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TechCheck is home to the boldest ideas and most influential names in the tech industry. The bi-coastal program dives deep into stocks focused on new technologies and trends while highlighting the latest news out of iconic companies, FAANG heavyweights, social media darlings, streaming giants, red-hot disruptors and more. Every weekday, TechCheck offers investors compelling, in-depth reporting, analysis and news-making interviews from the most notable and disruptive founders and CEOs in the tech industry that will chart the future of the global economy. The daily podcast is hosted by CNBC’s Jon Fortt and Carl Quintanilla on the East Coast and Deirdre Bosa on the West Coast and features CNBC’s Senior Media & Entertainment Reporter Julia Boorstin from Los Angeles.
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CNBC’s Julia Boorstin joins us to break down Disney’s latest earnings report. The company reporting an earnings beat, but a miss on subscribers and revenue yesterday. Then, Needham Managing Director Laura Martin gives her take on Disney and other FAANG names amid tech’s volatile run. CNBC’s Deirdre Bosa speaks with Airbnb Co-Founder and CEO Brian Chesky in a First on CNBC interview to break down the company’s earnings report and outlook as the economy reopens. Then, CNBC’s Kate Rooney gives us the scoop on Coinbase, which released its first earnings report since going public, and Dogecoin’s price boost after Elon Musk vows to work with Dogecoin developers to improve efficiency. Later, CNBC’s Kate Rogers has the latest details on a ghost kitchen start-up initiated by a group of former Uber executives. And then, Lazard Managing Director Dennis Berman focuses on the rise of digital subscriptions in light of Disney’s subscriber miss.
Founder of Bespoke Investment Group Paul Hickey joins us to chat about Apple and the broader tech sector. Then, CNBC’s Josh Lipton seeks out opportunity amid the dip in tech stocks. Later, Applovin CEO Adam Foroughi breaks down the company’s first earnings report since going public - the stock seeing a drop since its IPO in mid-April. And we get into all the latest details behind bitcoin’s big tumble since Elon Musk suspended cryptocurrency payments for Tesla cars, citing environmental concerns. Julia Boorstin also brings us Bumble Founder and CEO Whitney Wolfe Herd to discuss the company’s latest earnings report and outlook in what many are calling the upcoming “summer of love” as pandemic restrictions continue to ease. And CNBC’s Dom Chu zeroes in on the most crowded stocks outlined in a UBS note today. We also get to our Deirdre Bosa, who is breaking the news on Masterclass securing its latest funding round today.
Bessemer Venture Partner Byron Deeter joins the TechCheck anchors to reveal his top tech picks, as the tech tumble rages on. Then, we ask Unity Software CEO John Riccitiello to weigh in on the Epic Games vs. Apple battle over the App Store’s fees, as the leader of a video game development company that benefits from the store’s visibility. CNBC’s Dom Chu then helps us break down the successes and challenges facing Cathie Wood’s Ark Invest Fund right now. And our Julia Boorstin brings us a First On CNBC interview with FuboTV’s CEO David Gandler after the company reported earnings that beat estimates and has seen significant subscriber growth since the beginning of the pandemic. We’ve got all that and gut checks on some of the biggest stock movers in tech right now.
Tom Lee of Fundstrat Global Advisors joins us amid the global tech sell-off to break down his thesis that tech stocks could drop up to another 7%. We’ve also got an exclusive with ServiceNow CEO Bill McDermott on his outlook for the software company amidst the sell-off and his plans for M&A (spoiler: none!). Eamon Javers then joins the rest of the TechCheck crew with the latest on the Colonial Pipeline hack. The hackers’ aim? Cash, not chaos. Biden is set to meet with Russian Pres. Putin on the cyber attack. We also cover the big moves Shopify and Roblox are seeing today. And lastly, Lucid Motors CEO Peter Rawlinson is with us on his decision to go public pre-production and the future of the EV space.
After Tesla CEO Elon Musk’s highly-anticipated SNL hosting debut over the weekend, NYT Contributor and Pivot Co-Host Kara Swisher gives us her thoughts on how he did. TLDR: it was a win. The biggest thing in tech right now? We’re calling it as the software stocks taking a tumble today and Dogecoin’s negative response to Musk’s comments on the cryptocurrency during SNL. Lo Toney of Plexo Capital helps us break down those moves and how investors are reacting. Dom Chu takes us inside Nasdaq’s tough week (it’s on a major losing streak) and Eamon Javers reports on the cyber ransomware pipeline attack. Then, Cloudflare Co-Founder & CEO Matthew Prince joins the TechCheck gang to talk earnings and what he calls the “unparalleled amount of cyber activity going on in the world right now."
Amazon’s Senior Vice President of Devices and Services David Limp joins us to unpack Amazon Sidewalk’s latest features and partnerships announced today and how the new technology competes with similar Apple products. Then, following Dropbox’s earnings, Dropbox Co-Founder & CEO Drew Houston joins us in an exclusive interview to discuss the company’s recent performance and future outlook as employees return to the office. Later, CNBC’s Dom Chu explores speculative tech’s recent slowdown, focusing on whether the Ark Innovation ETF will make a comeback after its dip in performance this year. Also, now you can send money directly to select users on Twitter through its new “tip jar” feature. And bet on DraftKings? CEO Jason Robins joins us in an exclusive interview to break down the company’s recent earnings report. Robins also discusses the company’s future outlook as more states look to legalize sports betting. Later, CNBC’s Josh Lipton highlights what we learned from week one of the Apple vs. Epic Trial.
CNBC’s Deirdre Bosa breaks down Uber earnings and explains why the stock slowed down today. Then, CNBC’s Leslie Picker joins for an exclusive interview with General Atlantic Chairman and CEO Bill Ford on the company’s investing strategy and where he sees opportunity. Ford also gives his take on IPOs, Uber and Airbnb. Then, CNBC’s Dom Chu checks in on your favorite work-from-home plays, some of which have lost steam since being on a tear during the pandemic. CNBC’s Julia Boorstin previews Roku, which is set to report earnings today after the bell, and highlights that the company’s response to its standoff with YouTube will be key to watch for. Later, Dell CEO Michael Dell joins us in an exclusive interview to explain the company’s latest technology and offerings.
CNBC’s Julia Boorstin chats with our anchors about the Facebook Oversight Board’s decision to uphold Trump’s Facebook ban. Evercore Head of Internet Research Mark Mahaney joins the conversation to further discuss Facebook’s new homework given by the Oversight Board to create better rules for suspending users. Then, Mahaney pivots to the latest Lyft news after the company reported a revenue and earnings beat yesterday. Later, CNBC’s Eamon Javers brings us Trump’s first reaction after learning of the Oversight Board’s ruling on his Facebook account. Later, Coursera CEO Jeff Maggioncalda joins us to break down Coursera’s first earnings report since going public. Then, are tech stocks resetting? CNBC’s Bob Pisani explores the selloff yesterday and tells us where tech stocks are headed. Former Cisco Systems CEO John Chambers adds more details on the tech sector and tells us where he sees opportunity. And would you take a vacation to outer space? CNBC’s Morgan Brennan shares the latest details on Blue Origin’s plans for space tourism.
NYT’s Erin Griffith gives us the inside scoop on the Apple and Epic Games trial after being front and center on trial day one. Then, investor Garry Tan provides us with his anti-Amazon thesis highlighting that “If Amazon is the empire, we like to fund rebels.” Tan, the first-ever Coinbase investor, also gives his take on the future direction of cryptocurrency. In light of the tech selloff today, CNBC’s Dom Chu zeroes in on the performance of small to mid-cap tech stocks since the start of the year. Later, listen to CNBC’s Julia Boorstin on the advertising wars heating up—not only are top tech companies competing in this space, but retailers like Walmart and Target are joining the fight as well. Also, more details on Bill and Melinda Gates splitting up after 27 years, including how they plan to split their fortune. And live from San Jose, CNBC’s Scott Cohn on what to expect from the Elizabeth Holmes’ trial set to begin today.
On the first day of Apple and Epic Games’ showdown in court over their app store monopoly dispute, NYT Contributor and “Sway” podcast host Kara Swisher joins us to weigh in on the many fronts of the battles Apple is waging and how sustainable they are. We also asked her about the Verizon sale of its Yahoo! and AOL media assets to Apollo Global Management, with the news of the $5 billion sale breaking this morning. Then, CNBC’s Kate Rooney reports on Warren Buffett’s controversial comments on the popular trading platform Robinhood at Berkshire Hathaway’s annual shareholder meeting on Saturday and his lack of commentary on the rise of bitcoin. Julia Boorstin then takes us inside Max Hodak’s decision to step down as President of Elon Musk’s brain-implant start-up, Nueralink. Speaking of Musk, the Tesla founder tweeting recently about his upcoming SNL hosting debut and asking for feedback on some sketch ideas. We’ve also got an interview with Chicago Cubs Chairman Tom Ricketts and retail start-up Enjoy’s CEO Ron Johnson on their SPAC merger. All that, plus the tech headlines you should know today on the show.
Tech executive and big-time tech investor Keith Rabois joins us at the top of the show to talk the Amazon quarterly earnings that brought in over $100 billion in revenue. We also get his thoughts on the charges the EU just slapped on Apple over its app store breaking competition rules after Spotify launched a complaint at the tech giant in 2019. Then, an exciting interview with digital artist Beeple on his new spring NFT launch. You’ll remember he sold his NFT collage at Christie’s earlier this year for a whopping $69 million. We get all his thoughts on the growth of the NFT space in such a short amount of time and where it can go from here. We’ve also noticed a more easy-going social media presence from Jeff Bezos, as the world’s richest man is noticeably posting more and more on Instagram. We’re also covering the lack of gender diversity in the Venture Capital world, particularly this year, and Twitter’s miss in analyst expectations of its monetizable daily users for the quarter. And Julia Boorstin takes the rest of the TechCheck squad live to the reopening of the Disneyland theme park. Don’t miss all that and more of the biggest tech headlines.
A massive day for mega cap tech: Apple and Facebook reported blowout earnings last night, in the midst of their privacy fight over the new iOS 14.5 software update. We cover what Tim Cook and Mark Zuckerberg had to say on their earnings calls. And the Qualcomm earnings are no slouch either—incoming CEO Cristiano Amon joins us for the first time on TechCheck to break down their quarter. On those Apple earnings, we had this to ask of our audience: what’s the bear case for this stock that just won’t quit? And who needs a reality check? Well, that would be Amazon, as LinkedIn names the company as the top place where Americans want to work, despite the company facing its biggest unionization effort at an Alabama warehouse earlier this month. More on the labor concerns and workplace culture at Amazon on the show today. Then, we’re joined by the CEO of one of the most successful SPACs— John Carrington of Stem. And Julia Boorstin joins the rest of the TechCheck gang to explain Verizon’s latest effort to potentially sell off Yahoo and AOL for about half what they bought them for not long ago. Don’t miss all this and more of today’s tech headlines.
Microsoft and Alphabet reported earnings last night with clean beats, both banking big in reaching post-pandemic peaks. Ranjan Roy, one half of the duo behind the Substack tech newsletter “The Margins,” joins us to discuss the tech giants’ revenue growth, the future of Cloud and which companies are positioned well coming out of the pandemic. Then, Shopify President Harley Finkelstein makes his TechCheck debut to talk the company reporting better than expected earnings and revenue for its quarter, benefitting from the online shopping boom. We also jump into some of the earnings misses, covering Spotify’s tough day after earnings were reported. And Julia Boorstin details the slump in Pinterest’s subscriber growth, as pandemic restrictions are eased. Finally, Basecamp Co-Founder David Heinemeier Hansson comes on the show to address the pushback he’s received from Basecamp’s decision to ban political conversations at work. Listen in for that spirited conversation and all the tech movers of the day.
Leaders of big name companies are joining us today to break down the latest in tech. We get Lyft Co-Founder John Zimmer’s thoughts on the ride-share app’s deal with Toyota to sell its sell-driving unit. DoorDash COO Christopher Payne joins in to talk the food delivery app’s news to lower the fees it charges restaurants. We also get hedge fund manager Dan Niles’ take on Tesla’s record Q1 earnings reported yesterday and his top picks, given the state of the industry right now. Not to mention the Twitter spats Elon Musk is fining himself in lately. Then, we’ve got an exclusive interview with Adobe CEO Shantanu Narayen on the company’s deal with FedEx to integrate its ShopRunner e-commerce service to help brands manage shipping and logistics. And our Julia Boorstin brings us an interview with ESPN Chairman on all the deals going on in the world of streaming and media distribution.
Big Tech has a BIG week in earnings, as most of the FAANG names report their Q1 numbers this week. Tech investor and Palantir Co-Founder Joe Lonsdale joins CNBC’s Carl Quintanilla, Jon Fortt & Deirdre Bosa today to talk his expectations for the biggest names in the industry. He also gave us his thoughts on Bitcoin after it’s tough week and rallying weekend. Kara Swisher is also back with us today to give her two cents on the latest in the Facebook vs. Apple privacy feud. We’re also covering GameStop letting CEO George Sherman walk away with millions and Tesla’s EV competition in China. Then, an interview with the Henrique Dubugras, CEO of fintech unicorn Brex, receiving a $7.4 billion valuation. And lastly, we ask our viewers to write a joke for Elon Musk’s upcoming SNL monologue in today’s #crowdsource. The most entertaining of answers air on the show.
The biggest thing in tech today? Those Intel earnings—the stock is falling today despite earnings beating estimates. Then, we bring in investor Tim Draper to dish on his opposition to Biden’s capital gains tax hike proposal and his belief that Bitcoin is the future, as evidenced by his biting tweets yesterday. Draper believes that the tax increase could lead to the end of Silicon Valley as we know it. Then, we have an exclusive interview with Nextdoor CEO Sarah Friar. The social networking service is now available in a third of homes in North America. We also take a look at the stocks millennials are driving up and the hacker group going after Apple. And our Julia Boorstin recaps our Oscar pre-show livestream last night with some of the biggest names in Hollywood. Bringing you all that and other big tech headlines today.
Big things today for TechCheck. The Verge’s EIC Nilay Patel joins us to talk Big Tech vs. Small Tech, just as app makers took to Capitol Hill to testify before Congress that they are “afraid” of tech giants like Apple and Google. Then, from the horse’s mouth: we get the scoop on what went down on Twitter yesterday between Uber CEO Dara Khosrowshahi and Just Eat’s CEO Jitse Groen from Groen himself. Our media and streaming expert Julia Boorstin brings us an interview with Sony Pictures CEO Tony Vinciquerra ahead of the Oscars this weekend. The entertainment company announcing a new streaming deal with Disney. And then… the legend that is Steve Aoki announces his new NFT project on our air. Listen for all that and much more tech news of the day.
There’s so much to cover in the aftermath of yesterday’s Apple ‘Spring Loaded’ event, we had to bring WSJ tech columnist Joanna Stern back to break down all the new products: from the iPad Pro to the new AirTags. She also gives us her take on the audio space that is starting to get crowded by big tech players. Then, one of the greats: Mark Mahaney of Evercore gives his outlook on Netflix, given their disappointing earnings report and decline in subscriber growth. We also hear from the Co-Founder & CEO of UiPath, with the cloud player going public in one of the biggest software IPOs today. Then, CNBC’s Senior Washington Correspondent Eamon Javers joins us with a report on the $50 million ransomware hack with Apple’s supplier as the target. We also get a look into Amazon’s new partnership with Dish to help launch their 5G network from David Brown, VP of Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2). Digging into all that and more of the tech headlines you should know today.
It’s 4/20 and according to Dogecoin fanatics, it’s also ‘National Doge Day.’ As Bitcoin takes a hit, fans of the meme-based cryptocurrency are trying to send Doge to the moon. We discuss that and count down to Apple’s ‘Spring Loaded’ event with long-time investor and Zillow Co-Founder Spencer Rascoff. We also bring WSJ tech columnist Joanna Stern into the conversation to preview the expected product announcements from the Apple event. Julia Boorstin gives us a look into Netflix’s Q1 earnings reporting today after a record 2020 in subscriber growth. We also chat IBM earnings that beat expectations after a slowdown for the company in recent years. Then, CNBC Asia’s Eunice Yoon joins us live from Shanghai on the integration of the digital Yuan into transactions in China. All that and more of the biggest tech headlines of the day
TechCheck kicks off week 2 with a jam-packed hour on audio news. Starting off with podcast extraordinaire Kara Swisher with her take on Clubhouse’s $4 billion valuation after its latest funding round, Facebook’s plan to launch a suite of audio products and Apple Music’s ‘one penny’ policy. Then, we go to Sonos CEO Patrick Spence, a leader in the audio space taking on big tech in an infringement suit against Google. We also cover the SPAC slump as some of those names begin to cool off after surging to new highs this year, Tesla finding itself in hot water after some concerning accidents and Julia Boorstin joins on the myriad ways Facebook and Apple are becoming rivals.
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