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Is Apple considering launching an “Ultra” version of the iPhone as soon as this year? Have the good Twitter bots gotten a reprieve from Elon Musk? Is the Microsoft/Activision merger toast because global regulators are coordinating? And might regulators look askance at all these generative AI investments from the big cloud computing platforms? Talks Up High-End iPhones in Sign Ultra Model May Be Coming (Bloomberg)Elon Musk says Twitter will provide a free write-only API to bots providing ‘good’ content (TechCrunch)Microsoft’s Activision Deal Tests a New Global Alignment on Antitrust (NYTimes)Big Tech companies use cloud computing arms to pursue alliances with AI groups (FT)A16z votes against proposal to deploy latest Uniswap iteration on BNB Chain (The Block)Pre-order Brady Dale's SBF Book!See Privacy Policy at and California Privacy Notice at
Earnings wrapups from Alphabet: investors just want to know when the AI is coming. From Apple: they’re still not planning any layoffs. From Amazon: Look, AWS is still a beast. And in the Weekend Longreads suggestions: the startup that wants to bring back the Dodo, Jurassic Park style.Links:AI will help Google parent Alphabet navigate a challenging macro environment, say analysts (MarketWatch)Google Shares Slip after Sales Miss as Advertising Demand Slows (Bloomberg)Apple Sales Shrink as Pandemic Rally Ends for iPhone Maker, Other Tech Giants (WSJ)Amazon stock falls as least profitable holiday quarter since 2014 leads to its worst annual loss on record (MarketWatch)Google invests $300mn in artificial intelligence start-up Anthropic (Financial Times)Weekend Longreads Suggestions:The generative AI revolution has begun—how did we get here? (ArsTechnica)Who will compete with ChatGPT? Meet the contenders | The AI Beat (VentureBeat)The Difference Between Speaking and Thinking (The Atlantic)A de-extinction company is trying to resurrect the dodo (MIT Technology Review)A Calculated Move: Calculators Now Emulated at Internet Archive (Internet Archive Blogs)See Privacy Policy at and California Privacy Notice at
Meta singlehandedly bucks the narrative that it’s the sick man of Silicon Valley. Twitter is cutting off free access to its API. ChatGPT launches a product, and is Bing search getting GPT4 in like, a matter of weeks? Discord is coming to Playstation and the wrapup of yesterday’s Samsung event.Sponsors:Upside App promocode ridehomeLinks:Meta stock perks up as the company promises a ‘year of efficiency’ (TechCrunch)2 reasons Meta stock is exploding 20% after a whopper earnings miss (Yahoo Finance)Twitter to end free access to its API in Elon Musk’s latest monetization push (TechCrunch)OpenAI launches ChatGPT Plus, starting at $20 per month (TechCrunch)ChatGPT is about to get even better and Microsoft's Bing could win big (Semafor)Discord arrives on PS5 for beta testers today (The Verge)Netflix hasn’t confirmed its plans to stop password sharing just yet (The Verge)Amazon’s No-Fly Zone: Drone Delivery Largely Grounded Despite Splashy Launch (The Information)The Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra is a minor update to a spec monster (The Verge)See Privacy Policy at and California Privacy Notice at
You think things are bad in your corner of the tech sector? Wait until I tell you about the memory chip industry. OpenAI releases a tool to let you check if something was created by OpenAI. Netflix might be going a tad overboard on this password sharing crackdown. Meta wins round one against the FTC. And the interesting new app from the founders of code techmeme (Listener!)Podcast Guru App (Listener!)Links:Hynix Posts Record Loss on Slump in Memory-Chip Prices (Bloomberg)Historic Crash for Memory Chips Threatens to Wipe Out Earnings (Bloomberg)OpenAI releases tool to detect machine-written text (Axios)Google is asking employees to test potential ChatGPT competitors, including a chatbot called ‘Apprentice Bard’ (CNBC)Confirmed: Netflix Unveils First Details of New Anti-Password Sharing Measures (The Streamable)Meta Wins Court Nod to Buy Virtual Reality Startup in Loss for Khan’s FTC (Bloomberg)Meta Plans to Shut Down One of Its Most Popular and Long-standing Multiplayer VR Games (Road To VR)Instagram's co-founders are mounting a comeback (Platformer)See Privacy Policy at and California Privacy Notice at
Today, some weird headlines from the world of gaming. Is VR gaming a big nothingburger for gamers themselves? Is E3 dead as a gaming industry event? Stripe is apparently raising a pretty significant down round. And the first Level 3 autonomous driving platform to receive regulatory approval belongs to (Listener Ad!)Links:Sony Slashes PlayStation VR2 Headset Output After Pre-Orders Disappoint (Bloomberg)Exclusive: Xbox, Nintendo, and Sony Won't Be Part of E3 2023 (IGN)Showtime to Be Rebranded ‘Paramount+ with Showtime,’ Added to Paramount+ Premium Tier (The Streamable)Thrive Capital Said to Lead Potential Investment in Stripe (NYTimes)Twitter Makes First Interest Payment on Musk Buyout Debt (Bloomberg)Mercedes-Benz is the first to bring Level 3 automated driving to the US (The Verge)See Privacy Policy at and California Privacy Notice at
Après ChatGPT, prepare yourself for the generative AI deluge. Amazon says the free lunch for grocery delivery is over. More speculation about foldable iPads. San Francisco wants Waymo and Cruise to pump the breaks on their self-driving car experiments because the actual cars have been literally pumping the breaks too much. And my wager on whether or not 2023 will actually go down as the year that AI breaks through.Sponsors:The Business of Tech (Listener ad!) (Listener ad!)Links:Chinese Search Giant Baidu to Launch ChatGPT-Style Bot (Bloomberg)Amazon adding new fees for grocery delivery (GeekWire)Apple Supplier in India Begins Making Components for AirPods (Bloomberg)Foldable iPad could arrive as early as next year, claims noted Apple analyst (The Verge)Two companies race to deploy robotaxis in San Francisco. The city wants them to hit the brakes. (NBCNews)Scientists at Salesforce develop proteins with AI that can eat trash (NeoWin)AI has designed bacteria-killing proteins from scratch – and they work (New Scientist)See Privacy Policy at and California Privacy Notice at
What can make Buzzfeed hit our headlines two days in a row? How about jumping on the ChatGPT bandwagon? Amazon is apparently launching a major NFT project, like it’s 2021 or something. Is Stripe going to be our big tech IPO savior? And of course, the weekend longreads and code RIDE for 10% of all tickets (Listener ad!) (Listener ad!)Links:BuzzFeed to Use ChatGPT Creator OpenAI to Help Create Quizzes and Other Content (WSJ)Amazon NFT Initiative Coming Soon: Exclusive (Blockworks)Stripe Sets One-Year Timetable to Decide on Going Public (WSJ)LongreadsThe ‘Enshittification’ of TikTok (Wired)The Chess World’s New Villain: A Cat Named Mittens (WSJ)Welcome to the Shoppy Shop (Grub Street)The Disappearance of the Ashtray (Clive Thompson)Why Not Mars (Idle Words)RSVP For The Listener MeetupTickets For The Comedy ShowSee Privacy Policy at and California Privacy Notice at
I get all metaphysical about where the tech industry is going right now with a record slowdown in smartphone shipments, Masa Son seemingly misplacing his investing shoes, Meta and Buzzfeed joining forces to stave off irrelevancy, and universities offering degrees in AI for the first time. Oh, and are you SURE you want to spin up that Mastadon server? (Listener!) Shipments Suffer the Largest-Ever Decline with 18.3% Drop in the Holiday Quarter and a 11.3% Decline in 2022, According to IDC Tracker (IDC)SoftBank Deals Hit Record Low, Sapping Funding for Startups (Bloomberg)Meta Pays BuzzFeed Millions to Generate Creator Content for Facebook and Instagram (WSJ)University of Texas Will Offer Large-Scale Online Master’s Degree in A.I. (NYTimes)We tried to run a social media site and it was awful (Financial Times)RSVP For The Listener Meetup!Buy Tickets for the Comedy Show!See Privacy Policy at and California Privacy Notice at
I’m gonna tell you why I think the latest antitrust suit against Google might be the most important one in terms of the overall tech ecosystem. And maybe the biggest threat Google is facing. Twitter reverses another thing they shouldn’t have broken in the first place. Why aren’t folks paying ransomware ransom as much anymore? And why are consumers not keeping their smart clothes dryers connected?Sponsors:Upside App and use promocode ridehomeHow To Fix The Internet podcast Sues Google to Break Up Ad Unit in Heated Antitrust Fight (Bloomberg)DOJ's new suit puts Google's ad business at risk (Axios)Google's most serious antitrust challenge to date (Platformer)Microsoft Cloud Strength Drives Second Quarter Results (Microsoft Investor Relations)Twitter for web will now stay on your preferred timeline (The Verge)Riot Games receives ‘ransom email’ for stolen source code following social engineering attack (The Record)Ransomware Revenue Down As More Victims Refuse to Pay (Chainalysis)LG, Whirlpool Target Customers Disconnected From ‘Smart’ Appliances (WSJ)After inking its OpenAI deal, Shutterstock rolls out a generative AI toolkit to create images based on text prompts (TechCrunch)See Privacy Policy at and California Privacy Notice at
Alright. It’s on. Mark Gurman has literally all the details on Apple’s forthcoming mixed reality headset. The DOJ might already have sued Google by the time you hear this. Amazon adds subscription prescriptions as a service. And it turns out that AI CNET used was good at… code: ridehome (Listener ad!)The Business Of Tech (Listener ad!)Links:How Apple’s Upcoming Mixed-Reality Headset Will Work (Bloomberg)DOJ Poised to Sue Google Over Digital Ad Market Dominance (Bloomberg)Amazon launches RxPass, a $5/month Prime add-on for all-you-need generic drugs covering 80 conditions (TechCrunch)CNET's AI Journalist Appears to Have Committed Extensive Plagiarism ( For The Listener Meetup This Saturday: Privacy Policy at and California Privacy Notice at
More tech layoffs, and why I’m suggesting we might only be in the early innings of this tech retrenchment. Big Wall Street banks are coming for PayPal and Apple Pay. TikTok might be putting it’s thumb on the scales to favor certain content. Would you pay $42 a month for a ChatGPT Pro plan? And how far has Apple Silicon come, (Listener!) to trim 6% of workforce in latest tech layoffs (Reuters)Elliott Management Takes Big Stake in Salesforce (WSJ)Banks Plan Payment Wallet to Compete With PayPal, Apple Pay (WSJ)TikTok’s Secret ‘Heating’ Button Can Make Anyone Go Viral (Forbes)ChatGPT users report $42 a month pricing for ‘pro’ access but no official announcement yet (The Verge)Apple MacBook Pro 16 (2023) review: the core count grows (The Verge)Buy tickets for the comedy show!See Privacy Policy at and California Privacy Notice at
Now Alphabet has monster layoffs to announce. How much of it is about getting Google ready to battle OpenAI? More Twitter bans, but this time, the bans are for all 3rd party clients. The big executive shakeup at Netflix. Genesis officially files for bankruptcy, and in the Weekend Longreads Suggestions, the reasons why the humble pizza box is one of the worst designed products in existence.Sponsors:The Pegasus Investment Round! Email (Listener ad!) and code RIDE for 10% of all tickets! (Listener ad!)Links:Google to Cut 12,000 Jobs in 6% Reduction of Global Workforce (Bloomberg)Twitter’s new developer terms ban third-party clients (Engadget)Netflix co-founder Reed Hastings to step down as chief executive (FT)Crypto Lender Genesis Files for Bankruptcy as Crisis Spreads (Bloomberg)Google Calls In Help From Larry Page and Sergey Brin for A.I. Fight (NYTimes)Weekend Longreads Suggestions:How Amazon Became Ordinary ( Owns the Generative AI Platform? (a16z)The Steam Deck wasn’t born ready, but it’s ready now (The Verge)A WIRED compendium (The Future, Now and Then)You Don’t Know How Bad the Pizza Box Is (The Atlantic)Brian's Episode on the Metacast podcast!See Privacy Policy at and California Privacy Notice at
Is Genesis finally on the verge of bankruptcy? Instagram wants you to take a break… from Instagram… and they’re even giving you tools to do so. Frowny-face for Amazon for shutting down the AmazonSmile program. Wikipedia gets a big redesign. Some numbers on where the investor dollars are going right now, and is San Francisco back, baby? Maybe cause I’m coming to, code ride for 10% off (listener sponsor!)Links:Genesis creditors negotiating prepackaged bankruptcy: Sources (The Block)Crypto Media Outlet CoinDesk Taps Bankers for Potential Sale (WSJ)Instagram’s new ‘Quiet Mode’ helps you take a break from the app (TechCrunch)Amazon to close charitable program AmazonSmile (The Hill)Wikipedia gets its first makeover in over a decade… and it’s fairly subtle (TechCrunch)Apple to Expand Smart-Home Lineup, Taking On Amazon and Google (Bloomberg)Web 3 Startup Funding Q4 Drop (Crunchbase)New AngelList Data Shows Startup Fundraising Pain in Second Half of 2022 (Newcomer)It looks like people are actually moving back to San Francisco (really) (Vox)Tweet on LA startup investment numbers (@emollick)See Privacy Policy at and California Privacy Notice at
The original HomePod is basically back, even though it’s not the original cause it’s been updated. Apple’s AR/VR plans continue to be maddeningly confusing, at least to me. Microsoft has announced huge layoffs. Does even the AI revolution require human moderators working in boiler-room like conditions? And I guess we have all the specs for those new Galaxy phones about to be announced.Links:Apple announces revamped full-size HomePod two years after discontinuing original (The Verge)Apple Delays AR Glasses, Plans Cheaper Mixed-Reality Headset (Bloomberg)Full memo: Microsoft to cut 10k jobs, about 5% of workforce, and take $1.2B restructuring charge (GeekWire)Exclusive: OpenAI Used Kenyan Workers on Less Than $2 Per Hour to Make ChatGPT Less Toxic (Time)Galaxy S23 spec leak leaves few surprises ahead of February launch (The Verge)Twitter Manager: Daily Revenue Has Dropped 40%, 500 Top Advertisers Have Left (The Information)See Privacy Policy at and California Privacy Notice at
New Macs and New M2 chips from Santa Tim this morning. Microsoft has made its Azure OpenAI Service generally available. But will lawsuits slow down the AI revolution? Is Google about to reveal its own AirTag-like product? And the law of if it’s too good to be true, it probably is, continues to hold, at least when it comes to hard drives for sale on Announces New MacBook Pros With M2 Pro and M2 Max Chips, Up to 96GB RAM, 8K HDMI, Wi-Fi 6E, and More (MacRumors)Apple Unveils M2 Pro and M2 Max Chips With 20% Faster CPU and More (MacRumors)Microsoft to Add ChatGPT to Azure Cloud Services ‘Soon’ (Bloomberg)Microsoft Plans to Build OpenAI Capabilities Into All Products (WSJ)Getty Images is suing the creators of AI art tool Stable Diffusion for scraping its content (The Verge)AI art tools Stable Diffusion and Midjourney targeted with copyright lawsuit (The Verge)Google reportedly working on AirTag-like location trackers (The Verge)Why the Heck Is Amazon Selling These Fake 16 Terabyte Portable SSD Drives? (ReviewGeek)See Privacy Policy at and California Privacy Notice at
Our big AI discussion with @ReamBraden and @swyx.Shawn just posted this new essay drawing on what we discussed here:Every Google vs OpenAI Argument, DissectedSee Privacy Policy at and California Privacy Notice at
The SEC just officially labeled two crypto lending programs as unregistered securities? Is the regulatory tsunami beginning? Did Tim Cook actually ask Apple to cut his pay? Did the nascent industry of carbon capture just take its first steps? And in the longreads, I go in depth to explain that weird OpenAI/Microsoft deal. It’s complicated.Links:SEC charges Gemini and Genesis with unregistered securities offering (The Block)Apple’s Tim Cook Takes Rare CEO Pay Cut After Pushback (Bloomberg)Climate Startup Removes Carbon From Open Air in Industry First (WSJ)Weekend Longreads Suggestions:Microsoft + OpenAI: Inside Tech’s Hottest Romance (The Information)Is Microsoft about to get the deal of the century? Or is Sam Altman unloading OpenAI at just the right time? (Gary Marcus)Robert Tinney’s Visions Of The Future (DocPop)Dungeons & Dragons content creators are fighting to protect their livelihoods (TechCrunch)See Privacy Policy at and California Privacy Notice at
Is Apple finally ready to bring touchscreens to Macs? Sam Bankman Fried has a Substack. Apple Maps courts businesses. Is Twitter going to auction off user handles? And what tech publication that I quote from all the time has been using AI to write entire articles for months now?Links:Apple Is Working on Adding Touch Screens to Macs in Major Turnabout (Bloomberg)Sam Bankman-Fried sticks to his script (Axios)Apple Maps’ business listings are about to get more detailed with launch of ‘Apple Business Connect’ (TechCrunch)Twitter Said to Consider Selling User Names to Boost Revenue (NYTimes)Carta lays off 10% as CTO lawsuit looms (TechCrunch)CNET IS QUIETLY PUBLISHING ENTIRE ARTICLES GENERATED BY AI (The Byte/Futurism)OpenAI begins piloting ChatGPT Professional, a premium version of its viral chatbot (TechCrunch)See Privacy Policy at and California Privacy Notice at
Yet another software snafu with the airlines this morning. Apple’s about to do its own screens, its own modems, what is left? Twitter makes a change that they’ve tried to make several times before. Why all the interesting raises are in AI right now. And what to expect from the Surface Duo air travel rumbles back to life after FAA computer outage (Reuters)Apple to Begin Making In-House Screens in 2024 in Shift Away From Samsung (Bloomberg)Twitter defaults to a For You page now, just like TikTok (The Verge)DeepL, the AI-based language translator, raises over $100M at a $1B+ valuation (TechCrunch)Microsoft scraps plans for dual-screen Surface Duo 3, pivots to new foldable screen design (Windows Central)Samsung confirms February 1st Unpacked, its first in-person event in three years (The Verge)Tickets to the comedy show at SF SketchfestSee Privacy Policy at and California Privacy Notice at
Well, now there’s VALL-E, a text to speech technology that could fully replace me as this podcast narrator. It looks like Microsoft wants to do everything just short of buying OpenAI entirely. More layoffs at Coinbase. Why the whole 5G interfering with airplanes thing still isn’t resolved. And not everything that says it’s ChatGPT, is really ChatGPT.Sponsors:RefundsPro.comLinks:Microsoft’s new AI can simulate anyone’s voice with 3 seconds of audio (ArsTechnica)Microsoft eyes $10 billion bet on ChatGPT (Semafor)Buy with Prime, which brings Prime to third-party sites, officially launches in U.S. on Jan. 31 (TechCrunch)Coinbase to slash 20% of workforce in second major round of job cuts (CNBC)FAA giving airlines another year to fix altimeters that can’t handle 5G signals (Ars Technica)Sketchy ChatGPT App Soars Up App Store Charts, Charges $7.99 Weekly Subscription (MacRumors)YouTube Experiment 1YouTube Experiment 2See Privacy Policy at and California Privacy Notice at
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Hire Arabic speakers to counter terrorism. I love how you stereotyped all Arabs as terrorists. It hurts a lot coming from a person I respect. I hope you would reconsider your opinion about Arabs.

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starlink is fairly new tech, its no surprise that it may not be as good as was advertised.

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Are there any other tech news round up podcasts? I feel like TMRH resonates with me less with every episode. It's a good show, but not for me.

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A great podcast

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Excellent podcast for your daily commute. Short and insightful.

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sound quality for Brady was terrible! gave up after ten minutes.

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Love this episode! I work in print media and this is a refreshing story to listen to. Keep up the awesome work!

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Not allowing a particular podcast to play a specific podcast is retarded.

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