay episode of Tech Sales Insights, Randy Seidl interviews Jennifer Quinlan, the Global Managing Partner at IBM Consulting, discussing the transformative power of Gen AI on customer experience. From IBM's own journey as client zero to real-world success stories, they explore how AI-driven solutions are streamlining processes, improving employee and customer satisfaction, and accelerating business outcomes across sales, service, and marketing.KEY TAKEAWAYSGen AI Impact: Gen AI revolutionizes customer experience by enhancing efficiency, improving response times, and driving better outcomes across various business functions.IBM's Client Zero Journey: IBM's internal transformation journey serves as a blueprint for leveraging AI to optimize workflows, unify processes, and enhance customer engagement.Real-world Success Stories: Examples from industries like agriculture and retail showcase the tangible benefits of AI-driven solutions, including significant reductions in response times, increased throughput, and improved customer satisfaction metrics.Speed to Market: Gen AI accelerates campaign conception, content testing, and deployment, leading to faster time-to-market and remarkable performance gains, as demonstrated by a 26X increase in social performance in a recent campaign.QUOTES"We're able to create a better experience across our sales communities, enabling faster decision-making and deeper customer engagement.""Gen AI transforms low-fidelity tasks into high-impact opportunities, revolutionizing lead generation and pipeline growth."Find out more about Jennifer Quinlan through the links below:LinkedIn: episode is sponsored by TechTarget, the global leader in purchase intent-driven marketing and sales services that deliver business impact for enterprise technology companies. By creating abundant, high-quality editorial content across more than 150 highly targeted technology-specific websites and 1,125 channels, TechTarget attracts and nurtures communities of technology buyers researching their companies’ information technology needs.Please visit their website at
In this replay episode of Tech Sales Insights, Randy Seidl is joined by Lisa Pope, President at Epicor, shares her journey through the world of ERP, from its traditional roots to its modern-day relevance. Randy delves into Lisa's extensive experience, exploring the evolving role of ERP in today's dynamic business environment. From navigating supply chain disruptions to harnessing the power of data as a service, Lisa offers valuable insights and strategies for driving business growth and innovation.KEY TAKEAWAYSThe enduring relevance of ERP in driving digital transformation and business resilience.Leveraging ecosystem partnerships and mindshare growth for enhanced market presence.The pivotal role of data as a service in driving intelligent decision-making and operational efficiency.Adapting sales strategies to meet the evolving needs of diverse customer segments, from SMBs to enterprise-level organizations.Embracing diversity and inclusion practices to foster a thriving and inclusive workplace culture.QUOTES"ERP isn't dead; it's thriving and evolving to meet the demands of the modern business landscape.""Growing mindshare is crucial; it's about building brand visibility and expanding your ecosystem to drive market engagement.""Data is the new currency of business; leveraging insights from ERP systems empowers intelligent decision-making.""Adaptability is key in sales; understanding diverse customer needs and market trends drives long-term success.""Diversity isn't just a buzzword; it's a cornerstone of innovation and success in today's global marketplace."Find out more about Lisa Pope through the links below:LinkedIn: episode is sponsored by Sandler. Sandler is a world leader in innovative sales, leadership, and management training. For more than 50 years, Sandler has taught its distinctive, non-traditional selling system and highly effective sales training methodology, which has helped salespeople and sales managers take charge of the process.
In this episode of Tech Sales Insights, Randy Seidl and Peter Bell, General Partner and Chairman of Amity Ventures, dive into the realm of sales and startups. From Peter's extensive experience as both a sales leader and a venture capitalist, they explore best practices, pitfalls, and strategies for achieving success in sales-driven organizations.KEY TAKEAWAYSFounder-Led Sales: Understand the pivotal role founders play in early sales efforts and the importance of authenticity in customer interactions.Product-Market Fit: Delve into the challenges of finding and validating product-market fit, crucial for sustainable growth and investor confidence.Scaling Sales Teams: Navigate the delicate balance between founder-led sales and hiring experienced sales managers to drive team growth and efficiency.Remote Work Dynamics: Explore the evolving landscape of remote work and its impact on sales team dynamics, collaboration, and productivity.Customer-Centricity: Emphasize the significance of customer relationships and the role they play in product development, sales strategy, and business success.QUOTES"If the founder can't sell the product, it's extremely difficult for anyone else to sell it because the founder has the authenticity that really only the founder can have in an early-stage company.""Finding product-market fit is extremely difficult. Sometimes you don't actually know when you've found it. Many companies feel they've found it before they've actually really found it.""It's not just about making quota and delighting customers; it's about enjoying the journey together."Find out more about Peter Bell through the links below:LinkedIn: episode is sponsored by Phone Ready Leads, the Audience Activation sponsor of the Sales Community. Sales teams using Phone Ready Leads average a 21.3% dial to connect rate with key decision makers (A live conversation every ~5 dials), and average ~10 conversations with key decision makers for every 50 outbound dials they make. Visit their website at:
In this episode of Tech Sales Insights, Randy Seidl is joined by John Barrows, CEO of JB Sales, as they explore the timeless principles of sales. They delve into the transformation of sales fundamentals over the years and how staying authentic in the ever-evolving sales landscape is crucial. From sharing personal experiences to discussing the impact of AI on sales coaching, this episode is a treasure trove for both seasoned professionals and those starting in sales.KEY TAKEAWAYSThe importance of authenticity in sales and staying true to oneself.Navigating the shift in sales fundamentals and learning from both old and new practices.Lessons from John's journey in sales, from DeWalt power tools to leading JB Sales.The value of immediate and objective AI-driven feedback in coaching and improving sales performance.Overcoming challenges in the corporate world and finding success by staying true to one's values.QUOTES"Lying is hard. It's easier to be authentic and genuine in sales.""Coaching is the number one thing a manager should do, but it's often not what they do.""If you're surprised that your manager is an asshole during a performance review, you haven't been paying attention.""The endorphin component of immediate feedback is crucial for reps' growth.""AI coaching tools can provide objective insights, eliminating subjectivity in feedback."Find out more about John Barrows through the links below:LinkedIn: episode is sponsored by The Alexander Group, our GTM & Sales Compensation Partner. Alexander Group provides revenue growth consulting services to the world’s leading sales organizations. When clients need to grow revenue, they look to Alexander Group for data-driven insights, actionable recommendations, and results.
In this episode of Tech Sales Insights, Randy Seidl interviews Richard Harris, the author of the upcoming book, "The Seller's Journey." In this episode, they delve into the intricacies of sales, from the importance of understanding the buyer's journey to the art of respecting contracts. Richard shares insights from his extensive experience in sales training and go-to-market strategies, providing valuable tips for both seasoned professionals and newcomers to the field.KEY TAKEAWAYSNavigating the Sales Landscape: Understand the nonlinear nature of the sales process and the importance of having a clear map and compass to guide your journey.Personalization in Sales: Recognize that sales is inherently personal and learn how to effectively connect with prospects on a human level.Respect Contracts: Embrace the concept of respect contracts to set expectations, maintain control of conversations, and foster mutual understanding with prospects and clients.QUOTES"There is no such thing as a buyer's journey. It's all about the buyer's experience through a seller's journey.""Sales is always personal. Don't pretend rejection doesn't sting; acknowledge it and learn from it.""Respect contracts are the foundation of effective communication in sales, setting the tone for productive conversations."Find out more about Richard Harris through the links below:LinkedIn: Seller’s Journey Book by Richard Harris: episode of Tech Sales Insights is brought to you by: Sales Community:
In this episode of Tech Sales Insights, Randy Seidl in an insightful conversation with Mohamad Ali, Chief Operating Officer of IBM Consulting, they delve into the transformative impact of generative AI on the IT consulting industry. From disrupting traditional sales processes to enhancing cybersecurity for global organizations like NATO, Ali shares real-world examples of how AI is reshaping the landscape. Discover the secrets behind IBM Consulting Advantage, an AI services platform, and explore the profound productivity improvements witnessed in groundbreaking projects. Learn how IBM Consulting is at the forefront of embracing AI to drive efficiency, security, and innovation.KEY TAKEAWAYSThe IT consulting industry is on the brink of a significant transformation with the advent of generative AI.Gen AI is disrupting traditional sales processes, leading to monumental shifts in client engagement and project timelines.IBM Consulting Advantage provides a consistent approach to building AI solutions, ensuring security, governance, and protection against biases.Real-world examples, such as the NATO cybersecurity project, showcase the immense potential of AI in solving complex challenges.Productivity improvements of up to 52% have been observed in projects utilizing AI assistants, emphasizing the practical impact of Gen AI.QUOTES"We need to bring consistency to AI projects because it's not just about building great solutions; it's about securing, governing, and protecting personal information.""The consulting market is not going to stay labor-based; Gen AI will disrupt the industry in the same way Uber disrupted the taxi business.""Focus on doing a great job and loving what you do. Internal politics will fade away if you genuinely enjoy your work." Find out more about Mohamad Ali through the links below:LinkedIn: episode of Tech Sales Insights is brought to you by: Sales Community:
In this episode of Tech Sales Insights, Randy Seidl is joined by Collin Mitchell, the Managing Partner at Leadium, as they delve into the dynamic world of outbound sales. They discuss how traditional outbound sales methods are evolving and share insights on what works in today's competitive landscape. From personalized email strategies to the power of cold calling, they explore practical tips and techniques to boost sales effectiveness. Discover the secrets to successful outbound sales in the digital ageKEY TAKEAWAYSThe importance of personalized outreach in email campaigns.Strategies for effective cold calling, including data segmentation and technology tools.Leveraging social media insights to enhance email personalization.Building relationships through podcasting as a unique outreach strategy.Tips for avoiding spam filters and maintaining deliverability in email campaigns.QUOTES"Each line of your email is to get them to read the next line.""The power of the phone is the most effective channel for conversions.""Building relationships through podcasting is a strategy I've used in the past and have driven lots of revenue doing that.""Podcasts are a great way to be different and stand out in the sales landscape."Find out more about Collin Mitchell through the links below:LinkedIn: episode of Tech Sales Insights is brought to you by: Sales Community:
In this episode of Tech Sales Insights, Randy Seidl is joined by Matt Dixon, the founding partner at DCM Insights, to delve into the captivating world of Challenger sales and explore the profound insights from Matt's latest book, "The Jolt Effect: How High Performers Overcome Customer Indecision." They discuss the evolution of sales strategies, the impact of the pandemic on decision-making, and the crucial moments that define successful sales interactions.KEY TAKEAWAYSChallenger Sales Evolution: Understand the genesis of Challenger sales during the global financial crisis and its continued relevance in transforming sales approaches.The Jolt Effect: Explore the story behind Matt's latest research, which unravels the challenges of customer indecision, particularly after initial interest, and how high performers navigate this critical phase.Sales in the Virtual World: Examine the shift to virtual sales environments, accelerated by the COVID-19 pandemic, and the unique opportunities and challenges it presents.The Two Acts of Sales: Recognize that sales is a two-act play — first, sparking customer interest and then addressing the indecision that arises after the initial commitment.Overcoming Overloads: Dive into the three major sources of indecision - too many options, information overload, and expectations overload - and learn how top performers navigate these challenges.Decision-Making in a Downturn: Explore how the current business landscape, including economic uncertainties and the aftermath of the SaaS reckoning, contributes to heightened indecision among customers.Startup Challenges: Discuss the difficulties faced by startups in breaking into the market due to a lack of track record, customer references, and airtight ROI guarantees.QUOTES"Sales is really a two-act play. The first act is getting the customer interested, answering the 'why change' question. The second act is dealing with the cold feet moment in the sale, navigating indecision after initial interest.""The best salespeople excel at putting their figurative arm around the customer's shoulders, instilling confidence, and saying, 'You're making a great decision. We've got your back.'""We're doing this to ourselves - offering more options, information overload, and ambitious promises. These amplify customer indecision, making even normally decisive people behave indecisively."Find out more about Matt Dixon through the links below:LinkedIn: episode of Tech Sales Insights is brought to you by: Sales Community:
In this episode of Tech Sales Insights, Randy Seidl is joined with David Schneider, General Partner of Co-Two and seasoned executive with a remarkable track record. Dive deep into the lessons learned throughout Schneider's career, covering topics such as culture, growth, hiring, forecasting, and more. From his early days at UC Irvine's Championship sailing team to leading companies like Data Domain and ServiceNow, Schneider shares valuable insights and anecdotes that shaped his journey. Discover the secrets behind scaling businesses, overcoming rejection, and the evolution of customer success in today's competitive landscape.KEY TAKEAWAYSEmbracing a "beginner's mindset" in tackling unsolved problems can open doors to unprecedented success.Overcoming rejection involves understanding and addressing the specific needs of the situation, whether in hiring or sales campaigns.In the early stages of a business, integrating customer success into the sales function can be more efficient, emphasizing a company-wide commitment to client satisfaction.The importance of learning from failures, maintaining humility, and appreciating the journey, as success often follows struggle.The role of leadership in inspiring and learning from team members, with a focus on continuous improvement and adaptability.QUOTES"If you don't know struggle, you can't appreciate success. Failure is good; it teaches you humility and humbleness.""Great leaders understand how passionate their employees can be. You either bet on the come or you bet on experience and knowledge.""Solving customer problems is the job of everybody in the company. Salespeople are the tip of the spear, bringing every resource to bear for the good of the company.""Every company has its own set of challenges and culture. Helping management teams think about growth and bringing engineering into the product development cycle is crucial.""Building community within a company is about aligning everyone's role with the ultimate goal of dominating a marketplace through exceptional customer service."Find out more about David Schneider through the links below:LinkedIn: episode of Tech Sales Insights is brought to you by: Sales Community:
In this episode of Tech Sales Insights, Randy Seidl engages in an insightful conversation with Sam Nelson, the founder of and Agoge Prospecting School. Discover the secrets of successful outbound prospecting, the importance of proper enablement, and the nuances of effective sequence strategies. Sam shares his journey from starting a mission-driven company to becoming a leader in SDR management and sheds light on the key elements that make outbound prospecting a game-changer for businesses.KEY TAKEAWAYSPrioritize Right Prospects: Effective outbound starts with aligning sequences to the right prospects, requiring clear prioritization and careful title targeting.Sequencing Efficiency: Sequences are a series of touchpoints (phone, email, LinkedIn) designed for efficient and personalized outreach, maximizing the impact of personalization efforts.Focus on Meetings Held: The primary goal is to schedule meetings between SDRs and account executives with the right decision-makers, ensuring valuable use of time and resources.Empower Account Executives: Once a meeting is set, pass the prospect to the account executive to ensure a smooth transition and avoid complications in the sales process.Feedback Loop: Establish a feedback loop between SDRs and AEs to address any issues in the handoff process and ensure effective collaboration for successful conversions.QUOTES“If you get fully attributable meetings with people, it's very valuable.”“The sequence really sets you up to get through to them on the phone and get that initial meeting set.”“Once you have got the meeting scheduled with the right person, that's a good time to pass it to the AE.”Find out more about Sam Nelson through the links below:LinkedIn: episode of Tech Sales Insights is brought to you by: Sales Community:
In this episode of Tech Sales Insights, Randy is joined by John Byrne, President at Dell, for an insightful conversation on the evolution of the customer journey. They explore the dynamic shifts in buyer behavior, the impact of Gen AI, and how technology is reshaping the sales landscape. John shares his experiences and perspectives on leadership, vision, and the critical role of human interaction in the age of digital transformation.KEY TAKEAWAYSThe rapid evolution of customer buying behavior driven by Gen AI.The importance of human interaction in a tech-dominated sales landscape.How AI is transforming decision-making processes in customer interactions.The role of leadership vision in guiding teams through technological advancements.The need for sales leaders to adapt to both outcome and transactional selling.QUOTES"Gen AI is the heart of the change; it's the first time humans and machines come together to solve unprecedented challenges.""In the future, growth will come not just through capacity but through commercial productivity.""As a leader, you're not just leading sellers; you're leading the act of selling in the modern age.""Curiosity is a superpower; being curious allows you to build a vision for the future.""Lead with optimism; life is short, and we're navigating a future full of possibilities."Find out more about John Byrne through the links below:LinkedIn: episode of Tech Sales Insights is brought to you by: Sales Community:
In this episode of Tech Sales Insights, join us for a fireside chat with Scott Strubel, Vice President of the America's Partner Organization at Darktrace, a leading cybersecurity AI company. Scott shares his firsthand experiences and insights from the first 90 days as a new leader in the cybersecurity landscape. From his childhood jobs shaping his approach to leadership to his impressive career journey spanning HP, Oracle, NetApp, Commvault, Hitachi Vantara, and Darktrace, Scott dives into the importance of building strong partnerships and outlines his strategies for success. Learn about Darktrace's evolution, Scott's go-to-market plans with partners, and his emphasis on fostering a collaborative and accountable culture.KEY TAKEAWAYSThe First 90 Days as a New Leader: Scott delves into the critical initial period of leadership and emphasizes the significance of building relationships with partners, sales organizations, and key team members.Navigating Partner Relationships: Exploring the complexities of the cybersecurity industry, Scott discusses the challenges and strategies for enhancing partner collaborations and sales enablement.Strategies for Growth: Unveiling Darktrace's plans, Scott outlines the six breakthrough goals and the structured approach toward achieving them, focusing on measurable results and partnership expansion.Cultural Accountability: Scott shares insights into the cultural elements he prioritizes, emphasizing the importance of shared values, accountability, and consistency in driving success.QUOTES"What partners want from their technology OEM vendor partners is predictability, consistency, and profitability.""Really good partner sellers sell what's profitable and what's easiest to sell.""We consider ourselves highly accountable to our sales organization and partners, measuring success every 13 weeks.""I have this list of 50 things that we hold ourselves accountable to every 13-week quarter in shaping our culture."Find out more about Scott Strubel through the links below:LinkedIn: episode of Tech Sales Insights is brought to you by: Sales Community:
In this episode of Tech Sales Insights, Randy Seidl welcomes Amit Bendov, the CEO of Gong, to discuss the profound impact of AI in sales and revenue team transformation. Amit shares the origins of Gong's AI-driven platform, its evolution, and the pivotal role it plays in empowering sales teams. From increased productivity to predictive analytics and integrations with sales methodologies, Gong's technology streamlines processes, enabling teams to focus more on selling effectively.KEY TAKEAWAYSAI's Role in Sales Transformation: Amit describes how AI revolutionized sales processes by autonomously gathering insights from customer interactions, enhancing productivity, and providing data-driven decision-making.Gong's Solutions and Innovations: He highlights Gong's suite of AI-powered products—Engage, Forecast, and Conversation Intelligence—and how they optimize sales productivity, forecasting accuracy, and training effectiveness.AI's Impact on Productivity and Strategy: The conversation delves into AI's influence in improving efficiency, predicting outcomes, refining strategies, and enabling quicker, more informed decision-making.QUOTES"The idea was an autonomous system that would take all the conversations of customers... and create data and insights for leaders and people in the trenches using AI.""AI removes a lot of the work, making teams more effective and efficient. It helps reps do the right thing, especially for rookies, while automating mundane tasks.""Remember, AI can take wherever you are and make you better. But to be realistic, you have to have a good business. AI isn't a miracle; it enhances what's already there."Find out more about Amit Bendov through the links below:LinkedIn: episode of Tech Sales Insights is brought to you by: Sales Community:
In this episode of Tech Sales Insights, Randy Seidl sits down with David Donatelli, CEO of Riverbed, for a candid conversation on "Lessons Learned." David shares insights garnered throughout his illustrious career spanning EMC, Hewlett Packard (HP), Oracle, and his current role at Riverbed. From telemarketing and sales strategies of the past to the evolving landscape of enterprise solutions, they explore the essence of value-based selling, marketing lead generation, and the importance of customer trust. David delves into the significance of product-market fit, team collaboration, and the transformative impact technology can have on businesses, sharing anecdotes that highlight how Riverbed's solutions have streamlined operations for major companies worldwide.KEY TAKEAWAYSValue-based Selling: Understanding and articulating the true business value of solutions are pivotal in driving successful enterprise sales.Customer Trust: Building and maintaining customer trust by honoring commitments and exceeding expectations.Team Collaboration: Emphasizing that sales success is a collective effort involving all functions within an organization.Product-Market Fit: The criticality of product differentiation and market alignment for sustained success in the enterprise technology landscape.Technology's Impact: Real-life examples showcasing how innovative technology solutions positively impact business operations and customer satisfaction.QUOTES"Customers are very smart. They do the research before they meet you. They want to understand how you rank versus others in the industry.""Your reputation is built by honoring your commitments to your customers and exceeding what you promise them.""It's more important than ever to understand the true business value and articulate that to customers.""Sales success is a team sport. Every function within a company has a role to play in achieving success."Find out more about David Donatelli through the links below:LinkedIn: episode of Tech Sales Insights is brought to you by: Sales Community:
In this episode of Tech Sales Insights, Randy Seidl in an insightful conversation with Jim Nyhan, Director of America's Enterprise Sales at Cyber Proof, discussing the shift from selling individual products to integrated platforms in managed cyber services for enterprise clients. Jim shares his journey, emphasizing the importance of an ecosystem approach, addressing challenges in the tech sector, and highlighting the crucial role of customer-centricity in building lasting partnerships. KEY TAKEAWAYSTransition to Platform Approach: In a tightening tech economy, platforms supersede individual products as enterprises seek consolidation and value from integrated solutions.Ecosystem Advantage: Larger players leverage ecosystem partnerships, offering enterprise licensing agreements and consumption models, presenting an edge over niche point products.Customer-Centric Culture: Upholding an egoless, customer-focused culture fosters trust, longevity, and mutually beneficial relationships.CFO Collaboration: Engaging CFOs becomes pivotal in navigating tech stacks, as enterprises grapple with integrating numerous SaaS platforms.QUOTES"If you bring high integrity, value, and do what you said at the price you said, you've built a great customer relationship.""In defense of founders, they often have their own capital at stake, but minimizing internal politics and maximizing customer focus defines successful company culture.""Platform will trump product, especially during economic headwinds, as enterprises seek consolidation and value from integrated solutions."Find out more about Jim Nyhan through the links below:LinkedIn: episode of Tech Sales Insights is brought to you by: Sales Community:
Tom Hannigan is the President of the Americas at ServiceNow. He has over 30 years of experience in the tech industry, with a focus on sales and leadership. Tom has held various roles at EMC and ServiceNow, and he is known for his collaborative and empathetic leadership style.In this episode of Tech Sales Insights, Tom discusses leadership development and selling into multiple markets. He emphasizes the importance of staying hungry and humble, and he shares his philosophy on people, winning as a team, and operational command. Tom also highlights the significance of value selling and the role of sales ops in driving success.KEY TAKEAWAYSStaying hungry and humble is crucial for success in sales and leadership.Building a strong team and fostering collaboration is essential for winning as a team.Operational command, including effective time management and accountability, is key to achieving sales goals.Value selling is critical in today's market, where customers are focused on productivity and profit.Sales ops plays a vital role in supporting sales teams and driving revenue growth.QUOTES"The team with the best people wins every single time.""If you don't understand the business problems, you're not going to be able to solve any of their problems.""Every interaction is a sales call.""Being in front of the customer is the most important thing we need to do.""The best channel folks understand salespeople and how they attack the territory."Find out more about Tom Hannigan through the links below:LinkedIn Profile: episode of Tech Sales Insights is brought to you by: Sales Community:
In this episode of Tech Sales Insights, Paul Fipps, President of Strategic Accounts at ServiceNow, shares his journey from an Army career to pivotal roles in leading technology companies. Paul reflects on his military background's profound impact on his leadership style, emphasizing the importance of placing the mission or company objectives first, the team second, and personal motives third. He discusses the critical role ServiceNow plays in digital transformation, offering insights into the company's purpose-driven approach and innovative AI-powered solutions. Throughout the conversation, Paul underlines the significance of a strong team-oriented culture and how it drives success in customer relationships and company growth.KEY TAKEAWAYSLeadership Principles from the Military: Paul Fipps shares his key leadership lesson from the military, emphasizing the priority of the mission or company objectives, team cohesiveness, and personal motives in that order.ServiceNow's Purpose-Driven Approach: ServiceNow focuses on enhancing the world of work by offering a powerful, workflow-based platform for digital transformation across industries and functions.Innovative AI-Powered Offerings: ServiceNow's rapid innovation, notably in generative AI, has led to groundbreaking, live product launches with powerful AI capabilities out of the box.Strategic Account Management: Paul's role involves overseeing the largest and most strategic customers, aligning resources across geographies and industries to drive digital transformation and business outcomes.Culture & Team Dynamics: The success of ServiceNow is attributed to its strong culture, with a focus on the team and core values in daily decision-making and problem-solving.QUOTESPaul Fipps: "Company or mission first, team second, and myself third."Paul Fipps: "In the military, you can see what phenomenal leadership looks like, and you can see what less than phenomenal leadership looks like. If you're smart, you learn from both sides."Paul Fipps: "ServiceNow's purpose is to make the world of work work better for everyone."Find out more about Paul Fipps through the links below:LinkedIn Profile: episode of Tech Sales Insights is brought to you by: Sales Community:
In this episode of Tech Sales Insights, Randy Seidl has an insightful discussion with Carl Eschenbach, a successful partner at Sequoia, as they unravel the secret sauce behind effective leadership. This episode delves into how the landscape of sales, technology, and leadership has evolved, emphasizing the role of innovation, data-driven approaches, and the crucial qualities that differentiate successful companies. Learn about Carl's journey from his humble beginnings to becoming an influential figure in the business world and venture capital.KEY TAKEAWAYSEvolution of Sales Tech: Explore the changing dynamics of sales, leveraging technology tools like Gong, which have revolutionized sales strategies, making them more data-driven, efficient, and strategic.Leadership and Boardroom Insights: Discover the art of effective leadership, the critical role of the founder or entrepreneur, and the visionary qualities needed to steer companies to success.Company Differentiation: Understand the distinction between category creators and market disruptors and how both play crucial roles in shaping industries.Operational Expertise: Insights into how an operator-turned-investor like Carl Eschenbach brings hands-on experience to support and guide companies, from leadership mentoring to sales strategies.QUOTES"Sales today is as much data-driven as it is science or art.""You can hire for skills, but you can't hire for passion and drive.""We help companies see around corners, anticipate what's coming, and navigate uncharted territories.""Category creators and market disruptors both play pivotal roles in shaping industries."Find out more about Carl Eschenbach through the links below:LinkedIn Profile: This episode of Tech Sales Insights is brought to you by: Sales Community:
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