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Author: Sonoro | Telemundo

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To solve the darkest crimes you need a new kind of Ranger. Follow Eileen Castillo (Stephanie Beatriz), a rising star within the Texas Rangers, as she tries to solve the grisliest crimes in Austin. When a copycat killer emerges, ghosts from Eileen's past threaten to derail her career. But is it really just a copycat or did an innocent man get convicted decades earlier? Tejana is an original series from Sonoro and Telemundo.
8 Episodes
Tejana - Coming Soon

Tejana - Coming Soon


To solve the darkest crimes you need a new kind of Ranger... Tejana. Coming soon.
To solve the darkest crimes you need a new kind of Ranger. Tejana is a crime procedural podcast series, starring Stephanie Beatriz as Eileen Castillo. Tune in October 25th for the premiere.
Texas Ranger Eileen Castillo gets a blast from the past when a copycat killer reopens a closed case.
Eileen faces the repercussions from her incident with Micheal Carbonara. Ties between Eileen and Andy deepen.
Eileen and Andy investigate an accident at a poultry factory and suspect malfeasance from the folks in charge.
The Chicken Winner case breaks open when Eileen finally discovers who has been following her.
A rash of arsons aimed at politicians leaves Eileen and Andy scrambling to find the culprit.
Andy goes rogue and ends up in a dangerous situation - one that requires the entire Rangers force to help solve.
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Bella Ring

They sure put the drama in audio drama. Good audio acting Interesting story ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Nov 20th


If Eileen says 'I get it' one more time....

Nov 1st
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