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TechStuff is a show about technology. And it’s not just how technology works. Join host Jonathan Strickland as he explores the people behind the tech, the companies that market it and how technology affects our lives and culture.

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Artificial intelligence can help or hurt us on our quest for a more equitable world. We learn about the history of computer ethics, some of the issues in AI ethics today and what challenges we have to overcome in the future. Learn more about your ad-choices at
What's the story behind some of the more recent handheld gaming devices? Which ones failed and which succeeded? Learn more about your ad-choices at
Netflix has a new comedy feature in its iOS app, Parler withdraws a lawsuit against Amazon (and files another one), and scientists snoop on correspondence from the Middle Ages using artificial intelligence. And more! Learn more about your ad-choices at
The Sound of Mars

The Sound of Mars


We learn more about the Perseverance Rover and how NASA engineers had to navigate tricky technical and financial challenges to make it all work. Plus, we get our first chance to listen to the soundscape of Mars. It's pretty windy. Learn more about your ad-choices at
A hacker with a piratical handle hacked into Gab and stole 70 gigabytes of data. Meanwhile, China tests out a digital currency, Minneapolis backs off of an ill-advised plan to use influencers and YouTube decides to try and do TikTok only without as many editing tools. Learn more about your ad-choices at
The Perseverance Mars rover is already returning incredible video and audio from the Red Planet. We learn about the mission, how it survived massive changes at NASA and what we hope it finds while far away from home. Learn more about your ad-choices at
How did handheld gaming get started? We look at the origins of the electronic handheld game craze and how it evolved in the early years. Learn more about your ad-choices at
We've learned more about how the military in Myanmar locked down communications in the wake of a coup. California's net neutrality law survives a legal challenge from cable companies. And Sony has plans for VR with the PS5. Plus more tech news! Learn more about your ad-choices at
Numbers stations are mysterious, creepy and part of the world of espionage. We learn how shortwave radio works, why it's used for numbers stations and how you might tune in to find one yourself. Learn more about your ad-choices at
Spotify announced a ton of stuff at a live event, Google is back in the political ad game, and we say goodbye to an iconic music duo. Plus more tech news! Learn more about your ad-choices at
Bridget Todd joins the show to talk about the role social networking platforms play with radicalization and extremism. From a hands-off approach to algorithms that exacerbate a dangerous problem, we look at what we do know and establish what we don't. Learn more about your ad-choices at
What is a polymer banknote? We look at this special type of currency, how it's made and why it's important. Learn more about your ad-choices at
Facebook puts a ban on linking to news stories in Australia and the consequences could be enormous. Waymo starts testing autonomous vehicles in the San Francisco area. And the US Department of Justice goes after hackers connected to an attack on Sony Pictures from 2014. Learn more about your ad-choices at
The Tech of Coffee

The Tech of Coffee


From harvesting to brewing, we look at some of the tech connected to that ol' cup of Joe. Learn about harvesters, hullers, pulpers, roasters and other terrifying machinery! Learn more about your ad-choices at
Facebook is making a smartwatch, Google isn't welcome in French hotels and robocalls have changed how Americans answer (or don't answer) the phone. Plus more in tech news! Learn more about your ad-choices at
We learn who invented the lawnmower, how lawnmowers evolved, and why we even have lawns in the first place. Hint: it has to do with castles in the Middle Ages. Learn more about your ad-choices at
TechStuff listeners check out Jonathan in this three course episode as he and Ariel talk about some wacky news, discuss their thoughts on if the DCUE is salvageable, and pay tribute to one of their favorite Mel Brooks films and a great comedic actress. Please help Large Nerdron Collider podcast grow by subscribing and telling a friend, who will tell their friend, and their friend will also tell their friend who would eventually tell all of their friends and, well you get the point. Spread the word about LNC podcast featuring yours truly, Jonathan Strickland and Ariel Kasten. Learn more about your ad-choices at
We've got stories about Facebook, police using copyrighted music to escape being caught on video, and more on supply chain hack attacks. Plus we learn how a punk rock pioneer is using nature to make music, and we think back to a simpler time when we contemplated that special day between Thursday and Saturday. Learn more about your ad-choices at
Jia Yueting is a complicated entrepreneur. He's been involved in some big projects with some spectacular fallout. From streaming video to a startup car company, we look at his influence and failures. Learn more about your ad-choices at
Facebook COO claims the platform wasn't heavily used to plan the assault on the US Capitol on January 6th, but the Department of Justice begs to differ. Plus news about Tesla, why the developer for Terraria will not port the game to Google Stadia and rumors about a very expensive Apple VR product. Learn more about your ad-choices at
Comments (47)

Coffee Jeannie

#BoycottIBM they have been censoring free speech like China! Big tech China censoring tactics have no place, in America! SHAME on you IBM! IBM is Anti-American & anti-free speech! 👎

Nov 17th
Reply (2)


Really annoying how Strickland keeps interrupting the female co-host. Like ALL the time. Every episode. You can tell she feels rushed to say anything in anticipation of him bowling over her.

Aug 19th

Linh Nguyen

Loving this episode! Fellow lefty!

Jul 29th


Disappointed in the quality of communication on behalf IBM. Questions were not answered concisely. This was an opportunity for the speakers to outline how technology can help in health crises like we are currently experiencing with COVID-19. Eg. How it can help identify geographic, racial and socioeconomic disparity in chronic disease, health care and health outcomes. When asked how the average person can help... the IBM speaker circled back to their data and trust monologue but didn’t explain what he means by that and how it translates to the role of the average person. I think he intended to convey that the quality of the information that people provide to their healthcare practitioners determines the level of quality of the data technological companies have the work with in their modelling to ultimately identify potential solutions. He needed to use more plain speak and be clear. Both IBM reps were clearly intelligent and could’ve offered more substantial value add for the audience. I’d love to see this entire interview re-done in a more clear and concise manner. The interviewer tried several times but just couldn’t get straight answers.

Jul 29th

Coffee Jeannie

Enough! what leftist crap! Trump is a racist!? No longer listening to this podcast. Pushing socialist/leftist lies & propaganda! Barf!

Jul 18th

Arash Ramian

perfect. i like this episod🤩

Jul 3rd


twitter and facebook,Instagram etc all do the same thing and can also be used for the same thing, but is that what freedom of speech is about?

Mar 30th


Very informative and entertaining. Thanks for episode.

Jan 20th

Josh Travis

anyone else currently streaming?

Jan 10th

Skull Bones


Dec 10th
Reply (1)

Mani javanbakht

this made my essay get 1st. thanks ALOT❤

Oct 20th
Reply (1)

Александр Кузичкин

thank you for such a great episode but roob Goldberg or Golberg?

Aug 17th

Bill Thorpe


Jul 1st

Diwa Galvez

Super awesome episode! Will be interested to know the rise and fall of Yahoo. :)

May 30th

Linh Nguyen

Great episode! Very insightful, now I know what a gaffer is! Ha!

May 15th

Daniel Gil

Thanks Jonathan. Lovely podcast.

Apr 22nd


Amazing podcast.

Mar 20th

Michael Jiggens

Nazi collaborators.

Mar 19th

Declan O'Kane

Great work

Feb 10th

Joshua Clark

I wish 2019 would bring us a biological interface with humans and computers that'd be nice then we could do away with the whole virtual reality glasses and just plug ourselves in like the Matrix I'm really hoping for that to happen sooner than later

Feb 2nd
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