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Author: Gael

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Five stressed, sleep deprived, yet energetic teens sit down and talk about the struggles that come with being a teenager. Is high school really as bad as everyone says?
90 Episodes
We talk about how acting like you're the main character can be hurtful to those around you and also discuss when you should prioritize your own happiness vs someone else's.  
Too Good To Be True

Too Good To Be True


A gay love story that felt like a teen coming of age movie. Sadly, it also came with confusing feelings and sadness.
Quarantine Calls #3

Quarantine Calls #3


We basically talked about whatever came to mind including 13 Reasons Why, Social Distancing, and other random topics.  Enjoy!
Black Lives Matter

Black Lives Matter


In this episode, we talk about everything that has occurred in the past week including performative activism, all lives matter, all cops are bad, staying silent, and looting. All proceeds from this episode will be donated to a Black Lives Matter Fund.
Loren Gray is a singer/influencer with over 43 million followers on Tik Tok. We talked to her about body image, mental health, bullying, and her experience in the spotlight. Enjoy!
Maggie Lindemann is a singer/songwriter with over 4 million followers on Instagram. We talked to her about her experiences with mental illness, sexuality, body image, and so much more. Enjoy!
Why we all having such vivid dreams lately? Are they signs or are we just lonely???
Why is it that we still feel unsatisfied with life even though nothing is really going wrong? Even though we know we need help do we actually want it?  And what is it like when you feel uncared for by your family?
Quarantine Calls #2

Quarantine Calls #2


Please stay home so this can be over soon because these online podcasts are not hitting the same
Should you feel guilty that you're not being productive during this time? And what's it like when you feel out of touch with your emotions?
So now that it's been a month since we left school we realize the people we talked to only because we had classes with them. Is this what life after HS is like? (The wrong term is used halfway through the episode, the correct term is "cut" not "slit") 
Quarantine Calls #1

Quarantine Calls #1


As you can see, the staying at home is getting to us
Comfort Calls

Comfort Calls


So we're doing our best to remain at home and practice social distancing but it be getting kinda hard doe ngl We're going back to ep1 quality with this one. Hopefully, it keeps you company!! Enjoy :)
What a weird and chaotic week. Hopefully, this episode gives you some comfort and informs you of everything that is going on right now. Wash your hands, don't go out, and do things you enjoy at home. Stay safe, things will be okay.
We wanted to do a casual episode and it somehow turned from us talking about our favorite Netflix shows to feeling out of touch with our emotions lmaoo Anyways, hope you enjoy it!
Teenager Therapy on Tape is our version of a video podcast, a lot of you have been asking for it and we finally did it! We decided to upload it as a podcast on Spotify because we wanted to take a weekend off so we can have some time to hang out together, thank you for being so supportive! Also here is the link to the Youtube video if you want to watch the video version:
In this episode, we talk about the way we portray ourselves on the internet and if it's truly authentic to who we really are. We also ask ourselves how we will deal with the hate that comes with getting a bigger following. Oh and then we talk about stolen tweets and those fake fullying stories that always go viral. Enjoy!
We talk about our personal experiences in dealing with heartbreak, it gets a little emotional. We also figured out that Mark is a huge overthinker. Anyways, hope it helps!
We had the pleasure of having activist Deja Foxx on the podcast. Deja only 19 years old yet has an enormous list of accomplishments including Teen Vogue 21 under 21, helped more than 4,000 teens in her hometown through the El Rio Reproductive Health Access Project she helped to found in 2017, become MAC Costmetics’ youngest ever ambassador, joined Nike at the Women's World Cup as a Dream Leader, Founded @GenZGirlGang a community of young womxn and femmes redefining sisterhood in the era of social media, and most recently took leave from Columbia to work full time as Influencer and Surrogate Strategist and youngest staffer on the Kamala Harris campaign. She is incredible.
This episode can be taken the wrong way very easily, but we felt it was important to talk about since people rarely discuss this. If you've struggled with ego/jealousy and everything that comes with that, this episode will really help you. Hope you get something out of it! :)
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teenager therapy enthusiast

I love terrace house its such a feel good cute tv show.

Nov 12th


So glad I found this Podcast! I’m a mom of a fourteen year old boy who just started his first year of high school. I love listening to every one of you and all the things you go through as a teen. It’s courageous to speak out and express your feelings, wish more teens would do this. Keep up the good work... you all are amazing! 🌟

Sep 26th

mohammad sadeghi

Hi friends . When I hear Thomas's voice .I feel he is very cool and clear .I like him . My name is Muhammad Farid I'm from Iran.

Sep 11th
Reply (1)


this episods feels highkey like a reality show i cried i laughed. friendship ! struggles ! arent ! talked ! about ! enough !

Aug 8th

Yanky Spiegelman

Good episode guys. One correction. A person can avoid Type II diabetes by eating right and exercise/physical activity, but even if he develops diabetes he can reverse it by the same thing - serious physical activity and eating the right foods. Some physicians don't know this, because they were educated in medical schools that were kind of influenced by big drug companies who unfortunately like the profits from selling medications a little too much.

Aug 8th
Reply (1)

Bivian Zin

this is cool, I'm glad I found it

Jul 16th
Reply (1)

محمد صادقی تهرانی

I want to learn British accent with your talking

Nov 23rd
Reply (2)
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